Monday, April 30, 2018

Peter August skulking around town. People talking or doing something with this story: 

Sam/Drew--she's catching him up on Heinrick. They go for coffee. She tells him about Switzerland and wants to talk about Aurora. 

Curtis=--ransacking office.  Then he goes to Wyndemere to talk to Nina. He tells her Pete has a file on Nathan,

Jason and Lulu --talking about finding him and Switzerland- Jason said they didn’t find Heinrich and she needs to back off. 

Nina and Val--looking at the lock box

Anna and Robert-- about Anna having a kid

NOT about the Peter August Story: 

Diane and Sonny talking about Mike.  

Ava and Carly arguing about Avery. Then Ava tells Sonny she wants the custody reversed if she's going to drop the charges. Sonny says No. Come on--just do the damn joint custody. 

Nelle tells Diane she wants to give Carly guardianship if she dies. Carly says you already gave that to Jason. Diane thinks she’s up to something.

Daytime Emmys Who Won?

Lisa LoCicero was busy Tweeting Photos last night!! 

Vernee Watson for Guest Star...GH!! Yeah Aunt Stella!!

I loved her dress--she looks fantastic. The show was actually pretty great and too bad it wasn't on TV! The stream on FB didn't work well for me and I finally went to You Tube where it was better. 
Chloe Won for Younger Actress--well deserved

Greg Vaughn won for supporting actor 
James Reynolds for actor 
Eileen Davidson for actress
Cameron Grymes for supporting

I chose both of these when I filled in my ballot for Daytime Diagnosis! 

Days took directing and writing. Kudos to Ron for refabbing that show!!  

It's really a shame the networks won't put this on the telly. It's just mind boggling. It's such a great PR thing for daytime. They had wonderful tributes for GH's 55th year.  Did you watch? I wish I lived in LA, I would have gone in person. 

Have a good one! 

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Daytime Emmy Pics

I'm not watching online but I'll get some Red Carpet photos up that I find on Twitter and then edit to include the winners.

Tamara Braun in the Limo 

Burton, Easton, Braun 

Wes, Carolyn, Laura and her daughter Lauren. I thought it was Eden!! (Josslyn)  

Risa Dorkin and Dan Kroll of SoapCentral 

Lisa and Frank (Producer) 

I know everyone here but the guy with Chloe? 

Maura West and Son... thanks to Deb Surrey on Twitter who's there!! 

Nancy Lee Grahn greeting fans 

Mac Daddy!! 

Eden McCoy--pretty in pink! 

Donnell Turner looking Dapper!! 

Sunday Surgery: Jumbo Tub

This Cronut will save the show....I'm telling you. Just don't put Vegamite on it, Mate! 

Another week of bland. I seem to remember that right around the Nurses Ball we always get a lull because they are shuffling schedules to get people in to tape for that event. Plus a lot of them have to rehearse their numbers so things are disrupted. 
I'm hoping this is what is happening. Wishing...praying.

I don't even know if you want to eat during this--you may want to fuel up first!  This is a JUMBO blog this week-- I just have so much to say!! Sorry but I got going and well, I couldn't stop myself.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Finn Ate the Cronut.

Easton and Howarth say: Watch the Emmys this weekend! 

Robert is in Wyndemere!! Kinda fun to see him messing with Valentin. I love Tristan it's like he never left. He asks Val about the safety deposit box they found with the Cassadine logo. He says "I don't know, probably Helena's". Robert says NO--you are the one obsessed with Anna. Valentin starts stuttering badly. Robert says he knows that Valetin was in Switzerland 20 years ago. Val gets mad. Robert leaves and says to the camera "gotcha" SO I guess he caught him-- Robert figures out that Valentin delivered her son to Faison.

Ava and Nelle...she's trying to talk Ava into dropping the charges on Mike--to get in good with Michael.  They go to the police station.'s spoiled in Monday's previews, Ava doubles down on custody. 
ATTENTION: The court would appoint a doctor to assess Mike. But... whatever

Sam catches Curtis in the office. He tells her he's investigating Peter but not who he's working for. She won't tell if he lets her be his partner. 

Diane explains that Mike may be a flight risk and have to stay in jail. The mob has used older guys with "dementia" in the past to fight RICO and now they are wary it's real. Sonny's pissed. 

