Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday and Soapy Filled Best and Mess

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Marty..and Wes!! LOL... "Is this kid mine" says Wes? OMG. Love the Matthew story, even though I hated the Michael one..which is weird. Dani was screetching like a banshee and Destiny can't keep her mouth shut! 
I want Clint to be like Hugh Hef and wear them PJammies all the time!!
So, Nate's all mad running around because he went to jail and Matty kept quiet. Matt's head hits the table and ...thud. Wahhhhh. Next week is going to be painful. 

That reporter is played by Carolina Bermudez she's a radio DJ on Z100. I had to ask! 

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  Oh, lord. Lisa trying to tell Krissy the pills are her fault. Johnny sticking up for Lisa. Screaming Carly/Jason/Luke on the docks. zzzzzzzzzz Scrubs talked about the hot tub for DAYS. 
Why did Jason just stand there and take that from Luke, why didn't he walk away? WHY was Carly there?? 
Could Carly BE in any more scenes? NO!
Johnny warning Patrick was interesting. 
Lisa still has a key to Scrubs? WHAT?! 

YEAH!! JOLIVIA was on!! That was random and so needed!! wow.... thank you.

Lisa with the wrench in the basement.
I WAS so HAPPY to see JOlivia!! I love them!!


  1. Jason, Luke, and Carly: Woah I was engrossed in the Jason and Luke scene!! And when Luke punched him, I gasped and covered my mouth with my hand! But of course Carly had to stick up for her BFF! Which wasn't needed here!! Jason should have told Carly to leave. Great Jason and Luke scene!

    Lisa: See Lisa? You didn't need Krissy to go into the Drake's home!!!!

    Robin and Patrick: Cute scene!!!! Love it! Come on Patrick call the credit card company! ROFL!

    Luke and Ethan: Luke talking about Krissy's age! ROFL! Umm Luke? Laura was 17!!!! ROFL!

  2. that was Carolina Bermudez!! I haven't listened to Z100 in about 6 or 7 years, but I remember her. Sorry, I always get really excited when a radio personality i know ends up on tv...i think it was Die Hard 3 that had Elvis Duran from the Z Morning Zoo, which was my favorite morning radio show when i was in high school and college (now when i'm up early, i like to listen to Scott and Todd on PLJ).

  3. i HATE Jolivia because it feels more like a mother with her son. But i was glad to hear Johnny admit he does not love Lisa and it was about Claudia.

  4. I do LOVE Jolivia, bring them back!!!

  5. A part of me was happy to see Luke tell off Jason because I have found Jason and Carly to blame everyone else for her children's problems but themselves. They both made choices that have destroyed the 'corinthos children's lives'. They may sometimes admit that to themselves about this but with others they are selfish. Everyone else is wrong and they are always right. I am sick of them being written this way. In the end, after jason had asked Liz to marry him and she accepted his proposal, michael was shot. Liz and Jason had a heart/ gut wrenching scene where she begged him to leave the mob and turn his life around and choose her and Jake. He said the choice was made. he had chosen Sonny and the mob . He wouldn't even try. On some level, he didn't defend himself against Luke's accusations because he knows he made a foolish choice to stay in the mob long ago. He made a choice to be around Sonny/Carly's children more than his own child. Jason will always chose Carly/Sonny and michael even though he is with Sam. I am sorry jake is dead but I really don't have huge sympathy for jason.

  6. I LOVE Johnny & Lulu BRING THEM BACK!
    Maybe now that DW is HW of GH he will do a Jolu reunion since he IS the one who wrote for them during the writers' strike.

  7. Nate is really kind of creepy isnt he?

  8. Days of our lives also hired new writers per online news..

  9. omg I so love Jolivia! IMO, their relationship never looked cougarish.

  10. It's really sad that you're so biased against GH these days that nothing they do can live up to your expectations for them. When you (rarely) compliment them, it's a single sentence, rather distaff "hmmph, enjoyed _____" throwaway line... while a single moment on OLTL will earn an entire paragraph (or in the case of Porn Guy the other day, you compliment him on the same scene SEPARATELY -- and TWICE in the same review!).

    Speaking of OLTL, you're equally biased that "they can do no wrong." Old Todd's been back for a week now, and has only said ONE LINE without any scenes with any regulars. Yet when Brenda came back, in her first week all you could do was condemn them that they were devoting all that time and dialogue to her without getting her back to P.C.

    Likewise, now Matthew has this medical drama coming out of nowhere and you're loving it. While on GH, they do the Jake/Josslyn and you rage against it. Josslyn's medical turn may have been sudden, but at least they spent a few days leading into it with her not being well. If they just up and had her unwell one day, and in the hospital the next you'd be even more incensed -- but with OLTL it's "brilliant."

