Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Talking to the Dead

Alexis and Finn are interrupted by Anna at the Metro. She wants to ask Finn if he remembers if Faison had a lighter. He says yes. It was weird, and I don't get this whole Alexis/Finn/Jules/Anna thing. Nope. 

Nina and Val. Val does Nina's feet-- she talks about not liking Peter August.  He gets the side eye going .... like he's hiding something. 

In case you 10 year olds didn't get it, Peter August is playing with Faison's lighter for a full 40 seconds. DID YOU SEE THE LIGHTER???????? DID YOU????  Maxie is mad Lulu and Peter are reading PK Sinclair's book.  

Carly tries to explain what happened when she was spooked out at her old house to Jason and Sonny. They call the cops.  He finds nothing. They send a detective? It's the new Ford -looking guy. Anyway, he thinks Carly is hysterical lady person. Sonny thinks Carly should go to a NEUROLOGIST! BAAHAHAA. HE's all of a sudden like, COGNITIVE TESTS FOR EVERYTHING!1

Liz, Jordan and copper arrive at the studio. Jordan asks what happened. Franco says: "Drew saved my life".  Franco goes to GH. Later, Jordan and Drew are in the morgue with Harvey. Drew says "You'll never hurt another child" Franco says he's going to tell Elizabeth but... commercial. 

Lulu later goes to Wyndemere to tell Valentin that she'll take him up on his offer. Something about PK Sinclair book. Nina is all "??" What is this about?! 

Jason tells Anna he thinks Heinrick is leaving clues for his mother to find with the book and taking of the lighter. 

MARK ZUCKERBURGER interrupted GH --- GREAT. Ok, whatever. He even wore a suit!! 

So that's that. 


  1. I do not have sympathy for carly and sonny or jason and sam. no matter what these characters go through. is it because they are criminals or bad acting ?

  2. Yes, GH is considered white noise by ABC. As soon as Ellen started they cut out of the Zuckerberg testimony.

  3. re: witch,

    criminally bad acting?! :p

  4. Ok I seriously loved the sh** out of Frew (my new Bromance buddies). Both of them brought tears to my eyes. 😢 LMAO that Sonny thinks Carly is going cray cray. 😂

  5. I haven't watched all of the show yet, but so far, I like what I saw. I guess Nelle's plan is to gaslight Carly so that others think she is going crazy and they have her committed? Not much of a plan, won't get Carly committed, either, as she is not a danger to herself or others. Also, even if she does get a psych eval, that doesn't "get her out of the way" as Nelle is purporting to do. I also would think that Carly, Jason and Sonny would figure out that it's Nelle, but, I guess for the writers to make the plan work, they have to make the 3 of them even dumber than usual.

  6. Jordan, pretty sure that taking Drew to the morgue to see Harvey's body is against protocol as well as leaving him alone with the body, could totally tamper with evidence. guess the PCPD is more worried about Carly turning into a hysteric, than ongoing suspicious death investigations. So glad Franco just came out with the truth with Elizabeth even though we didn't get to hear it. How did no one mention the giant list of child victims Harvey left behind? Still waiting for the Betsy/Franco scene where she tells him how she found out and convinced him to forget it all. What was with Jordan coughing while she was talking? Wierd, couldn't do a retake? Seriously annoyed that they cut into the end again with some BS and made me go online again to watch the end. Interrupt something else please. Have to watch on DVR after kiddies go to bed and seriously sucks to get almost all the way through and find out you got jipped.

  7. Michelle Latta said...
    Ok I seriously loved the sh** out of Frew (my new Bromance buddies). Both of them brought tears to my eyes. ��

    It brought tears to my eyes too, especially at the end when Drew was watching franco and Liz through the window. His face showed so much emotion. Great acting there.

    1. I couldn't agree more Di. Billy showed it all with his eyes, I can't wait to see where this goes with him, Franco and Liz. Might I add it's so nice to have Sam off screen. 😊

  8. How can we see the ending with Liz and Franco? Alicia, you said you went online to see it..where?? This story has held me and I hate that I missed the moment when Liz finally learns the sad truth. Every actor has been stellar. Roger especially. Watching Drew and Franco's looks of understanding--I found myself finally letting out my breath. Touching.
    This story has made me like the Drew character more and I dread Sam returning as she is one of my least faves. And I admit Roger is one of my two favorite male actors on soaps.

    With all the news networks on the air now, you would think they could stop cutting into our show. Especially with something better understood on the late news.

    Hope this story about Nelle's gaslighting ends with her leaving PC one way or another.

    1. I went to abc.com and watched the end, you can usually find a full episode on YouTube somewhere if you look hard enough. But their versions are usually someone who taped a recording off their phone lol

  9. Bobbie's home:

    CarSason: Really Sonny? You don't believe Carly so you ask Jason questions?

    Carson: REALLY SONNY?! You think Carly is going crazy?!?!?!! GO TO HELL!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Finchy and Alexis: Awww a date. :) Oh sorry a Mildred! ROFL! Oh shoot Anna had to disturb them! UGH! Alexis wins the line of the day.

    Alexis: We are having a very nice Mildred. Would you like me to ask the waitress for binoculars? Are you sure it's okay that we are Mildreding?


    Finchy and Anna: UGH! Go away Anna!!!! And dammit they are having eye sex! GAH! Anna leaves but she is pining! STOP PINING ANNA!!!!

    Jason and Anna: Blah blah blah. Hiney Hiney Hiney. Blah blah blah. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Hiney's office:

    Lulu and Hiney: I wonder what is going to happen when Lulu finds out Auggy is really Hiney! Will she hate him?

    Lulu, Hiney, and Maxie: Yeah Maxie you tell Lulu!!!! :) I wonder what is going to happen when Maxie finds out Auggy is really Hiney!

    Maxie and Hiney:

    Maxie: Maybe I am being unfair about Hinerick. What if the story in the book is true? Maybe he is just another victim of Faison's.

    Well that just answered my question about what happens when she finds out that Auggy is Hiney! :)

    The hospital:

    Jordan and Liz: What is with Jordan coughing? Is the actress sick? Or is something going to happen with Jordan?

    BobTodd's art studio:

    BobTodd and Scumbag: SCUMBAG IS STRADDLING HIM! GET OFF OF HIM!!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH DREW!!! You saved BobTodd's life!!!!! :)

    FranDrew: Awwwww! BobTodd touched his arm! And Drew touched him back!!! Awwwwwwww! :)


    ValeNina: Aww they are having a nice relaxing day. :)

    Lulu and ValeNina: What the hell Lulu!!!!! You couldn't just knock on the door? Or call? DAMN!

    The morgue:

    Scumbag and Drew: GOODBYE SCUMBAG!!!!!! Great scene. It looked like Greg Evigan was smiling hahahaha!

    1. I thought the Jordan coughing thing was weird, wonder if they have some illness in her future or something

    2. Ohhhh I didn't even think of that!! Good thinking.

  10. "Michelle Latta said...Ok I seriously loved the sh** out of Frew"

    OH! Love that name!!!! :) I love them too!!!


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