Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Surgery: The Subpranos, Guza Weighs In and more GH News

It's Sunday again! How is everyone? All giddy still from being blessed with a new opening??! Considering much of the background was imported from Night Shift, I'm still wondering why it took an age to get where it is..but hey.
Spoilers are up, I did them around midnight. Seems Michael is going to the "island"...ooooooo! The ISLAND! Where Sonny usually takes his dates and buys them dresses. Heh. Michael's not too happy with it though, you know, because he's missing school and all. There will be three Port Charles members on Sonny's jury. I'd say for angst wise it could be Patrick, Lisa and maybe Steve. Although I think they are all exempt because they are doctors. Maybe Matt is on it-- give that man airtime!! We should know soon enough who the lucky ones are. Can't be Epiphany or Eddie Q cause they sat when Sonny shot Carly. Or one of his other millions of trials.

In the recent issue of SID, Guza had a whole lot to say about the state of soaps and how he's "may be the last dinosaur standing...but still confident that we can provide quality entertainment and there's an audience out there who wants to see it." He says hiring Franco was a way to shake things up. We need to "hold them to task and make them earn it"... Ok, that's fine but you need to get your story arcs more cohesive, not screw around with block taping (as we saw the effects of that in the horribly inserted "Johnny/Max/Milo ambush crap) and tell something from start to finish.  Sick of the recycled WTD stories. Tired of the trials of Sonny Corinthos. "THIS will change everything"....didn't we hear that when he shot his wife in the head? Yes, "Events" are great but it's the day to to day telling of a story that really matters. Just sayin'

OH! I keep meaning to blog this, but the judge?? That's Head Master Charleston from Gilmore Girls!! I still miss that dang show.

Just because I know my Wubbers are curious like I am, take a gander at the Olympic flowers. I was watching the bobsled team's win and wondered what the heck they wree. I could tell the green mums...but eesh, they sure don't show up on film well. Here's an explaination about them from Karen's Flowers.  There are all sorts of restrictions that are given by the Olympic committee about making them and being "native" to the area. Interesting stuff.

I hardly ever do blind items, but this is too delish to pass up. Which GH Actor/Actress is so pissed about an upcoming storyarc they are :thisready: to walk? Last time I had one of these, we saw Rick Hearst go-go. Hmmmmmmmm. Put on your thinking caps!

Have you watched the Subpranos yet? It's Chrissie Fit's (Mercedes) fun webseries. Follow two New YAWKers on their journey in LA. Watch Eppy Three!!

The Q mansion is going to be rockin' soon. Even Big Alice will be around more as two girlies move in AND Skye comes through the door! I couldn't be more happy. I'm NOT happy that the Cassadine story seems to be dead in the water. ;/ I know Helena's around, trying to change DNA tests (which makes no sense, seems she'd ONLY want a 'REAL' Cassadine genes and all) but the real meaty story about evil Valentin isn't coming anytime soon.

Nancy Lee Grahn tweeted that she, Carolyn and Maurice were all drawing dirty ditties on their legal pads during the courtroom scenes this week. How fun is that? That's why twitter is so FUN! Want to know who's on twitter? go to GH TWEETS.

IT's Maurice Benard's Birthday March 1st.  Want to leave him a message? Go to Maurice Benards FanZine on Facebook!

Well, have a good one. BTW, seems SoapNet is in real trouble of going under or re-branding itself. Interesting, eh? Wasn't too long ago I was sure there'd be no soaps on network TV anymore and they'd ALL be on soapnet.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Daytime Emmy Pre-Nominations are out!!

GH People: Tony Geary, Maurice Benard, Laura Wright, Sarah Brown (for CLAUDIA!!), Carolyn Hennesy!!, Rebecca Herbst, Jonathan Jackson, Bradford Anderson and MANY MORE! Take a gander on Soaps 411 for complete Listing! No word on when they will air, btw. Producers are working hard at finding a venue/station. The final nominations will be given in April. 

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Diane and Alexis: OUR Ladies of the Bar!!

AMC was a bit fun today...loved Greenlee telling Erica she had on a horrible dress, perfect for a bridesmaid! Jamie Lunar is so tall! When she was standing by Colby and Brooke, she looked like an Amazon...