    And while you loved the Wes moment at the bar, I can't help but think if it was written the same way for GH and one of their actresses would've been playing it, you'd have probably said "I can't believe they're wasting time with this. Have her lift up her shirt, THAT'LL prove she's not a guy!"

    I'm nostalgic about the days of GH past as well. I've been watching since I was a kid, when Luke first met Holly. But those days are in the past. You can't continue to compare the show to that or NOTHING will ever measure up. Hopefully your bias will ease up in time because there is some good stuff on GH. Take it for what it is, and not what it was. The past is the past for a reason.

  11. I kinda wish someone would put together a youtube clip package of every single time Carly said "Jason is my best friend".

    No wait. I think there is a 10 minute limit. This would only cover 1/4 of it.

    But seriously. how FUN would that clip be?

  12. Hey Grant Putnam - so we should just accept GH is mostly crap and not complain about it?

    I think the major difference between the Matthew story on OLTL and the Joss story is that the Joss story was an insulting, slapdash ripoff of a classic, beloved story from 18 years ago. The Matthew story isn't. Also, we've watched Matthew grow up in front of us, and his extended family is still more or less intact. To see where Jake's extended family went, take a look at Karen's column from this past Sunday.

    The Todd story is just starting, but it already feels better developed than Brenda's return. They've set up Tomas & his connection to original Todd for months, whereas the Brenda story seemed to be pulled out of Guza's hindquarters in between calls to Franco's agent. Now, the Todd story might still collapse into a heap of confusion, but the writers of OLTL have built up enough goodwill that I kind of trust them.

    All shows have highs and lows. I think OLTL is better than it was a few years ago, and the big news from yesterday is giving most GH diehards the hope that GH can improve, too. I think Karen is cautiously hopeful. If she had a "bias" against GH, I don't think she'd be hopeful at all, much less spend her free time writing a blog about it.

    It is OK to revisit the past when discussing the present. Soap operas lend themselves to this, because each day is based on the previous day. Remembering how much better things once was - that is only natural when things are bleak. No offense, Grant Putnam, but I think you must think that as well, or else why choose that name?

  13. Hey grant putnam, LOL :). I remember when you kidknapped Anna Devane/Lavery/Scorpio. I think that I just want Gh to have continuity, good storylines , and respect for it's vets. Sorry but the storylines have caused me to tune out. Boring.
    Adding new characters is fine if you give them a good storyline and they don't become props for the Sonny/Carly show.

  14. Have you seen the new ratings for GH? The new ratings are horrid! GH hit a new low in the key demographic. 18-49 new low 4th place. They are 5th in ratings compared to other soaps.
    This shows what viewers think of Guza's writing/storylines.
    Please give us better stories.

  15. Those bad ratings are deserved.

  16. People don't want the Sonny/Carly/jasam show.

  17. I hope they turn the show around immediately. Don't continue Guza's storylines for a month or 2 months. Change it. If he can make joss be well in a day, Garin can chaNge the storylines. STOP THE NONSENSE.

  18. Hey Grant Putnam, one more thing. Matthew's storyline is coming because he hit his head in yesterday's epi- there is an explanation for not only the event, but the suddenness of the event. Joss's illness came out of left field with no believable explanation. Again, crap writing vs. good writing.

  19. The ONLY interesting s/l on OLTL is Mathew's S/L. Other then that it SUCKS.GH is the only soap on ABC that should still be on the air.

  20. Can't help but agree with what Luke said to Jason. WONDERFUL. BRAVO. At least someone has the balls to say it.
    Jason DID leave Elizabeth shall we go back to when she begged him to be a family? Or the infamous courtroom scene? This was mostly Jason's decision. How do they make this better? They give hinm a baby with the woman who watched his "beloved" Jake get kidnapped and get theatened in the park. This is so twisted.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE my Jolivia! MMMMMiss them!

    NLG has looked Fab lately! Tan and rested. Where the hell is her BFF Diane? They haven;t had a scene togetehr in weeks, maybe months.

  21. By the way Grant Putnam this is and will always be Karen's blog to say what she wants when she wants.If you don't agree start your own blog.Like the Grant Putnam blog.

  22. Love Jolivia, but I have to admit Steven and Olivia were really sexy together, especially the kissing. They make a gorgeous, realistic couple. And somebody please lock up Carly in a room again for a few months - she is helping to kill this show.

  23. I too love Jolivia! Starting to hate Jason, sorry folks. They are really pushing it. He is definitely nothing like he used to be. Someone please shut carly the heck up. ANYONE. I think it would be nice to have some scenes with Liz & Jax or Liz & Carly. or even carly & Lucky. Carly seems to think only St Jason gave Jake's organs.

  24. Anonymous, if you don't like OLTL, then don't watch. I don't like GH, so I don't watch...


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