Sunday, May 31, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Memory Lane

Just felt wrong not doing one! So... let's talk this past week's shows for a bit, shall we? What a walk down memory lane! I swear it was like wearing a comfy old shoe. Who did I see that I forgot existed? What story lines had I totally blanked out on (quite a few it seems!!) 

*NOTE:  I'm sitting here trying to decide if I should publish today. It seems trivial after a night like last night. My little city had a peaceful demonstration for 4 hours and then... well, all hell broke loose. To the good people; organizers, volunteers, first responders etc, thank you. With change comes chaos and with work and hope come healing. 
I hope the person reading this understands that I'm aware of the pain but think we all need a little ray of  sunshine as well. 

Thursday, May 28, 2020

GREETINGS! Are you all enjoying the Nurses Ball?? I wanted to pop in and say that you can always watch live or DVR. The episodes are available on Hulu but you have to look up the episode and watch from there (it doesn't automatically pop up). ABC com has them as well but they are also listed by episode. 

I think it's fun to look down memory lane-- especially at characters that are gone (Nathan), actors that left (Kris Alderson/Starr/Kiki) and ... some characters we don't even want to remember (Levi)!! 

People look younger, don't they? LOL. SIX years. Wow. I'm sure I haven't aged that much HA HA. 

Nancy Lee Grahn is hosting a "Covid Support Group" stream with Jane Elliot (Tracy) and Kim Zimmer! 
You can see it tonight on You Tube. Search Nancy Lee Grahn 

Other than that, we are entering our PHASE 2 openings tomorrow. I have no idea what that means btw. I'm hoping for a hair trim soon! 

Take care! 

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Today's Show

2014 repeat as you know but I'm jumping in to say...THESE TWO WERE ON!! And a VERY young Spencer 

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Press Pause

I think we just sit here for months, Michael. 
Well, there you have it! All the shows aired that were taped. We didn't get huge cliffhangers because no one knew what was coming but we did get some unanswered questions! Today I give you my thoughts on how they should continue: 


AVA'S PARTY   I'm hoping when the portrait is revealed it's in the nude. YEP. Just my 2 cents to create a little drama. Then, Nikolas and Ava give in to each other and have sex right there in the Art Studio after everyone leaves. 


CUSTODY HEARING:  Dr. O breaks in at the last minute, free from jail, dragging Brad behind her. (don't ask how they got out, they just did) STOP! STOP DESE PROCEEDINGS!! I KNOWS DE TRUTHS! Chaos ensues. 


MAXIE'S "ILLNESS": We all knew there was a spoiler out there that someone is pregnant. Well, turns out it's not her. That's just a touch of the flu.  Peter catches it from her and dies. The end. 


VALENTIN:  Finally gets enough ELQ shares and walks in with Skye on his arm during a board meeting. She's pissed and out for blood. 


SASHA: Leaves for Milan and is gone for good. Don't care if she's hooked on coke or not. Just BYE. 


MARTIN GRAY: Falls for Lucy during the Nurses Ball.  


MIKE'S DEATH: Prompts Sonny to have to have the painful decision whether or not to get tested for the Alzheimer's gene. Same for Michael and Kristina.  


ELIZABETH: Goes and finds Hayden. It's a girl adventure. Starring two women.  Franco stays behind. Opens a bakery with Aiden. 


MOLLY and TJ:  I'm not quite sure. I have a lot of ideas, but none of them involve Brando who can go back to Chicago. BYE.


JAX AND NINA: Move to Sydney where she'll run Crimson AUS edition. BYE. 


CYRUS: Kills Jordan, gets caught...goes to jail (For reals). Mac is Commish. The end. 


CARLY: Develops Vocal Nodes. Pretty severe. Must be on total vocal rest for 3 months. She learns sign language. 


