Friday, April 20, 2018

Horse Hideout

So..Dante just found Mike in a BARN-- and they are ok. What a drama-less let down. Seriously. 
Good confusion and good acting on Max's part -- Mike breaks down and says it was Courtney. Dante tries to talk him down.  Then they talk about the old days about Mike liking horses. Dom was heartbreaking -- tearing up and being sad. 

Anna's pretending to be some parent (Mrs. Ashton) and asks a teacher about an older student. The teacher thinks they are the press.  She says--nope, I'm with the "Royal Security Agency" so talk to me. Robert is NOT happy she's talking to the teacher. AND OMG... he says "I have to talk to you in private, excuse us" and takes her literally 2 feet away and they talk in REGULAR VOICES! They aren't even trying again.  This is lazy direction. Anyway, they ask the lady about Heinrich and she said he was charming. 

Sam's pretending to be some rich chick. She looks the part-- but doesn't sound it, imo. Needs more inflection. Spinelli walks in, and says "you and your bank are at my mercy". Jason stands there like a wooden bodyguard.  There's some stupid thing about robbing the bank and the manager says "our bank has never been robbed" and Sam says "Until today".  Eesh. This whole thing is just... bad. 

Lulu and Peter --I LITERALLY DO NOT CARE. 

CarSon. I'd care more if Carly wasn't so strident and in a yelling mode. Sonny says "wouldn't be the first time you've had a breakdown" LMAO.. Carly's like STFU.   Sonny "I hope I don't have to send you away"... he wants her to go see Kevin. 

They get a phone call that Dante found Avery and Mike. 

Griffin and Ava have a little brown bag snack. She sees Avery and runs to her. Avery says "Grandpa wanted to see the horses" .  Ava's pissed off about the Mike thing. 



  1. I haven't watched yet. But, that little Avery always saves the day!

  2. Carson home:

    Carson: Sonny! Don't be so stupid!!!!! Stupid scene! UGH! Stupid stupid stupid stupid!

    The barn:

    Mike and Avery: THERE THEY ARE!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

    Avery: Where are the horses? I'm hungry.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! She is so adorbs!!!! :)

    Dante and Mike: So sad!!!!! :(

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Lulu and Hiney: I don't get it! Why is he texting her? Does he want her to know he is Hiney? I'm confused.

    Police station: Geez people!!! Ava has every right to be upset and want her daughter safe!!! She is right that something has to be done! Mike needs supervised care!!

    Switzerland hotel: Robert has a good point!!! He can trust Anna so yeah that means she IS off her game.. I remember back in the day she was so good!! Robert wins the line of the day.

    Anna, Robert, and teacher:

    Robert: I thought it was pretty obvious that I'm the good cop.


    Anna and Robert:

    Robert: What is this child REALLY mean to you?

    Huh?! I thought Anna told you Robert! You two were talking about Hiney being her son before!!! I am so confused.

    Switzerland office:

    Jasam, Spinny, and manager:

    Karen says This whole thing is just... bad.

    Yeah it's bad!!!!!! WOW! Why couldn't one of them just knock the manager out and then break into the computer? That would have been so much better, than this crap.

  3. Haven't finished watching yet, but I thought that Dom killed it with that scene with Mike, when he teared up and tried to smile through the tears to not show Mike he was upset. He really is an amazing actor.

    Didn't Anna say that the WSB stands for something that starts with a 'W'? Or did I hear it wrong?

    The spy stuff, including the stuff with Sam, et al., is ludicrous, I agree.

  4. I guess sam has decided jason is more important than her children. i hate women like this.

  5. I just wonder why Anna doesn't just tell everyone that Hiney is her son, what is the point of keeping it a secret?

  6. Answering my own question, I guess she has lied to everyone for over 30 years, and probably feels shame about the whole thing, guess she doesn't want anyone to know . . .

  7. "AntJoan said...Didn't Anna say that the WSB stands for something that starts with a 'W'? Or did I hear it wrong?"

    Yes she said the world security Bureau.. That is what WSB has always stood for.

  8. Yes, she said the World Security Bureau. All these years, I never knew what it stood for LOL.

  9. "AntJoan said...Yes, she said the World Security Bureau. All these years, I never knew what it stood for LOL."

    ROFL! Well good glad you know now! :)

  10. The show is just plain awful.


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