Thursday, April 26, 2018

Guest Cameo: CRONUT!

I made it for the last 25 min of the show! 

Anna and Alexis..nice scenes about Anna's legal 'affairs".  Cute Robert and Finn scene as well. 

Maxie and Sam-- remember them? 

Why is Lulu on crutches? Did Emme hurt herself again?  Twitter says yes, she was chasing the kids in the yard. Didn't one of her kids clock her in the face not too long ago? Geesh! 

CRONUT mention!! know the writers love me. How long have I been saying that Mike's mixed up between Croton and Cronut? AND--there's  A CRONUT  totally hogging the camera!! 

Scorpio and Valentn. Could be interesting.

Sam catches Curtis lurking in Peter's offica at Aurora. 


  1. Yeh I follow Emme on IG and shaz got a boot on her foot. Active boys haha!!

  2. please kill off sam. so unlikable

  3. I think KM can definitely act. When she was dealing with the realization that she shot Sonny and the disease in her brain, her acting and emotional scenes were on target. I think the material she’s given certainly makes a difference.

  4. Michelle Latta said...

    lol I thought shaz was new slang for she has.

  5. Alexis's home:

    Fexis: WOW! Hump city baby!!! :) YEAHHHHHHHHHHH! Wait what? Alexis you cooked?!!??!!?!?! A casserole?!!?! Oh sorry Finchy, but Alexis cooked!!! She never cooks! She sucks at cooking!!!

    Alexis: I'm taking a cooking class.

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! YOU ARE?!?!!? When did this happen?!?!!??!!?! I want to see this casserole!!! OH DAMN IT ANNA! GO AWAY!!!!! GAH! After getting the casserole out they were gonna have sex!

    Alexis and Anna: GAH! Go away Anna! I want to see this casserole!!!

    Hiney's office:

    Lulu and Hiney:

    "Karen says Why is Lulu on crutches? Did Emme hurt herself again? Twitter says yes, she was chasing the kids in the yard. Didn't one of her kids clock her in the face not too long ago? Geesh!"

    Ohhhhhh so THAT is why she is in crutches!!! Yes one of her kids DID clock her in the face! Damn this is the 2nd time she got her because of her kids... Her kids are tough and strong! ROFL!


    ValeNina and Curtis: Hahahahaha this was great! Now Curtis probably doesn't want to get married! ROFL!

    Nina: If Jordan and Curtis don't make it to the alter it's your fault.


    Sam's home:

    Sam and Maxie: So basically,

    Maxie: Lulu sucks! I hate her.

    Sam: Nobody is perfect.

    Maxie: No! Lulu sucks1 Now let me gush about my old pal Peter. Gush gush gush gush gush gush gush. He is so amazing and brilliant!

    Okay Sam showing Maxie her box, awww that was a great scene. :)

    Kelly's: So basically,

    H.F. and Robert:

    H.F.: I want this cronut!!

    Robert: No it's mine!

    H.F.: No!!! I WANT IT!

    Robert: No! She is my one and only!


    Cronut: Boys boys!!!! You can share me my lovelies!!

    Robert: Nah I think you need it more than I do.

    Cronut: Jerk!


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