Monday, March 31, 2014

Gotta Fly Now..

Gonna Fly now..(Rocky) 
anyway, MANY meetings today so no show for me...PLEASE let me know in comments if I should watch the DVR. I usually do but in FF mode unless it's really good.

Have a great day. BYE to March--which means it had better not snow anymore.
Ha know it will around here anyway! 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Ze Truth Shall Set You Free

I'll just change ze no attention to me...
Oh I hate writing blogs on weeks like this!! Why? Well, you'll see. GH had more highs and lows than Kimye had photo shoots. 
Anyway... I'm going to attempt to unravel my feelings after the Big Baby Ben reveal and the NotLuke discovery.

Just black coffee today because I'm going to need it. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Daytime Confidential Reports: Triple Carly!

That's right..the rumors were true...both Tamara Braun AND Sarah Joy Brown will be making cameo appearances on GH this Tuesday for the 51st anniversary show.

READ ALL ABOUT IT: Daytime Confidential 

SO, who's your favorite Carly??? 

Friday, March 28, 2014


OMG  !! Here's DR. O with Big Ben on Jason's speed boat going away from Spoon Island! Thank you to Cheryl on Twitter. She's amazing. This is from My Jason rides the cheese video on You Tube!! 

Sonny and Olivia's fight was stupid but so what happens in real life!! I so like them together. 

Sam and Nik...yea they are talking!  Cassadines in the house!

Monica is on, telling Sonny to back the hell off.
Michael is in the chapel all angst ridden. Kiki's trying to help him. 

HOW HOW HOW can Dante be questioning Britt? And Lulu waltzes in. Sure, good TV but don't be having a damn convo with Anna and Nate about him not telling about Nina because of conflict of interest!! 

DR. OH has Baby Ben with LIZ! Who's running GH? Geesh..LOL and Cam AND Aiden are in school? How old is Aiden?I guess preschool.  Anyway, she has a gun on Liz and Nik comes over to apologize. Monday I think someone gets shot.

AJ said Sonny shot him to Carly. Carly's like "Sonny Who"? No..but you know she's not going to tell. Carly doesn't believe him. "He did it because of Ava"...and then..he  flat lines. Monica and Michael run in.
Like who cares? Even if he DIES.. how can we even BE sure he's really dead? Death scenes have NO MEANING anymore on soaps, especially GH.  Plus, now they can wear masks too. GEESH

Obviously Todd, Sabrina and Patrick are all on vacation right now.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Big Baby Ben Ben

HERE WE GO!!  Dr. O got off the island ..somehow?? Britt's getting arrested for stealing embryos!

ahahaa..Donna says to Sam: 
You must be Silas "Slut DE JOUR" and then totally trashes her stupid outfit. Which is a muscle shirt, bra and I think shorts in the freezing cold "Industrial Vibe" apt Silas has. He also had on a miserable hippie sweater.
Silas signed the papers to give Donna Mills the money. (Sorry Madeline is too long to type).
The Madeline scale is lifted from Knots  Landing (the Abby Scale)

Sonny and Carly...blab..blab

Ava and Kiki ...where the HELL IS MONICA??????

Carly rags on AJ while he's in the coma. God she's so nasty!! AJ wakes up.  He's gonna tell Carly.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

And the POST o the Month Goes TO:

friscogh said...
I think Lucky broke into Sila's apartment, looking for his pill under the sink.
 ahahahaah I LOVE THIS!! Frisco, you think like me--  heh

Nik is still yelling at Britt. Hes' going Cass-psycho on her. His blood pressure is going crazy

Lucas is still yelling at Brad. Which, WHY DO I CARE??  I don't. SNOOZE
Another Snooze? Silas' apt break in. come on, seriously? Today? Why? don't care.

Dante and Lulu are yelling at Dr. O...she pulls a dagger. Now, someone, run!

Carly and Donna were fun. THEN stupid NATHAN had to show up with his monotone voice and all.

WOW, Ric/Liz flashbacks and they don't look a DAY different!! WOW they are still hot. But their past? Ric's crap he pulled? No.

Today's show was good in about 10 min total. The rest? Filler.

PS. Supposedly Nina is dead

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Nik Throws LIZ OUT!!

He was some CRABBY! "Get out of my house"!!
Ok, then...see ya!

Then he says "Don't pass any panic rooms on the way home"!!

Dr. O: Britta" You Guilt Ridden Panty Waste' 

Sam lays into Nathan about John's break-in.


