Monday, November 30, 2020


 PAST SHOWS: Loved Laura hugging Cameron; bomb aftermath looked real... I'm kinda team Alexis right now. Only in soapland because you know, I wouldn't really be all "keep drinking" but damn. Laura telling Sonny about David Hamilton was SO Genie Francis. 

Lulu and Franco had the same skull caps. Maybe they got a sale on the whole lot? LOL 


Lulu's still out. Tracy talks to Laura, she's going to try to find Luke..back in Amsterdam? She's not staying?? 

Olivia's set on cooking that turkey!!

Alexis tells Sam she's putting Jason-loyalty above her kids wellbeing. (She's not wrong) . 

Oliva invited Alexis to Thanksgiving and she went. OMG, Olivia invited Robert to set the two up!! AHAHAHAA..They don't get along well. AND THEN--Robert overhears Alexis and Ned talk about sleeping together!! OOPS! 

Turkey burned up. They had to get Pizza. 

Epiphany tells Sasha Michael sat with her all night. Then Brando comes in to check on her. 

Laura tells Dante they might have to move Lulu to somewhere else. 

Carly and Sam talk about 'the life'... and Sam says it might not be worth it anymore. 

The entire Q fam go to GH to see Laura and Dante-awwwwwww. :) 

OMG THEN TRACY WALKS IN!! So unexpected. I cried a little

Ava goes to see Julian--and has a gun!

Sonny and Jason find out Julian was the one that planted the bomb.


Thursday, November 26, 2020

Have a Wonderful

 Thanksgiving. No matter how you are gathering this year. It's been a strange one for all things, but this hits home a bit more. 

Rejoice in the Quartermaine Tradition of Pizza Delivery!! Grateful for all of you. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Temp Recast for Taggert

 Soap Opera News reports that Real Andrews (Taggert) will be temporarily recast with Asante Jones. There has been no reason for the switch but Real had been going for treatment for cancer earlier this year and perhaps the protocol is to keep him more sheltered during COVID-19 outbreaks. 

Monday, November 23, 2020

Post Bomb Post


I realized I left at the absolute wrong time here's a post for your thoughts on the Aftermath of the BOMB. BOOM BOOM! 

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Let's Go Out With a Bang...

Wubsy Reaches Her Limit 

I usually take about 10-15 days off from the Blog a year and of course, because of COVID haven't done that. I'm really liking the show right now and think it's doing a great job. I just need to refresh my brain a bit before continuing. 

I've decided to take a break for a bit from the show, Twitter and the blog.  This will be my 4,960st post since I started the Blogger and  as most of you know, I was running Wubs Net for about 10 years before that. 

Lets just have some champagne and get to a brief recap...very brief 

Friday, November 20, 2020

It's Tricky

 Yesterday's Show:
Sasha's going to make it? Why? Unpopular opinion: We don't need her. 

Scotty and Laura. Talking about her court case from 40 years ago. 

Dante and Lulu. See, Dusty hasn't been on enough to even make him a "thing". 

Britt and Brad!! He validates the Cyrus Renault thing. 

Peter and Maxie. UGH 

"Why Britt Westborne? Everyone hates her."? Asks Carly
Jason "Everyone used to hate you too"...

Carly knows about Taggert


I can't make it again- but I will do a Sunday Surgery. See ya then! Use this space to comment 

Wednesday, November 18, 2020


 Michael and Willow try to come to grips with being manipulated by Sasha and Chase ..Willow is SO much better with Chase. LOL Michael gets mad that Carly didn't tell him. 
Yada, yada...yada yada...

Nik says he put a hit out on Ryan to protect "his wife "..aww. Sonny doesn't believe he could get Ryan killed in jail. "I'm a CASSADINE" LOL  Sonny's mad Ryan lived. It was a fun exchange. 

Cyrus and Julian. Cyrus won't believe him that Taggert is alive. Julian says he won't kill Jason-- and to give Sonny the letter. He'll be long gone. Cyrus tells him his family will miss him. He tells Julian he was a fool for most of his life and he has no one to blame but himself. 

