Friday, May 20, 2011

Nancy Lee Grahn Speaks About "New Day" for GH

Nancy Lee Grahn is hopeful that the new head writer will restore GH. Here are some of her tweets tonight:

*Look Leslie was called $ day availability. The GH audience has been heard. Give us a chance. 4 those that left, come back. U have been heard!

*You've no idea how much faith I've in this new shift at GH. Come aboard. We've aborted North Atlantic, gotten off titanic & aboard Love Boat

*Brian is doing everything he can right now to make the GH fans happy. Let's give him credit for that
*knew about Ingo. he's my friend & I love him. It was old writer's decision. In time things can change. I'm so excited about 4 NEW GH. Hope!

*New Day --WORD

*Tyler is leaving on a plane.. he can soooo come back....have faith my GH friends.

Soooooooo, let's see what happens. I am going to try like hell to invest in the show again. You know if the writing is there, WE WILL COME!!! Good to hear Leslie (Monica) might be back!
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  1. Sorry Nancy. I love you (even before you started emphasizing your "girls"), but the only thing that Brian could do to make this GH fan happy is to RESIGN.

    Plain and simple.

  2. The thing that breaks my heart here is my fear that her fate has already been decided and she doesn't know it. If I see her name come down the pike next I am going to be outraged.

    I am very hopeful for the new writer since he's done good work before and has been around long enough to have a grasp of the history of the characters, but I do wish there were more off camera changes going on at ABC daytime; starting with Frons.

  3. she was preaching as hard as the Rapture guy last night. I told her what it take to get a lot of folks back. Truthfully I felt she was just saying a lot of nothing. It was all words with no substance.She took on a thankless job trying to defend BF.

  4. Rademacher gave his statement to SID today. "It is with mixed emotions and regret that I write this note to you, my fans and colleagues. After 15 years on GH portraying Jax I must say goodbye. I'm fired. Yes, I know that's sounds bad but sometimes little birds need a shove out of the nest to find their wings... better late then never? I'm trying to find some humor in all this. Even though this was not my call, I think my GH days were almost up anyway. I would like to thank everyone at GH, the producers, directors, crew, my fellow actors and ABC/Disney for making my 15 years enjoyable and fun. It was always a great place for me to work and I will have fantastic memories. I would again like to thank my fans and especially my "Jax Angels" who have been there for me, supporting me in every way, from Day One. Thank you!"

  5. the only way to save GH is bring back the vets. tyler christopher and ingo rademacher for starters. get rid of newbies. and the show must center around the hospital.enough with mobster central.

  6. Love NLG's optimism. Wish they would bring more Diane & Alexis on.

    I myself can do without Tyler if Ingo can stay. That's just me though.

  7. DJ Rogue-you said it perfectly!!!

  8. Frons told Susan Lucci that AMC and look what happened? Plus, Jill Phelps (who is NLG's friend) is still producing GH. She's almost as bad as Guza. I'll believe it when I see it.

  9. Oh man...just figured out that cuz Frons doesn't think Eddie Alderson(Matthew Buchanan) is "hot enough" for daytime is killing off his character on "One Life to Live"....Clint has congestive heart failure and Matthew is bleeding from the brain after hitting his head from being puchec by Nate....figure the rest out folks...Frons is such a tool!!...

  10. It's sad to see the regulars leave. But, the show was dumb. I'm glad Y & R was smart enough to snap up Geni Francis. I stopped watching a few years ago because too much mob to little hospital. The only thing that would bring me back is to kill off Sonny and do a complete reverasal! Bring back the regulars I loved - although Kin Shriner has also been snapped up Y & R. And, gee Y & R is in number #1! I hope the writing isn't already on the wall and GH is going too. I am trying to help save AMC & OLTL. If not I'll go down fighting and boycott ABC for the forseeable future!

  11. Hats off to week 3 couple. Love F&F:

  12. NLG trying to make Frons out as a good guy is sick imo. She says that the same day it's posted that he laughed at the protesters? Bad call.

    I think the only way GH can be saved is if they say the past 10 years has been an alternate universe and start over.

  13. Carrie, lol, I have thought of that: Erase it all!

  14. What flavor of kool-aid is Nancy sipping? Jeez. We went through this exact thing with AMC. New writer. Stars coming out saying all is righ with the world. Then cancellation.

    The end of the world isn't inevitable but the end of this show is.


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