And...didn't care about Sonny NOTLuke.  at all.

GEESH! GREAT stuff...I really loved Lulu and Dante's cries of joy at the end--and Britt's anguish. WOW

Your German word of the day: Schubladenbrief - the letter you write but never intend to send

Monday, March 24, 2014


Oh, Dr. O is all nasty on BRAD's ass!! She wants to cut out his tongue. Messy. WOW--and she has Helena's DAGGER LMAO and we find out that Dr. O Saved KAT BELL all those years ago with HER experimental drugs!
She pushes Brad off the parapet...but he lands in the hay!! Funny scene with he, Lucas and Dr. O

Luke in the stables. So, Julian says NotLuke has  been waiting "20 years" for this. NotLuke says  "I'm going to take the bastard down once and for all". This person also knows the Qs. 
They'd better say soon. I'm already losing interest. 

Spencer was hiding in there and heard it all!!  wow...

Lulu finally READ THE LETTER!! FINALLY. Geesh,now get out there and claim your nordic looking baby.  Of course, she runs in and demands to see Big Ben  right at the end of the show.

Tracy totally TOTALLY laid into SONNY!! "A charismatic THUG with Dimples"!!! ahahaha Awesome scene. She told him he was going DOWN.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Surgery: More! More of Everything!!

Oh this show is giving me a headache!!  Last week I LOVED it..every single second. This week? It's brilliant in it's moments--and then, it just gets to be WAY too much. Too much going on and way too many characters. I can't get into anything long enough to care. I'm equating it  to a Seinfeld show right now (so if you haven't watched  Seinfeld, sorry-- but bear with me) 

I can't go back to coach,  Jerry!
Jerry gets First Class! Elaine gets coach. She sits there all crowded in..smelling the cookies in first class but can't quite get up there. Production, er..I mean Jerry and his blonde date order more--MORE OF EVERYTHING! The meanwhile, struggles to get out of her seat, past the crowd of people smooshed into coach--reaches the front, only to be tossed back by some snotty production guy.
Yep..I feel like Elaine. Sitting in, confused, surrounded by a ton of characters/stories I don't care about. I just want to get in to Production and eat what they are and maybe I'll "get it". Understand why it's always MORE of everything instead of finishing what we've got.

PS. The writers are the poor stewards trying to serve the food to the crabby passengers in coach, all the while being yelled at by the pilots of the plane.

Get out your Alka-Seltzer. I have a hangover.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bill Eckert and the Cartel

Ok, best guess is Bill Eckert because I refuse to deal with either a mask or plastic surgery at this point. Period. I've lived too long to go that route again. So, hopefully it IS Bill or I'm done. You'll have to read my blogs on Orphan Black, Hoarders and my dog instead. LOL

Here's the wiki on Bill Eckert ('s some edited bits)
Bill is the cousin of the Spencer family who had just come to town with his young son, Sly Eckert , and recently divorced form his mother, Nancy. Bill's father died of a heart attack and Bill and his sister, Jenny Eckert, came into a large inheritance. Bill, now a wealthy man, moved into an abandoned lighthouse with his son Sly and Finian O'Toole, whom Bill had hired as a housekeeper. Bill was now dating Harlan's marketing genius daughter, Julia Barrett.Harlan brought her to Port Charles to run the cannery with ace in command, Bill Eckert.
Harlan Barrett, Leopold Taub, Cesar Faison, and Larry Ashton formed a cartel to control global business via the use of a toxic substance, carbon disulfide, manufactured at a cannery they purchased as a clever ruse for their operations and a place to brew the drug with which they intended to rule the world. Bill and Jenny were both kept in the dark about the cannery's real intentions. 
Harlan Barrett, Paul Hornsby and Faison

So, Larry Aston (Ned's dad) was also in there, as was Harlan Barrett and Faison. I do not think that's Faison pretending to be Luke. There's no way the height works. NOT that that matters but Faison's been done to death. Could it be Anthony Z? Certainly that's who Luke is acting the most like (gum, Tracy love and inappropriate comments)...but his memory wouldn't span back that far. This imposter seems trapped in the era of that cartel story. It also could be Harlan Barrett--played by the guy on the Mod Squad. I need to watch old clips to remember how he acted. 
BUT -- I'm still going with Bill. Maxie's new friend could totally be Sly too--looks like his freckled face. I don't know. Hell, Luke could be DEKE raised from the dead, intent on getting Sonny back. GH has been crazier. 