Strange times, isn't it? As everything starts to reopen, we have to wonder if GH will be in production soon. There's 6 weeks of reruns so if they start taping soon, it should come together during the summer. We'll have Mike's death, the Nurses Ball... custody and all that. Because of the stretching of episodes and weird editing the last few months have been um... "interesting"?? Here's hoping it comes back stronger and we can't wait to watch again! 

The Nurses Balls will be airing during your GH slot, starting with 2014. I will tune in now and again and pop in with reviews and news. The Daytime Emmys will be on CBS  June 26. Full list of Noms here:  DAYTIME EMMYS. GH leads the pack in nominations! 

Steve Burton (Jason)
Jon Linstrom (Ryan/Kevin)
Finola Hughes (Anna)
Maura West (Ava)
Tamara Braun (Kim)
Rebecca Buding (Hayden)
James Patrick Stewart (Valentin)
Katelyn McMacMullen (Willow)
Eden McCoy (Josslyn)
Michael Knight (Martin/Tad)
Note:  The Song "North Star"  that was performed by William Lipton (Cameron) at last year's Nurses Ball was nominated as well. 

Take care! I hope you're getting back to some kind of normal where you are. Here in NY state it's a slow process but I think Phase 2 will be coming at the end of next week. 

Thursday, May 21, 2020

EMMY NOMS and "Last Show"

The end is here.
Last pre-taped episode before COVID-19 ... 


Brook thinks she overhears Olivia talking to her lover. No, it's her psychic because she can't get answers about Dante. Olivia is just upset about Dante and Rocco asking Dustin to the Dad's Day thing at school 

Deception shoot: Post Druggie Sasha did good on the photo shoot! Valentin says Deception will sponsor the Nurses Ball. WELP> WHAT Nurses Ball :sobbing: 
Valentin tells Sasha he's sorry about Willow and Michael getting married. She's like None of your business.

OMG PEOPLE I THINK MAXIE IS PREGNANT. And I am NOT kidding you. SOMEONE Is...and she just got dizzy. UGHHHHH and later she's not hungry booooo

Robert and Laura. He thinks Holly is alive! He thinks she's being held somewhere.  He wonders if she has Luke's number. She says no but Tracy probably does. He goes to the Qs and is nice and comforting to Olivia. Ned gets the phone number from his mother. 

Nelle is on the stand. Sam comes in. Nelle says how finding out Wiley was alive for her and how Julian being his supposed grandfather brought them closer together.  Yada yada, objections, yada yadda. Julian gets on the stand. Diane goes through all of his charges, Mob stuff, trying to kill Alexis and the rest. 
Sam leaves. Later, Jules goes in the hall to talk to her and she slaps him :"You're dead to me"

Nina comes in to testify for Nelle. 

EMMY STUFF:  Thanks to @BuzzWorthyRadio for listing them on Twitter 

#GH has the most nominations with 23, while #DAYS comes in at 22. #YR has 21 nominations, and #BoldandBeautiful has 13! #DaytimeEmmys






Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Takes Away Everything You Are

LOL. Parry Shen put this out there.. :) (not real but I wish!!) 

Aw Mike...Steve Burton did a great job in that scene. They talk about Mike's condition and if he would want to stay on machines. 
YOU NEED TO WATCH THESE SCENES ... So good. Both Maurice and Steve do a great job and Max Gail just laying there is ... powerful 

Lulu and Laura talking about the party Ava is throwing. Lulu doesn't want to go.. Laura does. Nikolas comes in and apologizes to Laura and asks what he should do about Spencer. She says to go be a father to him. 

Ava and Nikolas... taking about Franco. Boring.

Franco and Ava talking about Nikolas.  Boring 

Court House.... Willow deleted her Chillow pics on her phone. She looks spray tanned. 

Nelle practicing her speech to the judge and Tad tells her to "add more feeling" 


Carly's on the stand. They go through her relationship with Nelle. Then Martin brings up her shooting TONY JONES --her lover/step father and going to ShadyBrook!  Michael gets up. Martin asks him if he really loves Willow. Michael dances around it and says yes. Then Martin says: But are you IN love with her?  He says she loves Wiley and they could provide a loving, stable home for him.  Martin says that there's a darker side to Willow and brings up her getting fired by the PC Elementary School because of parent complaints. 
She got a good letter from her Principal though and the hospital loves her. 
Next on the stand? Nelle Benson Jerome! 

