Thursday, November 5, 2020

Wed and Thurs...

 SO I caught up on yesterday's show. Sorry, had a Xanax hang over, couldn't deal. 

Chase..oh lah lah..

Maxie and her heartbeat sound for stupid Peter. He's all Wow, nice, can't wait to be a Daddy. Like we ever even see James LOL

Jackie and Finn. Chase shows up. Shows her Violet. Oh, Jackie is leaving?? Hmmm...on a business trip and getting divorced? Oh. 

Anna and dumb Valentin who hesitated. Derp.  Anna should have plugged her in the forehead. She needs to watch a Tarintino movie.  OMG there's a crock POT!! If you watch Tik'd be dead.

Ava trying to visit Ryan when Sonny's there lol whoops.  Sonny's going to be all tough guy and mess it up. AHHWEIEIA RYAN HAS A KNIFE IN HIS BACK? lol! wow!

Jordan tells Portia about TJ and Cyrus. AND about Taggs and she. Oh wait, Jordan fainted in front of Cyrus. Is this a plan of she and Portia's? 


Dante ruined Lulu's interview LOL. The guy she was interviewing (one of Cyrus' thugs) leaves. Dante talks to her. You can tell he still loves her. 

Alex talking to Paxie. She's fascinated by Peter. Maxie goes to the ladies room and Alex talks to Peter about his soul and how he really is and how they will be together forever. It's creepy as hell. Peter is like "It's like you're filling a void after all these years, saying what I want to hear". EEK. After she leaves, Maxie says "Was Anna a little off"?? 

Franco talking to Liz and getting all sad and he finally leaves.  Epiphany and Terry come in to visit. Epiphany needs a night out. They talk about the hospital and Liz mentions Franco. Terry gets really quiet. 

Anna and Valentin trying to get out of the pressure cooker room.  Val has something in his back pocket.  Its' a cutter thing--then they get free and hobble out. Building blows up..they are ok. 

Robert tells Jason that Spinelli can't lie well enough. Heh..then Robert leaves. 

Then Franco talks to Jason at the Rib. HE wants Jason to kill him!? Jason's like oh, fk off LOL

Robert goes to Finn's because Finn is worried about Anna. He shows Robert the envelope. Tells Robert about Anna and Valentin luring Alex out. 

Jordan's fainting WAS A set up!! AH HA!! I'm telling you too Cyrus is so upset about Jordan. I think he still likes her. Ok, So, they are telling him that Jordan is having complications from her kidney. Jordan and Curtis are flying "out west" to find out about a house that Cyrus keeps sending money to every month. 

Robert finds Anna, she tells him about Alex

Finn is on the phone with Anna..when Alex walks in LOL 


  1. I like Anna and Valentin action but this is stupid. They are super spies and Alex gets one over on them. Make it more realistic and not have Anna and Val be dumb

  2. what building blew up? It wasn't Anna's house, was it?

    1. No, it was the rotating exploding warehouse. lol

    2. "Di says, No, it was the rotating exploding warehouse. lol"


  3. then it is stupid and I AM confused how Alex got BOTH of them to a NEW location??? pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


    ROFL! I know right?!!?!?!!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    "Anna" Maxie, and Hiney: Come on you two! Don't you notice that Anna is acting strange?!!?!

    "Anna" and Hiney: Oh my oh my oh my! :) Awww she understands Hiney! She just gets him! ROFL! They were so close together, that I was thinking they were going to kiss! :)

    Maxie and Hiney:

    Maxie: Is it just me? Or did Anna seem a little different?

    FINALLY! :)

    Chandler Mansion:

    Robert and Finchy: Robert wins the line of the day.

    Robert: Gas explosion. Valetine's gone, Anna's gone. Oh yeah. It's gotta be a coincidence.

    ROFL! Go Robert Go Robert! Hahahahahaha.


    Anna and V.C.: Ummmm. I don't like that they are coughing. It's making me nervous. Okay there is gas, but I'm fine with them not coughing. They escaped YAY! :) KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! :)

    Anna and Robert: Love that Robert is there!!! Where he belongs! :)

    Friz's home:

    Friz: Damn he is talking to her like he is going to die and he won't even tell her what is going on!! :( I thought he wasn't going to lie and keep things from her anymore! :)

    Terri, Piffy, and Liz: Okay Piffy needs to have a one night stand with Cyrus. :) He can make her forget Milo. :) Um someone at work is so afraid of Piffy that he locks himself in the closet? HAHAHAHHA! Oh come on!!!! You can stand up to Piffy!!! Don't be skeered!!! :)

    The floating rib:

    BobTodd and Jason:

    BobTodd: Jason kill me.

