Sunday, April 8, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Monsters and Memories

BUT....DOC, I'm so tired. So damn tired. 

This whole week was a mixture of greatness and...erm...sameness.  Things move forward, things move back. Some are done well, others like well-- a high school play.  Anyway, here we are. Another week down.  Monsters and Memories were the theme of the week-- did you spot them all? 

It snowed here a LOT over our "spring break"--plus we had a windstorm AND I was sick on Friday. Just a really crappy vacation.  I'm looking forward to going back to work! 

The monsters? Jim Harvey, Doctor Bensch...Nelle and the ravages of Alzheimer's....

The Memories?  Two Little Boys on the Stairs, Mike trapped in childhood, a field in Croton, a mix CD, and son who died too soon. 

Goodbye Jason, Goodbye Drew
I must be gone--I must leave you. 
I have to find myself out there
I hope I don't get eaten by a big old bear. 
(You can thank me later for that poem) 

Don't even try it, Mister!! Dr. Bensch uses the old "YOU are the problem" on Kiki who's gratefully having NONE of it. He says she was the one 'sending signals" and he got his 'wires crossed". He even kept a voice mail she sent which I suspect he will use if she turns him into the board. So far the writing on this has been pretty good. 

Nelle, all dressed as the part of a snappy cat-burlgar, uses Carly's memories against her as she "haunts" the old CarJax house. My biggest peeve with this story? Nelle's not crafty enough and Carly and Bobbie didn't figure out it was her doing this. I mean, come on. Anyway, I would have written the entire thing differently, not letting the audience in on who was doing what. Carly could be losing it--or is she? Nelle would be accepted by Michael and working to make ways with the family. Suspicion would be inferred--not in your face. I really feel like this is a Lifetime movie I've seen 55 times. (get it, 55?!) 

Franco got hypnotized....and not a lot came out of that first session but crying, saying "don't hurt me" and... stairs yada yada.  Roger and John were in good form, although I bet they giggled a bit during rehearsals. 

And.. there's Betsy. Laying in bed only saying "I have to see Bobby".... "I have to see Bobby" OMG! I saw Harvey!!  Finally--FINALLY she tells Drew what happened. But do we hear it? Nope, it fades out as we watch what unfolds in the garage. Why would we want to finish this story up today? *sigh* 

Geesh but Jim Harvey can't do anything right, can he?? Jake even doubles back to save his Mom! Then Franco comes out and beats Harvey within an inch of his life. What happens next? We have to wait until Monday! 

Yes, he's pretty..but WHY?

Mike and the "Secret" ... about Sonny's past. With JOE SCULLY. Will this story turn into another mob story??  Come on..why does Mike even have to be dragged into this.  Seems Sonny buried Joe Scully's father's body in Croton on Hudson? Anyway, Mike knows about it but how? I guess the only explanation is that Mike ordered it? I guess we'll have to find out by mining Mike's memories. 

"Is honesty needed for Mike now"? Jason asks. Nope it's not. This will lead into my scene of the week: 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Oh this was done so well. Having Michael be the one to guide Sonny to helping his grandpa. Sniff. Michael has always been the calm, and because it's not his dad, he can be less frustrated. Michael taped Mike telling stories. Mike freaked out about his parents and Sonny panicked and yelled "Your parents are dead"! Michael had read about Sundowning and told Mike he'd take care of it. So much to learn about memory care and how to help both patients and caregivers. Kudos to the team because they seem to be consulting people in the know. 


JUST STOP IT OF THE WEEK:  I mean, I love Finola...I love Dr. Maddox but this Heinrick thing is just-- eating the show alive in some ways. First we have Peter August who's acting like Hamlet in his scenes with Griffin (if you don't believe me just watch him try to beg Griffin to remain silent :eyeroll:). Secondly we have Anna, trapped in this mind-numbing story about a kid she gave up eons ago who might have Hungtinton's (Which we know he doesn't). Now Griffin knows...and..?? And?? It just all seems so pointless. I'm hoping that Robert coming back will do something to get this story off the screen and pronto. Either that or have Jason "find" Peter/Heiny and just kill him already. 


That's it!! The show is moving pretty slow lately and the only thing I really care about is Mike's story. Everything else seems like filler at the moment. Yes, I know the Bobby/Andy reveal is supposed to be a biggie but come on--we all saw this coming for months. The people that didn't like Franco will still not like Franco and we'll all move on. 

Monsters and Memories.... they lurk around every corner on GH-- I just wish I was a little more surprised when they jumped out. 


  1. I know I'm alone in this, but I've enjoyed the Andy/Bobby stuff, more so in the past couple wks. LOL Karen you're probably right, lots of between takes giggles. Cannot stand this stupid storyline with Heinrik, I see what you're talking about. I worked morning shift w-f and did a lot off ff but did see that and it's just so bad. Maybe Heinny and Nelle can have a murder suicide? Hate them both. Hate her worse. Love that we have no Sam on screen. Now Sonny needs to follow her.

