Wednesday, May 13, 2020


I'm so ready for JUNELLE!! YEAH!!! Not really here for MILLOW but.. cute (and a bit strange) wedding. Who has that kind of dress in their closet? 

Robert wakes up and falls off a couch. He passed out at Laura's! SO HAPPY!! I love these two. She kids him that the were romantical last night. Actually he just showed up drunk and she let him sleep on the couch.  He tells her about Holly. She went down on a WSB ship that sank. She says he needs to say goodbye to her. 

Carly talking to Olivia. She wants her to drop a house on Nelle LOL Dustin and Lulu walk up... Dustin tries to butter up Olivia by asking her how to make cupcakes. Olivia asks what for. Lulu says "Well...Rocco's take your DAD TO WORK DAY"! what!!?? OMG!! LOL . Carly takes Dustin to the side and asks him if he should really do this.. it's still raw with the Dante situation. Lulu meanwhile, talks to Olivia and says Rocco wants Dusty to be his "honorary uncle". 

Chase has a HOT SHOWER DREAM about he and Willow!! WWOOOOTTT! Then Mac calls him and says "get your ass into work" (more or less). 

Willow wakes up, looks sad. Puts on her giant-ass'd rings! 
Brook and Michael are in the living room, talking about how great Willow is...Willow walks in. Brook leaves. Willow and Michael say how much the don't regret being married, yada yada. 

Ava has Avery in, seeing Mike. Mike is smiling and looks happy. Sonny and Ava talk. She says Avery isn't as afraid as the older kids because she doesn't understand the disease. Sonny is happy they are together. She draws a picture of Sonny riding his bike. Awww, really good scenes .. Doctor tells Sonny they will need to put Mike on a feeding tube as he's not eating. Or they won't and he will just slip away. Sonny tears up. Michael comes along and tells him to trust his instincts. 

GOOD SHOW today, not too many 


  1. Michael was looking awfully happy to be marrying the wrong girl

  2. The Mike scenes are so sad.

  3. Is Nelle going to get a character reference from Julian or marry him? He is a former criminal too though

  4. I can't believe that Chase was told to stop harrassing poor Brook Lynn or he'd be investigated by internal affairs or whatever they called it. She assaulted people! Not his fault he was the officer sent to investigate...he's the only one they have. lol I think these writers have been quarantined too long. They have house head! Send them out for a walk and have them rethink that crap!!

    1. Di, all of this stuff was written pre-Covid. I wonder if they still are writing scripts, or if they have stopped. I guess they are writing, and waiting for the lockdown to end. But LA just extended it for 3 more months, so it will be a looong time before they can film. I'm wondering if they will incorporate Covid into the SLs.

    2. Regardless of when they were written that was ridiculous. IMHO Telling a cop to stop arresting her when she assaults people because she's a Quartermaine, and high strung.

  5. Oh ya. Nelle will marry Julian. I just read about how her lawyer suggested she get married too.

  6. Chase's home: YOWZA! Great shower dream! :) Oh I see Willow's tongue when kissing Chase! The actress went all out!! :)

    Q home:

    Brooky and Michael: Wow I think Brooky is in love with Willow! :) Brooky all gushy! :)

    Michael and Willow: You know, I forgot to mention that kiss during their wedding yesterday... That kiss Michael gave Willow, it really affected her! :) Michael is a really good kisser eh Willow? :) Geez Michael no kiss on the cheek eh?

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Olivia and Carly: Hey Olivia!!! You feel better now after your migraine!? :) Carly wins the line of the day.

    Carly: You can drop a house on Nelle.


    Olivia, Carly, Lulu and Dusty: Damn Lulu! SHUT UP! You are so stupid. Don't bring up Dusty is going to go to bring your dad to work day! What the hell!?!?!?

    Carly and Dusty: Damn Carly mind your own business! ROFL!

    Olivia and Lulu: Oh honorary uncle to Rocco. Oh Rocco asked Dusty to go to bring your dad to work day. Well why didn't you say that to begin with idiot?!!?

    Levon's home:

    Laura and Robert: HAHAHHAHA! Love the scene. Love the teasing she did. :) Geez how long was Holly working for the WSB!?!?! I WANT TO KNOW!!!!

    Mike's room:

    Ava, Avery, Sonny and Mike: Geez. I kept saying awwwwwwwwwww! :) Boy Avery's hair looks darker. Must be the lighting..

    Ava and Sonny: Dammit! This made me awwwwwwwwwwwwww! I am glad she apologized to him..

    Avery and Ava: Again awwww!!

    Sonny and worker guy: Or whoever this guy is. Oh oh Sonny you have to figure out what you want to do with Mike!!!! :(

    Michael and Sonny: GAH!!! When Sonny talked about how he isn't ready to let his father go, it made me cry!!!

    Sonny and Mike: DAMMIT!! This scene was heartbreaking!! Mike is spacing out too much!!! Sonny you have to make a decision!! :(

    Police station:

    Mac and Chase: Oh! Love serious Mac at work!! Sexy!!! :)

    Mac and Robert: Holly's file was redacted? What the hell is going on here?!!?!? Mac even wonders there is more to this!

