Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday: Day after a Repeat/Rinse Day!

You ready to Rumble?? For those not watching Casey Anthony..uh..WHY NOT? I can't believe what I'm hearing half the time. There are more made up people than in Second Life.
It's finally HOT HERE!!

I have a few new tidbits up on the Site, but nothing stellar.  The writing is in such flux--it's terrible to get scoops sorted out. I don't know if scoops going to happen or not. 

OLTL was ok, I only watched it a bit. Shane wanting to join a gym. Clint flatlined... and Matthew. Wow...AND IT'S A TUESDAY. Mulitple ciffhangers--Tess/ the house and this. EEShh. :thud: 

I saw GH today for the first time on this giant TV in HD. :thud: 
HELP ME!!!!!!! Help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 
Sonny's stubble was GIANT! wow.... and changed all day...edit. LOL
Michael has to be the stupidest boy on the planet. good lord. This whole Zaccarah/Corinthos merger (AZ/Jason) was done before with Claudia. MOVE ON.

I so love Anthony, because without him, GH would be so dull. 
Lisa and Patrick in Shadybrook, I mean, why wouldn't there be a therapist in there too? I mean, isn't she going to be on trial?? weird.  

Did you like who won the last WUBS poll? Should I do another one sometime? What do you think!!?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!!

Thanks to all the people in the services, their families and a special shout out to those that work with Vets at VA Hospitals.  It's remembering those that died in the service of their country. I have 4 red poppies on my purse! 

Jason Thompson in the infamous Blue Boob Dress.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Today's show is a repeat... you know the drill ...Nancy Lee Grahn did have on her "blue boob dress" that she laughingly refers to now and again.

I decided to catch up on RHONY because they have a marathon on and I'm not really watching during the week. I  miss Bethenny.... and I still can't stand Kelly BENnnnSiMOAN ...

Last night I saw the most bizarre show EVER: My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on TLC. Anyone see it? Good Lord-- it was like--er... a circus sideshow? I can't even explain it.  Poor Wubby Hubby who's British was saying THAT'S NOT ENGLAND ....LOL. Then they'd show Sussex and he was like NOoooooooooooooooooooo!! Those girls? What in the hell? Fascinating show. The men all talked like Brad Pitt in Snatch.  If you haven't seen it do it!! You'll be gobsmacked. 

16 year old!! woot! (Hen Party)

I think I told you I got a new TV. We had our old one 11 years. So, I shouldn't feel guilty for a new one right? Well, this is 41" and it's HUGE...and it's so different because it's digital.  LOL. When we get our HD box? Hell, GH is going to be nuts. LOL. I can also tweet on it--right on screen. the remote has a dang little keyboard! Oh nooooo... more ways to get me addicted. 

Tomorrow is more Cindy Anthony on the stand-- I'm such a loser for wanting to watch, but dang, it's like a soapy dramaz!!  

Ok. That's about it for today. Hope you have a great day, whatever you are doing! (and I hope it involves some hotdogs or beer!!)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Brianna Brown's Fan Event at FCW!!

Coffee and Chocolates With Brianna 
Friday July 22nd from 1-4pm
at the Sportmen's Event Center
Tickets $55 a person
Email ghpcfanclub@aol.com for order form

This is Brianna's first solo fan event! She hopes to see you there--- it should be a lot of fun and who doesn't love coffee and chocolates?? It should be a gathering where you'll be able to chat with other Brianna Fans and get plenty of time with the actress herself.

Sunday Surgery: Emptying The Bed Pans

Well, we got confirmation that after a year of bungled "Comeback" Vanny is leaving GH. I don't know what makes me the most mad--the time, the money or the total lack of vision from Guza for a decent story for all of this. I'm blaming Guza 900% for writing that crap, he's headwriter. Even IF the "higher ups" help direct how a show goes, I surely doubt they came up with Brenda being in Rome forever with her "fiance" and thugs tracking her down. I remember an interview Guza gave with SID trying to explain the need for a 'backstory' for Brenda after all her time gone. Yeah...we needed a backstory, just not a STUPID one that took eons to tell.
Robin Christopher was brought back...remember that? As soon as we found out VM was coming, all of a sudden all Skye did was stand around. Then, she was gone. Kinda like when Emma Samms came back and didn't make  it out of the Haunted Star. Claire was a casualty too--not that I was a huge Claire fan but having her in a story, then evaporate was another waste of my damn time. 

The ratings went even MORE south after one of GH's most popular actresses came back. What does that say about anything? Hell, Guza should have left LAST year if this was the outcome. (ok, about six years ago if you're really counting. LOL)

I say that..and now comes the awful realization that no matter what we do, GH is probably going to be history sometime in 2012. I've heard too much lately and even I, a fighter is just throwing up the hands. Garin Wolf can't save the show, unless he totally retools it. I hear that John Ingle and Leslie C are taping so MAYBE there's hope for some Q interaction. Will it last more than a few days? I sure hope so. 
Becky's out when the Aidan reveal comes-- not her fault but a letdown none the less. Kristina and Ethan are going to end up doing the same exact scene Luke and Laura did and many others while they are in the Dominican Republic. I have to say, I can't wait to see Alexis and Sonny together though. THAT will be fun. 
This week's glimmers of hope: Dorky yet fun Maxie/Krissy dress up scene. Tracy and Lulu. Mac was on and got to arrest the right person!! WOOT!  Of course there was way too much Jax/Carly harping-- JaSam sitting on that dang couch and Mabby crap to last me a lifetime. Isn't it funny this is all about her killing some guy that we didn't even care about? 
More glimmers: Leslie and John (Monica and Edward) both taped last week!! Connie Towers will be back doing her evil Helena. There is hope. HOPE. I hope there's hope!  
Oh, fun thing: Steve Burton tweeted he was getting fitted for a suit, sending JaSam fans all a TWITTER with the spec the wedding was coming! 

