Sunday, November 8, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Waiting Room

 The. Week. From. Hell. BUT--I'm telling you what, the show was a great distraction, that's for sure. Thanks to the writers, crew, actors et all for taking my mind off of things for an hour a day!!  Hopefully you can figure out why I entitled this "Waiting Room".. because I feel like that's all I DID!

I have many carbs here as I'm a stress eater. Come on over, we have a lot to get through! 

SPECIAL EPISODE OF THE WEEK: Monday treated us to a time warp into the voting for women in NYS. Not only did I think it was written well, I really liked the dialog that was both relevant to characters and also provided some good history. The biggest thing was Lucy's "time candle" which was a prop from the old Port Charles Days!! Such a great nod. I won't bore you with all the details here but you really should watch it if you haven't. Look for the Nov 2nd episode. 

OLD FACE OF THE WEEK: HELLO, Alex! We haven't really missed you but since you are Peter's mama and Anna's not--Welcome!! They did the usual switcheroo with her but guess what? I didn't take 2 weeks for a reveal!! No sir!! Valentin found her right away and then all hell broke loose. Val and Anna tied up in a building set to explode. Maxie kidnapped on a boat in the harbor. Anna and Robert going in to save the day. Finally, Anna confronting her sister on the boat and Monday will be a shootout. Good way to tie up Peter's Paternity-Maternity issue. Plus, finding out Faison and Alex are his parents will mess him up good. 

STABBING OF THE WEEK:  Oh, Julian had a good plan!! Just before he could tell Sonny all the tea on his part in the baby-switching, Ryan was stabbed by goonie. Nice Knife in the back! Is he dead? OH Of course not!! He will never be dead-dead. BUT it buys everyone time. Or does it? 

POOL GAME OF THE WEEK:  Brit and Jason!! Jason always picks his ladies up at the pool table!! He wants information...she probably wants to sample herself some HitMan beef!!  I'm here for it. ALL. The. Way. 

LIE OF THE WEEK: It's Franco! Keeping his Tumah news under wraps for the time being!! That puts Terry in an awful spot because she and Liz are besties. Oh, by the way, Franco also asks Jason to kill him if he starts being a psycho again. So..there's that. Jason's face says it all. (as it usually does, blink--stare)

DRINKS OF THE WEEK:  I enjoyed Taggert coming over to "neighbor" Sonny for a drink. It felt natural as they are friends in real life. The conversation was interesting because it touched on Kate Howard's murder and Ava's still being around despite the murder.  Talking about Trina and then the realization that Julian knows who Taggert really is. Wow. That was also a quick turn-around!! 


FOIL OF THE WEEK: (no photo available) Valetin tells Peter he's an idiot and that Helena isn't alive, it's Spinelli playing him. Peter then tells Spinelli he knows, making us all sad that this will drag out. UNLESS Spin taped Peter ?? 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Oh, Sam and Alexis had it OUT!!  YEP.. the two of them just unloaded. Alexis was just drunk enough to tell Sam that she is a fine one to talk about her kids being safe when she's sleeping with a hitman and Sam let Alexis know she knows she needs treatment. NLG and Kelly were spectacular in these moments. I haven't seen KM this animated in a long time. (And I'm starting to think that cast on NLG's arm is real? I mean, it's been there for a month!) 

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Finn, realizing he's looking at Anna....and talking to her too. Alex!!! 


Ryan got stabbed before he could tell Sonny the secret

Ryan is in surgery, still alive

Ava told Julian to leave town but Jason picked him up first

Jordan faked a fainting episode, Cyrus bought it and now she and Curtis are going out west

TJ didn't get a permit to protest

Portia is in on all the Cyrus secrets

Peter figured out it was Spinelli making the Helena phone calls 

Dante still cares about Lulu but gets orders to "complete the mission"

Lulu writes an article about Cyrus ...hits "send" before she shows it to Peter

Anna finds out she's not Peter's mother; so does everyone, including Peter

Alex puts Val and Anna in a building about to blow up; they escape

Finn is shot in the chest by Alex 

Alex kidnaps Maxie on a boat; Anna to the rescue

Jackie leaves town for a bit to work on another story

Sonny puts Taggert up in the house next to him

Ava puts it all together and realizes Taggert is alive

Alexis keeps drinking, Sam keeps telling her to stop

Epiphany, Terry and Liz get together for a drink and console Piph over Milo

Franco talks to Kevin about his tumor; asks Jason to kill him if he needs to. 


NEWS OF THE WEEK: Genie Francis tweeted a photo of her working on set, so she's back people! William DeVry who kept tweeting he's leaving GH, turned the table and said maybe not? What is up! 

SCOOPAGE OF THE WEEK:  Not a lot out there other than the normal bland things we get from press releases.  GO TO DIAGNOSIS DAYTIME for all the info!

That's it! I'm exhausted.  My Dad turned 84 yesterday and it's a glorious thing. He's in great health in both body and mind. He's amazing. Probably can out run me lol. I'll see you this week. I'm so happy the show is movin' and groovin'.  Things just keep coming at me and it's hard to keep up. 



  1. I always look forward to your Sunday Surgery, Karen. Thank you for doing the work involved.

  2. I always look forward to SS too. Thanks so much! GH was great all week, especially the all female episode. A very happy belated birthday to your dad!

  3. I'm just gonna say it - I am tired of William DeFry's cryptic remarks....either say you are outta there or say nothing.....I want Sasha to be responsible and be arrested for the blowing up whatever happens that makes Julian go away...…
    LOVE Taggart and Sonny!!!
    I want Taggart to stay around - maybe with Ephinany???????? We can ALL see that Lulu is going to be 'killed' or whatever - cause when she hit SEND = I saw it was all over!!!!
    Alexis is also on my last nerve...………

  4. Thanks for the great SS once again. I hope your back feels better.
    What a week is right! Monday's show was excellent. Done very well.
    Other actors have done the same thing when rumored to be leaving. Not too long ago "Taggart" did it all over the place. Part of the drama.
    Yes, the Anna/Alex story is moving fast. Even Alex said something about things moving faster than expected. I got a laugh from that.
    So anyone think that Finn might need a new organ or some health related thing. And Chase will be a match?
    Have a great Sunday. It's like summer in CT.

  5. You know have they ever really announced what month Anna and Finn are marrying? And is Chase's mom - is she gone/gone??????

  6. Thanks for another excellent SS! I was so greatful for GH this week. The show is really good to me and moving right along. I cannot wait for the Anna vs Alexis confrontation on Monday.

    So quick question since I am a relatively new viewer (1 year). I get the impression Peter is not a popular character. I am ambivalent really. But I also get the impression that the actor is pretty safe and not going anywhere. I would be ambivalent about that if it weren't for the fact that an actor portraying a legacy character has been fired (really dumb move.) Is there a way to save or redeem the Peter character?

    Happy birthday to your dad!

  7. Thanks for great SS Karen. Hope your back is better.

    Just watched the VOTE episode. Not 100% accurate, but pretty darn good. I loved it!! My 18 and 20 year olds were very, very proud to get to vote, but many young people don't vote. Very well done by all involved. Glad to see Leisl too!

  8. "(And I'm starting to think that cast on NLG's arm is real? I mean, it's been
    there for a month!)"

    I've been wondering why she still has a cast on!! Could be!!

    "William DeVry who kept tweeting he's leaving GH, turned the table and said maybe not? What is up!"

    REALLY?!?!! I didn't see that. WOW!


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