CARTEL on YOU TUBE..there's a ton of them up there. Check them out if you feel like it!

SO... that's my 2 cents.

Friday, March 21, 2014

I did some spoilers today and Whew..but I got angry at the show again! LOL. There are WAY WAY too many things going on. It's driving me insane. Donna Mills was on a hot minute this week-- and then, what? Where's Lucy/Kevin/Scott? Why do we have to live with their "triangle" when it's so spread out?? 
And, btw, I LOVE Maxie. Loved her character, but frankly? Since she's been gone..I can live without her. And bringing back a newbie "Levi" ?? Who may or may not be related to "notLuke"?? WHATEVER!! TJ's mama's back? Whatever.  And for GODSAKE do something with LUCAS! 
I still can't believe AJ's leaving again, either by coma or death.  UGH.

I guess I should save this for Sunday Surgery. I'm feeling like I'm drowning in characters and stories here. I know this week was mostly about "the party" (even though it started Thursday). When characters/stories (like Franco, Lucy-- "Nina"....) can be left for days/weeks and then picked back up there's a problem. Sabrina and Carlos--she's just kinda hanging around. Not doing much at all. Things are just too loose and too sloppy right now.
Think about it: Franco was on every damn day for Nada. LOL

 GH can be amazing in it's individual pieces.  Last week? I loved it. BUT..half the stories were gone! (which is fine as there are way too many).
Today's show---kinda lost me at the 1/2 way mark. 

"Luke" and Nik were funny. "you got one hot mama there"! And then Luke calls Nik a pretentious prick Geesh..not doing a GOOD job if he's "pretending" to be Luke. Blow your cover or what!!??

Olivia keeps looking younger, and Dante older. LMAO 

GET THIS BEN THING OVER WITH! thank you! Patrick should have brought Emma to the party (how is she there 'alone' by the way?) and HE should have found Liz reading the letter not Ric. Patrick has been in this Britt deception since day one. 

Best part of today's show was Sonny and Spencer. So there.  LOL  Sonny saying Spence pushed a woman away. Gee, SONNY, giving advice to him about women.  heh

Tracy and Lulu were good.

Sam and Silas out in the stables. Like it's not 30 degrees out. She's explaining to him about how she slept with Ric. Silas doesn't even care. 

Liz runs to tell Lulu.

Julian meets with NotLuke in the stable. 

That's it for today! 


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Party! Party! Party!

OMG Becky Herbst looks FLAWLESS and she's had WHAT? three babies in real life. :sobbing: Goodness.

WOW all the ladies looked fab!! Britt? WOWzaaaa!! Wasn't Baby Ben adorable!!? In the crib? FINALLY both Olivia and Sonny think he looks like Lulu! GEESH. 

Hell, Dante, that poor launch has to break thru the ice to get to the docks!!

Emma and the EGG..she has to tell Spencer it got ruined.

YOU BROKE THE EGG!!?? "Do you know how much that was WORTH"??!! "My ancestors saved it from the Bolsheviks"!

Luke is so not Luke..he doesn't know Britt.  Could he be Harlan Barrett? Harlan dated Tracy-- hmmm. I still say Bill Eckert. Anyway, he is all over Britt and acting so weird. If he's TRYING to act like Luke, it's a fail. 

Julian and Silas didn't wear ties? weird.  No one is happy to see JULIAN!

I didn't see yesterday-- so Alexis is going to work with Sonny to expose Julian? Interesting. But I know she is going to fall for him! 

LIZ finds the letter!! 
I need some photos on here, I 'll get party pics up when available. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hair DAY!!

Yes... ;) I have to get my hair DONE today so no GH-- my hairdresser and I DISH about the show when I do though. She usually texts me during the show. LOL Like "WTF"!! So....let me know how the show is. I'll have it on DVR!! 


Monday, March 17, 2014

Nathan is Brother

But..Donna could have still raised him when he was Nina's---I bet that comes out. The family didn't want anyone to know he was her's. I bet that's it. Silas didn't even know about him. I hope she redecorates Maxie's apartment.

Sex..Molly and TJ want it. Alexis just gave her the greenlight. She's like GO! Have sex, I'll wait here--and then cook you dinner ahahhaah Brilliant.

Silas..wah wahhh wah..then tries to have sex with Sam. HOLY CRAP..that was a Hot HOT Sex scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the desk and Sam turned right over!
Geezzzzze. Helloooooooooooo!! 