Jason asks Britt to help them get Cyrus. YES! I am loving BriSon!! YEAH!! She says she can't because she's chief of staff. He tries to convince her. 

OMG BRAD IS WHEELED INTO THE ER!! Brad!! It's BRAD!! Cyrus had him beat up because he knew about Julian's role in the baby switch. 

Today's show was pretty slow for the most part. Just a lot of talk that didn't go anywhere.  BUT!! Brad shocked me! LOL 

Tuesday, November 17, 2020



Cyrus and Julian: Cyrus tells him it's time to pay up.  He has the letter from Nelle that Ryan had. Must have gotten it when he had him stabbed. Julian is like: WTF. MAN!!  Then Cyrus tells him to kill Jason. "Maybe like you arranged that car crash your son and his husband got into" OH! SNAP!!! He knows about that too lol Anyway, Cyrus wants Jules to take a package delivery and then he'll get instructions. I guess it's a bomb for Jason. Julian wants to offer

Britt is angry a patient dies over an OD. Jason sees her upset. He goes to talk to her.  She says that GH has had increased ODs since she got there, both coke and opioids. She thinks Sonny is bringing them to town. Um, duh. Don't you know Sonny is a GOOD Mobster? 

Chase, Michael and Willow talk about Sasha laying in the hospital "How did we not know"??!  Willow and Chase talk. Carly comes in to console Michael. Will she tell him that the whole "sex" thing was a lie? Not so far. Chase comes close...hmmm... 

Carly doesn't tell Sonny about the necklace. He tells her about Sasha tho.  Ava and Nik come over to pick up Avery. Sonny talks to Ava about Ryan. He thinks Ava had him stabbed. She's like NO! Nik tells him to leave Ava alone. 

Portia is walking about the hospital. Taggert is actually dressed up in scrubs and a surgical hat/mask, spying around. LOL! He can't stay home. Epiphany catches him and hauls him into a room. "What the hell are you doing here"? She yells at him. He says he's protecting people. She mentions her son, Stan! Remember him? She said he got killed in mob violence. She wanted to help Taggert because of it. 

Franco tells Cam that he has an inoperable brain tumor. Cam won't accept that. He gets upset and leaves to go study with the kids. 

Dev's trying to apologize to Trina and Joss. They are all studying for the SATs. Joss tells him he was a jerk for being nasty to them. Her feelings for him have changed. Cameron wonders what is going on. He says they all need to be friends because it's senior year. They agree. 


OMG, Carly confesses the Sasha plot to Michael at the same time Chase tells Willow!! LOL!! 

Julian tells Cyrus that Taggert is alive. 

Nikolas tells Sonny that he had the hit ordered on Ryan. 

Briana Lane Exits GH as Brook Lynn


Briana Lane exits GH as Brook Lynn. She sent out a tweet last night thanking fans and cast/crew of GH. She will be missed. She replaced Amanda Setton who left to have her baby. Interestingly enough, when Brook was leaving, she had a pregnancy test with her. I thought Briana did a great job, she will be missed. 

Monday, November 16, 2020

NuLucas Alert!

 Here we go... it's MONDAY!! 

Carly figures out about Nelle's necklace. Avery tells her she found it outside the cabin. Carly calls Jax to come over.  She shows Jax the necklace. He says yep. Looks like it. Carly says Jax shouldn't tell Nelle, it was be bad news. Jax thinks he should. Oh geesh. 

Olivia, Sam at GH. Julian walks in "is it Leo"?? I must have missed something? AND THERE'S A NEW LUCAS APPARENTLY! that's him up there! WHAT? I don't think he'd be a replacement (temp) because why bother to put him in? He's never there. If Ryan DID leave, why not announce the reacast?? Strange???? Anyway a kid fell needs a tetnus shot.  Lucas tells Julian he's a terrible parent basically. 

