Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Little Capers

NEWS: Leslie C hurt herself (tripped on her dog, I get that!) and had to leave the show for a bit. Since her part was already scripted, they've temporarily replaced her with Patty McCormack of "Bad Seed" fame. (She was so awesome in that movie!!) Here's to a speedy recovery for Leslie and good luck to Patty during her "Monica" stint! 

I saw 15 min of yesterday's show-- and I shall reserve snark on the "Swiss Caper" until I see where they go with this. Who knows? I may be a delightful segment with St. Jaysus, Spin, Sam, Anna and Robert. 
But then again, I watch a LOTTA  TV and I am in the middle of the wonderful Sneaky Pete that does this type of thing with such ease and greatness, I'm not too hopeful. 

Ok, how hilarious was it to have Alexis fly to Switzerland just to sit on the couch and talk to Sam and then take the kids home. They should have had Sam out helping Spinelli somehow and just left the kids out of it all together. This was just funny. "We ran up and down the mountains"!!! :eyeroll: 

Spinelli sure forgot that he liked Drew, thought he was Jason and totally encouraged Sam to accept him. So... :shrug: 

Ava's acting like breathless nuts Ava again and Griffin doesn't know what the HELL to do. 

Kim and Julian...meh.  Doesn't bother me but..meh.  Lucy was fun. 

Ok, it's Wed and I'm not home until 2:00 so we'll see!! 

IT'S SNOWING HERE.  Damn it. I haven't gotten out of a turtleneck all of April! 


  1. IMO Ava's character has got to go. On whose planet would a man with dementia have "kidnapped" a kid. The whole story of Sonny leaving him alone and Carly allowing him to go with Palar is stupid, but Ava is so over the top in these scenes. Guess I'd rather see Genie Francis and Tristan Rogers back than some of this silliness. The show is just not "doing it for me" for quite awhile now.

  2. Not to mention that Griffin looks so out of place cuddling her. I get that she's only about 13 years older than him but I see no chemistry at all there and it's turning me off Griffin.

    And the FBI should definitely not have been called.

    I hope we get Nelle bragging to Ava today about how she got carly all out of whack yesterday and Ava realizes it's all he fault.

    And don't get me started on the kids on the mountain.

    1. Yeh I can't wait for that! I hope Ava tells Carly about the gaslighting.

  3. I felt bad for Ava until she did the kidnap thing. Rude. Gag me as far as Sam at the end. Grown woman acting that way, chasing after her ex and friend. Hope she lands her butt in jail! Was bored. Of course Drew and Liz are on today and I have to DVR cause of work. 😢
    That's too bad about Leslie, my sisters dog got too hyper when we kept her for Christmas and she took my mom for a walk down some stairs and mom broke her collarbone. She's been doing pt for almost 3 months.

  4. P. McCormack looks really good - she was great in the "Bad Seed". Leslie looks rather fragile so I hope she recuperates quickly. This FBI stuff is ridiculous - Mike is her grandpa! So good to see Lucy and she looked gorgeous. I've enjoyed the past two days mainly because no Franco. Would rather see Sam actually. Her face really lights up now with Jason and Spinelli, like old times, although I was never a fan of JaSam. Julian and Kim are kind of dull but I really have forgotten that TB was a Carly.

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  6. Switzerland hotel:

    Jasam: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!!? Spinny got arrested?!?!?!!?!? WHAT THE HELL?!?!!?!

    Alexis and Sam: Alexis is right about Jason, Sam!!! Alexis wins the line of the day.

    Alexis: That was a long flight. You left for a week and you took my grandkids, did you not expect to see me?


    Jail waiting area:

    Spinny and Jason: SPINNY! I love you, but I am so angry with you!!!!! You have a daughter to think about now!!! You can't just get arrested!!!! You should have been more careful!!!

    Outside: SPINNY!!!! No stealing a bicycle!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?!

    Sam: Hey boys. Need a ride?

    Okay that is adorable. :)

    Carson: Ava has a right to be upset Carson!!! If it was the other way around, you would be FURIOUS!

    Police station:

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    KimLian and Lucy: LUCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Oh yes time for the nurses ball!!!!! YAY!

    CarlyKim: Did you realize she just completely manipulated you into a huge donation?

    ROFL! Yup! That is our Lucy for ya! :) She is one of the best manipulators in Port Chuckles. :)

    Lante home: Oh goodie. Sexy Hiney pillow talk. How romantic.


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