Sonny and AJ..Sonny was trying to will him to die. Then he says "Look what you did to my son"
UMmmmm, no Sonny, YOU DID IT. Geeze.

Liz and Patrick was SUPPOSED to be Patrick and Epiphany but SE was sick so they changed it to Liz. Michael chose surgery.
 Jordan and TJ..Shaun's like "you made bad choices" and she's MAD he's working for Sonny.

And...........He's GONE!

Sean Kanan is leaving GH-- going to Bold and The Beautiful. His last taping date is March 28th. Not sure the last day he'll air. It was a rumor--and lord knows they've tried to ruin AJ from his first time back so... what did we expect.
Waste of a character, imo.

Source: TV Guide  

UPDATE: From Daytime Confidential:
"I was utterly thrilled to be brought back to GH for the 50th anniversary and really enjoyed working with [executive producer] Frank Valentini, but I was not over the moon about the writing," Kanan says. "Doing stories about panic attacks and relish was not what I thought I'd signed up for. I feel I brought everything I could to the character yet it was obvious they weren't going to give me a great love story, which I found very disappointing."

. His comments are like school in the summertime. No class.

WOW, HARSH! What Sean said was SO NOT nasty in ANY way!!! That was uncalled for, imo. He can say what he wants.

Who's NOTLuke?

Ok, so some make a great case for Anthony Zacchara...especially with the dialog... also the Letch stuff with Kiki. Now I'm thinking it's HIM not Bill Eckert. One reason that's hard to go there is because it would take like SUPER HUMAN everything to think AZ could be the same physically as Luke. Duke and Faison were more matched. Even O..although heavier was the same size as Anna in height.

TG is clearly wearing contacts. His eyes are dark. Tracy doesn't  notice? WTF. Come on. That's another reason I so want to go with Bill Eckert. At least he was similar enough to Luke to make it somewhat possible.

Spoilers say NED is the one that says Luke reminds him of someone they used to know. Was he around when Anthony was? He was when Bill was on.  

Oy to the VEY!!

IF he is Anthony the following clues will come in: Tending Plants..eating pasta
IF he is Bill Eckert, they'll throw Scotty, Lucy and Kevin in there. He was pals with them-- and there's that newbie coming that could be Sly. 

Good Mystery though! 

OR of course, we can go with Harlan Barrett--or Caleb the Vampire shape/shifing. LOL.. Let's not go there. OR Faison. I will stop watching if it's Faison. Period. Seriously. I said it.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Surgery: The Golden Week

HOO-WEE!!!! Listen, this week was a dang whirlwind for me. Lots to talk about..I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
Yes, GH isn't perfect but between the acting and little surprises, I'm a happy Wub Queen!!  I found some magnificent scenes/faces to share!! 
Don't faint.

What shall we have today? How about some celebration of poor, groped Kiki? Get them scrubbies on..and let's go! 

Friday, March 14, 2014

It's DONNA!!

She looks great...and not so nip-tucked I can't stand it. I still don't care about Nina LOL  Her name is Madeline. 

Ava's trying to kill AJ and taking an AGE..dear god!! GEEESH! It's going to be August before she shuts up! 
AJ..STRONG HAND for coma-guy..geesh. Those nurses were slow to get in there!!

Sam and Towel-Cop.  Like he'd walk around to rearrange the furniture in his towel. Not that I'm complaining!  She realizes he's closer to the case than sh thought

Pat gives Monica and Michael 2 options for AJ. Monica's letting MICHAEL decide. AJ gave him his healthcare proxy? ahahaa

Tracy tries to convince Kevin that Luke is fine. 

Luke is so nasty. Kiki "If it would have been anyone else, I would have kneed him in the nuts" LOL  Morgan and Kiki are conspiring. He doesn't want Luke near her. LOL Luke calls him a little punk. I wish he would have decked him lol 

TJ's mama comes in... her casting/announcement was non-existant... but she looks familiar? 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

So Much GOIN' on Today!!

Wow..what a show. I loved it. First, Spencer the Drama Cassadine was on LOL ..he thought someone SAT on Ben!! haahahaa...Lulu wants to help plan the engagement party. 