Sasha still on the floor. Cyrus tells Brando to get her out out --so Brando takes her out and calls SONNY?? lol Then at GH, Jason calls Michael to go to see her.  Um, ok? Lucas says she OD and the coke was "super coke" (well something like that LOL) . Cyrus shows up and goes to turn off the breathing machine and Michael hauls him out of the room and yells at him for being a scum drug dealer. 

Chase has a beer at Charlie's... Willow texts him "I think we should talk" Willow comes to see him. 

Valentin and Tad Martin talking about Charlotte and custody. Val then asks Nina to be her guardian in case anything happens to him. 

Brook and Ned talking. The apologize to each other. Brook is still leaving--to "get clarity". And-- I think so the old Brook Lynn can come back. 


OMG so, Brook says goodbye to Valentin at the Metro Bar. He walks away and she PULLS OUT A PREGNANCY TEST!! 

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Wet Paint


So, there I was, complaining on Friday that the show was boring (that day) and BOOM! All hell broke loose!  People coding, Alex sliding away-- seizures, drugs, sex and almost some rock and roll! No wonder Chase has a headache! 

Pancakes. That's what I want. 

Friday, November 13, 2020

Pennies From Heaven

Sonny reading the "Enchanted Penny" to Avery. Awww...Oh! Avery is wearing the 1/2 heart charm!! DOH! 

Phyllis Caulfield said Nina's baby lived. She had a girl. Nina asks what happened to the baby. Phyllis took her to North Florida. 

Michael and Willow kiss (COVID Style) Michael doesn't want to sign the annulment papers. They decide not to sign right now. They have COVID zex. 

Brook Lynn tries to convince Chase to tell Willow he still loves her. He's going to talk to Willow, she's going to go talk to her father. 

At The Q house, Monica tells Ned to grow up when Brook comes and sees him. 

So Chase and Brook get to the Q house but Chase decides to wait a bit to see Willow. (which is when Michael and she have sex). Willow and Michael think sex was GOOD! No! Great! Oh lord. "Mr. Corinthos, you've got moves" (barf) 

Brook Lynn tells Ned she's leaving for NYC. Ned begs her to stay in PC. 

Cyrus gives Sasha more coke. She smiles. We called them coke whores back in the day. Sasha goes back to Cyrus place. Brando tells Cyrus that Sasha is 'trouble" . Brando leaves but listens at the door. Sasha is dancing and "flying' around. Tells Cyrus that the coke was great . I think it was probably made at GH, it will be synthetic. I also think Cassandra was the one in the house with the oxygen tank. I think she had some condition-- and she WAS making synthetic drugs too. 

So Sasha flips out on Cyrus...then has a seizure and grabs her chest! 

Carly is REALLY upset about Sasha doing coke and goes to Jason about it. (WTF? WHY). Then Sonny walks in. Carly's like WE HAVE TO HELP SASHA. Jason says "no we don't"/ . Carly leaves. Jason and Sonny talk. OMG--WOW Sonny mentions Karen Wexler!! How he gave HER drugs and he's making no excuses for himself. !! WOW KAREN WEXLER! They have a convo about life choices. 

Carly sees Avery's necklace, figures out Nina's daughter is Nelle. 

Chase walks in on Michael and Willow kissing. 

Sasha falls to the floor. 

It's official: William DeVry Out at GH

 After quite a bit of cat and mouse and speculation, William DeVry took to twitter to say goodbye to cast members and fans as he was leaving GH. "Fans made Juliexis Love forever" .... He will be missed. While I was one who said Julian needed a direction or had to go, I was hoping they'd find something for him story-wise. He and Ava were some of the best siblings on TV! 

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Brook and NYC


It's Thursday! 

Franco tells Liz about his tumor. She's upset about Terry but he says it was a doctor-patient prive thing. He tells her it's inoperative. Liz wants a second opinion. Franco says he's too afraid he will turn psychotic again. 