One Life to Live was a bit of a letdown this week after all the Todd build up. When will writers learn we want people back LIKE NOW...not sitting in a room somewhere (or in Rome) for days? There was the Matthew trauma though... can't wait until this week.

We said goodbye to Oprah. Her last show made me feel like I was in church a bit. Ok, a LOT. LOL. I liked her hooplah shows more-- all the acts and glitter. Of course her leaving makes me think about that 4pm time slot. Our local affiliate hasn't decided yet--Dr Oz or local news?? Of course, everyone is waiting to see if Couric goes to 4pm or ...gulp 3. 

The Casey Anthony trial is unlike anything I've ever seen. I read a LOT of True Crime (Ann Rule and I even wrote to each other for a time)--and am really an obsessive pill about I.D. TV and all that jazz. One shocker after another. Heartbreaking. I personally think Casey put Caylee to "sleep" using chloroform and then she die. Casey then spent forever covering it up, moving her body and the like. Years of lies caught up with her. Her parents wanted to believe her so badly that she didn't do it--and now? They have to concede. That pool story?? Good Lord. Watching the trial btw, makes all soaps look tame!!

Scene of the Week: Anthony Z tied to the chair in duct tape, wanting his nose scratched. 

GH actor tweets:
@Lisalocicerogh to @Reevesforreal: here's the plan: you guys get sparkly platform booties & matching bellbottom jumpsuits & Port Chuck becomes Prince cover band

@billywarlock (AJ Q) They all made the fatal mistake of abandoning core characters. Although, CBS didn't do that and the 2 shows they have are still strong. note: About GH's demise and ABC Soaps in general

@Stuart-Damon: Happiness is not in our circumstances, but in ourselves. It is not something we see, like a rainbow, or feel, like the heat of a fire.

@LESLIECHARELSON (monica) tweeted a LOT about Guza leaving: (she chatted with Steve Burton)
**Monica and Jason have had so many missed opportunities under Guza over the years.

**But with new writers at the helm, we're hoping we can recover some of the rich history and get the relationship back on track.

Robin Strasser from OLTL is the one to follow, btw...she goes on rampages that are pretty funny. LOL @robinstrasser 

GO to WUBS NET and see who won the final May Wubs Couple! The month of winners were:  Liason, Luke and Laura,  Felicia and Frisco, Edward and Lila and now ....??? I might have one more fun one coming up for June. We'll see. I liked them!! Please remember to click on a google ad if the power moves you--don't buy anything just click. THANKS!! 

Also, Thank You for commenting....
Remember, if you have trouble, please use this link:  WUBS BLOGGER !! The one from my main page doesn't always allow you to comment. 
Have a GREAT memorial day. Tomorrow on GH is a repeat of "After the Bomb" at SnB wedding.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Frothings for Fun Fans !!

Hi..sorry I was so into the Casey Anthony trial it was hard to keep up with the soaps...oy that thing is riveting!! You know I think she's guilty as sin-- and this smoke job the defense is throwing up is just ludicrous.

SO! The Vanessa leaving is out there--- shes' gonzo. Why did GH even bother?? I guess the wedding was one thing. Well, more money to save, right!? 

GENERAL HOSPITAL: OMG... if CarJax don't shut the HELL UP SOON! LOL and we went from Old Face Todd tied to chair on OLTL to Papa Z duct taped to a chair on GH!! Anthony is just fun but it's getting old.

Michael has another gun----great. 

Dante and Lulu. Too bad we didn't see Crimson in the past YEAR. 

Liz gets a call at the nurses' station..a little boy was hit by a car. 

I so want to like GH..and it's so SO DULL. I mean...really. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz again I fall alseep!

Vanessa Marcil Confirms She's Leaving GH

 Vanessa and her team tweeted this photo last night

Last night, Vanessa tweeted for the first time...and had some sad things to say:

@VanessaMarcilG my final days are near will miss maurice and cast with every cell of my being. should i keep Brenda"s thigh high stilletos??

Her account is verified on her official site and I've checked, it was her tweeting... ergo, the rumors that were out there forever are true. I have to give it to Raven again for this one. 

What is she doing after? 

working on an animated childrens show that i wrote with my sister and my son. GAGOO AND THE LAND OF CHOICES :)

now im crying too will be selling brenda stuff. all money to my charity at an event in june....can you guys come? 8 hours ago

So, there it is....Vanessa will be having a fan event at the FCW. No final airdate is set yet. It sounds like it's pretty dang soon though.
My Thoughts? I'm pretty upset that we had a year of this "comeback" that ended up being one of the worst written 'stories' on daytime. I'm miffed she and Sonny married, only to leave after a "missing son" story that went no where. Now there's a script floating around for a new chick to be coming on the show, who will probably end up being for Sonny. Or Sonny and Carly will get together for the 900 time. 
Whatever. *sigh* Sorry for the S&B fans, at least you got a wedding, right?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

SPOILER DAY!! What's going to happen on GH!!?

Scoops are up!! Well, looks like Ethan is going to catch Maya with another guy, flies to the Dominican Republic and takes Krissy along for a witness for the divorce. That sets up Alexis and Sonny to go find them. Yeah for SEXIS! Full steam ahead for Krethan! Other little tidbit, looks like Lulu's going to turn to the bottle.