Faberge  Lobster--to replace the egg

Patrick is so bitter,detached from life. He was nasty to Anna. He's growing a beard. He wants to take Emma's Faberge EGG because Victor said it was ok to give it to her!! He loses it with Emma and throws her egg in Kelly's!  He yells at her. wow.  She cries and asks for a puppy. LOL

Lulu dreams she's really Ben's Mama.

Luke is being soooo different and fun.  He apologized to Monica. LIKE a lot. And weird. He sees Kiki and says "Well it's Squeaky, Freaky Kiki"!! ahahaa then he hugs her and grabs her butt! NOTE: His eyes don't appear to be BLUE--which they are..and BILL's are Hazel. Um...I certainly hope this is Bill and NOT Faison or some shit. It had better NOT be a mask. I will stop watching if it is.

Sabrina thinks Carlos may have shot AJ. Luke told her the break-in guy got 'hit over the head' and she put it together!!

Morgan and Ava. Hot cha cha. Anna and Dante come to see Ava. Dante's hair is outta control!!

Patrick is going to help AJ....Ava goes in to pull AJ's plug!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

NED's BACK! (cameo)

For a tiny bit...this is what Wally Kurth Tweeted: 

Just seen on Twitter: @wallykurth: well, I had nice day in PC yesterday. Yes, Ned will be arriving in town soon. Stay tuned. Thanks for waiting! #GH

I am wondering if it will be for AJ's funeral?? Hmmmmm, just an idea!  I hope not, but that's why he's usually around.

Richard Simmons tweeted THIS this morning! Genie was there for one of his classes !! See all the stuff I can gather if I'm home ON MY BUTT for awhile? LOL. 

So...let's see. Sonny's getting a ton  of use out of his office, isn't he? Ava's all jumpy. AJ's back to being silent.

Dr. O and Britta!
"Don't believe it's all schnitzel and Beer" says Dr O to Britta
poor Britt wanted some Mama wub and Dr. O was shutting her down. Then, she thaws and it was so glorious. WOW.. Loved it. Very heartfelt scene. 
ahaha..When Nikolas comes over she goes "you're not only gaining a wife, you are gaining a mutter in law"!! ahahaa POOR NIK

Julian brings Alexis gardenias. Cute Scene.  Then, she talks to Sam. Sam is all casual in her football tshirt. She's stunned to hear about Molly almost having zex with TJ.

Nikolas and Liz. He wants her to come to the Engagement Party. That's so harsh, Nik. Come on. Geesh!! Ric asks Liz to the party. He and Ric hate each other. Remember the last time Ric was at Wyndemere? He got a blood transfusion from a HOSE. (sonny's blood) ahahaa. He got stabbed with a sword. 
Ric goes to get coffee and Shaun tells him he works for Sonny. Ric is like @@

Ava and Carlos...she looks like she wants him. Well, she wants everyone I guess lol. Julian will try to get the goods out of Carlos.

When Silas and Ava were talking, the "Jiggy Cam" was know someone was stalking them LMAO  Donna Mills? Fluke? ComaNina? 
Ava totally sounded genuine to Silas about not framing him. Maura W is fantastic.


BREAKING: Badger BOB Found!!

Our own Kelly Theibaud tweeted this photo to let us know our Badger Boy is safe, sound and in the GH green room. Phew.
I am trying to get her to move him BACK to Sonny's office!! 

See why I love the net? LOL..Instagram, Twitter. Saved my sanity on our critter. Yes, I'm insane. The blizzard is FULL on here and a mess.
See ya for GH! Unless I have other stuff first.
I've cleaned everything in the house!!

PS. Thinking of East Harlem!!


Oh My Gosh..BEST invention EVER (besides indoor plumbing and eyeglasses). I LOVE YOU!! From my first dial-up days and going on the AOL "folders" to dish about GH to now being on Twitter, Tumblr, Vine..FB..and Blogger.
Ahhhhhh, Life is good. Humans, ya done good. Yes, some parts of the net are dark but for the most part? It's made my life so joyful.  Hubs and I were talking about some actor the other day, wondering where we saw them before and we hopped on IMDB. Research is so fast. So RIGHT THERE. So easy to forget life before Google.
Want to hear a song?
Want to see an old TV clip?

Find your long-lost College Roomie?
Order ANYTHING and everything in a click?
Skype with your friends/relatives anywhere in the world? (and space?)

