Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sam and Her BOOTS

In the middle of summer. Seriously? Not even some cute flats? No strappy sandals? BOOTS? No wonder she's so cranky. 

Morgan and Kiki. I just can't...because it's going to come out about the cousin thing and well-- you know what's going to happen. 

Olivia was awesome today defending Maxi. And I liked her dress color.

Connie and Sonny--whateverrrrrrrrrrrr.  Dead character walking. 

Carly got the fries, Michael got the salad.  Sonny made breakfast and NOT ONE PERSON ATE A THING!! lol. 

Geesh, now the donor search is on.
Wonder who it could be??!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Britt said "Patrick is not the father of the baby I'M CARRYING"

She did NOT say:
"Patrick is not the father of my baby" ...

Dr. O switched out the DNA of Patrick, much like they switched Faison and Duke's fingerprints. Then she yells at Britt for about 4 minutes. 

there it is.

Newbie "Derek" is on. (Sam's Daddy, you can feel it). Connie has to bring up newspaper ratings so she's going to spill the Kiki secret to get a big story. 

Kiki and Michael. Just Shut up already. Morgan and Sonny were like 2 middle middle schoolers. Then it got real!! Maurice and that kid pulled it out! I don't think Sonny would agree to what he did out of guilt, but hey.  I mean, Morgan is 19..and Sonny agrees to keep a paternity secret because he might be MAD? So he can get MARRIED? WTH!

Felix and Spin were ok. Maxie couldn't even eat her ice cream she's so upset!

Boy, could I tell it was a different writer today! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, July 29, 2013

I Voted for Mr. AJ, Miss Tracy!

Oh Alice..ut ohhhhhhh. Tracy's face was the face of the week I think.. lol DOH! And.. Alice called Tracy a BULLY!! 

FIGHT!! FIGHT!! awesome..ahahhaa.  No one wants to stop it either. HEH AJ tells Tracy to leave with her new BFF- and made Alice head of security and honorary VP.

Dr. O makes GH Fun again... She says to Brit "You look FAT" LMAO ..heh and she mentions FLYING MONKEYS!! Calls Nurse Betty "the concubine" and Felix her "sassy gay friend" . She basically calls Brit out for being horrible at scheming too.   Britt tells her that her mother couldn't win Faison's love. Dr. O smacks her across the face! 
Britt admits she loves Patrick but that isn't his child she's carrying.

"Can u imagine her as a baby in her barbwire playpen gnawing on cute, lil furry animals with her razor sharp teeth?" -Felix says to Sabrina

Sonny and Morgan ..blah, blah.. and Michael and Kiki go round and around.. Morgan tells Sonny Kiki's NOT a Quartermaine and Connie overhears it!! ooooooooooooooo!!

Franco's in a coma with a giant blue tube--and HIS HAIR. His hair wasn't touched for BRAIN surgery LOL  Paddy says that he can't donate marrow right now because the tissue was 'suspicious' meaning may be cancerous.  Carly goes in and just gabs away at the guy, who's laying there helpless.  He reaches out to hold her hand. 

SCOTT SICKLES WROTE today's show and I'm his big new fan. It was a fun, fun day--dialog writers DO matter. wow. I loved the show.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Emma Samms Back To GH

 Frank Valentini tweeted this morning that Emma  Samms will return to GH "soon". 

Sunday Surgery: Scoop It Out.

Alberta Wub with THE Magic Milo!!!

Oh settle in. Today's Surgery is a long one...think brain operation with some organ transplant thrown in.  I just have to bitch a bit. And I'm WAY interested in what you're thinking about all this as well.  Let's scoop that toomah out!! 

And PS..all of you at the Fan Club Weekend in LA.. I hate you just a 'lil bit!! LMAO 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

General Hospital Kick Off Event

Some great photos are coming in!! You saw Lisa down there with's a photo of Lily Melgar -- why WAS SHE THERE?? 

Hmmmmm spec that she's Sabrina's mama (pre-Sonny I guess) and will appear as a ghost again? or is she alive!!?

Friend Terry, Alberta's Ambassador this year and Connie Towers (in a lobster-red dress)

There are a LOT of fabulous photos on ALL MY WRITERS blog-- everyone from "Logan" (Remember him, what's HE doing there!!!? )  to John J York. ENJOY!  

Brandon and Kirsten

Friday, July 26, 2013

"Your Evil Mouse is about to ROAR"!

ALICE WAS on!!  And she told Silas Kiki is 21.
with a picnic basket. And Morgan was just nasty to her. Break his OTHER HAND ALICE@@!!

Brad and Michael. Weird. Uncomfortable. 

Nik and Britt are great though, I like them. Move her into Wyndemere and soon.  The evil Dr. O shows up.

People are all voting at ELQ to try to get AJ out. Tracy's thwarted by Alice!