Liz and Drew talk about Franco..then Lucy comes in and wants to talk about the Nurses Ball. She tells Liz that she too was in love with a tormented man and to hang in there. Love is worth it. 

Kevin talks to Franco. Franco is painting with a little girl...she leaves. Kevin wants him to go to a "survivors group.
Drew tells Franco that he has a lot of character for facing down Harvey in that garage and he hopes he and Elizabeth work things out. Later, Franco goes and cold-calls the people on Harvey's list because he wants to tell them he's dead. Liz looks on. 

Anna and Finn just sit and talk in circles. She says she's not who she says she is or who people think she is. Of course she doesn't tell him about her kid. Lucy comes in and tells them they should dance together.  They both say NOPE. 

Note: When I find out the time and whereabouts of the Emmy cast, I'll let you know. It's streaming and maybe on FB or Periscope. 

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Guest Cameo: CRONUT!

I made it for the last 25 min of the show! 

Anna and Alexis..nice scenes about Anna's legal 'affairs".  Cute Robert and Finn scene as well. 

Maxie and Sam-- remember them? 

Why is Lulu on crutches? Did Emme hurt herself again?  Twitter says yes, she was chasing the kids in the yard. Didn't one of her kids clock her in the face not too long ago? Geesh! 

CRONUT mention!! know the writers love me. How long have I been saying that Mike's mixed up between Croton and Cronut? AND--there's  A CRONUT  totally hogging the camera!! 

Scorpio and Valentn. Could be interesting.

Sam catches Curtis lurking in Peter's offica at Aurora. 

Two Days Away

We Still Have Cutie Avery to watch...that's something! 

Well-- I was not back until 2:10 yesterday and Tillie was running out the door! Now that she's bigger she cries to be outside all. the. time. 

Today is the "end of the month" paperwork--so... another day down. I looked at the GH feed on twitter and doesn't look like I missed all that much? 

What do you think about the whole ANNA thing?? The reason she gave Robert for getting pregnant was so lame-- and SO not Anna. All for what? PETER?  Eesh. Not my kind of newbie. So forgettable. 

I slept about 2 hours last night. :eyeroll: you know I could sleep ALL DAMN DAY! lol 

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A Spot

Yesterday's Show: 
So...let's review: Anna seduced Faison by pretending to be herself but he didn't know it was her even though she was Anna---being ANNA.  What the hell? 
Fin and Tristan were good together. They were such babies in the flashback!! 

Peter and the model. Again HE HAS NO CHARM.  Some actors just shimmer in parts. This is just... DUD. 

My fave part of the show was when Ava heard Avery call Carly Mommy! AHAHAHAA.
Could Mike be arrested? I mean, he IS the gtandfather and he DOES have a medical condition? 

LOVE Maura's hair like this

Ok, Today's Show: 

Dr. Bensch is going to be a dick to Kiki now--yells at her for being on time and not 'early' --tells her to put her hair up.  He barks and growls. She answers all his hard questions. Yada yada. 

Ava wants full custody and Scotty just might help her!  Griffin thinks she's being unreasonable.  That she should have "empathy" (HA!)

Michael and Nelle are getting along nicely, no? 

Dante explains that Mike has to be held because judges got burned years ago by Mob Families using dementia as a reason for older members to get out of RICO charges. This is TRUE!! I read about it!! So, KUDOS to writers! 

Jordan has a spot on her lung... guess she's going to have Lung Cancer? Maybe?  This prompts Curtis to propose. 

Carly goes to talk to Kevin. You know, she should have taken photos of the stuff. Especially after the scarf thing.  Kevin wants Carly to go on anti-anxiety meds.  Nelle better not tamper with them because...that's been done TO DEATH. 

Oh, Scotty mentions Karen to Sonny. Remember when Sonny had her stripping for him and drugged her?? When she was underage? Yeah, we all got pasts on this show!! 

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Crackers and Cheese

Yes, we are here from the 1980s to perform a historical con on you. Buckle up. 

