Monday, April 9, 2018


So, wouldn't it have been funny if Jim Harvey was really Steve Harvey? LOL.. Or he at least played him??! This story so needs to be over.  Franco has Harvey in the trunk of the car at gunpoint, not the other way around.  Then, has him in his studio. This should have been a stunning moment but they took WAY too long,  chopped it up and it's just falling flat. Good acting but -- doesn't have the right impact for me.  So Jim confesses on paper, Franco says he can't go to the police because of the statute of limitations-- and wants to kill him. Jim rushes Franco to grab the gun. Winds up that someone gets shot in the end-- but you should see it. Not really shocking but a surprise enough to watch the end of the show. 

The Carly thing wasn't even scary...I mean.... you can tell those were Sonny's shoes.  She shows him the smashed photo and frame.  Sonny's mad she told Jason about the phone calls and scarf and not him. Of COURSE he is lol. 

Josslyn is so pretty --Eden is like what? 14. Oy she's going to just be a STUNNER. More than she is now. She's talking to Michael about...whatever. Not sure, don't care. 

Does Nelle not know Brad is gay? She hugs him to make Michael jelly I think!! ahahaahaaa She talks to him about a video of a moving car ?? Maybe she's going to make one for Carly? Brad talks about the baby adoption. Why are they just doing this all off camera? Won't the Powers that Be let it fly?? I don't understand!! 
Nelle could get hit by a bus and give the baby to Brucas on her deathbed. That's fine with me! 


  1. I loved the end! 😊 Can we say Bromance. Wonder what Sam will say? Haha!! Pretty much over now that pediophile got shot. Sick bastard. Sick of the gaslighting story. How stupid are Carson, der....ok, so what's with Brad and Nellie? We don't see him OR Lucas for months on end and all of a sudden "b" is preggo and we get Brad. Oh and poor Sonny all jelly that Carly is confiding in Jason and Dante and leaving him in the dark, sick it up buttercup.

  2. Another example of TOO many characters - so forever we had to endure AMY.....sigh....then we saw Danica (is that her name) and I really liked her - as did Mike....
    now new nurse who turned down Michael is all up in Betsy's room.......
    I know these girls can't be making much money - they only work every 'blue moon'....

  3. Today's scenes between Franco and Harvey were amazing. Franco recounting what happened and knowing that he wasn't the only one, heartbreaking. Drew coming in at the end wasn't a shocker, but I figured they would play the "I know what you did" game. Instead having him shoot Harvey in the back, almost choked on my ice cream.
    Sonny pissed that Carly didn't tell him about weak gaslight attempt. Hmmmmm...did you tell her about Croton, Joe Scully, Mike and dead bodies in a field?? Nope so shush it.
    Michael Nelle Brad Josselyn, what was the point of this scene? Oooh Brad and Nelle are friends? Oh no!!! Not really, don't care.
    Scotty sending the cops on a goose chase, was such a Scotty thing to do and how hard was it to figure out that Franco would go to the studio? I figured it out Friday. Elizabeth should have figured it out, considering its her old studio with a new paint job.

    1. Yeh I knew too that Drew would go there but wowza! When he shot Harvey, totally didn't expect that! Loved it! Looking forward to today, hope it's good!

  4. Bobbie's home: Oh come on! I mean really! It's SO Sonny!!! ROFL!

    Carly and Sonny: Sonny wins the line of the day.

    Sonny: You almost took my head off!!



    Joss and Michael: Michael why don't you stop being so stubborn and just get back together with Nelle.

    Oh Joss!!! SHUT THE HELL UP!!! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! You tell her Michael! Yeah it's not her business!!!! Tell her you like another girl!!!! Tell her you like Franchesca!!!!!

    Brad and Janey: ??????????????????????????????

    Michael and Janey: Either Michael is jelly or he is suspicious.. I know I am suspicious with Janey talking with Brad!!! I mean what the hell?!?!! And also, did Janey know that Brad was behind her?

    The hospital: SCOTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! :)

    Scotty and Liz: That's my Scotty!!! Wild goose chase!! :)

    BobTodd's art studio:

    BobTodd and Scumbag: Yeah I thought BobTodd was in the trunk at first.. Whoa BobTodd is acting just like Todd Manning!!! :) GREAT SCENE!!!!!! Wow a lot of children's names on that paper!!! TOO MANY NAMES YOU SCUMBAG!!!! You should be in jail where people who are in jail can beat you to a pulp for touching kids!!! They don't like that!!! YOU SCUMBAG!!!! Oh no! Scumbag is choking BobTodd! I was thinking come on Drew!!! Show up and shoot Scumbag!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Man you should have seen me!!! I was so excited. :)

    1. I was also thinking that Roger sounded an awful lot like Todd there, even his voice and word pronunciation. Guess it's his go to when things are about to explode. Love it!

  5. Michelle Latta said...I loved the end! 😊 Can we say Bromance.

    The bromance lives!!!!! :) I shall call them FranDrew. :)

    1. Roger deserves an emmy....hope he's not overlooked next yr for his performance.

  6. sonya said..Whoa BobTodd is acting just like Todd Manning!!! :)

    lol I don't know why that surprises you. You still call him BobTodd because he's been acting like Todd since he came on the show, regardless of the character. It's one of the reasons I don't like him.

    And i wish someone would tell Joss about that dres. See how long she'd think Nelle was great. I don't know why Nina didn't have her arrested, but I guess the writers just dropped thatb too.

  7. I don't get my bench would pick kiki . every member of her family has been accused of murder, several times.

  8. WHY couldn't have Carly bashed in Sonny's head? Why would Scotty have thought to call Mac Scorpio to help find Franco? I knew Drew would show up at Franco's studio, but surprised (and happy) he shot Jim. #FranDrew

  9. Yes, to several folks here. Yes, Mommy, you are right about Bensch/Kiki, guess he didn't think it through! (It didn't occur to me, either, and I've been watching GH for decades!)

    Yes, why didn't Liz think of the studio right away, c'mon (also, why didn't she grab the gun??)? Scotty wanting to call Mac Scorpio might have been another stalling tactic . . .

    I thought that Scumbag wrote down his entire confession, not just names, maybe that why it was so long?

    Is Franco dead? He sure looked it, and would be if he was choked like that in the real world, I think.

  10. I pretty much fast forwarded the whole show - no interest at all in anything that's going on and I just can't watch Franco, regardless of what his history has revealed. Maybe I will have renewed interest when Robert Scorpio shows up this week.

  11. "Di says lol I don't know why that surprises you. You still call him BobTodd because he's been acting like Todd since he came on the show,"

    ROFL! Yes yes he has been, but at that moment in those scenes, it was MORE! :) It felt like I was watching OLTL. :)

    "Paul773 said...Why would Scotty have thought to call Mac Scorpio to help find Franco?"

    OH! I forgot to mention that! Yeah I thought it was odd.. Mac is not a PI anymore or a cop! So how could Mac help?


    YES! :)

    "AntJoan said...I thought that Scumbag wrote down his entire confession, not just names, maybe that why it was so long?"

    No it was just kids names. BobTodd was upset looking at it and made a comment about so many kids.

  12. Yes, I really hope today is good also. Anyone else think Franco may be dead? (He sure looked it, but, as I haven't heard anything about the actor leaving GH, he probably is not. . .)


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