Saturday, July 27, 2013

General Hospital Kick Off Event

Some great photos are coming in!! You saw Lisa down there with's a photo of Lily Melgar -- why WAS SHE THERE?? 

Hmmmmm spec that she's Sabrina's mama (pre-Sonny I guess) and will appear as a ghost again? or is she alive!!?

Friend Terry, Alberta's Ambassador this year and Connie Towers (in a lobster-red dress)

There are a LOT of fabulous photos on ALL MY WRITERS blog-- everyone from "Logan" (Remember him, what's HE doing there!!!? )  to John J York. ENJOY!  

Brandon and Kirsten


  1. Love the pictures, especially of Kristen and Brandon. They look very happy.

  2. Oh, Karen, thanks sooo much for sharing the photos of the event, they were TRULY WONDERFUL!! I'm sad to say, I didn't even know they still have GH fan events--where was it held?

  3. Connie and Alberta do match, don't they? LOL Impeccable color-coordination ;) Connie ages so beautifully, doesn't she?


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