I mean, seriously. Now we can all watch our soap real time. It's just so cool. On the old Soap Zone board we'd have to refresh all the time to "talk".  Now no need...just check the feed!! For Soap Fans it did relvolutionize the way we watch, and the way cast/writers/producers interact with us. Maybe not always for the best --but come on, it's just awesome.  I've met so many wonderful people in cyberspace -- I can't begin to count them.   That includes all of you reading this! 

Ok, off my cheer box for the wonder that is the web.  I do want to relate a story that happened in about 1993. Xerox had just put in the net earlier that year--or at least an "access" to the net. Wubby Hubby said "type in anything". I typed in "Whoppi Goldberg" and there  were NO matches. Then I typed in "Lizards" (my 1 year old was with us) and BAM! STUFF came up. Took and age to load but it was like looking into the future. WOW...then, later I discovered the AOL boards and all was lost. LOL 
What is your first memory of the net?
I'm sure some will say: PORN!  lol..  heh.  Yep. that industry was one of the first to get on the train! 

BTW, we are having a HUGE blizzard here. I'm trying to time lapse it for a Vine. Even RIT, The UofR and Xerox closed! WOW. 
Not happy. BUT..I will be here for GH!


Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Here's an interview with Headwriter RC about GH:   TV Guide ....I have no comment :)

Got in late to the show because it's BEAUTIFUL OUT!! Just awesome so I did a bunch of errands as we are due for 15-18" and Maybe EVEN 2 feet tonight. It's 50 now
This winter has been nasty!! 

I came in with Alexis mentioning Faith Roscoe!! And then Molly said "You SUCK!" ahahaa. Then she snuck out!

Olivia looked resplendent today in her LOBSTER RED DRESS!

Lucas is turning into a BORE. Felix walks in on Lucas kissing Brad.

Sean Kanan did such a good job in the hospital bed--it was SO REAL! wow!!  Best I've ever seen on a soap!!  He was awake long enough to say Julian didn't shoot him-- but not who did. Then he basically had a stroke.

PS: RUMOR: (sort of came to me from a waterboy in Canada): Is Maxie's new "Friend" Sly Eckart?

Monday, March 10, 2014

Manic Monday

UGH or WHAT with this time change.  Good Lord--I felt "off" all day and now I'm so tired. I'll try to keep awake during GH.

I saw the Donna Mills commercial. She's in her 70's? She looks spectacular! 

Carly SO has Sonny's number! LOL...Sonny sees Monica and is all guilty.  He and Carly fight. we go. 

Anna's trying to get Duke to help her.  Duke says Sonny was with him and gives him the alibi.  Sonny's all nice as pie to Duke. 

Lucy doesn't want to "BE" with Kevin. Tracy barges in about Luke and helps herself to the Chinese Food.  Tracy goes straight to SCOTTY... for some nookie.  Tracy throws some shade to Kevin about 

Franco and Scotty--or TODD and Scotty. Fun as usual
Scott: "I'm the DA"

Franco: "you'll always be D-A-D-D-Y" to me"!! hardy har har

Luke: :"You're Kinki, aren't ya"?? At least Tracy knows something's up! Kiki chugs her mimosa.
OMG Luke was kinda PERVY there! ahaha Did you see Kiki's eyeballs? 
She runs out of the room!

Tracy comes back home and Luke tries to buy her more jewelry to make things better. 

AJ's Finger twitches.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Two New Castings

Because GH isn't big enough!! 

Lisa Lewolt  has been cast one of Lucy's daughters: Serena or Kristina (One is Scotty's the other is Kevin's) 

Zachary Garred has also been added to the cast as a colorful  sidekick that returns with Maxie. Word is he's very fun, funny--to take the place of Spin? 

Sunday Surgery: Frozen we are, another Sunday up and ready to go!! This time I'm going to keep it short, sweet and to the point.
REALLY! I am!! I have a ton of reports due for work and I'm far behind.  AND it's STUPID "put the clocks ahead" bull crap too! Oh. MY GOD, I lose an hour! LOL 

Get your scrubbies on and let's go-go. I'm having a Popsicle in honor of  both Jason and Tracy. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Opinion Rant: The AJ Factor

Yes, when isn't my blog my "opinion"?? LOL. I put that up there so  people know I STILL LOVE THE Show even though I'm about to go on an all out bitch fest over what's happened to AJ. 

It's Saturday, I have a TON of reports to do for work, so when better to obsess over a soap? ahaha. :) 

So...back in the day,  I was an AJ fan. Jason got all the glory and AJ got all the sheeze. I really liked Billy Warlock in the role, and although I missed SK, I embraced the recast. Guza and Co proceeded to turn the poor boy into..well: 
A laughing stock
Drunken loser 
A punching bag
Kind of a whimp
A guy that women married for money or fraud.