    Chillow: Willow will always care over Chase's feelings. Oh you shouldn't of said that! Now Chase is going to be all depressed and mopey!

  7. I agree, an actual good show.

    I loved, loved, LOVED the Robert/Laura scenes. More, please. I also felt sorry for Chase and Willow. Both did a decent acting job. It was great to see Lucy and the "Mike dying" continues to be the best written and best acted segment of the show. I know I am in the minority here but I am digging Nelle lately. I like when she is wreaking havoc and wise-cracking.

    So, my only complaint today is a BIG one. Would Monica ever let Sonny into the mansion? Ever? He killed one of her sons (AJ), no matter the circumstances. And Alan hated Sonny. Frankly, I thought it was a mistake of the writers and producers to have Sonny kill AJ -- it just goes too far. What's done is done, though, and Monica would never socialize or smile at him.

  8. You are right Kevin. I think MAYBE Monica would let him at the wedding for Michael and Wiley sake, but she would give Sonny such a hard time and definitely not smile and socialize with him.

  9. Baby switch, partner switch...whatever. Nelle will probably get custody least shared. This story line will never end. Maybe when they go back to taping they will fast forward and Wiley will be graduating college.
    One of the best stories ever, Mike, sadly will end.

  10. I really enjoyed the show yesterday. Nothing made me angry, lol! Laura and Robert would be a fabulous couple, and I love her with Doc, so go figure. Ha!

    I so agree with with Kevin above, Monica should NEVER have been that nice to Sonny. Lordy!

    Totally agree with the line of the day. Was Carly hinting that Oliva was the Wicked Witch of the West or Dorothy? :) Oliva's line about being fresh out of tornadoes was a hoot, too!

  11. Well, GH wasn't on until a few minutes at the end. Cuomo was on at 2. I'll have to watch it online.. Anyway, tomorrow's flashback Friday will be March 30, 2018. General Hospital’s 55th Anniversary episode. It's when Sonny pretended that Luke's club was still around! He did it for his father.

  12. This article said that General hospital can save the day again! :)

    1. Good suggestions in this article. I'm old and have watched GH off/on since the beginning. The writers have so much to work with. Hopefully they can get unstuck from 2018 which was not a good year the first time around.

    2. Except for the Mike story.

    3. "zazu says, Except for the Mike story."

      Yeah the Mike story was really good! :)

  13. I loved the Robert and Laura scenes. Don't forget, he did hit on her way, way back. I LOVED the story line of Laura, Luke, Robert and Tiffany on the island. She and Robert have been great friends forever. They need to show the 2 of them together more often. Show some flashbacks from back then. Would be fun

    1. I agree completely! Luke, Laura, Robert, and Tiffany--what a great era in GH history!

  14. Today's ep was good except for the last scene. I didn't like that at all.

  15. Sasha's hotel room:

    Sasha and Maxie: Sasha is still asleep and is late for her photo shoot! Maxie is incensed!!!!

    Photo shoot:

    Nina and Sasha: They are in the elevator together. Sasha is all sad and depressed. Nina doesn't want to twist the knife that is in Sasha's back. Metaphorically speaking. No Nina! Go ahead and twist! :)

    Maxie and Lulu: Maxie is freaking out!!!!

    Maxie, Sasha, Lulu, and Charlie: Sasha comes in looking awful. Charlie wins the line of the day.

    Charlie: I thought you are supposed to be the model. You look terrible.


    Lulu and Sasha: Oh Lulu!!! Why was your first question, about her future and what she sees herself in 5 years!??!! SHUT UP! Oh great now you made her cry! Are you happy now dummy?

    Lulu and Chase: WHAT!!?!? Telling Chase to go see Sasha to see if she is okay?! LULU YOU ARE SO DUMB!

    Nina and Maxie: Nina is giving her a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge pep talk! Be that superstar Nina says! She tells Maxie to toughen up!!! YEAH MAXIE!!!

    Changing room:

    Sasha and worker lady: OH MY! This lady gave her drugs!!!! It looks like a small vial of cocaine!!!!!!

    Sasha and Chase: Oh man! They are so whiny and sad. UGH!

    Photo shoot time: It's starting!!! The camera goes back to the changing room and the small vial of drugs is empty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SASHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well she just got interesting! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    V.C. and Laura: They talk about Charlie. He was really planning on leaving, but decided not to because he didn't want Charlie to feel abandoned! :( Like he felt when he was younger. Wow they actually had a nice scene. :) I liked it.

    V.C. and Martin Grey: OH MY! V.C. wants ALL of the ELQ stocks!!! :)

    Nina, Charlie, V.C., Laura, and Jax: Awww Charlie hugs her grandma Laura! :) Wait Nina aren't you going to say to Charlie to say goodbye to Jax before she leaves? No? Damn!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Anna and Finchy: Meh. They talk about when their wedding is.. Oh sure it's far away! In August.