One more day of regular programming I believe. I think tomorrow is it! Oh man... so sad and I hope they are back soon. 

HEY! CBS is airing the DAYTIME EMMYS!! (Virtual) Must need content! I don't care, I'm just happy. Hit the link for details. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Sonny and Jason bully Julian...GET ANNULMENT OR ELSE! 

Nelle and Nina... Nina says that shes' going to find her daughter . Nelle tells Nina she married Julian. Nina can't believe it. They talk and Nina's trying to find out why Julian would have married her. 

Franco and Scotty!! They'd better eat soon! Nope, just coffee. Scotty tells him to be wary of Nikolas. Franco says they are fine. Then Scotty tells him about Laura and working at the disco and he trusted her. 

Diane at The Metro talking to Mike and Wills and Carly "I just called Alexis and told her her sleeze ex husband married Nelle" . Martin Gray comes in. Banter ...yada yada. Oh, what about him and Diane?? Hmmmm...

Mike's: Nikolas is showing him photos of Spencer. Mike isn't responding. Liz comes in.  They talk about their friendship, Spencer....and Ava. 

Later, Sonny comes in and yells at Nikolas. UGH.. then Jason and Liz talk about what's going on with Mike. (dying). 

MY TV FROZE AT 2:40!! Damn it, no one wants me to see all of GH !!!!!! ughhhhh!! 

I'm TOTALLY TEAM JUNELLE!! :) YEP. Sorry, NOT sorry! 

TONIGHT: The Story of Soaps!! 9pm/est ABC !! WATCH!! 

Monday, May 18, 2020

Ya killin' me

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This is ME...literally. I EVEN MADE POPCORN TO WATCH live because I wanted to see Nelle's new hubby without spoilers, yada yada. I Get settled and MY DAMN LOCAL news channel has a bunch of weenies on TALKING ABOUT NOTHING ....and I mean NOTHING. It was all about guidelines, but not really guidelines "since we can't open without state guidelines" SO LET'S DISCUSS THAT CRAP . 
I 'm so angy. 


Saturday, May 16, 2020

Wubs Update

HELLO everyone! It's been a weird couple of days for me. I found out my preschool won't be opening in September. I just got the position at the school (as opposed to going to houses) and loved it. I worked at schools for 9 years before leaving to stay at home with my son and it was great to be going back. Now, we are going to be expected to Zoom our therapy (even with new kids) and 3 and 4 year olds for 30 min on a computer is probably one of the most stressful things I've done. I love the computer but there's only so much you can do without physically being there. So.. choices to make. Haven't felt much like watching a soap or blogging. 

What could possibly go wrong NOW?? 

We know GH is "ending" this next week and what will follow are fairly recent Nurses Ball episodes. I'll probably tune in for the early ones and see how it goes. I'll keep up with news for you and post when it pops up.  There may be more Zooms with actors. The "Story of Soaps" will air next week on Tuesday ABC/9pm/est and should be a fun ride. 


That said, instead of doing a Sunday Surgery tomorrow, I'm going to do a "Finale" Surgery towards the end of the week.   We will have the custody hearing to discuss and the fake weddings that were set up. Since GH didn't know they were ending when they did who knows where it will 'stop'. 

Please be kind to each other during these times.  The discord in the country is almost impossible to bear on top of the virus anxiety. Look for updates next week. Hope the weather is finally spring like for you--we are still working on it! Thank you for your continued reading of this very old blog LOL.. I realized I started my Buzz for Buffy in 1997 on Gedstern's site and it has morphed into this! It's been a minute!! 


Wednesday, May 13, 2020


I'm so ready for JUNELLE!! YEAH!!! Not really here for MILLOW but.. cute (and a bit strange) wedding. Who has that kind of dress in their closet? 