    Jason: 0 0

    BobTodd: If I go back to who I was, just kill me.

    Jason: 0 0

    BobTodd: I mean it Jason.. I don't want my family to be hurt.

    Jason: 0 0

    Jason and Robert: Do they really need to have scenes together? He should be in scenes with Anna, Finchy, Jackie, Violet, and maybe Roxie. :)

    Lulu and Cyrus's man: Man this guy is nervous.. Afraid Cyrus is gonna turn on you and kill you? Hmmmmm? :) Oh Dante you jumped to conclusions!!!

    Lulu and Dante: Yeah Dante! Be with your son! Worry about him!!!! Lulu can take care of her damn self! She is a SPENCER!

    Outside with Dante: There should be a book called, Complete the mission by Captain Dr. Kirk. :)

    The hospital/Jordan's room:

    Portia and Jurtis: HA! I knew it!!! Jordan was faking it. Okay okay I like that they teamed up. :) Cyrus is so worried about Jordan! He must love her. :)

    Flashback Thursday: *Jumps into time machine to go to September 1994* Sean, Luke, and Sonny help Lucky keep Foster with him! :)

    1. Line of the day, perfect again. I laughed out loud, lol!

      Franco is on my last nerve. He has to tell Liz the truth. He's being Freako again and not because of the tumor. :(

    2. "Julie H says, Line of the day, perfect again. I laughed out loud, lol!"

      Hahaha I laughed out loud too! :)

      "Franco is on my last nerve. He has to tell Liz the truth. He's being Freako again and not because of the tumor. :("

      Maybe they want to kill him off. :(

  5. Glad you're back Karen and feeling better!

    I am really starting to like Portia and her playing Cyrus. Who by the way should have been booted off the board and out of the hospital for walking into Jordan's room unannounced. SOOO wrong.

    Alex and Milk Dud were just plain creepy and weird as hell. I need him EXPOSED AS A VILLAN NOW!!! Yes, I'm shouting. I can't stand it anymore, lol!

    1. "Julie H says, Alex and Milk Dud"

      Milk Dud. ROFL!

      "I need him EXPOSED AS A VILLAN NOW!!! "


      "Yes, I'm shouting. I can't stand it anymore, lol!"

      ROFL! Shout away my friend.. :)

    2. Wish I could take the credit for MILK DUD!! But the honors go to Di. I thought it was a hilarious name for that VILLAN!! Still shouting. :)

    3. "Julie H says, Wish I could take the credit for MILK DUD!! But the honors go to Di."

      Oh yeah I know.. It's really funny! Hahaha!

      "I thought it was a hilarious name for that VILLAN!!"

      Me too!!! :)

      "Still shouting. :)"

      ROFL! Keep shouting! :)

  6. I am thoroughly enjoying "GH" right now. The highlights Thursday were 1) scene between Alex and Peter, 2) scene between Franco and Jason, and 3) the scene with Elizabeth, Epiphany and Terry.

    My prediction: The house out west has something to do with Theresa Carter, the mistress of Rick Webber who Laura accidentally killed years ago.

    1. That is an interesting theory, Kevin. I didn't watch during that period where they retconned Rick's past. Did it indeed turn out that Laura killed her? I was thinking this might have some connection to David Hamilton who Laura really did kill and Leslie took the fall for initially. Has Laura killed 3 people?

    2. Yeah, Laura did kill Theresa unintentionally and couldn't handle the reality of what she did, started flipping out, and Rick drugged her to make her forget with Scott as his accomplice. (I hated that storyline.) So, Laura is a multiple killer AND now mayor. I love soaps! LOL

  7. The lack of anything happy on GH is really bothering me. They are going deeper into doom and gloom. Hopefully all to a rewarding end.
    Happiness will come in Hiney's reveal. I hope soon.
    Definitely do not like the Franco story.

    1. I'm definitely ready for a quick resolve for these doom and gloom stories and the influx of a little happiness. I'd like to see the end of Cyrus and an acknowledgement that he's a drug dealer and a criminal. Then we can see a reunion between Trina and her dad, even if he has to leave again. I also want Joss to find out about dev and the diary so that she and Cam can make up and the Happy Gang can reunite in some fun story lines.


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