Brook Lynn is at GH trying to see Finn. Oh, she was trying to find CHase. Which she does and tells him she's got a one way bus ticket to NYC. Chase doesn't want her to go. 

Brando is on the look-out for Cyrus at the Metro who's having dinner with a woman "don't let Sonny's wife interrupt us" . Brando is trying to convince Cyrus he hates CarSon.  Sasha is meeting Cyrus. Asks if he sent the coke up to her the other night. She says she know he did. 

Nina is talking to Sasha. She hopes she's not using anymore. Then she sees Carly and Jax together. Gets Jelly

CarJax talk about Nelle. Her death was ruled an accident. 

Willow is painting a room at the Q house. Michael walks in on her dancing-- and it's....weird LOL They have a whole soft porn type thing going-- ugh. Michael catches her off the ladder. PFffffffft. They talk about her seeing Chase after Finn was shot. They hold hands. Yada yada. Oh, the annulment papers are delivered. 

SO, I don't know what's up with my TV but I swear at 2:30 it just decides to cut out. I get that wheel thing going back and forth. It's not my wifi as I can use the computer still! I have to finish the episode tonight! I'm sorry AGAIN@@!! UGH I'll see if Wubby Hubby can fix it? I must just reboot the whole thing. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Hamilton and Harrison's Father

 Sonny and Jason. Ryan's in a coma. Jason tells Sonny that Franco asked him to kill him.  Then Taggert comes in. This is in Sonny's office in the restaurant. Tagger's just wandering around. Oh, then Cyrus comes over. 

Scotty is at Franco's house. Scotty's mad that Franco didn't call him when he was in the hospital. Wants to go over his life insurance policy.  Franco's asking what could happen if he died a violent death. 

Laura at the Cyrus House. She is following up the same lead as Curtis and Jordan. She asks Jordan why she's not in the hospital because she heard she was on medical leave. Jordan tells her the truth, it's a cover. Jordan tells Laura the entire Cyrus story and backstory. 

Finn's Dad at the hospital. I like him. He and Chase look so much alike. They all banter a bit. 

Lulu and Maxie gabbing an eating chips in Maxie's room. Lulu's moaning about Dante..Maxie's just listening. 

Peter and Anna talking about Alex and how he could have killed to protect Maxie. Valentin comes out of the elevator. Yada, Yada... The real deal is she says "I was protecting my grandchild". MEANING...she's not telling Peter and neither will Val. Damn it.  BUT..hey, Finn knows, right? No he just knows the results came in. He asks Anna what they said. 

Date is at The Invader Office and looking at Peter's computer for "off shore accounts". He puts in a zip drive. 

PETER walks in on Dante...Dante reaches for his GUN. OH DAMN Dante gets out of it by saying someone was trying to break into the files on his computer and the IT Guys called him. Dante leaves with the zip drive. 

Ok, so ... the whole "40 year old PCPD report" That Cyrus is using and that Jordan keeps saying that is "heavily redacted" has to be Laura killing David Hamilton. She was like 15 or 16?

END: Franco tells Liz about his tumor. Laura calls someone and says "we're in trouble"

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Tuesday Trauma

 So I finished yesterday's episode!! Joss didn't kiss Dev back. I like Dev acting like a prick. I'm so happy he's being a Jerk. 

So, Julian got one up on Sonny about the whole Nelle thing and Taggert!!? NICE He tells Sonny if he does anything he'll tell Cyrus about Taggert. 

Finn needs surgery. They might remove the sack around his heart?? 

Valentin and Robert get ready to go get Maxie and Anna and they walk into the hospital! Peter hugs her.  Anna and Chase in the chapel was a good scene.

Valentin wants Charlotte back? hmmmm. I'm starting to like Tad's accent a bit. So..sue me.

So, Alex slithers back into the water.  You know she's probably not dead. She does a number on Anna tho about not going to get Peter and raise him. That's why her memories were switched. 