Robert wakes up and falls off a couch. He passed out at Laura's! SO HAPPY!! I love these two. She kids him that the were romantical last night. Actually he just showed up drunk and she let him sleep on the couch.  He tells her about Holly. She went down on a WSB ship that sank. She says he needs to say goodbye to her. 

Carly talking to Olivia. She wants her to drop a house on Nelle LOL Dustin and Lulu walk up... Dustin tries to butter up Olivia by asking her how to make cupcakes. Olivia asks what for. Lulu says "Well...Rocco's take your DAD TO WORK DAY"! what!!?? OMG!! LOL . Carly takes Dustin to the side and asks him if he should really do this.. it's still raw with the Dante situation. Lulu meanwhile, talks to Olivia and says Rocco wants Dusty to be his "honorary uncle". 

Chase has a HOT SHOWER DREAM about he and Willow!! WWOOOOTTT! Then Mac calls him and says "get your ass into work" (more or less). 

Willow wakes up, looks sad. Puts on her giant-ass'd rings! 
Brook and Michael are in the living room, talking about how great Willow is...Willow walks in. Brook leaves. Willow and Michael say how much the don't regret being married, yada yada. 

Ava has Avery in, seeing Mike. Mike is smiling and looks happy. Sonny and Ava talk. She says Avery isn't as afraid as the older kids because she doesn't understand the disease. Sonny is happy they are together. She draws a picture of Sonny riding his bike. Awww, really good scenes .. Doctor tells Sonny they will need to put Mike on a feeding tube as he's not eating. Or they won't and he will just slip away. Sonny tears up. Michael comes along and tells him to trust his instincts. 

GOOD SHOW today, not too many 

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Willow Wedding

I WAS going to weigh in on the Willow/Michael wedding today but alas, we had our Gov. on here in NYS--- lots to cover because parts are opening up. 


Use this space to let others know about the wedding. I heard non-alcoholic white wine and white rice for dinner. 

OH! On Thursday May 21st,  you can catch a OLTL reunion of sorts-- "Max,  and Blair"--"Bo and Nora" and David Vickers!! Here's the You Tube LINK for it--- 2pm/est  on Thursday 

Monday, May 11, 2020

General Hospital to air classic Nurses Balls May 15th-June 12th

That's right! General Hospital has decided to air older Nurses Balls during the pandemic to cheer us and have a little entertainment while we wait for everything to tape again. 

The episodes will start in 2014 and I think they'll progress up through 2019.  TV Line has all the details.  It looks like Thursday will be the last 'regular' show before the repeats start. Maybe I'll watch after all. I thought we had until the end of the month!! 

Hope you are all well. I'm watching Little House on the Prairie one after the other!! 


SO, I'm going to go on a brief break from the blog. This is mostly to do with the fact there is so little new content on the show, I just don't have a lot to write about. 1-2x a week might be best for summary reports. 
If something fun happens I might pop on. Good news: Rochester and Finger-Lakes can soft open starting Friday. Thank you!! Thank you!! WHOOT! I won't be going back to work because schools are still closed but the rest? So happy. 

Meanwhile, a sneak peak of Michael and Willow's White White Wedding: 

Cake... NO sprinkles!! 


Signature Cocktail 

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Sunday Surgery: BoredWalk

Don't come for me, sister!!! 

Oh boy, it gets harder and harder to sit and write these each week! I feel like the show is standing still ..then going backwards! Such a strange time. I'm starting to notice more and more the efforts to stretch things to the absolute thinnest to take up more time. This is not a good thing. I wish they would have had  2 days of repeats and just kept the shows the same. 
This will be short. Not too sweet but.... short. 


Grab whatever you have around the house since stocking up for the lock-down. I have enough carbs for everyone! 

photo thx to: @eyecandydf 

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Flashback Friday- I mean Thursday

Hospital: Michael and Sasha in the elevator. She tells him to stop being so nice. 