OLTL: Yeah! Rachael Hugging Sky!! Scott Clifton is breaking my heart. I am also looking forward to the Christian/Jessica thing--that will be interesting. There's a new chick Anna on? Hmmm. Langston is also turning into quite the hotsie.  That was quite the old-fashioned Lust Scene today with she and Ford!!
Who's this newbie Anna/Hannah on there? Do they need a mix-up for Cole/Starr? That's Kris Alderson on set!
I like how they are making Jessica's speech all younger too.

Love & Gaga...
Just so you know I'm not JUST about the soaps, I thought I'd share this fabu pic that CL Tweeted last night. It just has 'interesting' written all over it

GENERAL HOSPITAL: New Spoilers up! GO take a gander and give me a hit! I am loving that Diane is on and Alexis is there too!! :twirling:!! How FUN is that? Remember, Carolyn's real life Hubby will be on as a patron in Jake's...look for him in leather. Loved the Sam/Krissy hissyfit! LOVE she mentioned Sam/Sonny!! heh.
The new attorney is way too young, and way NOT viperish enough to go head to head with Our Ladies of the Bar. Just sayin'.
Robin's trying to get sympathy for SONNY by bringing up Stone...uh Robin, honey, he didn't try to SHOOT Stone!! That shouldn't matter DANTE!! Don't let the Guza try to sway you from being the good cop!
LOVE Jax/Alexis. Even when they fight.
Ethan and Johnny will be cute together, thank you.
Milo/Michael fun as well...

HISTORY #FAIL TODAY: Jagger's real name was JOHN and Stone's was MICHAEL. Look it up WRITERS! We have a long long memory, us fans!
Carolyn Hennesy has a fab interview with ABC. She mentions Connie Towers as someone she'd like to work with. I actually told her I wanted Diane to be be Helena's niece. How perfect would that be? Diane would know ALL the dish on Auntie Hells that happened when she was growing up in Spokane Washington.
Kim McCollough's (Robin) Bday is coming up March 5th. Send her a card at the studio..infact, send a card to whomever your fave actor is on GH...they always need the fanmail!
(actor's name)
General Hospital @ABC TV
4151 Prospect Ave
Hollywood, CA 90027

Speaking of Bdays, Kirsten Storm's fans have a charity page for you to check out. Project St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

HUGE amount of snow's falling pretty steady now. Maybe we'll finally get a whopper.

Thursday Soap Opera Blog Coalition

 Here you go, best o' the net!

Daytime Confidential's Jillian Bowe catches up with One Life to Live's Gina Tognoni and previews "something going on" with Kelly and Todd. (Daytime Confidential)

Pratt's gone and there is much to rejoice about. Check out the latest Pine Valley Bulletin commentary and poll! (Pine Valley Bulletin)

The terrible writing for Jason and Sonny lately has forced the Serial Drama girls to re-evaluate their list of least favorite things. And when a soap comes out looking worse than the Kardashian sisters, well...that's a problem. (Serial Drama)

Soap Opera Examiner's Mary Montanari pens an open letter to Days of our Lives' villainess Vivian. (Soap Opera Examiner

The Wubqueen is crushed to learn her favorite One Life to Live actress may be leaving, dishes about Robing Christopher returning to General Hospital and gives a fun weekend update of daytime's best tweets. (Wubs)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Wubs Goat: Feta! Today's Snoop Show!

OMG, I totally LOVED Snoop singin' to the credits...OLTL is so fun. "Rappin' to One Life To Live"... heh. And Dani calling Jack "Mini Todd"!! Jack mentions Dani should be younger than him. OLTL is so good at tongue in cheek. Jack is such a great snotty kid.   I liked it that Starr and Cole couldn't find a babysitter for Snoop. Now, that's real. Snoop hugs Bo, Bo calls him Calvin!! Awww. And Asa knew Snoop  too! Classic. We also found out he knows Shawn. Nice show today. Yes, watching all the Llanview peeps "Dance" was a riot, but least Snoop sang a decent song...and he's trying to help ratings!
Kindafunny said on Twitter that: Snoop Dogs few times in Llandview trumps James Franco's month long appearance on GH.

GENERAL HOSPITAL TODAY: New Prosector Claire is on with Jax. Why would they meet at the Metro!? How stupid is that?
 Diane tells Sonny to "take his clothes off" before court because he's wearing all black and looks like a mobster. LOL Tells him to take the ring off too. Love that Alexis and Diane are together.
Epiphany is on a tirade today.  Lisa thinks she can bribe Pif with Beyonce tickets.
See Mike's out of the REMEMBER MIKE don't YOU??? Loved that he called Krissy "Princess"...but why wasn't he in the hospital when Sonny/Dante were there? Why didn't they show Krissy/Michael visit him when he was in there????? They made him a CD and gave it to him OFF CAMERA. When will the writers get it that we like that kinda stuff on our soaps?

