Thursday, May 21, 2020

EMMY NOMS and "Last Show"

The end is here.
Last pre-taped episode before COVID-19 ... 


Brook thinks she overhears Olivia talking to her lover. No, it's her psychic because she can't get answers about Dante. Olivia is just upset about Dante and Rocco asking Dustin to the Dad's Day thing at school 

Deception shoot: Post Druggie Sasha did good on the photo shoot! Valentin says Deception will sponsor the Nurses Ball. WELP> WHAT Nurses Ball :sobbing: 
Valentin tells Sasha he's sorry about Willow and Michael getting married. She's like None of your business.

OMG PEOPLE I THINK MAXIE IS PREGNANT. And I am NOT kidding you. SOMEONE Is...and she just got dizzy. UGHHHHH and later she's not hungry booooo

Robert and Laura. He thinks Holly is alive! He thinks she's being held somewhere.  He wonders if she has Luke's number. She says no but Tracy probably does. He goes to the Qs and is nice and comforting to Olivia. Ned gets the phone number from his mother. 

Nelle is on the stand. Sam comes in. Nelle says how finding out Wiley was alive for her and how Julian being his supposed grandfather brought them closer together.  Yada yada, objections, yada yadda. Julian gets on the stand. Diane goes through all of his charges, Mob stuff, trying to kill Alexis and the rest. 
Sam leaves. Later, Jules goes in the hall to talk to her and she slaps him :"You're dead to me"

Nina comes in to testify for Nelle. 

EMMY STUFF:  Thanks to @BuzzWorthyRadio for listing them on Twitter 

#GH has the most nominations with 23, while #DAYS comes in at 22. #YR has 21 nominations, and #BoldandBeautiful has 13! #DaytimeEmmys







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  2. So tomorrow's GH will be from April 1, 2015 52th Anniversary episode. Karen wasn't around that day! She said and I quote,

    "Quick note to say Hellooo from The Happiest Place On Earth! Have a good Friday--I'm off to Epcot tomorrow!"

    HA! :) And for some odd reason I didn't make any comments about the episode.. Not sure why.

    1. I deleted my comment. I'm in a mood and today's show made me boil. And no MG. I wish you would make your comments about today. I need a laugh.

    2. "zazu says, I deleted my comment. I'm in a mood and today's show made me boil. And no MG."

      *BEARHUGS* Wait who is MG?

      "I wish you would make your comments about today. I need a laugh."

      OH! I was talking about the episode for tomorrow. :) That I didn't make any comments back then. I don't know what happened. I will make comments for today's episode. :)

    3. Max Gail. I do think he won last year but so what. One of the best actors and story lines GH has had in a while...IMO.

  3. Funny but I didn't immediately think pregnant when Maxie got dizzy. I was wondering f someone had finally remembered she had a heart transplant as a kid. Perhaps it's starting to fail.

    I hope Sasha tosses those pills. They finally made her a likeable character and now they're going down that road. I hate it. Won't watch that storyline at all.

    And I hope the fact that her family may lose their company, and she's helping that happen, might finally make Brook Lynn grow up.


    Deception: Nurses ball talk YAY, but sad. :( James Patrick Stewart sounds like he has a little cold.

    Sasha: She keeps blinking fast. I still can't believe she took the whole thing of Coke!!! I bet during the photo shoot, she was lit up like a Christmas tree! Nobody noticed!!!! OH MY! That same lady who gave her the coke before, gave her more!!! YIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKES! Next time Sasha, just take a little bit!!!

    Hiney and Maxie: RA RO! Maxie dizzy! Oh no! She got the preggers!!! Dammit all to hell I don't want a Hiney Jr!!!!!!!!! GAHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Sasha and V.C.: Ummmm. Miss. Blinky and Mr. I have a cold. OO

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Maxie and Hiney: I think Maxie just realized she got the preggers! She is looking at the calender!!! EEEEP!

    Robert and Laura: OH MY! Robert! You want Luke's phone number!! YAY! Wait how come Robert doesn't have Luke's number?

    Laura and V.C.: Hmmm no animosity?! No angry? I likey! :)

    Q home:

    Brooky and Olivia: I was thinking Olivia is not having an affair Brooky! She is talking to her psychic!!! Olivia is the type!!! Oh I'm right!!! SEE!!!! I know Olivia so well. :)

    Brooky, Olivia, and Ned: Poor Olivia! :( I just want to hug her!!!! She is struggling so badly! :( What is with that belt on her? It looks strange! I think it's afraid of Olivia and wants to leave quietly and quickly! OO

    Robert and Ned: Huh?!!?! Luke is scratchy about Ned giving out Luke's phone number?!!?! But Ned, Robert and Luke are best friends!!!!!

    Robert and Olivia: Great scene!!!! :) Oh my Robert touches Olivia's hand and Ned is jelly! Oh oh. Are Robert and Olivia going to have an affair? EEP! Oh Ned gave Robert, Luke's phone number! YAY! Ohhhhh are Robert and Luke going to have an adventure to look for Holly?!!?!?! Are they going to show it!?!?!?! I hope the answer is yes and yes!

    Metrocourt restaurant part 2:

    Link and Brooky: So basically,

    Brooky: Who did you give the shares to?

    Link: Nanner nanner nanner. I'm not telling!


    V.C.: Get out of here Link!

    Brooky: and V.C.: Oh they finally meet. How sweet. :)


    Nax: Ahem!!! Karen!!!! :) I will talk about them since you don't want to! :) On twitter she called Jax that other guy! No no no. That other guy is Hiney!!! Nina is all worried about Nelle. Don't worry Nina!!! Nelle can take care of herself! She is a master at that.