I feel like I'm all crabby on the show again and I'm sorry but I just can't help it. When the stories are great, I say so--if I'm bored, know me. I'll let you know. Boy am I bored at the moment. If you're looking for a rah-rah JaSam or Yeah Robert blog, this isn't it--sorry. You could move along to another site. If you stay, I promise I'll try to be fair, balanced and bring the sarcasm. It's the least I can do! 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Horse Hideout

So..Dante just found Mike in a BARN-- and they are ok. What a drama-less let down. Seriously. 
Good confusion and good acting on Max's part -- Mike breaks down and says it was Courtney. Dante tries to talk him down.  Then they talk about the old days about Mike liking horses. Dom was heartbreaking -- tearing up and being sad. 

Anna's pretending to be some parent (Mrs. Ashton) and asks a teacher about an older student. The teacher thinks they are the press.  She says--nope, I'm with the "Royal Security Agency" so talk to me. Robert is NOT happy she's talking to the teacher. AND OMG... he says "I have to talk to you in private, excuse us" and takes her literally 2 feet away and they talk in REGULAR VOICES! They aren't even trying again.  This is lazy direction. Anyway, they ask the lady about Heinrich and she said he was charming. 

Sam's pretending to be some rich chick. She looks the part-- but doesn't sound it, imo. Needs more inflection. Spinelli walks in, and says "you and your bank are at my mercy". Jason stands there like a wooden bodyguard.  There's some stupid thing about robbing the bank and the manager says "our bank has never been robbed" and Sam says "Until today".  Eesh. This whole thing is just... bad. 

Lulu and Peter --I LITERALLY DO NOT CARE. 

CarSon. I'd care more if Carly wasn't so strident and in a yelling mode. Sonny says "wouldn't be the first time you've had a breakdown" LMAO.. Carly's like STFU.   Sonny "I hope I don't have to send you away"... he wants her to go see Kevin. 

They get a phone call that Dante found Avery and Mike. 

Griffin and Ava have a little brown bag snack. She sees Avery and runs to her. Avery says "Grandpa wanted to see the horses" .  Ava's pissed off about the Mike thing. 


Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Day That Didn't Happen

Kim and Jules... they are so isolated. 

Ava and Sonny appeal to the public to find Mike and Avery. 

Josslyn and Oscar. Oscar should have been gender fluid. That's all.  He's so bland.

Griffin had follow up tests on Carly. A big BONG GONG goes off when he reads the results and he calls Carly. Tells her to come in with Sonny to see test results.  Sonny wants to stay at the PCPD so Drew drives her. Drew talks to Liz at the Nurses' station. Griffin tells Carly to 'sit down'.  BUT! It's nothing!! Nope, he found nothing. So he says he should see Kevin. She gets mad-- and leaves. 
Griffin you could have told her on the damn phone. 

Friz...they tell us all about they liked the sex they had last night.. Franco goes to "paint" but he actually goes into Betsy's room to confront her about not saying anything about the abuse and making him think it was his fault. Also for sending Drew away "how could you choose your boyfriend over us"?? He says he has a list and she could have stopped all those kids from being abused if she would have spoken up. BUT! he didn't really say that, he was imagining it.  THAT WAS SO STUPID because it was a really good scene. That never happened. 

Drew and Liz talk about Franco. Then he runs into Kim. They talk about Oscar.  He's going over for chili later in the week. 

Sonny finds out from Det. Ford Chase that Carly went to the graveyard and about the parking garage. He's not happy she didn't tell him. She said she could SMELL MORGAN on the GRAVE. Sonny gives her a side-eye and says..."yeah, ok...what did Griffin say"?? Heh. 

So: Carly still has nothing wrong with her and Franco never said those things to Betsy. I's show?  Yikes. The best part was Ava freaking out that someone may have kidnapped Avery and Mike to retaliate against Sonny and Julian tells her it could have been someone from HER past. LOL She freaks the hell out. And....Griffin wants to pray with she and Julian. Julian is all  @@@. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

22 Minutes

I could watch 22 minutes!! The end of the show...

Nice to have a woman tell a man "It's not your fault". Usually it's the other way around. Franco got a stylish  haircut tho. He had time for trauma, being in GH and a hair-do!! 

Emma got the stuff they needed She's such a SPY !! She got the information from figuring out some play. LOL--I didn't even understand it but you know she's a genius!!  Emma says: "it's in my DNA, I come from a long line of spies"! Yes, you do! 