Why the HELL won't Sonny let Michael say he Killed Claudia? Michael was a minor, his Mom was being held...he didn't mean to kill her, he just meant to stop her. No brainer. :eyeroll:
This show is like two different ones: Hospital (minor point)...Mobular (Major point), they rarely meet. Just sayin'
Sam and Johnny: Uh, what's the point?

SO, do you like Claire so far? yeah? Nay? My take: They needed more of a pit bull-- this one is too young, looks too young and like Robin/Krissy/Sam. I think they should have hired Camryn Manheim ala The Practice. IT would have been EPIC!

Dr. Cala and Feta in Kenya! Remember when we all contibuted to buying a goat last year for Joining Hearts and I finally found this great photo to share. I just made another $50 donation for us all. With all the Haiti stuff going on, we tend to forget others are in need as well. This is my fave charity because I know Joanne and Bill personally. They actually GO there and help the children. So wonderful. Wouldn't the Cassadines love that goat?

Great Review on Jacob Young's Soap Opera "Mystery Theater"...Connie Towers was involved! Read all about it: Detroit Examiner.

Santa Barbara fan won Nancy Lee Grahn's twitter contest and is getting a ticket to LA for her efforts in getting NLG the most followers!
Lastly, THANK YOU for all the Holiday orders you placed through the Wubs Net with Amazon. I got a nice gift cert from them which helps out with costs so much!! If you order from Amazon, all you have to do is click on the icon on the upper left hand corner on the site and go into Amazon that way. Thanks again..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Titles today and Livvie Walton comes to GH!

Michael Learned aka Olivia Walton is coming to GH to play an arc about a cancer patient with Scrubbies!! Night John-Boy!! (poor lady probably HATES that..heh) Dang, I loved that show. At least she's not Franco's mother! LOL. What made me say that??!

OLTL today: Farah (Gigi) was all off her game today....didn't convince me she was upset at all. I had no idea she and Rex were going out in real life but now that I do, I can so see why she's playing it like this. Which is not very professional, btw.  I think you could tell both she and he weren't happy in the last few months.  I felt so badly for Scott Clifton!  He is so GOOD!  Kimmy and Nigel were so fun and then Clint yelling at her. Wowza. Todd and Blair--I guess the Tea thing is just movin' along. And a little tweenielust with Matt and Dani? Good gravy, she moves fast! 

12,000th show a GO-GO! 

GH: The NEW OPENING can be seen in the post below this one. What do you think? I like Luke walking away...Wyndemere looks hysterical to me for some reason. The shot of the roof is also fun. See the doctor up there? (nod to SCRUBS?) Some of those things were taken from Night Shift. Which, considering it took like 2 years to make, is kind of a cop-out.
Hey, I think Sonny SMUGGLES JEWELS! Hence the necklace Johnny gave Jolivia. NICE..ok, I can get behind that. GEMS! I love it actually. Olivia looked like she had on a snuggie. LOL.
The hair styling department sucked. Maxie's mane was fugly-- hated Lulu's limp locks. Tracey looked like she was out of the '80's. 
Did LOVE Alexis in her yoga stuff...:) DIANE always brightens the day. Move those ladies in together!!  Move in together. Alexis said for the 12,000th time I won't join your law firm.

Spin looked nice in his vest. Better than his velour shirts. LOL. 
Lante were so cute.  I just really love them and DZ and JMB play them so well!!

THIS is supposed to be an exciting eppy? Geesh..maybe it will be next 30min...when  I go walk the dog. NOPE.
GUZA said it would be full of 12,000 references. I HEARD ONE...anyone hear any more? Anyone? Buller? Buller? BIG GALA

BTW: @soapsverified is the one to follow on Twitter if you want to know if a star is real or not!

New General Hospital Opening Here!

If you can't wait...take a gander at the New Opening! I'm trying to find out the city scape in there..maybe it's Rochester! :) (We know that's the REAL PC!) What do you think? It's about damn time, that's what I think. Love Wyndemere!! The End's a decent nod too.

Monday, February 22, 2010

One More Day Until...General Hospital's New...