"Derek Wells" mention-- here comes the newbie.

At least some Gossip has come out of last night's GH Fan Club kick off....Lily Melgar was at the event! She is rumored to be playing Sabrina's mom? I guess in GHOST form? Since she takes care of all the kids in heaven anyway. LOL
RUMOR, it's a rumor.

Alberta was at Lisa LoCicero's event today!! Thx to Terry and Chrissy!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Franco: A Perfect Match

Wow, there's a shocker. Brad goes-- well, he might DIE on the table LOL.. Silas give him the evil eyeball.

Ummm, Ava and Tracy bitched some. Schemed to get AJ out.

Carly had an attack about Kiki and Morongan. Liz grilled Nikolas (weird hair today) 
Britt went to lunch with Taylor, her only friend.  I think she had a BLT 
Felix wants Michael to "romance" Brad to get the truth about the baby.

Sam picks up THE Africa book!! ahahhaa. Jason read that to Michael. baahhaaa. I think its' the original one!! 
She prays to St. Jaysus. Good gravy.

I'm bored. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Franco-American Dream!!

Sabina and Paddy talking about Franco....Carly and Sam talking about Franco. Franco in bed..thinking about Franco. Diane wanting to see Franco.

Laura trying to explain to Scotty why she's going off to find Luke. 
Scotty always looks  Huh, he mentions he's running for DA. Guess I just FORGOT that since he's never on.

I knew Penny would walk out when Starr was there. I knew it!!  Felix knows her from work.

Felix and Brad were fun.  Morgan is still stupid.  Brad says "THIS is turning me on" when Felix hauled him up on the wall. LOL 

And Carly finds out Morgan is engaged to Kiki.  heh.  Ava made Franco sign the proxy. 

So, FRANCO is going to have the operation. Who will FRANCO wake up to be? WILL HE STILL BE FRANCO? Or FRANCO 2.0? Tune into the FRANCO show to find out!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Royal Baby Interruption!

He looked just like baby Danny. LOL. Adorable.  I didn't even care it interrupted GH. 

Blanket Morgan
Carly on that bridge... aw, she saves the day.  And that was some terrible dialog in there. RH didn't play it like "Jason" would.  Weird..then Dante and everyone shows up to almost set Janco off again. 
but, Carly saves her BFF...sigh

Ok, um... not much has happened on the show yet.  Taylor crawled out from under her rock (or mattress).  BTW, you can't BE in a bar in NYS unless you are 21 or with parents.
Molly's still moping around. I need  meth head to get into that park and scare them.  Why would Molly and Rafe think that Alex KNOW the J name person if she DIDN'T KNOW  him??!  DUH

Laura realizes that Helena is behind the poison. 
Laura needs a better bra.

Epic Meltdown

  1. My tweets aren't about any1 but me n the way I feel. N I'm NOT beating myself
  2. Sleep well tweets, I know I
  3. BTW I checked w God b4 I chose 2 FINALLY speak my truth about a couple things, He said "It's about time". TY God 4 having my back!!
  4. I also think so much reality TV is bullshit! A lot of the people r wasted most of the time. Sad the networks sell this shit message 2 kids
  5. It's my fault, I should hv had some sack n stood up 4 the character n his history but was a total pussy. I apologize GH n Frisco fans my bad
  6. The way Frisco was written out was wrong n out of character,I could hv fuckin screamed n should hv but didn't want 2 make waves. Shame on me
  7. Very disappointed in the powers that b @ GH. The ratings momentum around the 50th was blown, BADLY, sorry GH fans we were misled.

Kelly Sullivan Says Goodbye to GH

I will miss my family. I love you.

Kelly took to Twitter last night to post some goodbye photos. Go to @kellysullivanNY to see them all. Yesterday was her last tape date. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Bridge of Stupditiy.

Oh the actress with Michael was bad.. oy. He saw Kiki instead of her. ahahaa.
Kiki and Morgonic are so...AJ said "You guys are like 10" when they told them about the marriage. That's it, they are young.
And have zip chemistry LOL
Michael leaves with Penny.

Laura's moved to Jake's!!  Same shirt, different table. Lesley gives her the folder.  Laura want to go talk to Tracy.

Janco on the bridge... Jason's bridge..and along comes Liz. Here's a FauxLiason scene for you ahha. Oh geesh. appears this was a dream? Because "Franco" shows up behind Liz-- in a hood. While "Jason" holds Danny while talking to "Liz"
Ok, just drink. Everyone just DRINK.
and it gets worse!! 
"Franco" has on a C077x tshirt on, takes "Liz" hostage at knife point, then "Jason" Shoots her and throws her over the railing. (but Liz is really at GH tending Sam) 

You see, "Franco" needs to talk with "Jason" to tell us about his early life and slide into madness.
and actually, not the best writing I've ever seen. But
"Franco" decides to kill himself..then have "Jason" kill Danny.
Carly walks up.