I guess Nina is noshing with Peter and Maxie to "get to know him" better??  Curtis got some dirt on him. 

Kiki is mad Bensch won't give her the day off because her sister is missing. He's totally right to say no. Especially in an internship. Unless your ARM is hanging off, you work!!! She thinks it's because she "rejected" him. 

Little Capers

NEWS: Leslie C hurt herself (tripped on her dog, I get that!) and had to leave the show for a bit. Since her part was already scripted, they've temporarily replaced her with Patty McCormack of "Bad Seed" fame. (She was so awesome in that movie!!) Here's to a speedy recovery for Leslie and good luck to Patty during her "Monica" stint! 

I saw 15 min of yesterday's show-- and I shall reserve snark on the "Swiss Caper" until I see where they go with this. Who knows? I may be a delightful segment with St. Jaysus, Spin, Sam, Anna and Robert. 
But then again, I watch a LOTTA  TV and I am in the middle of the wonderful Sneaky Pete that does this type of thing with such ease and greatness, I'm not too hopeful. 

Ok, how hilarious was it to have Alexis fly to Switzerland just to sit on the couch and talk to Sam and then take the kids home. They should have had Sam out helping Spinelli somehow and just left the kids out of it all together. This was just funny. "We ran up and down the mountains"!!! :eyeroll: 

Spinelli sure forgot that he liked Drew, thought he was Jason and totally encouraged Sam to accept him. So... :shrug: 

Ava's acting like breathless nuts Ava again and Griffin doesn't know what the HELL to do. 

Kim and Julian...meh.  Doesn't bother me but..meh.  Lucy was fun. 

Ok, it's Wed and I'm not home until 2:00 so we'll see!! 

IT'S SNOWING HERE.  Damn it. I haven't gotten out of a turtleneck all of April! 

Monday, April 16, 2018

AHHAA..ok, so Jason happens to run into Sam...who left PC with "the kids" (both under 5) IN BERN, SWITZERLAND. Because that's where one goes when -- one wants to get away with kids. She said she 'spent the day running up and down the mountains with them"!! ahahaha. OMG.  She was in the hall getting ice and left the kids in the room. :eyeroll:  JaSam go into the room and drink a beer and talk about Heinrick. *sigh*

Robert is still delightful. All they do is talk about Heinrick *Sigh* 

Finn and Ford (ok, I'm calling him Ford) are in Charlie's Bar.  Don't care. 

Ava's at the bar waiting for Carly with Avery...Carly's at the graveyard because "Morgan" told her to "look" for him where she left him. Of course, Nelle sprayed his cologne all over the place.  Carly smells Morgan all over.  Officer Ford Chase comes in and startles Carly. He tells her she can't be there because of the earthquake (the ground is unstable). She says she got a note to go there and shows him the Noodle Buddah menu--but the WRITING IS GONE!! Dun Dun Dun DUNNN.  Ford Chase thinks that Carly's been drinking. I guess Nello got invisible ink. 

Nell goes to Charlie's bar-- Sees Michael.  He mentions some parenting class. Then he leaves. Nelle and Ava sit down. Ava goes to order and Nelle looks on Ava's phone. She sees the DNA tests that Griffin ran. But there's no names so... Nelle asks Ava about the medical info. Ava's like: Oh Griffin wanted a back up. Nell knows she's lying.

Michael tells Sonny to call the police because it's urgent. Carly comes in with Officer Chase. He tells him what happened. So, the police put out an amber alert--and Ava gets it!! LOL  The whole town gets it on their phone! 

For some reason Kiki was trying to see what Griffin's doing.  Griffin has Carly's test results and Finn consults and agrees that nothing is wrong with the patient (Carly). Kiki finds out she'a  in the shadow program with Dr. Bensch.  She goes to tell Epiphany that she can't do it but then decides not to say anything. Kiki then goes to see Dr. Bensch who basically tells her to stop being such a baby about shadowing him. 

Finn calls Anna.  He's concerned and wants her to be safe. 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Swiss Cheese

You didn't think I'd let you have ALL the fun, now did you? 
Thank you to the SOAP GODDESS that Robert showed up yesterday, right? Geesh, the week was going to  be a total melt-down loss for me and then he popped up! I was like: WHO cares we're in a "SWISS" Hotel and Emma's on a "mission" that could be dangerous!!? HURRAY! Grandpa Scorpio is here!! 