When they put AJ on a meat hook that was it for me. Instead of making him a worthy adversary for Jason he became a joke.  Then, he died and went away.

BUT!!! A new regime came on and suddenly --just when Jason is gone, AJ emerges as if from a cocoon (see how I used fancy imagery there?)  AND HE'S SEAN KANAN!! The first AJ... and hopefully now the AJ that could have been. Ruthless business man, having Alan's edge and lady-killer ways. He was sober for a bazillion years in treatment! yeah!!
So, AJ comes back, bonds with his SON Michael and starts to reclaim the Q enterprise. Hell,we even get the Q offices!!! He sees Liz!! Liz, who used to hate AJ-- they start something together. That lasted a hot minute.

And then...everything starts to go wrong. I'm going to be honest here-- I had to think awhile as to WHY AJ was so mad at Connie he went in to strangle her.  Even went to wikipedia. I watch the show daily and it seems like so long ago and so insignificant I didn't even burn it in my brain!

SO...that happened  Then the shooting and the "AJ" initials drawn in blood on Connie's white dress.

Nothing... it was like a "commercial break" that stretched over months and months. 
Finally...AJ comes back and has a trial we really don't care a lot about at this point. He gets found not guilty and instead of celebrating like a true ruthless Quartermaine HE FEELS SHAME and drinks. 
And drinks..and...remembers a little then we don't see him for weeks.  The elevator doors opened and SK went on a vacation? What?

He does  remember--and has the key to the real killing and,  instead of empowering him, it turns him into a further mess.  He talks to a dead Connie. Who basically says not a hella lot. 
NOW what? Does he get one over on Ava? Finally win a battle ONCE in his life? No...
he gets SHOT! by Sonny!

what a mess. AJ's the screw up that "made Sonny shoot him" by going after Ava. 

By the way..when's the last time we saw the ELQ offices? (go ahead, take awhile) ... and Michael? Well, he's not turning into a junior business man, naw...he's "running" Sonny's Italian restaurant.
Well, no, actually.. instead of say, having Michael in the Q house and Morgan in the Corinthos' grasp.. Michael is stuck fighting with Kiki over FRANCO!

What the hell!?  Come on.. there was so much potential. Such a waste. Why they didn't just let AJ flatline is beyond me. I'm sure he's being saved to carve up later on some platter to St. Jasus' memory or Sonny's lingering paranoid feud with him. NOTE: I need to see that moment when Sonny realizes "AJ" meant Ava Jerome.  I NEED that Moment, and I'd better get it!! 

GH's bloated cast is part of this problem. There's so much rotation that really important core stuff gets lost in the shuffle.  And in the process, makes me not care.  YAWN

Poor AJ. We hardly knew ye. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Um, figured it out..those are a PILE OF COFFEE bags under that sign. Burlap coffee bags. It's NOT my Badger!! :stompingfoot: Some of you are attached to Couples, I am attached to props. LMAO.

Anyway, I am at an Apraxia Workshop promises to be just SO GLAMOROUS!! SO SO exciting! 
I won't be back for GH...have at it.  Let me know what's what.  

Have a great Friday. It's supposed to be 40 here (it was MINUS NINE this morning). I won't know what to do when it's that warm!!! wow. 

Constance Towers was on Men at Work!!

She's not Frozen in Scarsdale! NO SIR@@!!!

This Luke Person...

has an engagement ring for "Tracey"...NOT Spanky, btw...he's such a POD or such an impostor.  The engagement ring looks like Princess Diana's. 
Tracy finally says YES!!

Julian calls Alexis from Anna's office. Anna's office has a little lounge in it!! With Union Jack pillows!

Michael runs in and yells 'SAVE MY FATHER"!  He and Morgan hug.

 Liz told Ric about AJ. Ric holds her hand.

Sonny's acting like a guilty man! He's just about crying talking to Shaun begging for an alibi. That apt building should have security tape-- but you know GH. LOL  
"I made a promise to Michael I would not hurt AJ"!! he tears up.  Says Michael can never know. sniff.

Molly is mouthy to her Mama...big time.  Then TJ comes over after Alexis leaves.