    1. No your not alone. Besides the Jason/Drew disappointment, Bob/Andy story has been story I've been most interested in. Mike story has been pretty good too.

    2. I agree, too bad it has to be linked to Sonny

  2. I really liked the chat Carly and Bobbie had about grieving over a dead child. I thought it was done well. Made me realize BJ would be around 30 now.


  3. This is a silly point, but the kind of thing you notice when watching a story that is unenjoyable ~ Nelle was wearing "noisy shoes," ones that made a lot of noise as she came downstairs, removed whatever was plugged in, and exited the house!
    On a high note...Max Gail's work is truly amazing!

  4. it IS ridiculous that Carly and Jason and Bobbie can't figure out about Nelle-----who needs to go....BUT if they would figure it out AND turn the tables on her - THAT would keep me interested and be FUN....the fact that twice Carly has said, "WHO would do this to me" is stupid.......even bring up Ava or something but pretending to have NO clue is silly.
    Alexis and Finn - keep them as friends.PLEASE

  5. As I said earlier, Carly's mansion surely would be equipped with an alarm system and security cameras.

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  7. I am thrilled MB was provided the opportunity and material away from the mob and given an incredible storyline to showcase his talent. It’s what so many of his fans have wanted for him.

  8. Great SS, Karen! I was laughing when Nelle entered Carly's old house dressed like that, saying, "Bobbie? Anyone here?" I so wish Carly, Bobbie and Jason had all been there to bust her.

    This Bobby/Andy thing has dragged on for toooo long.

    I'm okay with them introducing Chase slowly, and not shoving a newbie down our throats.

    I wish Kiki would tell Monica about Dr. Bensch. I can't imagine she wouldn't be totally supportive.

    Agree with those who wish Sonny would go away (for a while, at least) like Sam did.

    I want more Franco/Drew scenes. Bromance please!

  9. Carly+gaslighting=boring, Nelle is the worst gaslighter in history and the fact that Carly can't figure it out?? how are you the manager of a successful hotel? You need brain cells to do that job.
    I'm actually really enjoying the Franco/Drew/Harvey story even though it's very predictable, Roger's acting is stellar. Could lip-read some of what Betsy said and BMillers facial expressions said quite a alot. I know a lot of people hate Franco and I don't want to start the debate again but he's the highlight of the week for me. Also loved that Elizabeth fought back instead of getting taken hostage in her usual fashion, and her pushing Jake and telling him to run had my Mamabear hormones all flared up.
    Turning the Alzheimer's Storyline into a mob/Sonny story is not surprising to me, but extremely disappointing. Who cares what Sonny did for Joe Scully a million years ago? Mike knew? Who else did he tell? Yeah, don't care.

  10. I guess Sonny is now going to get scared that Mike will start telling his secrets, adding another layer to the Mike story. Either that, or something else is going on--like, how did Mike witness things that Sonny doesn't know that he saw?

    I could read Betsy's lips in the beginning, but didn't get as much as others did here.

  11. My only hope is that this Nelle thing ends with a good old fashioned "Who killed Nelle?" Story. And then it turns out it was Nina so we can be rid of both of them. The Bobby/Andy stuff is just ridiculous at this point. I mean they went as far on Friday to have Betsy reveal it to Drew and then cut the sound. What would be wrong with hearing her reveal the truth while seeing Franco reacting to Harvey. But noooo we have to drag this out until past the breaking point. We must give Franco ANOTHER monologue. And I'm really sad they are tying this Mike story back into the mob.

  12. I have to agree with Mickey when he says this should end with a good old fashioned 'who killed Nelle?' Only I know it won't--she's pregnant. This show seems to like bringing on more babies (yawn). Can't stand Nelle..and I semi-agree about Nina.

    Two stories, the Bobby/Drew back story with Kevin doing his best to bring it out, that keeps me absorbed. Roger is amazing--love the actor. And I keep waiting and waiting for Finn (my other fave actor) to get to grab Anna in his arms again without constant interruptions (grrrr) and if Scorpio is coming then it likely won't happen soon. I do think they are doing a great job with the Mike story, too. So strange about Mike remembering something he couldn't have known about...hmmm.

    Robert coming on is lovely, but they need to remember how close he and Laura and Luke were at one time and allow a scene or two with Genie. How hard can it be to write a really big story for Laura? Genie is one of the best actors on TV and she was half of what put GH on the map. She deserves the credit and a showcase story and she and Kevin are a great new couple.

  13. Yes, featuring Kevin without Laura makes no sense. They are newlyweds, and should be shown having a great life together--they both deserve it. I am glad he is getting so much story--now bring Genie back, the sooner the better.



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