There's a casting call out that some people are thinking is a recast Kate. I think they used the script for "Kate" just as they did with "Claire"-- I think it's not a recast. Could be wrong, but I don't think so. Why are they bothering? I have a feeling I won't care about it at all!

OLTL: Marty with a gun on Todd..and two of my faves: Delphina and Roxy!! WOOT! 

GH: Tracy and Lulu, great scene....as usual. 

Michael is such a brat! GOD! If I were Jason I would have smacked him. LOL.... And I'm so tired of JaSam talking about THE BAAA-BEEE 

Anthony Z is DUCT TAPED TO A CHAIR!! whoot!!  

Loved Alexis TODAY! She was speaking the truth. As much as I think Jax is being written like sheeze, loved her scenes. 

Wow..that chick looked JUST like Sarah Brown as Carly!!! WOW.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Genie Francis!!! She'll start airing on YR on Friday...are you watching?

Tristan Rogers on Daytime TV and Outster of Guza

Well, hold on to your collective hats when you read this posting by Tristan Rogers who played Robert Scorpio for years on GH. He's not very positive on General Hospital's survival that's for sure. He also dishes heavily on the genre's future and gives insight to inner workings.
Like I said before along with others, scripted daytime soaps are going to have to find a whole new home to survive.

I have commented before that the demise of ABC Daytime has been on the table since the eighties. It was never a case of “if” but always “when”. And now it’s happening. What will happen and can it be reversed? IMO not at a Network level. The shows could/might be picked up by someone else and re-engineered. Cost is a major factor to be addressed and so is the overall way the shows are structured and managed. Daytime has been stuck in a time warp since the early eighties and needs to be completely re-invented. It needs to look at how prime soaps have evolved and try to grasp why Reality shows are so strong and learn something from them.

Read the whole thing on his website: The Going of Guza

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TROUBLE Commenting on Blog?

Try this link: http://wubtub.blogspot.com/

That is the direct link to this blog...some people go in through the website (www.wubs.net) and the name 'catches" itself. Some of you get a blank page when trying to see comments and I believe this is the solution!! 

Bubbles and Troubles..

 How much do you think Tony has to pee after his scenes on GH?? !LOL 

 This is from Ingo's wife. Boo:

@EhikuRademacher Packing and cleaning today! Man we have a lot of Sh*t! Big yard sale this weekend;-)

NOTE: ABC won't air the  AMC Tornado Episode as part of their re-runs on Memorial Day due to obvious reasons.

Daytime legend Paul Raush weighs in on Soaps being canned. Read it over on Suds Report. My fave quote:
The world can put a man on the moon, but measuring who watches TV seems impossible.

 I KNEW Dr. Oz was replacing Oprah in some markets....USA TODAY

To answer literally, one of her protégés, Dr. Oz, will inherit her time slots, mostly at 4 p.m., on the majority of the TV stations that carry her show. Other stations will expand their local newscasts or air other talk shows to fill the slots.

Luke and Lucky were as powerful as ever....Luke in Shadybrook...eesh. Loved the Luke/Tracy talk... wish I knew he wasn't leaving rehab. Jane Elliot is just perfection!! :twirl:

Loved the cute Maxie/Krissy stuff.... Krissy ended up looking like an 18 year older...with a ton of make-up on! LOL. And Sonny met Brenda at that age and he was WAY older than her.

Lucky confessing to the realization he had to go to rehab himself. 

Luke pulls out a wad of bills at the last scene and says to the doctor "Buy you a drink"?!! 

Ah, that's our Luke!!

Robin Strasser Dishes on "The View" Orders!!


This is just too delicious not to share!! On Twitter, Strasser shares that the cast/crew of OLTL were told "not to speak to the ladies of the view" due to problems they had when All My Children were in the building!! This is after One Life moved studios to where AMC filmed (next to The View) 

She tweets:

"DON'T speak to the women or their guests-there were 'problems' when AMC was here, which we wish to avert". Didn't stop Joy Behar-what does?
 JOY BEHAR passed me in narrow hallway, and side slapped me on the HIP. JOY 4 me- as a fellow New Yorker-that SPOKE VOLUMES. story we share:
"I'm gonna be doin' this show Barbara Walters is puttin' together" Joy Behar 2 me (OLTL green room 2 weeks b-4 Ms Walters changed TV-again!
Follow Robin on Twitter @robinstrasser

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Interesting Tuesday Tid-Bits

 @IngoRademacher: Sorry @ehikurademacher. I stole ur bitchen F150. Mercedes f150 :-). 2work with @lldubs 
Ingo also has his exit interview up on Soaps in Depth.  
For the immediate future, Rademacher is looking forward to living a laid-back life in Hawaii. "I'm definitely burnt out on the soap thing," he confesses. "We're probably going to be full-time in Hawaii in the middle of June. We're taking it easy."

Today was Tyler Christopher's  (Nikolas)  last day: 
Tyler2929: Thank you all for an incredible 12 years. Been a lot of fun. God bless you all. #GH

Read Genie Francis in the New York Post.  Excerpt:
About recent whispers that “General Hospital” may also get canceled, Francis says, “It does make you worry because there were rumors about ‘All My Children’ and then, like, six weeks later it was real,” she says. “So it makes you wonder.”  “It’s the end of an era, but I am very proud to have been a part of it,” she says, with a mixture of sadness and pride. “Everything comes to an end — that’s just the way it is, you know?”

CASEY ANTHONY?????? WHAT in the HELL? I about DIED! Swimming pool--and her father MADE her cover it up!!? WTF. God, I guess creating "reasonable doubt" means saying anything and hoping it sticks. Hell he could have said "Aliens took her, we don't know that ISN'T TRUE"! LOL duh. WOW...what a trial. Nancy Grace is going to be dying about now.

