Sunday, May 10, 2020

Sunday Surgery: BoredWalk

Don't come for me, sister!!! 

Oh boy, it gets harder and harder to sit and write these each week! I feel like the show is standing still ..then going backwards! Such a strange time. I'm starting to notice more and more the efforts to stretch things to the absolute thinnest to take up more time. This is not a good thing. I wish they would have had  2 days of repeats and just kept the shows the same. 
This will be short. Not too sweet but.... short. 


Grab whatever you have around the house since stocking up for the lock-down. I have enough carbs for everyone! 

photo thx to: @eyecandydf 


READ OF THE WEEK:  Speaking of mother's day..  Kristina basically told Sam she was a bad mother who is in love with a man that actually prefers Carly and Sonny over her.  "All I ever wanted was my family to be safe" said Sam.  Krissy "no, you had that with Drew..then it was ride or die time again" ahahha! YEP. Molly then said that Krissy was just JELLY of Sam and Jason's WUB.  Alexis then proceeded to shut them all up by saying she drank again. Ah, the Davis girls were sure the best part of the watch. 

Side note: Sam said the only reason she got involved with Shiloh was because of Kristina. Um, she was married to his Daddy--and that was the connection and why Shiloh singled her out. But..okay. 


BEER DRINKING OF THE WEEK:  Oh, Robert... it seems Holly is really dead. Or at least that's how it looks. Robert went to the Rib and tied one on talking about Holly. Everyone was upset. Mac, Felicia, Anna-- then Peter and Maxie had to walk in :eyeroll:  Peter acts surprised to hear Holly is dead and calls in his goonie. What happened? The goon wasn't sure but they didn't kill her. Later Anna says it's a WSB matter. Hmmm, is this all a ruse by Robert to trap Peter? *sigh*. Thing is .. I just don't care. Yep. sad but true. Don't care. 


CHARMER OF THE WEEK:  So, big bad Cyrus invites Mrs. Mayor and Mrs. Mob his housewarming party? You think he'll serve crab cakes? YAWN


"CONFLICT" OF THE WEEK: Since we have to get Liz near Nik... and Ava near Franco we need a little fight to do that. Enter Ava's party for her artwork. Seems Liz takes offense to her using Franco's notorious past to puff up the importance of it all.  Liz doesn't like it. Franco laughs.. he knows what people think of him. Then he proceeds to tell Liz she's "not a real artist" so she couldn't possibly know. Stupid thing to say. Whole thing was just stupid.  Ava and Nik desperately need to be played up with sexual tension and developing their own strained relationship. Instead we get this foolishness. 



Davis girls argue and truths come out, feelings are hurt
Mac is suspicious that Jordan might know more than she's saying
Mike and Sonny enjoy a Yankees game on TV 
Ava is having a portrait unveiling party 
Liz and Franco are having a tiff
Sonny decides to lull Cyrus into a false sense of safety
Brook Lynn misses and hits Sasha
Willow is sad
Michael is sad
Sasha and Chase; sad
Nelle meets with her lawyer again, promises to win Wiley
Nelle asks Nina to testify for her in court. Nina considers it
Neil and Julian exchange verbal barbs over Alexis 
Spencer writes a letter to Nikolas

So.. this week was really a nothing week to be honest. Waiting for Mike to die-- waiting for Millow wedding even tho I don't really want to see that bland display of mayo. Oh boy-- I just hope things perk up a bit. 

I'm hoping we have some soft-opens after next week in our county.  That will be nice. We are lucky to have our dog groomer on the go so they can operate their vans. SHE has a haircut--it's the rest of us that need them! 


  1. Thank you, Karen. Terrific Sunday Surgery as usual.

  2. Thanks Karen. My Sunday morning can at least maintain its pattern when I can happily read my Sunday Surgery as I sip my coffee.

    And I need a hair cut so bad that I'd get down and bark for your doggie van right now. lol

  3. Thank you for the great SS!
    Actually they do have 2 days of reruns...Thursday/Friday.
    Doesn't anyone think that at Wiley's custody hearing the shocking reveal will be that Willow and Michael got married?
    The only really good story right now will sadly soon end. Mike.
    My groomer is in her own garage so I'm lucky with that.
    Happy Mother's Day to you all!

  4. Thanks Karen. Happy Mother's day to all you Mother's.

  5. The only thing I enjoyed all week was Krissy's wake up call for Sam. Happy Mother's w all

    1. I loved krissy calling out sam. been waiting years for that.

  6. The Davis girls were the entertainment of the week! I usually don’t care for Kristina much but I loved her telling Sam what’s what! Nina was the frustration of the week, I thought she’d at least get the Nelle reveal before she started supporting her. I get it, she’s projecting. But once she finds out Nelle is her kid she’s going to turn extremely unlikeable. Brooke Lyn needs to stop punching people. It’s gotten very old, very quick. There’s a way to write a “fiery “ character and that’s not it.


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