You know what we are eating today don't you? Yep...get the CRONUTS out.  

Friday, April 13, 2018


I made it. Here's hoping I can deal with the whole show. 

Carly's in Griffin's office checking on her neurological status I presume. He finds out she's had TBI (Sonny shooting her)...falling incidents, passing out and she tells him she was 'hospitalized' for 'nervous breakdowns". Hmmmmmmm.. ok. That's what we are calling it now.  She goes on and on about her kids and how she felt powerless in some situations.  The Nanny calls her to tell her Mike wants to go to the park with she and Avery. Carly said she'll be there as soon as she's done with her CT scan. Carly goes to the parking garage and finds a flier on her car.  It says to meet at Noodle Buddah tonight which is where Carly last saw Morgan and gave him that bracelet, remember? 


Mike lost his glasses. Sonny found them. Sonny wants to talk about Croton because everything is all about the MOB. Maybe he meant CRONUT.  

Sonny talks to Stella about what Mike's doing and how his memory is changing.  There's a great scene with him talking about his childhood and they show Mike playing with Avery in the park, being all joyful.  The stupid Nanny goes and gets hot pretzels and of course Mike and Avery are gone. (he called her Courtney too) 

Stella told Sonny about OT services for Mike and some meds. BUT DIDN'T MENTION SPEECH THERAPY? or MEMORY CARE with a speech pathologist.
Oh, man. :Sobbing: I'm going to find the writers and just be so mad!! 

Anna wants Jason to be Emma's bodyguard so she can go look for Heinrick on her own. She even bought him a new outfit!! We are in Switzerland you see-- and we are lucky because it's NOT a cafe. It's a hotel room. 
ROBERT SCORPIO IN THE HOUSE!!  Ok, maybe this will get tolerable now. BYE JASON you can GO HOME NOW!! 

OH previews show SAM is in Switzerland Monday? Huh? Okay whatever. 

Carly's CT scan came back before she could even get out of the parking lot LMAO and Griffin says to himself "normal".  ( know)

LAURA AND WES  were on Food Network's "The Kitchen" 

The Show and POP Wubs

I skipped yesterday, I know. I'll write more about that in Sunday's Surgery. Maybe I'll watch today? I will catch up though. 

I'm watching all the Emmy Reels on you tube. Very fascinating, I've never done it before. I also only watch GH so this was a treat! Very objective because I didn't know many of the back stories or watched the actors all year. I based it on the reels alone. If you want to watch, go to You Tube and find Daytime Emmys--they are all up there. 

PS. Roger, Finola and I think Michelle all chose not to submit . 

So much is going on in the world and our own news sometimes turning the TV off helps. (not sure in this case). Having Tillie sure does--she continues to wear me out!! Wow--Puppies are work. It was supposed to warm up but now we are looking at ICE this weekend and 20 degree temps.  Poor 5 pound Matilda is just being punished!! (me too!!) 


I'm going to see Isle of Dogs this weekend.  Can't wait. My son is into Wes Anderson --and it looks great. My next one will be The Quiet Place!! EEEE!! I want to see it in the theater too. I won't take candy wrappers in! Any of you see it? 

My recent binges:  We finished Season 1 and 2 of Gomorrah on Netflix. There's a season 3 but it's not dropped in the US yet. It's an Italian show about drug running and excellent. It's subtitled but amazing-- and shows you parts of Italy you've never seen.  Lemony Snicket is back on and it's just a joy. I love the humor-- and the acting is just excellent.  Season 2 looks as fun as season one!  Over on Amazon, one of my FAVES of all time, Sneaky Pete dropped. I'm only on Ep 4 because we've been busy and hell, I watch too many shows at once!!  We are also DVRing Trust  (FX) -- the story of J Paul Getty III . You want a snapshot of the early 70's?? Welp. This is it! I remember the events happening and although I was really young, the ear thing certainly stayed with me.  BTW, the music alone is worth a tune in!  (On AMC)  Lastly, BBCA has a new show called "Killing Eve" starring Sandra Oh.  Looks so good. The first episode was awesome. 