Not watching GH today, sorry... please let me know what happens. I've been too negative lately.

Robin Strasser's Message about OLTL

I thought I'd share this tweet from Ms. Strasser because it's just so "her" and really eases the pain of losing OLTL a tiny bit. Robin will be leaving due to health reasons before the show goes off the air.  She has chronic back pain and is hopeful she'll get relief soon! 

I'm NOT dead YET. Still IN-Off to do what I LOVE to do, and savor these precious last moments at OLTL. Carpe Diem! A new and HOPE-full DAY! (@robinstrasser)

Also, on Soap Opera Network, there's a cute article about how OLTL is starting to refer to it's own demise in the scripts. It's SOOOOOO like them to do this!! Who saw the  old photo of Clint? I did! I'll never forget the episode where they showed the old Blair --and Kassie DP had the weirdest look on her face. I think it was Asa's funeral.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Post-Guza Glow

Greg Vaughn's son at the market...he tweeted this today, isn't that kid adorable!!? 

Well, it's a new week..the week after the Guza News.  Now comes the TIDALWAVE of "Who's leaving, who's staying..where's the show headed" speculations. Plus the Katie Couric thing just isn't going away either. I say the next 2-3 weeks are going to be much interesting for everyone involved. I'm wondering if JFP can hang on to EProducer -- hmmmmm. 

Happy Birthday to Kelly Monaco!!! 

OLTL started out so good!! I LOVE this show...it's obvious that something is up with the Old Face Todd-- they keep saying he should know John McBain but he wasn't around then. ERGO, there has to be a twist coming. EEEEEE!!! Love the twists. Matt's got a headache! Uh oh.... I hate Nate lately. Stupid kid. Matt's down!! And New Face Todd pulls a gun on Ted King!
GH: Mac was on! IS it the Rapture?? Lisa's arrested but we know she's on for awhile more. *sigh*
Michael breaking into AZ's apt...LOL. what an idiot. WHY wouldn't JOHNNY have GUARDS? duh... duh..duh
CarJax look lovely in their matching lilac ensembles today!  At least they remembered Carly was giving Morgan to Jax. Although hell, he's probably off making marcaroni necklaces for all we know.
I think I should do a timeline of Jason/Sonny talking about protecting their loved ones/fiances/wives/kids. But it would take like 40 years to complete. 
HELL..they actually had a CSI flashback with Scrubs finding out Lisa's intent. 
KUDOS to Brandon Barash TODAY!! xxo nice. 

I did see Bob the Badger today in Sonny's office!! yeah!! 

CASTING CALL: GH is looking for a mid-30's Italian-American girlie... fashionista with Brooklyn Roots. WTF? Either recast Kate, or a NuLois...or recast Brenda? Can't be Brenda with Brooklyn background. This is so stupid--we don't NEED ANYMORE NEWBIES!! 
I have no clue and I don't care.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Raven's Scoops/Rumors #GH Style

First of all, I want to say a former writer from Y&R just told me that we may not see changes in the writing for a COUPLE of months for GH. Breakdowns are 8-12 weeks out. So, there's that.

Some of you know Raven, some of you don't. She's been around forever and usually predicts who's coming and going quite well. It was she that had Becky's news before anyone. Also insisted that Guza was gone. Now, she's hinting heavily that Julie Marie Berman will fly the coop (of her own design).  I hadn't heard this--but as far as cast changes goes, I know that Maurice hasn't signed yet (this has been dragging on quite awhile)-- and I do think that a few of the vets I thought might leave may get a reprieve because of new HW. Point is... it's a time of flux-- BIG FLUX. Will EP Jill Farren Phelps survive all this?? What about that Couric mess going on? It's gonna be a long, strange summer, Wubbers!!

Hit the link to read ALL of Raven's scoops--they do include OLTL as well. ( I didn't even PEEK at those!! I'm so good!!)

Sunday Surgery: New Chief Of Staff....

Ok, not sure if "Head Writer" is "Chief of Staff" or "Medical Transcripts" but hey, sue me. LOL. We have another month at least of the Guza-sheeze to get through people. We can only hope viewers won't continue to leave in droves..and some come back. It's been a LONG strange spring, that's for dang sure. May Sweeps put some nails in the coffin. Ok, put LOTS o' nails in the coffin. That's because we aren't stupid---it's the WRITING!! 

Now that Tyler is gone, and Ingo out the door, who's next?? Don't think people will be back because the budget still needs to be cut. It's always about  the money. ALWAYS. At least NLG said Leslie (Monica) was contacted. Here's hoping. Maybe they'll cull some of the 'also rans' and get back some of the core players.

I do want to say that I wonder if Guza knew all along he'd not be signing a new contract. It's the only way to explain this past year. From VM's botched return to the numbing May Sweeps we've been subjected to, it's the only explaination. With ratings in the basement, management has to be shaking in their boots. As Frons said GH was only as safe as it's ratings. Wish I could say the same for OLTL. I guess quality doesn't mean much in Hollywoodland. Even when they pull the ratings.

There are NO photos of Garin Wolf that I can find. None on wiki, none on facebook, google...nada-- interesting. I hope he's REAL and not some pen name!! LOL..wouldn't that be hysterical?? I know, I know, the actors have met him so he's real. I picture him looking like "Castle"-- what the heck. Might as well make him attractive. 