Anna in the chapel with Robert. He says there's been no body found. She says "it's over". Then Robert asks what the test results were from the hospital "Is Alex Peter's mother"?? She yells at him to stop his obsession. She just killed her sister and Finn is fighting for his life (she's deflecting). Never answers him.  Epiphany tells her Finn is done with the surgery and he's stable. 

Olivia comes to GH and finds Robert. He says he messed up with Anna. 

Willow embraces Chase she said she had to come. Chase talks about Finn. Finally Anna tells him he's stable and out of surgery. 

Maxie is scared Finn is going to die. Epiphany tells them they are ok. Peter flashes back to Alex telling him she can see into her soul. 

Jordan and Curtis are looking at the house that Cyrus sends money to. Oh, Oregon! 

Lulu talks to Cyrus at #GH.. basically  taunts him. Dante happens to be at GH too and tells Cy to back the hell off. Lulu gets mad at Dante for interrupting her. 

Ned wants to help Alexis. She says "no you just don't want me to spill about us sleeping together" 

MY STUPID TV FROZE at 2:45!! I couldn't get it back on the internet in time. Weird, because my computer worked. Wah.. 
SO I'll finish today's tomorrow! Sonya will fill you in in the comments about the end of the show 

Monday, November 9, 2020


 MONDAY Monday--- so good to me. Remember that song? 

Portia gives Trina a new phone to replace the other one. Trina is going to Kelly's to meet Dev and Joss. 

Joss and Dev tell Sonny that Trina is going to prove that Taggert is "innocent". 

Julian comes to Sonny's with Jason. Then Ava shows up. Sonny asks Jules if his little sis has to rescue him. Then says "if you answer the questions correctly, you can go home, if not, you can't" 

Gunfight on the boat. Alex grabs Maxie and puts her in a choke hold. "Anna would you please shoot this crazy bitch"?? Anna throws a glass and Alex pops up, Anna shoots her. 

Finn says to Peter: "Anna wanted to be your mother too much" and codes. Portia gives him CPR

Robert calls Jackie to tell her Finn's been shot. She's at a Spanish airport ( I can tell by the Spanish writing on the signs LOL). Then Robert goes in to talk to Valentin who must have been getting checked out after the explosion. 

SO SORRY..LOCAL COVID Interruption. Our county is back in the yellow so they had to give a bunch of guidelines. I don't want to miss part of the show even if it comes back so I'll watch on Hulu tonight. 

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Waiting Room

 The. Week. From. Hell. BUT--I'm telling you what, the show was a great distraction, that's for sure. Thanks to the writers, crew, actors et all for taking my mind off of things for an hour a day!!  Hopefully you can figure out why I entitled this "Waiting Room".. because I feel like that's all I DID!

I have many carbs here as I'm a stress eater. Come on over, we have a lot to get through! 

Friday, November 6, 2020

Friday Gunning for You


Alex comes to the house as Anna is telling him there's danger. Maxie walks in too! OY! Finn lets Anna know Alex is there with Maxie.  Finn finally gets Alex out of the room to make tea. Tries to hustle Maxie out but her MOUTH ...UGH she 's like WHY?? YOU're SCARING ME... and then Alex comes out with a gun.  She tells Maxie she's taking her on a trip.. then Finn Jumps Alex! Gun goes off..Maxie yells NO!! 

Robert and Anna come in the house..Finn is shot on the floor. 

Maxie is on the boat with Alex. A helicopter is going to pick them up. 

Britt and Jason--the POOL TABLE at The Rib. He gets all his ladies by using the pool table LOL He wants to play Brit. He's getting "closer to her" because he wants to find out about Cyrus. Damn. Then stupid Lulu interrupts. Britt leaves. Jason is like: GOOD GOING LULU. Geesh. He explains why they need to get to Britt. He leaves. Lulu is going to do something dumb like write a story and Cyrus will hate her. 