Finn and Willow. Finn says he's sorry his brother is such an idiot. He thinks Chase told her the truth? WELP that's a no.
When Michael and Sasha step out of the elevator, Willow is there. 

Portia and Trina talking about Trina being nervous to walk home. She's also worried about her mom a lot. FLASHBACKS to Jordan telling Trina about Taggert. MORE flashbacks. 


Metro: Laura is eating, Carly asks her what is up. They talk about the custody hearing.  WHY AREN'T WILLOW AND MICHAEL MARRIED YET? I mean?? Wasn't this all about the custody hearing?  Nelle flashbacks. 
Then Cyrus comes over an snarks. I had such high hopes for this character. YAWN

Docks: Sonny, Curtis and Jason talking about what TJ remembers. FLASHBACKS GALORE ..More Flashbacks. 
Curtis wants Cyrus dead.. and Sonny to do it. FLASHBACKS to the shooting. 

PCPD: Mac is investigating the whole thing. He tells Jordan what TJ remembers MORE TJ FLASHBACKS! ;..More flashbacks. 

Later: Mac realizes something is fishy with Jordan and the whole kidnapping story.

Sorry about the blog but the entire show was a bunch of flashbacks. I mean it was painful 



Tuesday, May 5, 2020


So, we have a local presser on CLINICAL TRIALS in our area..and NO GH.

I'l watch it on Hulu and get back to you! 

Monday, May 4, 2020

Banter Day

Liz and Franco 'arguing' over Ava using his 'bad boy reputation' to unveil her portrait by him. It's been 10 years since he was at MOCA and went after Jason. BOO I miss James Franco. She brings up his brain tumor. Franco's been offered a lot of money to tell his story. Liz is upset.  He wants to use his notorious reputation to sell art. She says she never did that, just had her art speak for itself. Franco says: Well, you've never been a real artist. 
OH NO HE DIDN'T!! yep, he did!!  She tells him to just go and finish Ava's painting. HE goes to Spoon Island. 

Julian and Dr. Neil arguing over Alexis. Julian gets everyone coming in bitching at him in his empty bar.  They are basically having a pissing contest over Alexis. Julian finally tells Neil that 

Davis Girls at the charity clothing drive. Arguing about ..Brando. Alexis comes in, wants to know what they are fighting about.  Molly tells her about the domestic partnership. Alexis says: oh, that's interesting but I can tell that's not what you're arguing with. Molly says she slept with someone else. Alexis is like WHAT? did he take advantage of you?! Molly: NO!! I wanted it basically. Then Sam and Kristina argue. Sam says she's only on parole because she was saving Kristina's butt from Shiloh! Krissy says: So it's all my fault? Sam: YES! 

Brando and Jason at the gym. Jason tells him he rides a Fat Boy Honda and Brando says Sam was at the garage. He says it's because he called people who joined cults stupid but Jason knows that's a lie. 

Nikolas and Ava. Spencer wrote and wants to give Nikolas a second chance. IF he leaves Ava. He says yeah! She says she'll still hold him to the 90% of the estate if he divorces her. He's like "But it's not cheating, it's my SON"!! She says so what. Too bad. Nik goes to GH to see Liz. 

Sunday, May 3, 2020



Oh boy.. another week and.. another blog that begs the question: What day is it really!? (and, does it matter!!??) 
Let's dive in and take a look see at the shennanigans on GH. 

YES, it still bugs the hell out of me it's "Summer" in Port Charles. I know it shouldn't but damn, we still don't have any leaves yet! 

Blogger has changed it's editing shell and I'm not one to love change after doing something one way for almost 20 years so... 
bear with me! 

I think I'd better fast today. I'm going on Covid-19 pounds plus I think! LOL 

GH: Monday YET Tuesday

  I'm watching Monday's GH before work and my husband is like WHATTTTTTTTTTT we will FIX THAT ANTENNA!! LOL (we can get CBS, PBS, FO...