And if you don't understand this, just watch the show because I can't write no mo' !! 


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Brain Games

SO, another Tumor Grows in Port Charles.  Must be something in the air. Is it pressing on his frontal lobe? You know it is! Patrick has to operate. Well, first he has to show CARLY the tumor because, well she IS a doctor.
Oh, wait.

Anyhoo, the hell with HIPAA !! Get your scrubs on and lets wash up for a giant soapy surgery. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

"Franco is NO Jason"!!

Watch my first Instagram GH Video!! It's 2 weeks to today that our baby Ariel was roasted!

Morgan..geesh, you smart today.  You got some BIG SCOOP!!  Ava's like "shut your mouth".  She totally manipulated Morgan to keep the secret.

Carly's all bent about Tranco.. and she's right he would have shot something in his head to have a tumor show up.  She's such a motormouth ..GOD!

Tranco has Jason's hair!! ahahaa He grabs Sam and SMOOSH kisses her..ewwwww.  This is JUST SO WEIRD. 
Sam tries to shoot him..gun goes off. 

When Monica called Lesley "Lester" ...that's HER nickname in real life! LOL Ah, they are such good enemies!! 
Lot's of history, Lesley even talked about delivering AJ and shaded on Monica covering up his death.

Felix called Brenda a "vertically-challenged supermodel!" He and Michael were fun.   He said "you need Olivia Pope" on speed dial!! LOL I love pop references on Soaps. Michael tells Felix that Britt and Brad were whispering in the hall. 


and Sam's passed out on the floor. 

coming up: LIZ finds Janco on "Their" Bridge. Liason ??

Teen Beach Movie With Chrissie Fit !

GH's own Mercedes is in the New Disney "Teen Beach Movie" set to debut tonight on the Disney Channel.
USA Today calls  it " more colorful, acrobatic and full of tunes than any of the actual beach films ever were".  The cast has been all over morning TV dancing it up to promote the film.

Fit plays Chee Chee in the Musical and boy, does she sport some beehive hair !!  Watch her interview on You Tube about the film. 
Get on your cocoa-butter and sunglasses and support our GH alum!! 

Oh, I Forgot ..Richard Simmons Back To GH

He was such a hit at the 50th Anniversary, he's coming back for more!! Will Lucy try to get him to teach Zumba classes at the Spa?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Monica! Leslie! A bright purple sweater!

Monica and Tracy start out the day--can't be all bad!! WOOT! Leslie and Monica are going to find out the truth.

Results of Tranco's CAT Scan!

Ok, I can't WAIT until Sunday Surgery to give you my opinion on this Janco stuff. Franco obviously believes he's Jason because he told baby Danny that, and why lie to a 1 year old? They go to Jason's penthouse.

McSilas looks at Kiki and wonders: Who's your daddy?
Geesh. We WONDER who COULD it be?!  Silas wants Ava to tell him. 
After Morgan punches out Michael, he listens at the door and hears them talking and that Kiki could be Silas' kid.  Ava said she's 19.  Well, we know she's 21.
Morgan won't tell so that Michael and Kiki will keep thinking they are cousins and not make out lol

Laura is in KELLY'S AGAIN... geeesh, she lives there. Guess there's no set for she and Scotty's house? Or she and Lucy's office? And that Blouse? WHAT. ugh 

Morgan and Michael remind me of Joey and Kevin. If Morgan and Ava get together, they can be Dorian/Joey! Morgan totally dropped Michael. It scared the hell out of me lol.

Laura Wright was SO TALL with Becky could tell she had heels on too. Must be like a foot difference! 


New Web Series: Tainted Dreams

This looks VERY promising!! With a line up of actors including Alicia Minshew, Walt Wiley, Natalia Livingston and many more, this online soap promises to be one of the fastest growing on the net. With still more characters to be cast, who's next?
 Well, one thing is sure, it could be YOU! If you can get to NYC on August 6th, you could win a guest-extra spot on the series.

Visit their website for details. You know I'm working hard to get Alberta in the props department. Heh. 

Follow the series on Twitter: @TaintedDreamsTS 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

GH Smell O Vision..

In honor of Honey BOO BOO's big SMELL-O-Vision tonight (not that I know that)---I'M having a cyber Smell O GH!!

Get your noses ready!

Dante and Lulu's loft with Olivia staying there

The Q Boathouse
Sonny's Gangster "activity"



Tranco's Hair

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I Am Jason Morgan.

Tuesday: Do It Yourself Blog

I need a break today! I will watch later but here's a spot to write your STUFF in. I hope you've read the spoilers about Tranco. LOL. Another Tumor. More tumors in PC than anywhere else on earth!