One more thing--if you are into true crime and love the ID channel, Shattered and Evil Lives Here are just excellent.  Some shows on there can just be canned stories on there, straight from Forensic Files and redressed with cheesy acting. These are with real people and amazing. 

I'd love to tell you what book I'm reading but MISS TILLIE keeps me from doing that! 

What are you watching, reading..???  I can only hope it's warmer where you are than here! 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


SO, Franco thinks he might be an abuser after what happened to him. Kevin says, why would you think that? You haven't already... Kevin says he's going to be Ok. Elizabeth says he's going to be ok. He's going to move home. 

OMG MORE TALK ABOUT HEINRICK WITH JASON AND ANNA! make it stop. PLEASE! We ALL know how this is going to go. Just the way we know it will go with Maxie. *sigh*  Now Valentin is in the swamp with this (and I'm saying it) Useless character. I get Faison having a son-- but..this guy? REALLY? He's been as boring as a boil. 

Maxie and Nina talk about PETER AUGUST.  Maxie should move into Wyndemere. Might give it some life.

Val and Peter August---talked about..... THEMSELVES. 

ONLY THING TO SEE ON TODAY'S SHOW is EMMA. (she wants to go to Switzerland with Jason and Anna). 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Talking to the Dead

Alexis and Finn are interrupted by Anna at the Metro. She wants to ask Finn if he remembers if Faison had a lighter. He says yes. It was weird, and I don't get this whole Alexis/Finn/Jules/Anna thing. Nope. 

Nina and Val. Val does Nina's feet-- she talks about not liking Peter August.  He gets the side eye going .... like he's hiding something. 

In case you 10 year olds didn't get it, Peter August is playing with Faison's lighter for a full 40 seconds. DID YOU SEE THE LIGHTER???????? DID YOU????  Maxie is mad Lulu and Peter are reading PK Sinclair's book.  

Carly tries to explain what happened when she was spooked out at her old house to Jason and Sonny. They call the cops.  He finds nothing. They send a detective? It's the new Ford -looking guy. Anyway, he thinks Carly is hysterical lady person. Sonny thinks Carly should go to a NEUROLOGIST! BAAHAHAA. HE's all of a sudden like, COGNITIVE TESTS FOR EVERYTHING!1

Liz, Jordan and copper arrive at the studio. Jordan asks what happened. Franco says: "Drew saved my life".  Franco goes to GH. Later, Jordan and Drew are in the morgue with Harvey. Drew says "You'll never hurt another child" Franco says he's going to tell Elizabeth but... commercial. 

Lulu later goes to Wyndemere to tell Valentin that she'll take him up on his offer. Something about PK Sinclair book. Nina is all "??" What is this about?! 

Jason tells Anna he thinks Heinrick is leaving clues for his mother to find with the book and taking of the lighter. 

MARK ZUCKERBURGER interrupted GH --- GREAT. Ok, whatever. He even wore a suit!! 

So that's that. 

Monday, April 9, 2018


So, wouldn't it have been funny if Jim Harvey was really Steve Harvey? LOL.. Or he at least played him??! This story so needs to be over.  Franco has Harvey in the trunk of the car at gunpoint, not the other way around.  Then, has him in his studio. This should have been a stunning moment but they took WAY too long,  chopped it up and it's just falling flat. Good acting but -- doesn't have the right impact for me.  So Jim confesses on paper, Franco says he can't go to the police because of the statute of limitations-- and wants to kill him. Jim rushes Franco to grab the gun. Winds up that someone gets shot in the end-- but you should see it. Not really shocking but a surprise enough to watch the end of the show. 

The Carly thing wasn't even scary...I mean.... you can tell those were Sonny's shoes.  She shows him the smashed photo and frame.  Sonny's mad she told Jason about the phone calls and scarf and not him. Of COURSE he is lol. 

Josslyn is so pretty --Eden is like what? 14. Oy she's going to just be a STUNNER. More than she is now. She's talking to Michael about...whatever. Not sure, don't care. 

Does Nelle not know Brad is gay? She hugs him to make Michael jelly I think!! ahahaahaaa She talks to him about a video of a moving car ?? Maybe she's going to make one for Carly? Brad talks about the baby adoption. Why are they just doing this all off camera? Won't the Powers that Be let it fly?? I don't understand!! 
Nelle could get hit by a bus and give the baby to Brucas on her deathbed. That's fine with me! 