 The changes will come in about a month. Hopefully it's soon enough. Will people be back? So many were looking forward to Vanessa's return. So many wanted Genie back (who's on Y&R now). So many see the other soaps canceled, they figure why bother?? I know a lot of the Wub readers have gone. I'm sure many will be looking at the comments to see if the show is watchable again.

I guess the Rapture didn't happen-- we are all still here. OUR Rapture came when Guza left last week, eh??  Wonder where that Rev.  Camper is hanging out with his millions right now. He's so going to Hell, btw.

Scene of the week: SO hard to find on on GH that I liked but I'm going to say Cam opening that door!! We all KNEW it!! I LOVE Cam--and I hope they feature him a lot in the future!!

Watch OLTL, it's getting so good, I literally can't miss it. I haven't said that about a soap in YEARS. Yes, I'm spoiler free, which may help but even when I find out what's happening, I can't wait to see how it's written!!! Maybe Ron C (their head writer) can find his way to my GH. I'd be so happy!!

I'll try to find some scoops to put up on the site later. They are so boring, it's hard. LOL. Go take a gander and see who won the May Couple's Poll (Week 4)...by only 17 votes. The runner's up are on the poll this week. I think you'll find the choices fun.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Nancy Lee Grahn Speaks About "New Day" for GH

Nancy Lee Grahn is hopeful that the new head writer will restore GH. Here are some of her tweets tonight:

*Look Leslie was called $ day availability. The GH audience has been heard. Give us a chance. 4 those that left, come back. U have been heard!

*You've no idea how much faith I've in this new shift at GH. Come aboard. We've aborted North Atlantic, gotten off titanic & aboard Love Boat

*Brian is doing everything he can right now to make the GH fans happy. Let's give him credit for that
*knew about Ingo. he's my friend & I love him. It was old writer's decision. In time things can change. I'm so excited about 4 NEW GH. Hope!

*New Day --WORD

*Tyler is leaving on a plane.. he can soooo come back....have faith my GH friends.

Soooooooo, let's see what happens. I am going to try like hell to invest in the show again. You know if the writing is there, WE WILL COME!!! Good to hear Leslie (Monica) might be back!
Follow Nancy on twitter: @nancyleegrahn  

Jason Thompson's Interview with Terry Morrow!

 Jason is forever fun...here he is in Nancy Lee Grahn's dress from the SnB wedding!! 
Jason Thompson breathes some fresh air into the end of the week with his fun interview with Knoxville's Terry Morrow.

During the five years he's done "General Hospital," Thompson has endured a lot through Patrick. He said this current Lisa story is one of his favorites. "It's been nice to evolve these characters and see them come along. We have been able to explore their lives together and separately," he said.

Hit the link to get the whole interview. Love what he says about Katie Couric!! 

GENERAL Hosptial IN FIFTH place in RATINGS!!

Oh, woah. Well, gut the show before you go Guza.  Thank you SO MUCH...GH is now FIFTH in the ratings race. (out of SIX shows...)
This regime has driven GH into the ground. They messed with a once great show and left us with a shell of crap that's not even worth the watch. Now they let vets go (Tyler's taping his last show soon) AND bringing on people we don't care about. Vanessa is probably leaving when Ingo does. HOW  did that COMEBACK WORK OUT??!! SUCKED didn't it?? One year of F'up storylines that drove people away and NOW SHE'S probably leaving. 
At least Ingo was trending in the USA for awhile there on Twitter.
Part of me just wants to throw my hands up in the air. The other part just wants to drink. 

View ALL ratings from Soap Opera Network
TOTAL Viewers:
1. Y&R 4,630,000 (+87,000/-483,000)
2. B&B 2,790,000 (-33,000/-397,000)
3. OLTL 2,582,000 (+84,000/+166,000)
4. DAYS 2,489,000 (+250,000/+45,000)
5. GH 2,371,000 (-8,000/-327,000)
6. AMC 2,299,000 (-36,000/-201,000)

Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 882,000 (-54,000/-314,000)
2. DAYS 689,000 (+38,000/+64,000)
3. OLTL 656,000 (+57,000/-68,000)
4. GH 642,000 (-19,000/-282,000) <---- new low *
5. B&B 499,000 (-35,000/-189,000) <---- new low **
6. AMC 496,000 (+13,000/-155,000)

Laura Wright (@lldubs)  Tweeted: I am so sad about the news of Ingo leaving- I hate this and i think it is a huge mistake- I am a big fan of Jax and Carly. 

TODAY'S SHOWS: Baby died on AMC. *sigh*

Line of the week.   "Just got knocked out by your wife...who thinks she's a dude...who thinks you are gay "  Cutter on #OLTL ahahaha
Clint purged his soul on TV!!  
Jess went from Wes to Tess! 

GENERAL Hospital: Ugh, I hate to even write about this mess.  Alec is already 'calling for Carly'. Brenda's becoming a moot point. Today's dialog with Sonny was just painful. It obvious they are going to write Brenda out.
Robin in the basement. Lisa being a sneering bitch. 
The Carly and Jax thing is so stupid, especially the Shawn factor. I so did not need to see Carly and Shawn today.
Alexis and Sam-- I am laughing that the writers want us to believe that Jason isn't dangerous or something. I get Jake got hit by a car, but one only has to look at Michael to know the mobular life.
Kristina just keeps sitting at Kelly's-- people just plop down opposite of her. zzzzzzz She's been there since MONDAY. At least her pie is gone. LOL --OMG, then it was BACK! after Alexis came in, the PIE WAS BACK. Oh, love those kind of mistakes. 
Brenda was nice to Carly. oh woo.
The Big cliffhanger with Robin was today and they showed her for about 4 minutes if that. Glad Robin woke up though... hope she kills Lisa.
Wow, today was just HORRIFICALLY boring.