Monday, July 15, 2013


Spinelli  "Milhouse" Oh Ron, you are such a Simpson's fan!! Where was the Tranco art on the walls? Fronkies, wedding dresses, spray paint? That gallery assistant could have been Gigi with that hair. 

Maxie isn't going to tell, too soon. LOL. And Olivia interrupts them. Connie and Sonny.
Don't care.  Just like I don't care about SONNNIE AND CONNNIE --JUST GET BACK TO THE ALEXIS STUFF!!

Alexis is going to say she doesn't know who Sam's Daddy is. I can feel it.
She was at a local bar-- and drank Tom Collins. Ah, great drink. 
Anyway...she conceived Sam in the back seat of the car. 
First time. Whoops and she didn't realize she was PG at all. 
And ALEXIS didn't even know his name. 

The Ouijia board said "J" so I'm going with  a  Jerome.

Raise your hand if you had an Ouija board!

Happy 45th To One Life To Live!!

OLTL was always the show I watched before  GH came on.  It grew on me over the years. I do remember being in crush with Brad--and I so wanted to BE Jenny!! Of course, Judith Light was always a revelation. Some of my fave memories below:

Karen on the witness stand. I mean..epic--and if you were fortunate to see it LIVE when it aired? Hell.
Nothing to compare. Nothing. 

Tina interrupts Cord's wedding to Kate. Ooooooooooooooo.  I SO Remember this like it was yesterday!! I had NO clue it was going to happen and BOOM!! Heart Stopping. 

Marty's rape scenes. SO SO Powerful. Totally from the pages of Jody Foster's movie "The Accused" and very timely with frats going wild. I can't tell you how powerful her acting was. The camera didn't shy away from some of the worst parts either. Roger H was masterful-- and chilling.

1988...OLTL revists the Old West. I loved it. Everyone in the cast got into it..and it was grand. Never saw anything like it on soaps before (Or since, really--other than OLTLs fun time travels!!)
This love story.  It was PITCH PERFECT in it's build and execution.  Slow..steady, a bit Kate Hepburn/Spencer Tracy -ish and just a joy to watch. Their love of eating was also refreshing!!

Vicki, Niki... When it first happened, it hadn't been done to death, so it was very new and really cool to watch. Of Course ES was magnificent in the role.

Nash as a corpse. AHHHHHHHHHHHH scared the hell out of me!! Awesome!! It was really done well.

Kish wedding...epic in so many ways and joyful. I really loved this story and the fact that they got hitched

Cried, cried cried cried...and he didn't come  back-- he was gone.

There are more but these are the things that stand out to me. REMEMBER That OLTL will air on OWN today 1pm/est!!


Soap Hunks to Help Kris Jenner with her Talk Show!!

of course he's met Alberta!!

Soap Opera Digest reports that three ex-soap hunks will be Kris Jenner's first co-hosts on her new TV show, beginning today
First up, Cam Mathison from AMC ! Go to SOD to see the line up!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Open Wide

A week of beat-downs and swabs.  Sonny had two women on his hands.  Georgie visited.  Ups and Downs, ins and outs.

Get your scrubs on, grab them DNA sticks and let's fly. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Separated At Birth?

Yep. Just started watching Orange is the New Back and... I can't STOP the twin thing I'm seeing between Taylor Schilling and Kelly Sullivan.
Freaks ME OUT!!  Especially when Taylor is in her prison outfit. Shades of Connie in Jail.

THIS is Taylor...

PS. Kate Mulgrew (Ryan's Hope) is also in it and is FANTASTIC!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Nathan Parsons in a Lifetime Movie...

"The Nightmare Nanny" tomorrow night at 8pm! Watch the clip to see Nathan.

Nice Maxie/Georgie Scenes

.. I'm so glad Georgie was on--- that was my highlight!  It was so bittersweet! ahhh... I so miss her and I really really wish they'd just her back. Period. I don't even care how!! She and Kirsten did a nice job.

Sam to Silas: "He's burning up--Silas, what's wrong with him"??
Yeah. He has a FEVER. And you'd think he'd be in the hospital if he's getting chemo? Ah, what do I know.  Silas and Sam embrace-- is it starting? 

Ellie wants to have Spin's baby. She "Changed her mind".  At least Spin has to go to NY.

Sonny and Connie and Olivia. Geesh, poor Sonny...two ladies throwing themselves at him. What to do. WHAT.

Lulu mentioned Dillon!! yeah!!  and Molly mentioned RIC! ..and Sam mentioned Jason! Mention day!!

Ava and Tranco and Alexis.  Whatever.  Wasn't feein' it today, just boring.  
then there's Ava and Silas!! NICE!!

You're Still IN

  I REALLY need for today's show to be a good one. Dang it.  Scotty and Ava talking about the boring custody case.  She says Laura is on...