Monday, July 8, 2013

William DeVry Joins GH

TV Source Magazine has broken the news  that William DeVry will join GH...A Jerome? Sam's Daddy? Looks like it. I remember him as Michael Cambias on AMC. Hit the link for the full scoop!  

UPDATE 8:40PM EST: I have confirmed with a General Hospital rep that deVry will play the role of Derek Wells. Derek is Connie’s (Kelly Sullivan) boss, “though there’s much more to him than that.” There is no information regarding his first air date available at this time.


  1. Have you heard anything about the Peter Reckell rumors?

  2. Too many characters! This guy can act, that's for sure, but do we really need MORE people to keep up with? They need to be trimming some of the fat in PC, IMO

  3. Agreed-too many actors right now. We don't get enough of the ones we like- hello Anna!

    Aren't there four more characters coming soon? Young ladies- Serena, Sean and Tiff's daughter, NuXtina and someone else? Yikes.

  4. I like him - he played Storm Logan on B & B. I agree that there are too many cast members now and on the way. There are several I would love to see go.

  5. I like him too but I agree about all the new actors. They haven't even tried to gradually move away from the GH actors. They've just dropped them. Monica was mentioned at the hospital yesterday so she's not off in outer space somewhere. Why is she never in HER house!!

    I think Ron moved over to make his own show, not "save" General Hospital. He obviously didn't like it, or any of its characters.

  6. I assumed they'd have to bring someone on as Sam's father, so I'm okay with this. They'd better not be bringing on more older leading ladies, however. Tracy and Anna can't ever seem to have a story at the same time, and Ava (whom I really like) is on entirely too much. They do seem to be planning a Laura/Lucy story -- I hope they do it justice. I really hope that Michelle Stafford rumor is not true.

  7. I'm still hoping that Franco turns out not to be a Quartermaine so we can get that bunch out of the house.

  8. Maybe with Heather coming back we'll get the truth--and it turns out she lied about Franco being Jason's twin. That would be good. So then RH can be someone else which would make me happy. I just can't accept him as Franco.

  9. That is great! Can't wait to see him. He was awesome on AMC! :)


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