Read GHH's quotes from writers about Garin Wolf's takeover at GH. WOW, they don't like him ONE BIT! Nelson Branco says that Wolf is darker in the storyline department than Guza was!!

Ingo Rademacher FIRED from General Hospital

Ingo joined GH in 1995 as Jasper Jacks, the playboy corporate raider. Unfortunatel,y his character has become little more than fodder for Carly's custodial rights fights lately. There has been speculation of this  for months now, and here it is. Read his statement on Soaps in Depth.  

Ingo was gracious enough to give me one of my first interviews when I was just starting out for Gedstern and I'll be forever grateful for that. I wish him luck in the future.

The news just keeps getting BETTER AND BETTER, doesn't it? :sobs: I'm not happy about this at all.

Couric Coming Fall of 2012?

Rumors have been out there, we know that. However, several people on Twitter reported that today they heard on their local affiliates that her talk show was coming FALL 2012. Then, this appeared in the Wall Street Journal. They say the 3-5 timeslot--however Dr. Oz tweeted he had the 4pm slot.

Have any of YOU heard anything from your local stations?? Give them a ring or email and see what they say. Hopefully this won't affect GH-- hopefully.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY To Constance Towers!!

Happy day to Connie!! She's returning to General Hospital next month just to give us some delicious closure on the Aidan switch. Can't wait. Over the years, Connie has loved interacting with the fans and her "Hell's Belles" fanclub members. Always the Old-School Hollywood Star, she's been gracious and and great to everyone that meets her. 

The Naked Kiss

Connie was born in Whitefish, Montana. She collects pig figurines that people have sent her over the years!! She took over the role of Helena Cassadine in 1997 when headwriter Robert Guza, Jr. started to expand the Cassadine empire. Connie made Helena her own by improvising a lot of her mannerisms and dialog. She and Tony Geary have one of the most fun "frienemy" relationship on Daytime TV.

She has been honored for her work on stage on many occasions. Connie is a recipient of the New York Critic's Outer Circle Award for Excellence in Theater, the American Academy of the Dramatic Arts Achievement Award, and the Best Musical Actress of 1974-- Award by the New Jersey Drama Critics Association. In 2002, she was honored by the dePaul Universtity of Performing Arts. 
Shock Corridor

See some of her great movies including "Shock Corridor" and "The Naked Kiss" both out on DVD and Blue-ray.   CT's  most recent memorable movie role was as Gweneth Paltrow's mother in "A Perfect Murder". 

For more information, go to her fanpage Constance Towers that I run on Angelfire. Credits, photos and fun Helena stuff!
Elegance, Grace and Deadly Charm!! 

Drop Connie a line at the Studio! She reads ALL her fanmail and usually answers with a handwritten note of her own.... 
Constance Towers
c/o General Hospital @ABC TV
4151 Prospect Ave
Hollywood CA 90027

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday and Soapy Filled Best and Mess

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Marty..and Wes!! LOL... "Is this kid mine" says Wes? OMG. Love the Matthew story, even though I hated the Michael one..which is weird. Dani was screetching like a banshee and Destiny can't keep her mouth shut! 
I want Clint to be like Hugh Hef and wear them PJammies all the time!!
So, Nate's all mad running around because he went to jail and Matty kept quiet. Matt's head hits the table and ...thud. Wahhhhh. Next week is going to be painful. 

That reporter is played by Carolina Bermudez she's a radio DJ on Z100. I had to ask! 

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  Oh, lord. Lisa trying to tell Krissy the pills are her fault. Johnny sticking up for Lisa. Screaming Carly/Jason/Luke on the docks. zzzzzzzzzz Scrubs talked about the hot tub for DAYS. 
Why did Jason just stand there and take that from Luke, why didn't he walk away? WHY was Carly there?? 
Could Carly BE in any more scenes? NO!
Johnny warning Patrick was interesting. 
Lisa still has a key to Scrubs? WHAT?! 

YEAH!! JOLIVIA was on!! That was random and so needed!! wow.... thank you.

Lisa with the wrench in the basement.
I WAS so HAPPY to see JOlivia!! I love them!!

Questions/Speculation Swirl Around Guza's Leaving GH

You all know just where I stand with the writing under Guza. I think the show has been gutted since 2002-- and all under his watch.
First and foremost, his contract was up. That means they didn't want to pay to pick him up again. That fuels speculation that GH's days are numbered. Save money at the end. AMC had it happen as well.
May sweeps have been dismil. I can't even believe they let this languish. Why? Wouldn't Guza want to go out on a high note?? It's almost as if he knew before the end it was finished and just got lazy. I've have been saying that for MONTHS now. Lazy, repetitive writing, coupled with shoddy editing and terrible continuity. Wolf has a HUGE job ahead. Even if GH is going to be cancelled, tying up loose ends will be a chore.
Is Vanessa Marcil Staying?? Will Franco come back? What about all the newbies hired? What about the stagnant growth of almost every character?? We've lost a lot on this show. Not to mention Genie Francis going to Y&R.

After the celebration of Guza's outster is over, we do have to start wondering where this is going. Tune in, write letters and hope  this show can turn around and deliver ratings.

My wishes (and I know you all have your own list!!)

1. more than 2-3 people in a scene
2. Core characters get equal airtime
3. MOVEMENT on canvas
4. INTEGRATION of characters
5. Less Mob More Hospital
6. Honoring History
7. Interesting stories I want to watch
8. Humor.