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Monsters and Memories

BUT....DOC, I'm so tired. So damn tired. 

This whole week was a mixture of greatness and...erm...sameness.  Things move forward, things move back. Some are done well, others like well-- a high school play.  Anyway, here we are. Another week down.  Monsters and Memories were the theme of the week-- did you spot them all? 

It snowed here a LOT over our "spring break"--plus we had a windstorm AND I was sick on Friday. Just a really crappy vacation.  I'm looking forward to going back to work! 

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Mixed Signals

Note: my laptop has a virus called "Face Off" and it stalls now and again so that's why some of these posts are shorter. UGH...there's not a lot of fixes available for it. BOO

Jake is back to see Franco.... um... no notice about Aiden and Cam LOL.. it's so funny by now. Liz says she's sorry about Sam to Drew. 
Hudson West (Jake) is such a great actor. Natural like JJ was when he was young. 

Harvey stole a uniform in GH to go see/kill Betsy.  Drew is in there talking to her right now. She sees him through the window and yells. Of course, Harvey leaves and Drew didn't see him. 

Jules brings flowers to Kimmy to say thanks for the zex.  She tells him Sam isn't seeing Drew anymore. They kiss. Oscar overhears her saying she thought she and Drew may have gotten back together again. 

Kevin and Franco. Franco says Harvey "hurt him". Wow...huge reveal. Franco thinks that Kevin is Harvey. Kevin can't wake him up. Franco crawls on the floor. Kevin finally gets him back to reality. And...... he still hasn't said he got molested, which we know he did. 

Later: Franco wants to go under again. 

Kiki tells off Bensch. He tries to tell her she was 'giving him signals" and he "misread' her.  He's making it sound like she was a fault and he was just reciprocating. She wants to go to the board and tell them to pick another person for the program. He  yells NO!  "Don't throw your chance away because you got your wires crossed". He's trying to put this on her--she's still pissed. He says he believed in her since the beginning yada yada.  He tells her not to give up the shadow position. He'll "take stock" and they can get back to being good work colleagues. 

Oscar and Josslyn..eating a boring lunch at Kelly's.  Just looking at their onion rings. 

So Harvey runs to the parking garage and can't use his phone (no signal) sees Jake and Liz in there.  He puts a gun on Liz. Tomorrow's preview has Liz shoving Jake and telling him to "RUN"! 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Ah...Mike. The only thing on GH worth watching. Glad Michael is in the story. He got a high def phone to use to record him for Avery and future grandbabies.  All of a sudden Mike thinks he's a kid again and has to get home to his parents or they are gonna kill him. Sonny yells at Mike "Your Parents are DEAD"!! Which is not the way to calm him. He should have said "I'll call them now". Which Michael knew to do!! Yeah to the script writers. That's perfect. Don't yell at Alzheimer's patients--live in their moment, even if it's false until they process and calm. Michael talks about Sundowning and what happens at sundown to some people. :clapping: 
Then, Mike Remembers "Croyten"?? or a field in Croyden?? Sonny acts like it's nothing--but it's something. 

OF COURSE Morgan wore cologne!! And Ava has a giant ass'd bottle of it now!!  Nello is going to steal it to terrorize Carly's nose. :eyeroll: 

Ava peeks at Griffin's DNA tests for Peter. 

Carly and Bobbie talking about BJ..she's been gone for 24 years. Carly's thinking ABOUT MORGAN.  She tells Bobbie about the phone calls and scarf. Bobbie says she had grief moments like that too. Carly's saying No..they were real. 

I think Pete is acting scared to Griffin--but he's really not? he's evil? Did you see his face outside the door? Or did I imagine that??  Pete sounds like a 10th grader trying to be all drama in his first HS play. EESH

Anna and Jason..he wants info. She's like You'll Kill him!!  They figure out Heinrick has Faison's lighter. 

Kevin hypnotizes Franco... Franco remembers he's afraid of.... Harvey. Oh thanks for that revelation.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Grass Growing

And...we're back to 2 on 2 ...

Franco and Kevin--the only good part was that they are fun. AND I'M SO OVER THE HARVEY story and it could have pretty good. 