END: AJ is wheeled into Surgery and can't tell Michael who shot him.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Scarsdale!!! If you're older like me, you remember this. It was all over the news back then. Scarsdale. Scarsdale. Scarsdale. Now, that's where Robin is. Which is pretty close to PC compared to say, Cassadine Island or somewhere in the Baltic Sea. boring. You know it's Donna Mills watching them.   Or a Squirrel? Maybe a PI? 

Michael wants to know where AJ Is. Tracy wants to know where Luke is.  Luke comes in. Lies about seeing Sonny. HE says he got a "haircut and a shave" 
He's so not Luke, imo. 

Ava tells Sonny to leave, they clean off the prints. Sonny's all upset. "Why did he make me shoot him"??

Julian finds AJ.. with the gun next to him.  He touches  it. Anna and West burst in and see Julian with a gun.  Anna thinks Julian shot him. Ava used Julian's gun!! 
Um, all Anna has to do is check for gunshot residue on Julian's hands.

Liz and Ric..any Liz/Ric fans out there?  He's still got that velvet blazer on..

AJ is rushed in-- Liz has to tell Michael. 

READ THIS in the LA Times about a soap opera murder,that came from General Hospital PEN PALS!!Spookay! 

Amazing Celebration Video

Of GH's 50th..made by a Liason Fan..but also contains JaSam footage!! Labor of WUB...

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Egg Salad

Monica got the painting from Leslie while playing BRIDGE  with AUDREY and Gail?? Damn it! We need to see that !! Don't just tell us!! 

Nina's hospital bed is empty...good lord, this is NEVER GOING TO END..and I don't care about it at alL!! 
Robin ends up in Scarsdale?  Right after Siam leave. Okay--- she sees 'Jason'...he's in a freezer.

Obrect thinks she knows that Anna/Robert killed Faison.  I want to know how Anna doesn't know Victor is head of the WSB.. I mean, seriously. She took a call saying Obrect got her job because of the WSB- wouldn't law enforcement people KNOW this sort of thing?! I guess that She and Robert aren't privvy. Obrect thinks she killed Faison. Anna toys with her saying "maybe I DID kill him"...Maybe he SUFFERED! Then O lets go that maybe she has something to do with Robin leaving. Anna shoves everything off her desk.

AJ and AVA..she doesn't manage to shoot him, the gun is empty.  AJ and she tussle and AJ has her by the throat when Sonny walks in. He has a flashback to AJ strangling Kate. Or Connie..or WHOMEVER she was.
Sonny ends up SHOOTING AJ! I honestly thought Ava did-- huh. Good twist if it's not a fantasy or something on Sonny's part.
AJ's got blood all over him

ROBIN IS FINALLY out of the house. I am strangely unmoved. Whatever..bye. See ya. The new story will Be Patrick trying not to fall for Betty when she has his baby. He'll probably deliver it in a cabin somewhere.

Monday, March 3, 2014

May I See My Wife Now?

DO NOT ADMIT! Sorry Silas!! He and Sam slammed the Why do I have a feeling there will be no person in that room?

UGH, that stick thing in Sonny's office needs to be MY BADGER!! LOL

AJ, who cares!? You got found Not Guilty..just drop it. We DID.,.
He and Ava were pretty hawt tho!  HE tells her you went to throw it.."but you MISSED THE LAKE"!! ahahaa
He figures it all out..then Ava pulls a gun on him. 
She's gonna shoot tomorrow!

Robin got CAKE? 
For leaving EMMA?!!
I think NOT.
Cake...  COME ON! And PRESENTS??????!!!! She deserves nothing
Robin gave Emma a telescope necklace. 
Victor comes in and says: TIME TO GO! 

Obrect gets a WSB Book from Victor. ON Faison!!  He wants her to go with him. He LOVES her..he asks for a kiss goodbye. Then he gives her the notebook about Faison. She goes to see Anna and accuses her of killing him.

Even Sonny's sick of Michael.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Promotion

Yep, I am promoting myself CHIEF OF WRITING STAFF FOR TODAY! As you know by my blog entries this week, the show was a total bore to me. So, I'm switching it up a bit this Sunday. Don't worry, you'll get your highlights done, but with a bit of creativity thrown in.

Hope you have a beverage of choice today-- I'm going with a Tequila Sunrise. I haven't had one of those in ages. Yum....

Here We Are

  Drew goes to see Michael at the Gatehouse but he's out with Wiley. He tells Willow about the congress-person seat and that she can'...