That's about it...you?? What do you want?? Will you tune back in? BTW, I would think that the real changes will be noticed in maybe a month?? I'm sure they've known this for a bit. What's already in the works?? Hmmm, at least we have something to think about now!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

GUZA is OUT as Headwriter of GH and Garin Wolf is IN!!

Both Soaps In Depth and Soap Opera Source are saying that headwriter Robert Guza Jr. is leaving GH after many, many moons at the show and writer Garin Wolf is in. Wolf has been on staff at GH for 15 years now and also wrote for Night Shift. While part of me is dancing in the aisles, another part is wondering what's next. Remember: All My Children got similar news of a headwriter change before getting the cancellation notice. I have been hoping for a writing change for so long now, I so hope GH can be turned around. NOW there's at least a chance!!

Script Writer: April 8, 2008 - present

Associate Head Writer: 1997 - January 3, 2008, March 17, 2008–present

Breakdown Writer: 1997–present

Head Writer: January 4, 2008 - March 14, 2008

Script Editor January 4, 2008 - March 14, 2008

General Hospital: Night Shift Script Writer July 12, 2007 - October 4, 2007

By the way, both Laura Wright and Nancy Lee Grahn seem really happy at this news!!

In other news, Robin Strasser (Dorian, OLTL) tweeted she is leaving the show before it's cancelled due to 'health issues'. Interesting, because she's been very vocal about it's being taken off air---unlike a lot of actors on the show. Hmmmm.

WELL-- NEW Recurring ROLES on GH!!

Get over to Soap Opera Network and take a gander at the three NEWBIES coming to GH on a recurring basis. One is even a female POWER ATTORNEY! Geesh, guess they put ol' Claire in that closet. Whatever. How long before Sonny sleeps with "Grace"?? These people look pretty but--- eh. Unless they hire new writers, I don't care. GH is so heavy with characters now they can't even use them all. I guess Terrell is another one that came/went.
By the way, one is named "Asher". Kill me now.

On the same site, you can see Brian Frons chuckling at the Soap Rally peeps. NOT COOL!

Today is Mighty Soapy HUMP Day!

Daytime Confidential is reporting that Brian Frons laughed at Soap fans at the rally yesterday during the UpFront meeting for ABC. He's a dick.

There are a lot of articles out there about the rally, most are positive, but a few still don't 'get it'. Oh well. We know we're a strong bunch-- we know we can take it.  I just wish the sites would have reported more accurately about the numbers and the people that showed up. 

Nelson Branco of Canada's TV Guide has a great interview with Susan Lucci. She doesn't hold back when it comes to Pratt destroying the show!

One Life to Live was WILD!! Marty killed her doctor!! Porn guy was a riot...heh. Natalie cried so convincingly wow---seriously!
Jessica punched out Cutter. LOL...Wes has a mean swing. Clint in his spiffy jammies. heh
The Porn Guy on the bed going for the million dollar reward. It made me so scream!! 
What's coming up looks so good I wanna squee!!
THIS SHOW IS just SO DAMN wonderful, I honestly look forward to it every dang day. *sigh* 

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Cute Scrubs scene about the hot tub!! 
Olivia and Dante were on. I guess Lulu don't do laundry!! 
AZ wears bowler shirts. Just like Charlie Sheen. Hmmmmmmmm. Mistake? I think not! He was so doing his mad dog thing from Hill Street Blues!  
Carly and Luke. At least she visits him now, right? Geary needs a touch of sun. I'm telling you.  Just a touch. I hope he takes vitamin D. That intervention was great but all this stuff afterwards? It's making it pointless. I wish they would have done it closer to TG leaving for vacation.
Steve and Olivia were on. Wish I liked them as much as I did Jolivia. They are just not on enough. I am also not a fan of 'singing' on soaps like that...eesh. Just not my thing. 
Ethan tells clueless Krissy that the pills are hydrocodone. Whoops. People addicted to it on GH: Alan, Emily...Lucky, Brenda... now Kristina. Wasn't Courtney addicted? 
Carly mentions Drugging Jax and putting him in a laundry basket. Which she did to AJ with vodka in a shopping cart.
HOW is any of this sweeps worthy?

Tyler Christopher Attends Native American Event

 Photo credit: Teresa Lee

Christopher was  at the Mid-American All Indian Center in Wichita this weekend to sign autographs and see his mother. Tyler is a member of the Choctaw-Seneca Tribe. In a article with McPherson-Sentinel, he said the following about leaving GH and going to "The Lying Game" in the fall:

   “Our budget has been cut so much over the years and the people that have been there a long time have had their salaries bumped and they are the first to go unfortunately...Some people are going to feel the wrath unfortunately,” said Christopher.
    General Hospital isn’t the only soap opera suffering. Just recently “One Life to Live” and “All my Children” were cancelled after decades on the air.
    “It’s not a good sign,” said Christopher.
    Despite leaving his steady role, Christopher is thrilled about moving on and his new role.
    “I’m anxious to see how they are going to use me. It’s a good role. I’m playing a Native American, that seems to be my thing and that’s cool,” said Christopher.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Soap Fans Rally To Make Impact at ABC UpFront Meeting

Braving the elements, a crowd gathered across from Avery Hall at Lincoln Center today to protest the cancellation of their beloved soaps. Carrying posters and bullhorns, they were joined by Disney Union workers and soap stars Ilene Kirsten and Colleen Zenk, who took the red-eye from LA just to attend.  The NYPD stood by to make sure everyone behaved (which of course they did!!) and gamely posed for photos. 

Wendy Williams sent a rep to get the story. CBS News was there doing interviews with fans and actors. Soap sites like "We Love Soaps" and "Soap Opera Network" showed up. Soapgeist Mimi Torchin gave interviews. The singer Allura was there to sing an original song as well! 