OPENING! That's right kids-- All the dead guys at the end are leaving!! Bye. Too Bad Sarah Brown, on the show FOR TWO YEARS never got in them. Tomorrow is also the 12,000 episode so expect to hear hooplah around that number.

Today's show:  Maxie and Lucky--interesting to see JJ and KS together. Do you see it? Hmmmm. I can't get past Maxie's hair. LOL.
"YOU HARDLY SEE SPENCER! He's always with the Nanny", says Liz, stating the obvious. Nikolas wants a paternity test already. Oh, the marvels of modern science.
Sonny said "He's my first born, HE'S JUST LIKE ME"...referring to Dante. Goodness. Ok, what PART?
Texting and driving are illegal here.  Just saying.
Everyone's looking at that bullet casing that Johnny shot. Er...are you all CSI now?
Lucky tells JASON Liz is PG and in Shadybrook-- Jason said he's sorry..and blinks. At least they talked about Jake and he and Cam having a stable parent. Lucky wants to help take down the mob shipment person? Uh...okay. Jason and Lucky working together. I just wish they'd jump in and make Jason WSB or something. What do YOU think Sonny's shipping in? Sneakers? Handbag knockoffs? (twitter suggestion)....Rolex's? Ciggs? what?!
JoLivia allll hot!
Dante had better stand his ground with Sonny. He says "I thank God that you weren't there" (in my childhood). Sonny still doesn't get it. I was so glad Dante said "I'm honest, you're not....I save people, you kill them..we are complete and polar opposites in everything that is good"...  For as much as we like Sonny as the dimpled gangstah, he has to start getting called OUT dang it! Even in the end, he tells Dante that his anger is "just like mine"!! :eyeroll:

FLAT MEGAN! Look what some enterprising SKate fans are doing!! They are getting their lifesize Megan Ward out and about--tweeting photos to fans. This is in part, in an effort to get MW back to GH and on contract! Megan has said "Kate" is showing up again to GH, but we all know that's a crap shoot. She should have been here all along for this Dante story!! I say they need to take ol' Flat Megan into Guza's office and park her. Heh. I love this:

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Sad OLTL News!! Twitter Fun...and GH stuff


OMG-- Daytime Confidential has up that Amanda Setton is leaving OLTL. She's my UBER KIMMY! She's also the most soapy soap character to hit the streets in a long time. Damn. Click on the link to see why she's leaving. SMART Cookie, ya know?? Boo hiss. I told Jamey Giddons of DC I want Lindsay Lohan in the role. LOL. Jamey gets all the casting scoop lately and I bet boots he didn't want to break this story! We all loves her!!
Snoop Dogg is back on his fave soap--OLTL  is so lucky to have him! Remember his banter with Bo last time?? hee hee here's a peek at his performance on the show Wed:

Twitter was a blast yesterday. Mr.  Brandon Barash was in Amsterdammmmmmm with Tony Geary having a blast. His tweets were fun. Nancy Lee Grahn weighed in as well. I asked him to twitpic some photos but he said  he doesn't know HOW! ;/ someone teach that boy a thing or two! We KNOW TG can't help him. God knows, he can barely use his Blackberry for calls!! Megan Ward was on and some great fan  has a LIFESIZE cut out of her and is taking it all over ala "Flat Stanley". I shall watch for her adventures. What a COOL idea. Kinda like Alberta the Wubs Lobster. Who, btw, is on her way to NYC to go to Steve Burton's next gig.
Carolyn Hennesy saw "Shutter Island"...she said greatly acted but left her unsatisfied.

and this from Scott Clifton: My cats have been just STARING at me for the last half hour... I think they're planning to kill me. If I don't tweet in 24 hours, send help

So, GH this week. Ugh...sorry, another week of trying to explain why Sonny was OK to be shooting a cop. Now, I LOVE SONNY...and MB is doing a fab job, it's the writers I'm mad at. (imagine that!? ) I think ol' Sonny should have suffered a bit more, and at least give us the ILLUSION he may pay for his crimes. LOL. And if they don't mention AJ soon, I'm throwing a fit. Carly and Sonny  all high and mighty about DANTE and Olivia's to Jason. ;P
I am excited that Guza did say he wanted to 'write for the Q's again'...gee thanks after killing them off or driving them to OTHER SOAPS!! grrr. Dillon, Ned...Alan...all whoopin' it up other places. At least 2 newbies are coming...Maya and Zoe. GH has it's best bet laying in with the tween/teen crowd, imo.