Nina and Curtis. He can't find anything on Peter August.

Peter August and Griffin...oh boy, acting was NOT up to par for me..nope. 

Jason and Finn. Jason wants to know what happened the night Faison died. 

Liz and Jason. Liz tries to help Jason get Faison's personal effects. She tells him that Franco moved out. She tells Jason that Jake really loves Franco. Jason doesn't care. 

Nathan's medal service would have had more people if it had been ON CAMERA!!! :eyeroll:  I guess the reason to have that whole thing was to get her into PCPD to meet the Ford Brother. ( I hope some of you got that!! hee hee)  His first name is Harrison so we could just call him Harrison Ford. 

Anna and Maddox. Anna's trying to find her boy before Jason does.  

I don't even know what to say at this point. This Peter August story is just ---  ???  The acting was so SHAKESPEAREAN....... (and not in a good way) 

Franco's going to get hypnotized. Joy.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Opinion: GH's "Me Too"?

Jumping on the latest bandwagon, GH is now having Dr. Bensch sexually harass and intimidate Kiki in the workplace where he's both her teacher and mentor. Not a bad story--if only they had done it from the beginning. Bensch always seemed "off" to us-- stiff, weird with women and a little off-putting. Then he wasn't on for about a month. Then, he seemed to be used for Alexis' stop gap with Julian. He even made Thanksgiving Dinner!! If they were continuing in that direction we should have seem some subtle signs of his intent and character with Molly. Have a little side eye with her-- make some overture that she isn't really sure happened. Something---anything. Then, James DePalva was in  a play and had to leave the show for a bit. He wasn't on for a few months and I wasn't even sure he'd be back. Kiki and TJ took their MCATS and.... Kiki passed for her flying-track to med school. (We never did hear about poor TJ btw).
Then, all of a sudden David Bensch pops up again and WHAM! He's all octopus over Kiki. 

Did I miss something? 

I get that the "Me Too" movement is front and center. I get that older man mentor younger woman dynamic. But--but-- there was so much more to do/tell and play out before he kissed her like that!! Asking her out for a drink was perfect. We got a little uncomfortable there. He turned around and gave her the signed book she liked. (which could have been saved for another day but... ??) Do some more beats. We had a shoulder rub-- and Kiki changed schedules. Perfect.
Jumping in with the kiss like that leaves little story left, imo. The line has been crossed now. We really should have had it building more. I also wish Bensch was a whole different type of guy-- not one that was overtly creepy from the get go. He should have been charming and flirty and maybe dated Ava once or twice. All the students really like him because he takes the time to help them study. TJ could have been in the mix as well. We could have seen the way he treated him compared to Kiki.  
I would have loved to have seen more of Dr. Bensch with more of the GH staff. Nurses warning other nurses about him. Amy saying to Kiki "Watch out for McGrabberson ...he's a handful". Kiki is so isolated in her med school story it's shameful. What a goldmine way to bring in some new recurring talent with fresh stories. 


Why does this always happen on GH? Why are the stories started--stalled and then picked up only to be rushed or paced out erratically?  My opinion? TOO MANY CHARACTERS on the show that HAVE THEIR OWN LITTLE WORLD.  (there I yelled that).  Another case in point? Silas' insta-HALF-brother what's his name. Geesh, seriously I can't even remember it! Way to introduce a new guy. *sigh*. Sort of like we did with Peter August. He's hired by Sam and Jason--! He's Fiason's son and all up in Maxie's business. :throwsuphands: 

Oh this story could have been so much more. SO so much....more. 

Well, that's my crabby view for today.  

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Life Circles

How about that Anniversary Episode? Well, you know I'm talking about that today along with the rest of the show. I'm back in "please fix this" mode! My excitement lasted about 4 months I guess... from October to January. Then, seemed like another 'reset' happened. I swear I can hear TPTB saying "calm it down" or "get back to what we do best-- having too many stories chopped up and way too many characters isolated".  I'll try to be gentle since this is Easter.  

 I'm having my fave EGG-Salad. 

Let Us Begin. 


  Felicia and Mac are making out on Maxie's couch. Everyone is out and Bailey Lu is sleeping. He talks about seeing Frisco!! That's ...