I just want to say that I am so proud of all those people that attended, really wished I could be there and give you all kudos. We HAVE HEART people!!
Special thanks to Xanderdash for all his photos!!

RALLY DAY!! Soap Fans are AWESOME@!!

Xanderdash (twubber) is at Lincoln Center and took some great photos! First of all, Colleen Zenk of ATWT took the Red-eye to NYC to participate!! The UPFRONTS for ABC (ad meetings)  start at 4pm and go until 6!!



Colleen Z from ATWT !!

Ilene Kristen ARRIVES!!

Today's shows: AMC...saw a bit, that Faux Erica is a crazy one. You can tell Lucci loves playing her!
OLTL was funny with all the naked-Fords and Cutter running around. 

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  Blah blah. Nagging Brenda and Carly.. good Gravy. Then Siobhan is at Kellys and I swear I couldn't understand a word!! This Brenda Sonny angst is going to get on my last nerve. 
How many times have Carly/Jax done this divorce dance?? A million?? Billion?? 
Carly got more airtime than Brender did with Alec! ahahhahaaa
Only thing I liked today was Lucky and Liz. 
Today Sonny was with Carly, who was mama-ing Alec-- and Brenda was with Jax!!! WAY TO GO GH!! WAY TO. GO-GO!!

NEW Scoops UP! Also, Details on NYC RALLY!

Lincoln Center today: 2-6pm BE THERE!! (if you live in NYC!) 
Protesters will be between 63 - 64 St across Lincoln Center entrance on east side. Wear RED!! SMILE!! Tweet me!! Let us know you're there!! 

NEW SCOOPS are up. The only thing REMOTELY interesting is that Lulu might redecorate the Haunted Star!! LOL...they are less than stellar. The summer breakdowns look so dang boring, I'm not even talking about them yet because I can't believe that's all there is!! 

OH! I thought of this: How about Lulu hires Big Alice to bounce/hostess at the Starr, Johnny can play piano, Mercedes can cocktail and Conan can bartend!!! 

LULU style clothes.

Monday, May 16, 2011

James Franco Graduates from NYU TISCH!

Totally swiped from some chick's facebook page... !!

James Franco graduates from NYU Tisch today-- he looks so cute in that gown. 
Guess he had honors. 
Alberta is just so proud!!

Monday Afternoon Soapy Memos!

Even MORE good stuff to talk about this afternoon! 
There's a Facebook Page set up for the Rally tomorrow in NYC if you want info. People are WEARING RED for the event. 

Today's Humor: The Facebook page for THE CHEW has 133 likes. The BOYCOTT THE CHEW page has 1200...!! GET In there and "Like" that Boycott Page!! How funny is that!!? 

Today is Scott Reeves Bday-- Dr. Steven Lars Webber. Son of Heather and Jeff, not that you'd ever know that. I wish they'd call him Steven Lars too. They ALWAYS called him that. Audrey's the only one that would remember. *sigh*

Watching AMC because Dixie's due back, I hope more than a ghost. I am wondering of that Eric Doppleganger is someone who loved Jackson long ago...who would that be?? 

OLTL: Final airdate is January 20th according to SID. Happy Holidays. It was so fun today!! Marty was a riot.  Her talking to the baby.
I was really mad that Natalie can't remember anything.  Dang.
I love how Destiny was giving Matt the cold shoulder-- usually it's the guy that does that!!  OMG, Shawn overheard Matty say he had sex with Destiny!! eeeeeeeeee! She fixed it though!! 

GH: Fell asleep again.  I know that Alec came back to Brenda... and I saw Lulu and Dante and Alexis and Sam and the Jax.
I did hear Carly yelling at the hospital. Good Lord. Carly Carly CARLY!! She's on EVERY second! LOL 
This can't be sweeps. OH SAVE us!!

Monday Morning Memos!!

There is a new rumor up on Wubs Net about Lisa, hostages and Nikolas. Take a sneak peek! Not 100% sure if this is correct, but it sounds legit. Also seems like when Connie Towers is taping, Tyler will still be on set. I am wondering if Nikolas does die, she just tells the truth about Aidan because she wants Liz to have the 'brat' back if her own grandson is gone. (Speculation on my part). 
You can also VOTE on the next May Wub Couple-- See who won last week!  

GET THIS poster HERE to take with you!! (OLTL version available also)

There's a RALLY in NYC at Lincoln Center tomorrow..please think about going!! If I was there, I'd buy you all popcorn. I wish it were closer. The event is set for 2-6pm --details are here: CRAIG'S LIST  . The people that bring the MOST fans can win a cash prize!!! How fun is that!?? We hear Union people may show up and possibly some OLTL actors. GO if you can and tweet me!! @wubsnet 

 Kirsten tweeted this fun photo of she and Kelly Monaco this weekend!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hells A Poppin! Send Connie Towers a BDAY WISH!

That's right, Connie will be back taping on the set of GH soon, just in time for her to get birthday wishes at the studio!! Her birthday is May 20th, so let's get her some greetings! 

Constance Towers
c/o General Hospital @ ABC TV
4151 Prospect Ave
Hollywood, CA 90027

It looks like she's there to do the Aidan reveal or at least be in the mix-- I can't wait!!!! Her movie with John Wayne, The Horse Soldiers is now available on Blu-Ray!

GH: Monday YET Tuesday

  I'm watching Monday's GH before work and my husband is like WHATTTTTTTTTTT we will FIX THAT ANTENNA!! LOL (we can get CBS, PBS, FO...