    Anna, Finchy, and Robert: Oh Robert!!! :( He thinks Anna thinks that Holly is still alive! Well, she could be! You never know!! They are talking about the past! I remember when Robert and Holly were together. I loved them together! I hated when Anna showed up back then and got in the middle between Robert and Holly GRRRRR. Then Robert and Anna got back together and I hated it! They got married and I hated it. I didn't start to fall in love with Robert and Anna together, until their honeymoon! :) It was just so adorably cute and funny! Hahahaha. I can't find their honeymoon on youtube.

    Police station:

    Chase and Carly: Oh Carly shut up. Don't get in the middle of this whole thing.

    Carly: I used to think noble people were stupid. Suckers really.

    HA! And now she has changed and she appreciates what Sasha and Chase have done!!

    Q home:

    Diane, Michael and Willow: Diane is so happy that Millow got married!!!! :)


    Martin Grey and Carly: Oh Carly stop trying to intimidate him!! You are not Sonny! ROFL! Quit trying to acat like a scary mobster wife! HAHAHAHAHA!

    Court begins: Nelle is late!!!!!! Late late late! Late for an important date! ROFL! Oh she runs in!!! Wearing a wedding dress and holding onto a bouquet!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Nelle: I'm so sorry I'm late. The most incredible thing just happened!!

    She shows everyone her wedding ring! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! Who did you marry Nelle? COUGHCOUGHJulian?COUGHCOUGH! HAHAHHAHA! Did you consummate the marriage yet? HAHAHAHAHA! Where is your blushing groom? :) Is your new husband the love of your life? The look on Carly's face! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! PRICELESS! HAHAAHAHHA!

  16. Just UGH about Nell.

    Agree about Sasha being interesting now. Drug addiction story might be good.

    I actually enjoyed Carly with Chase. When she shows a little compassion and not howling like a monkey, I find her tolerable, lol!

    Not watching today's show. I agree with Zazu, 2018 was not a very good year.

  17. I am getting sick of Nell. I thought it would be more interesting if when she tried to blackmail Julian, he killed her. Nobody would know that they had even had a conversation about Brad's car and it would be a murder mystery. There would be a lot of suspects. Hopefully the Nell and Julian marriage will have some good writing.

  18. So that was the last show taped? Is it just going to be repeats or something else to fill the time slot until they can return to tape and bank some new shows?

    I wish I could feel sad about there not being any more new GH for a while, but the stories are so dull, dragged out, and nonsensical that I really don't care. Not caring makes me sadder than there being no more new shows. Oy. I hope the writers use this time to craft some better storylines that are more thought out from start to finish. The stories from the last few years seem to be written and rewritten by different people on different days on the fly without a care as to what has already happened.

    1. "Wanda Woman says, So that was the last show taped?"

      No. The last episode is next week May 21st.

      "Is it just going to be repeats or something else to fill the time slot until they can return to tape and bank some new shows?"

      They are going to start showing the nurses ball on May 25th through and June 12th. The nurses ball will be from 2014 and 2015.

  19. So, today's flashback episode, I will just copy and paste what I said back then. I missed a lot of it anyway because the Mayor was talking about the budget for 2020-2021. I only saw the last few minutes.

    March 30, 2018

    FLASHBACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! :)

    Maxie's home:

    Felicia, Mac, and Maxie: GAH sad!!! :( Snap out of it Maxie!!! You know this is Port Chuckles! He isn't really dead!!! He will be alive in a year or two with amnesia married to a woman and has 3 kids with her.

    Bobbie and Maxie: GAH! BJ!! :( Great scene!

    "Luke's club: LUCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


    Lucy and Doc: A very rare scene with them. I wish Lucy would have talked about Sigmund and that they had a flashback.

    Bobbie and Scotty: Hahahahaha love their scene. :) I want more scenes with them from now on!!!! Scotty wins the line of the day.

    Bobbie: Deep down, I know you miss him.

    Scotty: Like a skin rash.

    ROFL! Aww Scotty do you miss your friednamy Luke? :) Nah not friendamies Bobbie! More like a hateamy! ROFL!

    Lucy, Doc, Mac, and Felicia: I love Mac and Doc as women!!!! Actually Doc looked hot as a woman back then. :)

    Jason and Monica: Awwwww he loves her!!!! Love their scene!!!! The flashback of Monica and Alan hitting each other with those bats, hahahahaha. Hysterical! :) I miss Alan and Monica together.. They always bickered and cheated.. Alan always tried to kill her ROFL! Those were the days. :)

    Mike and Lucy: Wow!!! Mike remembered Lucy as co-owner!!! :)

    Anna: Damn Anna looks so skinny in her dress.

    Carson: They are the only ones dancing at the end there.. Oh oh Sonny Jr is raring to go!!!

    Oh man I want more than one day only!!! Few days or a week's worth of flashbacks!!! COME ON WRITERS! I WANT MORE!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

    1. It may have taken 2 years but you finally got the flashbacks you longed for...and more! LOL

    2. Oh Zazu!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 True and you won! That was so good! 😂😂😂😂

  20. I don't think Nell is leaving anytime soon. Wish she and PLP would get hit by a bus and bye bye. Not going to get my wish

  21. Julian hasn't killed anyone in awhile.

  22. I hope this thing with Holly being dead is not just a way to get Robert off the show for a long time and then story line dropped.

  23. The Anna I know and love



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