Monday, May 4, 2020

Banter Day

Liz and Franco 'arguing' over Ava using his 'bad boy reputation' to unveil her portrait by him. It's been 10 years since he was at MOCA and went after Jason. BOO I miss James Franco. She brings up his brain tumor. Franco's been offered a lot of money to tell his story. Liz is upset.  He wants to use his notorious reputation to sell art. She says she never did that, just had her art speak for itself. Franco says: Well, you've never been a real artist. 
OH NO HE DIDN'T!! yep, he did!!  She tells him to just go and finish Ava's painting. HE goes to Spoon Island. 

Julian and Dr. Neil arguing over Alexis. Julian gets everyone coming in bitching at him in his empty bar.  They are basically having a pissing contest over Alexis. Julian finally tells Neil that 

Davis Girls at the charity clothing drive. Arguing about ..Brando. Alexis comes in, wants to know what they are fighting about.  Molly tells her about the domestic partnership. Alexis says: oh, that's interesting but I can tell that's not what you're arguing with. Molly says she slept with someone else. Alexis is like WHAT? did he take advantage of you?! Molly: NO!! I wanted it basically. Then Sam and Kristina argue. Sam says she's only on parole because she was saving Kristina's butt from Shiloh! Krissy says: So it's all my fault? Sam: YES! 

Brando and Jason at the gym. Jason tells him he rides a Fat Boy Honda and Brando says Sam was at the garage. He says it's because he called people who joined cults stupid but Jason knows that's a lie. 

Nikolas and Ava. Spencer wrote and wants to give Nikolas a second chance. IF he leaves Ava. He says yeah! She says she'll still hold him to the 90% of the estate if he divorces her. He's like "But it's not cheating, it's my SON"!! She says so what. Too bad. Nik goes to GH to see Liz. 


  1. Just when I thought the writers couldn't make Sam any more unlikeable.

    10th anniversary this summer. Oh dear. I hope that doesn't mean a summer of Franco. I want some other storylines resolved.

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    2. Yup, Sam was a super snot today. I guess we viewers are supposed to despise her on sight. It's really easy to do now! Lol!

      Totally agree about NOT having a summer of Franco, yeesh! And oooooh, that remark to Liz about not being a real artist? Foot in mouth disease going on there!

  2. Oh my, Karen. I have a number of friends who are hard core bikers. If I ever strung together the words "Fat", "Boy", and "Honda" they'd kick my ass. But then again, if I told them I watch GH, they'd kick my ass too. So there's that!

  3. The gym:

    Brando and Jason: Jason looks Jelly!!! Brando is staying for Sonny!! Hey Brando! Jason and Sonny have something special that you can't get between!!

    Clothing drive room:

    Molly, Sam, and Krissy: Oh goodie. Molly has to keep talking about Brando and the sex. Can't stop thinking about it eh Molly? He was THAT good? :)

    Molly, Sam, Krissy, and Alexis: Oh Molly shut up!!!!!!!!!!!! Great now Alexis knows that Brando and Molly did the mambo dance on her bed! What next? Is Molly going to go talk to her father about it? I can see it now.

    Molly: Daddy I had a once night stand! His name is Brando and he is hot.

    Ric: This is all your mother's fault!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Dr. Grizley bear Neil and Jules: Doctor Grizley bear is growling at Jules. Jules wins the line of the day.

    Jules: When did she confide in you? A therapy session? Or in bed?



    Nik and Ava: The writers are not doing anything with them! There is no progression!! So might as well get divorced so that Nik can get his son back! And once Spencer forgives his dad, then I will too. Queen Ava moved the trees at Wyndemere! HAHAHAHAHHAHA! Oh Nik. Queen Ava will take EVERYTHING from you, and when she does, I will laugh and laugh! :)

    BobTodd and Ava: Oh oh. What is happening here?
    The hospital:

    Friz: Wow Liz is more upset with the invitation than BobTodd is. WHOA! BobTodd!! Liz IS a real artist!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

    Liz and Nik: Uh what is happening here? Are Liz and Nik going to have an affair along with BobTodd and Ava? Yikes!

  4. "Dr. Grizzly Bear Neil" hahahahah! Spot on there. He needs to get himself to a barber right now. I also a little tired of everyone coming into Julian's bar and giving him crap about stuff. He needs to start locking the dang door!

    I really couldn't figure out why Liz was so upset yesterday. That whole thing was weird. But then Franco opened his yap and said she didn't understand because she wasn't a real artist. Holy cow! Knucklehead!

    And for the last time, leave my Prince Nik alone, will ya? Hahahahah! :)

  5. Today was the first day in weeks that seemed like a "normal" episode. I like the tension between Elizabeth and Franco. It looks like we're headed for a Liz/Nikolas/Ava/Franco quadrangle.

  6. So many arguments. Better than flashbacks, except for the one with Molly kissing Brando. Guess we'll see that one a gazillion times.
    I love NLG and her character but for some reason I fail to 'get' those three girls as her daughters. Most often I feel no connection between any of them. Especially Sam. She is just a miserable creep.

  7. I wonder if Prince Nic faked the letter from Spencer to try to get an easy divorce. Ava recognized the handwriting, but Nic could have hired someone to fake it. Hmmmmm.

    And yes, even though yesterday's episode was boring, at least it wasn't filled with so many flashbacks from last week.

  8. "Wanda Woman says, I wonder if Prince Nic faked the letter from Spencer to try to get an easy divorce"

    I was thinking Ava convinced Spencer to write that letter.. Hmmm.


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