Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A Spot

Yesterday's Show: 
So...let's review: Anna seduced Faison by pretending to be herself but he didn't know it was her even though she was Anna---being ANNA.  What the hell? 
Fin and Tristan were good together. They were such babies in the flashback!! 

Peter and the model. Again HE HAS NO CHARM.  Some actors just shimmer in parts. This is just... DUD. 

My fave part of the show was when Ava heard Avery call Carly Mommy! AHAHAHAA.
Could Mike be arrested? I mean, he IS the gtandfather and he DOES have a medical condition? 

LOVE Maura's hair like this

Ok, Today's Show: 

Dr. Bensch is going to be a dick to Kiki now--yells at her for being on time and not 'early' --tells her to put her hair up.  He barks and growls. She answers all his hard questions. Yada yada. 

Ava wants full custody and Scotty just might help her!  Griffin thinks she's being unreasonable.  That she should have "empathy" (HA!)

Michael and Nelle are getting along nicely, no? 

Dante explains that Mike has to be held because judges got burned years ago by Mob Families using dementia as a reason for older members to get out of RICO charges. This is TRUE!! I read about it!! So, KUDOS to writers! 

Jordan has a spot on her lung... guess she's going to have Lung Cancer? Maybe?  This prompts Curtis to propose. 

Carly goes to talk to Kevin. You know, she should have taken photos of the stuff. Especially after the scarf thing.  Kevin wants Carly to go on anti-anxiety meds.  Nelle better not tamper with them because...that's been done TO DEATH. 

Oh, Scotty mentions Karen to Sonny. Remember when Sonny had her stripping for him and drugged her?? When she was underage? Yeah, we all got pasts on this show!! 


  1. I'm so glad you mentioned the Avery thing!! I literally laughed out loud when she told Carly bye mommy!! Burn haha!! I realize Ava is her mom but she is being so over the top and unreasonable about Mike. As for Nelle...please just go away. Loved Rovertand Anna together. The 3 stooges were terrible. The actor playing Peter August aka Heinrich is so bland and only on there because he's Laura Wrights bf. Hope he's gone soon too...

  2. We like the villainess when we can kinda like them - Nelle is NOT in that category - get with it/Carly THINK------ and Ava like this is - I am sorry- OVER acting and it makes me hate her character.....

  3. April 23 episode.

    Police station: Oh give me a break Carson!!!! If this was the other way around, and it was Ava's father, or uncle, or any other family member of hers that has Alzheimer's, and that person took Avery, you would be FURIOUS! You would act the same way as Ava is now!!!! Don't pretend you won't! And shut up Griffy!

    Avery: Bye mommy bye daddy.

    BYE MOMMY?!!??!!! YIKES!!! No sweetie!!! The woman who is holding you is your mommy!!! Hmmm they used the talkative twin this time. :)


    Anna's hotel:

    Anna and Robert: Blah blah blah rewrite baby. Geez I thought Robert knew about Hiney being Anna's son! Huh? Okayyyy. OH OH OH history talk! YAY! Flashback YAY!!!


    Spinny, Sam, and Jason: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I did love Spinny being threatening! :)

    Wyndemere: Nina's party! Hahahahahaha!!! What is with V.C. and his bulging eyes? ROFL! He did it alot in the scenes. Maxie is all jelly! Nina wins the line of the day.

    V.C.: No you didn't.

    Nina: Oh! Well,uh I meant to.


    Carson home:

    Michael and Janey: Michael go call Francesca and ask her out!!!!! And don't tell Janey cus she will sabotage!!

  4. That little Avery is the best actor on the show!!!!!!!!!

  5. "lindie said...That little Avery is the best actor on the show!!!!!!!!!"

    She is!!!!! Awwwww. :)

  6. Man people are annoying on the show today!!!!

    Police station:

    Mike and Sonny: This is so sad. :(

    Sonny and Scotty: YES! Sonny vs Scotty! Always love that! Thank you Scotty for bringing up your daughter, and that Sonny always reverts to violence!!!

    Scotty wins the line of the day.

    Scotty: Fancy seeing you here. Where are the cuffs?


    The hospital:

    Michael and Janey:

    Michael: My view of Ava is a criminal and a killer.

    Your father is a criminal and a killer too Michael! SHUT UP!

    Dr. Scum and Kiwi: Wow scum!!!! She rejects you, and now you are going to act like a baby and be rude to her? He needs to be caught in the act with something!!!!

    Kiwi and Griffy: Ohhh Dr. Scum is all jelly when he sees them hug!!! Glad she didn't tell Griffy about what is happening! She needs to tell BobTodd, Monica, and her mother!!!

    Doc's office:

    Doc and Carly: Oh this is so stupid!!!!! Wake up Carly!!!!! No Doc she don't need meds!!!! GAH!

    Ava's home:

    Ava and Griffy: I love you Griffy, but SHUT UP!!!! Sonny would do the same thing!!

    Ava and Janey: Ohhhhhhh! Mikey got into Janey's head!!!!! :)

    Jordan's office:

    Jurtis: More coughing!! Hmmm lung cancer? Well gee don't jump to conclusions Curtis and don't propose to her you idiot!!! What if she is fine and doesn't have cancer, and it's nothing serious?!!?! A freckle on the lung Jordan? I never heard of a freckle on a lung before.