    Nelle on the stand: Awwww Nelle is so much in love with Julian. She nicknamed him Jules. Awwww!! :) The love is so strong with these two! You can just feel it! Oh she is running a bus over Brad. Over and over and over again, back and forth. It's okay, Brad can handle it. He can steal that bus and run Nelle over and over again too! :) Oh look Nina shows up, and the look on Sam and Carly's face hahahahaha!

    Sam and Julian: Oh look! Sam slaps Julian. Give me a break. I don't really want to hear her hypocrisy.

    Sam: You are dead to me!

    Oh! Well what a coincidence! You are dead to me too Sam! Did you forget that your husband is a mob enforcer? Jason is so perfect in your eyes eh?

    1. I don't know why everyone is assuming that Sasha took coke. It's not usually in pill form anyway. I think she took some kind of amphetamine. College students sometimes take them to keep them awake and alert during exam time.

    2. Di It wasn’t in pill form! It was in powder form!:)

    3. hmmm...I think I need my eyes checked. Looked like pills in the bottle. And she opened her mouth and swallowed them all. I didn't think one swallowed cocaine like that.

    4. “Di says hmmm...I think I need my eyes checked. Looked like pills in the bottle. And she opened her mouth and swallowed them all. I didn't think one swallowed cocaine like that.”

      Wait what? I think I need my eyes checked because I never saw her open her mouth to take the drug! 😂

    5. Thank you for the last original episode recap Sonya (wow, that was a mouthful!) it was most appreciated! I hope you continue recapping the Nurse's Balls and beyond. :)

      Olivia and Robert are just too cute, I really like them together, even though I'm a fan of Ned, too.

      I laughed out loud when Mumbles said Julian was dead to her. Does anyone even care anymore about who's on her "dead-to-me" list? Hypocritical little snot.

      Seriously? A Hinny Jr.? Noooooooooooooo!

    6. "Julie H says, Thank you for the last original episode recap Sonya it was most appreciated!"

      Awwww! You're welcome!! :)

      "(wow, that was a mouthful!"


      "I hope you continue recapping the Nurse's Balls and beyond. :)"

      Yeah I will. :)

      "Olivia and Robert are just too cute, I really like them together, even though I'm a fan of Ned, too."

      Yeah me too! :)

      "I laughed out loud when Mumbles said Julian was dead to her. Does anyone even care anymore about who's on her "dead-to-me" list? Hypocritical little snot."

      Hahaha I don't care! :)

      "Seriously? A Hinny Jr.? Noooooooooooooo!"

      I KNOW!!!!! UGH!

  5. steve burton lead actor, is that a joke?

    1. Tamara is what sent me over the edge. Yuck.

      I did read on some on-line thing, that Max Gail did not submit anything. If that's true, I must go find him and smack him around. Whatever was he thinking?! :)

  6. Wow. What a crazy list of nominees.

  7. Please tell me I am missing it. Is Max Gail not up for an award? I don't see his name anywhere. Boy, he better be. I think he should win all the awards this year

  8. How how did they just drop Lucas? No one checked on him. Why didn’t he testify? Brad testify? Lucas hasn’t seen Wiley and no one even acknowledged ‘wonder how Lucas is doing’. These things drive me nuts!,,,

  9. In what universe is Max Gail (Mike) *NOT* nominated for an Emmy? Seriously, he blows virtually everyone else away. Grrr. (But crossing my fingers that Maura West wins.)

  10. In order to be considered for an Emmy, the actor/actress has to submit a video of one of their scenes. Max Gail did not submit anything so therefore could not be in contention. As for Tamara Braun, if she submitted one of her better scenes from when she first came on the show, it would effect the voting. Same is true for all of them actually.

  11. Maybe because Max Gail and Maurice Benard won last year they didn't submit this year.
    Yesterday's last new show was just a show. This is the way I thought it should go: Julian on the stand, under oath, hemming and hawing when suddenly he blurts out the truth...all of it including his role in the car crash. Everything. The end. Then when the show comes back it could go away if needed, like a thought bubble in Julian's mind. A cliffhanger was definitely in order for this break. Oh well.

  12. Can't believe that Nina is a sucker for Nelle now. She is so gullible

  13. Saw online that every Soap except GH was renewed. Hope it is so we can see the end of Peter - Hayden comes back - Anna gets her brain & spine back - Maxie is not pregnant with the "Devil Seed" - Willow chokes on her Halo - Spencer returns - and Wylie's story ends.

  14. Today's episode. April 1, 2015 52th Anniversary episode.

    Patricia's room:

    Pat, Bobbie, Lulu, and Tracy: Pat was explaining to everyone what happened when Luke, Bobbie, and her were children. Pat wants to go see Luke in their childhood home.

    Spencer childhood home: Laura Wright was great as the Spencer mother!!! She did a fantastic job! Chloe Lanier did great too as Pat! I remember watching Chloe Lanier and thinking she is awesome I want her to join GH! :) I am so glad she joined GH! :) Luke struggled to remember what happened when he was younger. He of course finally remembered that he accidentally killed his mother and killed his father. Great scenes today! All the acting was fantastic!! The Spencer mother wins the line of the day. Young Pat wore pants.

    Spencer mother: Patricia Spencer! What are you doing wearing pants? Who do you think you are? Mary Tyler Moore?


    The hospital:

    Bill and Pat: Young Bill Ekhart and young Pat meet at the hospital! Mama died. Rebecca Herbst played Jessie Brewer! Jason Thompson played Dr. Hardy!

    My flashback Friday: When Robert and Robin first meet.

  15. Just read that Max Gail and Maurice Benard didn't submit for the.Emmys because they wanted others to have a chance to win. That is very nice



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