Taggert visits Sonny "have a cup of sugar, neighbor"?? They drink. Sonny tells him Kate Howard was killed and the bought the house so Candy Boy Jax couldn't. They talk about things and Taggert tells Sonny that Julian knows he's alive. Oh lord. Sonny calls Jason and tells him to take care of something. Jason says "I'm on it" 

Julian and Ava talk about Ryan. Ryan is still alive. He lost a lot of blood and they aren't sure about his brain because of lack of oxygen. Julian tells Ava he ordered the hit. SHe's like WTF. WHY? He says he's desperate. She's like: When aren't you? OMG!! HE shows her Taggert's phone with Trina and Taggert's photo. Shes' like Julian you are an idiot! That's Trina's Dad. He says: He's dead. Ava's like well...OBVIOUSLY NOT!!  She realizes that Taggert knows Julian was trying to kill Nelle and he'll tell Sonny. Sonny will put 2 and 2 together and come for Jules. She tells him to run while he can. 

Sam visits Alexis who's drinking. She starts telling her that Olivia saw her with booze at the Q house around the kids. Alexis tells her not to be such a nag. They yell at each other. Sam says Alexis almost burned down the house when the kids were there...Alexis is like "it wasn't a big deal" Then she says "You sleep with a hitman, that doesn't make you mother of the year"!! oh..BURNNN. Sam tells her she has to go to treatment now. "She will do anything to protect her children". Alexis says: Except leave Jason. Ooooooooo. 


Sam tells Alexis she will tell Molly and Krissy about her drinking tomorrow

Anna rams the boat, gets on with a gun.

Finn is laying in the hospital, whispers something to Peter about Anna and "your mother" 

Jason takes Julian to Sonny 

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Wed and Thurs...

 SO I caught up on yesterday's show. Sorry, had a Xanax hang over, couldn't deal. 

Chase..oh lah lah..

Maxie and her heartbeat sound for stupid Peter. He's all Wow, nice, can't wait to be a Daddy. Like we ever even see James LOL

Jackie and Finn. Chase shows up. Shows her Violet. Oh, Jackie is leaving?? Hmmm...on a business trip and getting divorced? Oh. 

Anna and dumb Valentin who hesitated. Derp.  Anna should have plugged her in the forehead. She needs to watch a Tarintino movie.  OMG there's a crock POT!! If you watch Tik'd be dead.

Ava trying to visit Ryan when Sonny's there lol whoops.  Sonny's going to be all tough guy and mess it up. AHHWEIEIA RYAN HAS A KNIFE IN HIS BACK? lol! wow!

Jordan tells Portia about TJ and Cyrus. AND about Taggs and she. Oh wait, Jordan fainted in front of Cyrus. Is this a plan of she and Portia's? 


Dante ruined Lulu's interview LOL. The guy she was interviewing (one of Cyrus' thugs) leaves. Dante talks to her. You can tell he still loves her. 

Alex talking to Paxie. She's fascinated by Peter. Maxie goes to the ladies room and Alex talks to Peter about his soul and how he really is and how they will be together forever. It's creepy as hell. Peter is like "It's like you're filling a void after all these years, saying what I want to hear". EEK. After she leaves, Maxie says "Was Anna a little off"?? 

Franco talking to Liz and getting all sad and he finally leaves.  Epiphany and Terry come in to visit. Epiphany needs a night out. They talk about the hospital and Liz mentions Franco. Terry gets really quiet. 

Anna and Valentin trying to get out of the pressure cooker room.  Val has something in his back pocket.  Its' a cutter thing--then they get free and hobble out. Building blows up..they are ok. 

Robert tells Jason that Spinelli can't lie well enough. Heh..then Robert leaves. 

Then Franco talks to Jason at the Rib. HE wants Jason to kill him!? Jason's like oh, fk off LOL

Robert goes to Finn's because Finn is worried about Anna. He shows Robert the envelope. Tells Robert about Anna and Valentin luring Alex out. 

Jordan's fainting WAS A set up!! AH HA!! I'm telling you too Cyrus is so upset about Jordan. I think he still likes her. Ok, So, they are telling him that Jordan is having complications from her kidney. Jordan and Curtis are flying "out west" to find out about a house that Cyrus keeps sending money to every month. 

