Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Takes Away Everything You Are

LOL. Parry Shen put this out there.. :) (not real but I wish!!) 

Aw Mike...Steve Burton did a great job in that scene. They talk about Mike's condition and if he would want to stay on machines. 
YOU NEED TO WATCH THESE SCENES ... So good. Both Maurice and Steve do a great job and Max Gail just laying there is ... powerful 

Lulu and Laura talking about the party Ava is throwing. Lulu doesn't want to go.. Laura does. Nikolas comes in and apologizes to Laura and asks what he should do about Spencer. She says to go be a father to him. 

Ava and Nikolas... taking about Franco. Boring.

Franco and Ava talking about Nikolas.  Boring 

Court House.... Willow deleted her Chillow pics on her phone. She looks spray tanned. 

Nelle practicing her speech to the judge and Tad tells her to "add more feeling" 


Carly's on the stand. They go through her relationship with Nelle. Then Martin brings up her shooting TONY JONES --her lover/step father and going to ShadyBrook!  Michael gets up. Martin asks him if he really loves Willow. Michael dances around it and says yes. Then Martin says: But are you IN love with her?  He says she loves Wiley and they could provide a loving, stable home for him.  Martin says that there's a darker side to Willow and brings up her getting fired by the PC Elementary School because of parent complaints. 
She got a good letter from her Principal though and the hospital loves her. 
Next on the stand? Nelle Benson Jerome! 

One more day of regular programming I believe. I think tomorrow is it! Oh man... so sad and I hope they are back soon. 

HEY! CBS is airing the DAYTIME EMMYS!! (Virtual) Must need content! I don't care, I'm just happy. Hit the link for details. 


  1. At least the last week has been shy of flashbacks.
    Yes, the Sonny/Jason scenes were very good. I am so sad to see this story end. Max Gail is so outstanding. I hope we get to see him win an Emmy on CBS, June 26th!
    I'll make a guess: by the end of June, or even a bit sooner, they'll be back in the studio. Probably have to work with limitations but that's my guess and hope. As is my hope that when they return the baby story ends.

  2. Laura really knows Spencer and I think she knows he'd be thoroughly PO'd if he thought Ava was forcing his father out of his fortune and Windemere. He's been fighting to get it back all the time he thought his father was dead. I see him coming back full of fire and vinegar and moving in with his father and Ava. And he'll make her life a living hell. lol That would be so much fun to see. THINK ABOUT IT WRITERS!!!! You have 3 actors who could pull it off too.

    1. That would be my dream scenario Di! And I totally agree about Spencer. When he knows the whole story he's going to explode!

  3. would be nice to have a few LIVE episodes. remember when they did them years ago? and lily came on at the end and held up the end credits?

  4. Brad bobble head! Hahahahaha. I didn't know Perry put that out there hahahaha! Daytime emmy's virtual YAY! :)

    Waiting area:

    Marty and Nelle: Oh yes! Get all the feels going Nelle!!! Fake cry and manipulate! You can do it! I have faith in you! ROFL!

    Nelle, Julian, and Marty: Booze on Julian's breath! HAHAHAHAHAAHA! Marty wins the line of the day.

    Marty: Well, by all means you need these.



    "Karen says, Willow deleted her Chillow pics on her phone"

    :( That sucks!!! :(

    *Michael on the stand talking about Willow*

    Marty: Do you love your wife?

    Michael: Willow is loyal.

    You mean like a dog? Oh and look Nelle is fondling that half heart necklace again.

    Mike's bedroom: GAH! This is so heartbreaking!!!!!!!! :(

    Jason and Sonny:

    Jason: Because he's your dad.

    That made me cry!!!! :( Even watching it again is making me tear up!!! Sonny let Mike go! :( Tell him it's okay to let go.. :(

    Levon's home:

    Laura and Lulu: Damn Lulu is so whiny.

    Laura, Lulu, and Nik: Yeah Lulu! Don't let him get away with anything!!!

    The hospital:

    Friz and Ava: Yeah Liz said she let it go, but seeing Ava, all bets are off! HAHAHAHAHA. I don't blame Liz. Ava is manipulating!!! Planting seeds! :) She IS the queen after all! :)

    Sidenote: The other day when Joss and Dev were at the park, and he talked about how she isn't interested in Cam, the look on her face, says it all! She IS interested in Cam! :) Forgot to mention that.

  5. Jason was awesome yesterday, I teared up right along with him. And yes Sonny, it's time to let Mike go. I vote for Max Gail to win all the Emmys. He is just phenomenal!

    1. Completely agree -- Max Gail has been excellent.

  6. It is typical GH but really sad that we have never seen Lucas again after he gave Wiley to Michael. He certainly has grief and would be a great witness at the trial for Michael.

    1. That makes too much sense - that's why they haven't thought of it!

  7. Yup, instead of Lucas on the witness stand, we get the "wacky wedding" stuff.


    1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I thought it was just on my side hahahahahaha!


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