Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday: Day after a Repeat/Rinse Day!

You ready to Rumble?? For those not watching Casey Anthony..uh..WHY NOT? I can't believe what I'm hearing half the time. There are more made up people than in Second Life.
It's finally HOT HERE!!

I have a few new tidbits up on the Site, but nothing stellar.  The writing is in such flux--it's terrible to get scoops sorted out. I don't know if scoops going to happen or not. 

OLTL was ok, I only watched it a bit. Shane wanting to join a gym. Clint flatlined... and Matthew. Wow...AND IT'S A TUESDAY. Mulitple ciffhangers--Tess/ the house and this. EEShh. :thud: 

I saw GH today for the first time on this giant TV in HD. :thud: 
HELP ME!!!!!!! Help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 
Sonny's stubble was GIANT! wow.... and changed all day...edit. LOL
Michael has to be the stupidest boy on the planet. good lord. This whole Zaccarah/Corinthos merger (AZ/Jason) was done before with Claudia. MOVE ON.

I so love Anthony, because without him, GH would be so dull. 
Lisa and Patrick in Shadybrook, I mean, why wouldn't there be a therapist in there too? I mean, isn't she going to be on trial?? weird.  

Did you like who won the last WUBS poll? Should I do another one sometime? What do you think!!?


  1. I'm sorry but did Micheal tell Abby that his parole is almost over....wth did I blink and 5 years past already?


  2. Yeah Robin and Stone! I'm pretty happy with all WUB poll winners. I missed my Liz and Lucky, but they were up against some major competition.

    Can't wait for more polls. Favorite storyline of all time? Favorite Character/villain/kid...so many possibilities!!

  3. I enjoyed the polls, but was so disapponted in the hateful comments people made. Geesh. Most of them were Jasam vs Liason and they were UGLY. I say if you can find a site that allows a poll without comments, that would be best.

  4. I loved the polls and agree with Andrea about Liz & Lucky ; )

    Would love a villan or storyline, either is a great idea.

    Michael & Abby.. is anyone really still watching them? Kind of on the same page as Lucky & Red.

  5. Mrs. B-- I should try to find out that doesn't have comments --it's hard to find the size to fit on the size of the website like that.

  6. Yeah Karen do another WUB poll! I love those! :) Man Papa Z don't mess around!! See Sonny that is how a REAL hitman does it! :) You just lost your way Sonny.

  7. Karen, I loved the polls! Lots of fun. I would love one on favorite wedding dresses worn on GH, or favorite engagement moments.

  8. Karen my father in law has a big tv and you can almost see up Sonny's nostrils lol

  9. 2 years of parole...

  10. What a waste, I was so excited when VM came back. TPTB butchered her storyline. It's like they did it on purpose. And to see Genie F. on Y &R, breaks my heart.

  11. Love Robin & Stone... one of my all time fav couples. Also one of the best story lines ever. Sadly, GH has been downhill ever since.

    Love the polls, Karen, keep them coming!

    The dress Kristina had on today? I'm old enough to be her mother, and my father would STILL react the same way Sonny did! Although I do remember being 18, crazy about the wrong guy, and thinking love would conquer all!

  12. Aubrey said

    Although I do remember being 18, crazy about the wrong guy, and thinking love would conquer all!
    I remember being 17/18 and being with the wrong guy. Yeah love doesn't conquer all when you are with the wrong guy.

  13. Aubrey: At out catholic church I see girls wearing dresses shorter than kristina's every sunday. It;s disgusting. It's up tot he parents to demand respect IMO. We tell our daughter that at church she will dresss respectful. Yes there are times she wears her friends clothes, we aren't stupid. But she at least knows our values teach you don't need to show all that skin to get someone's attention. Parents today are too concerned with being friends with their kids, and frankly they are doing them no favors.

    Karen I love the polls. Wish it only let people vote once, however. Would be fun to vote on favorite scene and have u tube links to each. I could sit all afternoon swooning over old clips!

  14. Ethan might turn out to be the right guy. Just sayin'.

    I would love to have a poll on the best wedding or best wedding dress - it's almost June, after all! The polls are fun.

  15. Karen

    How about "Favorite Mobster"? Lord knows you would have hundreds to choose from!

    ha ha ha

  16. Kristina in that dress? Baby hooker 2.0? Not a good look.

    I hope they go the way of Nem with Ethina. Let her crush on him for a while, but don't go there until she's actually ready for a mature relationship.

  17. Rhonda, you are so right about parents wanting to be their kids friends. My daughter is still very young so nothing I've had to deal with (yet), but my own mother is my best friend now because she was a parent when she needed to be during those difficult years. I wish more parents thought like you!

  18. Best wedding dress poll or pics! Love that!

  19. How about a poll for best couple that should of been but never was, ie.,
    Edward and Helena
    Bobbie and Mac
    Nicholas and Sam
    Jax and Liz
    Skye and Johnny
    Milo and Maxie
    Liz and Johnny
    Lucy and Mac
    Matt and Lucas
    Kevin and Lois

  20. @Frisco I like your poll suggestion but remember Nik and Sam are cousins. It's easy to forget since the writting staff at GH seems to have forgotten this also. ATTENTION GH REMEMBER SAM IS A CASSEDINE ALSO!!!


  21. OK, I was MAJORLY depressed after yesterday's show, the horrible fight between S & B. Also, he looked really strange with that stubble, not a good look for him, he shouldn't cover up that beautiful face.

    I can't believe that I waited 12 years for Sonny & Brenda to get married, and they didn't even get 2 minutes of happiness. I also can't believe how depressed I am over this, I really don't know what to do with myself . . .

  22. How about 'Favorite Chest'

  23. Thank God I have DVR I ff right thru Michael crying to Jason about saving Abby! Michael wants to run away with Abby to save her,I say see ya! BOOORRRING!!! I love the polls. I voted and agreed with every winner!! Keep em coming!

  24. The main reasaon that Kristina looks so ridiculous is that she is wearing a really dressy outfit for just walking around. And where is Alexis? She can look a little older in a more casual outfit. Michael is such an idiot - even Abby looks at him like she thinks so at times.

  25. Antjoan, you sound like me after Liason's short stint! You know the one where they never got flippin chance?

  26. Here, I do not actually think this is likely to have success.

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