Robert finds Anna, she tells him about Alex

Finn is on the phone with Anna..when Alex walks in LOL 

Tuesday, November 3, 2020


 Anna's in the cellar. Alex tells her that Peter is her son and she's going to take over Anna's life and no one will know. She says she slept with Faison because she knew he was obsessed with Anna and she could get secrets out of him and get promoted. Anna says "I know you don't want to be a mother or a grandmother, so why are you really here"? Alex says people are coming for her from all sides and she needs to hide out. SO, she'll become Anna and there can't be two of them. Valentin comes over after talking to Peter and figures out that it's Alex, not Anna.  He asks Alex for water..then Anna breaks free of her tape and yells. He is going downstairs. Then Alex hits him with a syringe. 

Peter tells Valentin that Helena called; Valentin freaks out LOL Then he totally figures out it was SPINELLI MESSING WITH HIM. UGH He tells Peter to just leave Spinelli alone-just don't answer the phone anymore LOL. Peter wants revenge. Val says if he does that Jason will come for him. Peter then gets Spin at the bar and tells him Helena called. Then tells him he knows it was him and to back off. Peter is MAD!! ANGRY PETER! I like a mean Peter better btw. 

Sonny has Ava over. Shows her a pic Avery drew then asks why Ryan Chamberlain would call him. Ava's like I don't know. She's such a good liar. She said he's playing games and not to go see him. Sonny says maybe, he'll decide. 

Julian is panicking. Leaves a message for Ava. Shaky cam at the bar. Weird. Ava comes back from Sonny's and tells Julian he should take Nikolas' offer up on disappearing. 

Cyrus harasses Portia in the hospital by asking about Trina. 

Franco goes to see Kevin about his tumor. He is worried more about this psychosis coming back than he is of dying. 

Taggert is in Kate Howard's house

TJ goes to his mom to get the permit for the protest against Cyrus they want to hold at GH. She told him she rejected it. He's pissed off. She's like too bad. Cyrus over hears them talking about the protest. Jordan says nothing as Cyrus lays into TJ about getting back to work and not bothering him. 

OH SONNY GOES TO SEE RYAN! That was fast!! 

Julian tells Cyrus he's ready to make a deal with him.

Ava goes to see Ryan. 

Monday, November 2, 2020


 Oh, hurt my back. I hope I last for the whole show kids!! 

This is the voting episode. It's all about Voting rights. They go back in time to 1920, first year of women's votes. By the way ONLY women in this episode. Even extras...they only showed the women in the opening credits too! 

You should watch it. Lots of history about voting and such. Lucy, Monica..Bobbie... most all the women on GH. I'm happy the show is doing something different and novel. Can't say that about all soaps. 

VERY good lessons about Negro rights back then, going to Howard college for doctor degree, separate voting places for women....

Britt is the nasty lady in town that doesn't want other women to vote. Ava thinks women voting are slumming it. She and Carly-lady get in a shoving match and Carly is jailed. OMG Dr. O is the jailer!! LOL 

Monica is the assembly woman. Terry is her assistant named TILLIE!! gah! Anyway, they all vote and it was a grand episode. 

OMG THE TIME CANDLE!! Lucy lit that (it's from Port Charles!!) 

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Revelations


SPOOKY FUN WEEK!!  And by the way, I'm so tired of apologizing for loving the show.  I think it's just on point and really building stories. This week was all I wanted and more.  I think it's the best soap going and I enjoy it as much as some of the other prime time stuff I'm watching. So there. You might not like the direction things are going but there's a story...and a damn good one in most cases! Actors seem to be loving life as well. Nothing is better than watching the cast do their stuff. 

Since you know you have leftover candy from last night, unwrap those suckers and eat!! 


  Felicia and Mac are making out on Maxie's couch. Everyone is out and Bailey Lu is sleeping. He talks about seeing Frisco!! That's ...