Mea Culpa: I finally thought I had a great 'exclusive' when I told you Genie Francis would be announcing her GH comeback within 2 weeks (about 4 weeks ago). Well, hasn't happened. I'm blaming the whole Valentin story being killed for that. With JJ returning, it was almost a given she'd at least make a cameo (I'm holding out hope) but now that the Cassadine's aren't going in that direction and Robin Christopher coming back--it doesn't look good. See, there's a triangle brewing with Skye, Tracy and Luke...would they DARE throw Laura in that mix?? Nah.

Spinj's Journal has a great clip of Bradford singing on You Tube. He sings a song called "Perfect Girl for Me" . His leg is behind's still in that giant cast.

Lastly, a nice THANK YOU to all the wubbers out there...the last few weeks have been tough for me and it's always wonderful to see your fun tweets, comments and emails. I so appreciate everything. The flu ripped through our house, the snow is depressing and I have just had it! LOL. So, it's good to know you are all here to dish with when I need it.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Cliffhangers: OLTL: KickBOOTS! GH: er...RANDOM!

OLTL: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! did you see the end of OLTL? First of all,  Jessica thinks she's a senior in HS! (ahahahaa) Will she notice she has another face? Will she recognize Todd? Me thinks not. The end? Sky spills he's Sierra's "Dad" (Fish just sits there)--AND Kim leaves her BOOTS..and the next shot is of NO boots and footprints in the snow! Is my STACEYPEEPEE wish True? Will she live again!? OMG. I so hope so! OLTL is soooooo soapy. I can't tell you how old-school this all is. Is she hanging out with Franco and Zombie Claudia!!?? Mitch's henchman took her?*SWAK* for the writers of OLTL

GH: GUN on Hells! Helena just taunts Lucky. heh. Boy. RH looked PG today to me. I love Connie. Have I said that a million times?? "Elizabeth will whore herself out to the next Mr. Wonderful, then she'll come back to you"...OUCH! SMACK! Connie's wardrobe is fabu! Love the royal purple look on her.
Lucky is saying it's his fault? This is just all about the fault day! Lulu is the total voice of reason here.
Luke all in Nik's face. He did sound a bit PeeWee Herman though: You're fault...what am I?
Connie has an interview in the new SID.. check it out!
LOVE HellaLuke!! Kinda swept all that crap under the rug about Valentin. Did you see that? Love how she wants to Claim the Child as a Cassadine. "You and I are on the same SIDE"!! nice.

Maxie's hair. UGH.
Carly: blah blah..bicker blah but today she's blabbin' to Dante, the guy with the bullet hole. There goes the Olivia/Carly friendship ;/ Carly is now blaming OLIVIA? And Carly-- come ON, Dante has guilt for doing his job as a cop?? That was some stupid writing, imo. They are REALLY reaching to glorify Sonny. He doesn't need it. Let the story just  unfold. makes me so mad. Sonny will sacrifice all for his sons. Awww. 
Do the writers even LOOK at what the characters have said just days earlier? I mean,'s all over the place. Most of it makes little sense. Lucky's just doing a 180...backtrack...forward, Olivia/Carly-- geesh. I so wish they had Carly remember what she felt like when Michael was shot. I wish SOMEONE would bring up AJ!! You know, Sonny...the guy you thought couldn't raise his own son because he was a 'liar'? Or whatever??

There it is: It's all Olivia's fault because Sonny and Carly say so. :throws up hands: MB did a great job acting today and so did LLoCicero because she could do it with a straight face.

BIZARRE: What the hell was that Johnny/Max/Milo scene????? Ethan in there????? OMG. RANDOM!!! TERRIBLE consistancy today!!!
Maxie--Lucky in an accident there we go.. Don't text and drive! RANDOM yet again. What a bad show today. I think the editor from the Black Lagoon spliced it up.

Frank says:  If I had a meat hook I'd hoist Guza up on it and take away his show. He doesn't deserve it

Tiger's MOM: would she make a great soap villainess or WHAT?

