Thursday, July 18, 2013

Monica! Leslie! A bright purple sweater!

Monica and Tracy start out the day--can't be all bad!! WOOT! Leslie and Monica are going to find out the truth.

Results of Tranco's CAT Scan!

Ok, I can't WAIT until Sunday Surgery to give you my opinion on this Janco stuff. Franco obviously believes he's Jason because he told baby Danny that, and why lie to a 1 year old? They go to Jason's penthouse.

McSilas looks at Kiki and wonders: Who's your daddy?
Geesh. We WONDER who COULD it be?!  Silas wants Ava to tell him. 
After Morgan punches out Michael, he listens at the door and hears them talking and that Kiki could be Silas' kid.  Ava said she's 19.  Well, we know she's 21.
Morgan won't tell so that Michael and Kiki will keep thinking they are cousins and not make out lol

Laura is in KELLY'S AGAIN... geeesh, she lives there. Guess there's no set for she and Scotty's house? Or she and Lucy's office? And that Blouse? WHAT. ugh 

Morgan and Michael remind me of Joey and Kevin. If Morgan and Ava get together, they can be Dorian/Joey! Morgan totally dropped Michael. It scared the hell out of me lol.

Laura Wright was SO TALL with Becky could tell she had heels on too. Must be like a foot difference! 



  1. GH is BAD these days. I love Roger but my goodness I wish he'd leave. It's too terrible. I try watching but I just can't do it with these new/old peeps.

  2. I forgot Leslie is a doctor, they have had her be a babysitter for so long! looking forward to a great Monica/Leslie scene!!!

    So much for patient confidentiality. Patrick and Monica both shrugged it off and Monica is going to do it again! I'm sure Silas is not far behind, when he looks in Kiki's file for her age.

    Fra/Jas/Todd dressed in black head to toe. He is not pulling off the leather jacket.
    Roger's hair is going to fall out with the use of all that bleach.

    How long do you think it is going to be before Ava sleeps with Morgan?

    I agree with Scotty, Laura is a little too obsessed with Luke for a woman married to someone else.

  3. hmmm...Wouldn't Silas be able to check Kiki's DNA? It is on file now and as Danny's doctor he would have access to those records.

    Joey and Kevin? Dorian/Joey? Must be more OLTL references since Ron seems to rewrite a lot of those plots.

  4. I could do without Silas and Ava and Kiki and franko. They were the only thing I did not like about the show today.

  5. Kelly's: Oh boy Laura got so defensive with Scotty!!! ROFL! Leslie!!!! :) Yes Leslie you help your daughter, cus she still loves Luke. :)

    Morgan and Michael: Woah what a scene! :) Oh and Morgan wins the line of the day.

    Morgan: Mom and dad are insane doing what they do.

    ROFL! He called his parents insane!!! Oh Morgan I could kiss you hahaha!

    The hospital: The StarKi, Silas, Ava scene was very interesting! Okay NOW I know Ava is hiding the fact that Silas is StarKi's father! :) I mean lying about StarKi's age, and trying to get StarKI out of the room when Silas is there!! Oh and there is superhero Morgan with his superhero ears who can hear through doors! He won't be happy when he finds out that Michael and StarKi aren't cousins! :) FrancJasTod is with his "son"! He has a tumor!!!!!!!!!!!! Leslie gets busted by Monica!!!! ROFL! I hope we see the next scene with them and it doesn't happen off screen. :( The Scotty and Tracy scene happened off screen. :(

    Sam's home: FracJasTod took his "son" home awwwwwwwww! :)

    Q home: Monica and Tracy scene! Love it!!! :)

    Karen love the cat scan picture! ROFL!

  6. THANKS for loving the CAT scan Sonya! :) LOL I was dying today thinking about what would be in his brain. Patrick had half the town looking at it. LOL

  7. kdmask said...THANKS for loving the CAT scan Sonya! :) LOL
    You're welcome hahaha!

    I was dying today thinking about what would be in his brain. Patrick had half the town looking at it. LOL
    Half the town hahahaha! Fronky is in his brain hahaha!

  8. RH in that black tshirt and leather jacket is wrong in so many ways


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