  7. SCOTTY needs to GIVE SONNY HELL! I will always remember how Sonny exploited and abused Karen - Sonny is a low down dirty thug.

  8. Oh! Forgot to mention about the meds that Doc wants Carly to take! Side affects is hallucinations and sleepwalking?!?!!?! Oh well that is just gonna be fun! Since Sonny thinks Carly is crazy as it is!!! She better warn him about the side affects.. I can see it now!

    *Carly sleepwalking*

    Carly: Morgan?!!?!?!

    Oh and one minute it's morning for Avery, and the next it's night time!!! She spent ALL day at the police station? I hope she ate!!! Poor little girl!

  9. Scotty mentioning Karen! Holy flashback Batman! They should have more scenes together. Ava is over reacting to Mike but it's such an Ava thing to do, so much better seeing her like this instead of stuck up Griffin's backside trying to be a good person. Bring it on Ava! Didn't they both lose custody of Avery at one point for being crappy parents? Paxil will only help Carly if she has something that needs to be treated, so many other drugs for anti anxiety would be a better choice. Oh well, she'll start taking it and end up with hallucinations after all. Dr. Bensch acts like almost every freaking doctor when dealing with med students. Condescending, arrogant and rude. They also treat nurses this way so it's actually close to real life. Would like to see more crappy behavior from Dr. Creepy to solidify his position as hospital scumbag. Go harass Epiphany and see how that goes.

  10. Alicia, LOL, Harass Epiphany!! You make a good point, that Dr. Bensch's treatment of med students and others is closer to reality. In soaps, most drs. act like saints while at the hospital, which is NOTHING like reality! Making Dr. Bensch's actions look like the exception rather than the rule is a distortion . . .

    Also, did Kevin put Carly on Paxil? (I couldn't make out what he said.) Paxil is used for depression, I've never seen it used for anxiety. Someone is gaslighting Carly, thus making her anxious. As a psychotherapist, I would first explore the context--i.e., if something is going on to make someone anxious, maybe the situation can be resolved, rather than prescribing drugs. However, psychiatrists are quick to prescribe, and there is a lot of tension between psychiatrists and therapists because of this. . .

    1. I thought he said paxil, maybe it was prozac, but there are still better options

  11. Alicia said...Condescending, arrogant and rude. They also treat nurses this way so it's actually close to real life. Would like to see more crappy behavior from Dr. Creepy to solidify his position as hospital scumbag. Go harass Epiphany and see how that goes.

    I was thinking the same thing. Kiki has been mollycoddled up to this point.
    And I'd love for him to forget himself and talk to Epiphany like that. (I'm laughing just thinking about her reaction.)

  12. I don't think poor Mike should be charged, but Ava should have custody, especially when her daughter thinks Carly is her mother. Ava is no prize but is the safer option. We could accept Dr. B's actions as a real doctor if only he weren't compromised by his inappropriate intentions towards Kiki.

  13. And I am so glad Scott isn't gone!

  14. Kiki and Griffin have chemistry. Not much between Griffin and Ava. Just so glad we didn't have to hear about Heinrich. So sick of that story line.

  15. I don't know what happened, but Tuesday show failed to record. Dern. I thought maybe our faux president uttered some new lie that they had to break in the show to announce and speculate on. But all of you seemed to have seen it, show it must have been my VCR. Was Finn on? I love Finn and was anxious they would get back to him when Anna and Robert came home. And then it didn't record and I don't know if I missed a Finn scene or not! Let me know, please!

    1. No Finn if I remember correctly. My DVR did that last Thursday but with Greys Anatomy. Lucky for me it oddly enough aired 2 in the morning days later.

  16. No, Finn was not on, the show has gotten pretty stupid, you didn't miss much-except, of course, for Jordan's lung spot.

  17. Thank you! Tomorrow someone is coming to look at my TV and check everything. Meanwhile I keep up with things by reading here.

    I so agree about Dom. I saw him several years ago on a rerun of something about dance with Robin (I can't recall the actress' name, yikes!) Anyway, I no longer know what that show was but I remember being so impressed with that young man and what a good actor he was and now he gets to do practically nothing. He needs a real story.

    I don't like to be mean about actors, but this guy playing Peter is really not cutting it at all. Bland, no edge to him, no charm, no little special vibes or gestures or whatever. This is a part that calls for so much more. A good actor tells you the story with his face...Geary used to reflect on his face what was going on and you couldn't look away or you might miss something. You knew what to think of another character by Geary's face, his silent reaction.
    I don't like that they rewrote Anna's history at her good character's expense, but they really needed a special actor to pull this off. This one is just so--commonplace? The actor they hired as Chase would have been better. But it really calls for someone special with some charisma. Valentin has some of that, but Peter/Heinrich, no.

    It is so nice to have Tristan back. I remember his first day on the show (yeah, I've watched that long), and being immediately impressed. So unlike Mr blah Peter.

  18. Grrrr....stupid rain interrupted almost the whole show. The weatherman got on 3 times to inform us it is raining. No sheeze. Guess I'll watch on Hulu.


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