Oooooo, watching her stare was worth the price of squeemish admission to today's press conference. Now, call me silly but I did watch, I did tweet during it and I'm chalking it up to just another pop culture phenom I got to participate in! Do I REALLY care about TIGER Woods? No...I don't play golf or buy Buicks. The story that has unfolded has been soap-worthy though, hasn't it?
His speech today was uncomfortable in parts, and really made me giggle in others. Who thought it was a good idea to talk about 'performance enhancements" during an apology for adultery? And did Tiger really think we were all "blaming Elin" for anything?? No...most of us were a-ok with her chasing you with a golf club. Not that I advocate domestic violence but a bit of a scare never hurt any player.
Liked that Elin wasn't there--wondered why the hell her mother was?? Uhhhhh, and him hugging the whole front row like he was at a funeral? (maybe he was?) That was, imo.
The whole Buddhist thing--*sigh* whatever. At least he didn't say he was born-again.
I am sadly cynical about his mea culpa-- and see it as 90% money/endorsement/golfplay related. I think it's quite the commentary that all stations broke away to cover it.
AND WHO THE HECK picked out that horrible Blue Velveteen material that was draping the entire room? OY! The background can be SO important----just sayin'
So, I leave you with this: tweeting during this whole thing was another first. Kinda like the Ustream live tweet and doing the Kirstie A charity. Plus, I ONLY watched because I love a good daytime drama. Yeah, that's it.

Ok, The  WUBQUEEN'S "Things Tiger Should Have Said to make People Forget What He Was Really  There For":

"Jon Gosselin and I are designing Tshirts along with Ed Hardy for Hooters"

"I am now dating Ocotomom"

"I, Tiger Woods, am a Gay American"

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A BABY Named: Stefan!!?? woot!

Who fished Stacey out of that lake? David Hayward or Franco? Zombie Stacey PeePee!! :) I hope she comes back someday. OLTL was all sorts of wonderful today. Did you know Snoop Dogg was going to be on again next week? I think it's awesome he loves the show. Adrianna--all tied up. David "It's kinda hot"!  David can show her a better knot to tie with! LOL.. Kelly smashes in the guy's head. heh. Cramer girls RULE!! I guess the French guy is  not a Mitch henchman. Poor Gigi..wah. Her hair looks better. I don't think Vicky is going to forgive Charlie this time.

ON with GH! I missed Dishing yesterday...I so hope our house recovers soon. It sucks when everyone is sick. Is anyone mad that the Valentin storyline is being sacked again? I am... Cassadines shoved to the back. I am happy Skye is coming on, although wonder what happened to ol' Laura-- couldn't have Luke with THREE ladies, now could we?

Morgan called Jason to tell him Dante should work for Sonny and not be a cop. LOL oy. Morgan wants to go to the Yankees with Dante and Sonny!! awww.
LOVE the monkey on Luke's Desk. Reminds me of the kangaroo that Robert used to have on his. Loved when Luke said "aren't you tired of raising other men's children" to Lucky.
HELENA!! woot! Tells Liz she's got a mean heart of a Cassadine and wants to be friends. :) Oh, Lizzy! "Pass that cruel dark streak onto your child"... and Hells is going to have her medicated! :twirling: OH CONNIE, we've missed you!! Loved the catatonic chair scene ala Laura with Lucky/Nik/Jason. AND in her dream the new baby is named STEFAN? lol!! wahaha! Patrick goes to visit her--I like they are friends. I really like when GH honors friends. (they don't do enough of it)
Nik and Lucky. Nik wants to marry Lizzie! HA! Oh, Hells is gonna wub that.
Alexis goes to Wyndemere for the first time in a long time. Glad that boat can cut through ICE. It's my personal bug-a-boo, has been for years. THE LAKE HAS ICE ALL OVER IT! ugh
Sick of Olivia/Sonny already.  This is going to go on forever.
Carly is being civil to Sam. And JaSam are cute, I'm sorry, they are writing them very fun lately.

THOUGHT: All those women in Shadybrook (Laura, Liz, Tracy,Robin, Carly) going all guilty over something. Today it's Liz with her sexual past. How about getting SONNY in there being all guilty over HIS? hahhahha. right. Such blatant sexism. The whole Madonna/Whore thing Guza has goin' on.

I have to go...sorry, doggie has to get out in this snow and try to GO himself. It's snowed a lot again and he's just not into it.  Heh. LOOK at the blog below for some fun stuff/youtube and spoiler link.

Soap Opera Blog Coalition Thursday and FUN News!


Daytime Confidential's Jillian Bowe caught up with Florencia Lozano at the recent party celebrating One Life to Live's move to their new studio and she dished about representing Latina women on daytime, the Tea/Blair rivalry and her TV daughter Kelley Missal. Daytime Confidential
Not even Ryan and his lone facial expression could detract from how awesome Greenlee and David's almost wedding was on AMC. The Serial Drama girls don't want to get their hopes up about a romance between the two but do admit that, if it happened, it would be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Serial Drama

Get this! Jill Larson, Opal of AMC is the weird, scary old lady you see in the commericals for Shutter Island! How cool is that!? Wub reader Tara spotted her and then saw on Regis and Kelly it was true! Look at about the 42 mark:

IT totally IS her! Now, they'll get Daytime peeps interested in this spookay film, right? It looks good. I'm just a baby when it comes to things like this. I usually wait for DVD.

Guza's been taking again. In an interview for TVGuide Mag, he basically says the Cassadine Valentin story is all but DOA. The guy they hired to play him is doing a movie (Who can blame the guy)--and things are shelved again. :eyeroll: Thanks so much! How weird has it been to have Hells on  and not even mention her hystericas the last time we saw her? OR Nik mention them? That's where GH just drops the F'in ball, imo. Kinda like having Mike beat up, seeing him once and then he's gone. Guza also hints that Lucky might be paired with Maya, not Ethan ?? :eyeroll:
When it comes to Skye coming back he says this:

“It’s hard to write GH without the Qs,” says the soap’s multi Emmy-winning head writer Bob Guza. “Every time we drift away from the family, even though we’ve diluted them a bit over the years, it just feels wrong. So we’re looking to build them up again.” Who will Skye sink her well-mannied claws into this time? Teases Guza: “Luke [Anthony Geary] clearly has some needs right now. We’ll be doing some really fun stuff with Luke, Skye and Luke’s wife Tracy [Jane Elliott]. And Alice [Bergen Williams], the Q’s maid, is going to play a big part in this, as well.”

UH, exqueeze me...haven't YOU BEEN THE ONE TO KILL THEM ALL OFF??? Good Lawd Man! Are you serious!!? LOL. It just burns me to read his stuff.
That's about it. I hope I'm well enough to tweet/blog today during the show. The whole family is down and out. Not fun.  How was the show yesterday? NEW SPOILERS are up today! Take a gander. Oh, gossip is that Sonny and the new prosecutor get all jiggy with it. (ha, did I say that!?)

Here's a pic of Glamour Hells Visiting LIZ!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Skye--Robin Christopher is Back to GH!

Yesterday I was kidding on Twitter that Skye needed to go back to AMC. Well, looks like she's coming to Port Charles. Read all about it on Daytime Confidential. Maybe she'll be the first cross-over actress on BOTH soaps at some point?

Sorry I didn't blog the show today, the whole family is down with something, hopefully I'll see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

BYE STACEY! Best Soap Bimbo in A LONG time!

A pic from  the spoilers. Looks like Steven is going to ask out Lisa. I still don't know why they bother having Poor Jason Cook on. geesh. I makes no sense. And why not have a browstone with all the newbies living together? Steven, Lisa...Louise could live there, Maya and Zoe-- Matt,  Lulu and Maxie...just sayin'

AMC was painfully slow today, imo. Their sets are funny. Chandler house's doors are like closets! I thought Jon Hamm was on, but it was LA councilman Gil Garcetti --very weird segway, imo. What's up with Angie?? Oh, she used David's "Secret Files"! And you don't say's custodian! Best scene? Colby actually downing some ice cream.

#OLTL: Fish, cover up that baby's head! Dorian tell Vicky Mitch put poison in your punch! Vicky needs to notice her flannel coat on Dorian. LOL! The whole FBI thing is hysterical, like Dorian could do whatever she wants.
DAVID VICKERS! "I don't have enough time, and I'm not a miracle worker"...
I so hate that apartment the four kids live in. gross.
 I am so upset that Stacey PeePee is dying. SUCKS! I grew to love that bimbo. Plus, she and Kimmy are great together. I WILL MISS YOU AND YOUR BAG O' BLOOD!

I can only HOPE David Hayward finds her and nurses her back to health!!! That's it, I'll perk up now. Rex didn't try to dang hard-- that's all I know. He could have gotten her!!  I HATE it when my fave characters die. I still think Stacey would have been great alive. Sorting out the baby thing--hangin' out with Kimmy. Telling Gigi that her parents are alive. That photo of Crystal  Hunt looks like a Real Housewife of OC! She owns her own High End Petstore, btw...called called My Pets Dream Boutique, in her hometown of Clearwater.

GH: I didn't realize that Jason had Molly/Krissy decorate.
Liz: YOU ARE PG...what the....whoops. Good thing RH is PG in real life, huh? I say it has to be Lucky's right? I mean, could they NOT give him a kid after all this? We need a SPENCER HEIR!! There's not one yet...Cassadines, you have your's! Her name is Tallulah!! That's all I'm saying! Kind of a combo of Lulu/Laura-- Liz out on the roof.  They need better fake snowflakes. heh --Lucky is so into her, still. He even called her sweetheart. aww
Jax you give it to Carly. Now, I love my Carly a Go-Go-- but she's not one to talk. They both need to STFU and go into their own private houses. WOW, Carly's growing, she left Joss with Jax!
DANTE is so cute. I think Luda is one of the first couples I have totally loved since L&L2. Well, I am a Jolivia fan too...but they are just too fun. Could have lived without the Olivia stuff with him.

MAXIS: Mac Daddy is visiting Alexis. It's so interesting to know they are friends/neighbors in real life. Has to be a bit awkward!! Those cookies look awesome. TOO Fun with Mac/Alexis on the couch. Molly says "snogging" British! woot!
Dr. Steven Lars...get Richard Dean Anderson on, would ya? Even for a cameo? They look alike, and it would help the whole intergration thing.
JaSam saying how much they love each other--and he is reading her the GUN CATALOG! So, Mr/Mrs. Smith!

FUN DAY TODAY on GH except for CarJax the bickersons. Bicker, bicker. ugh. Not even FUN banter/bicker.  Just same ol' bickers. Morgan was so good with Carly..he's been through so many divorces/recons with Jax!

GOTTA FLY !! WUB ya. Give me a good Stacey moment in the comments, I am sad.
and I WILL DELETE anything that is nasty down there. Come on, play nice will ya?

Monday, February 15, 2010

General Hospital: Diane Flashes both Mac AND Jason!

Ahahhahha! Jason calls Diane in to get Sam off the hook and she totally gets mad and flashed the lingere that Max gave her!! Priceless! :) hee hee JaSam is making out in the PCPD "waiting room".  And the decor in their PH was so cute!! Molly..and Krissy made the PH all lovey-dovey.

Carly/Jax/Sonny-- Oy..same old dialog-- same old fights. Sonny is right, Jax is an ass, Carly NEVER LIES :eyeroll: know, you know. Sonny to Carly: "I just want you to spread your wings again"...oh, Kayyyy?

Main Event: See all photos of Luda over on GHH ...Shirley must have an in with ABC Media Net. I am banned forevermore from there! LOL. Lulu and Dante were cutie pies today!

Spixie: Maxie is Zenon? And how much money did she spend on those mylar balloons?

Liz and Lucky--obviously Lucky still loves her. And STFU Nikolas..geesh!! It's his fault because he's not "compassionate" enough? JJ cries so WELL!! sniff Uh, with all those HPA rules,  Kelly shouldn't have told Liz she was PG with people in the room! Come on.
Hey, a few new SPOILERS are up...more to come-- as  usual,  I'll beg you to hit some ads. :). Gross Oprah on today, I don't wanna watch. :/

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Valentine's Day and Soap Couples...

Through out the years, they have been our compass for "Love" least for a kid in her teens during the '70's. We didn't have MTV, racy novels (unless we stole them), movies over PG--or Victoria's Secret. We had our soaps. Ergo...we did expect our relationships to be full of drama and angst..."together against all odds" and all the rest. ON THE RUN stories became our summer fun, will they get caught? Be together? The only "Spoilers" I ever saw were the show's own promos.

We'd wait for the magazines to have a small photo or article on our couple and cut the photos out. Dream about what the outcome would be. No fanbase arguements because we had no "boards" or websites. No Smush names. (can you imagine?!) Only a pen and paper to write a fan letter to the stars. I'm not saying those were the "good Ol Days" because now, I do enjoy dishing with others about the show --but there is an innocence lost on it all. Plus the fact most stories were brand new.  Not much was repeated. When Jenny and Jessie ran to NYC it was the first time I'd seen anything like that--plus they were 'interracial'! (which is why I don't think they ever 'went there' but remained stead-fast friends instead). Couples usually hadn't gone through years and years of other partners, they were new and shiny!

The first Internet couple I remember is S&B-- that's when the whole hooplah began. The Jax/Brenda/Sonny triangle pitted the fans against each other and the NuAge of Soaps were born...the SoapNET age--TechnoSuds...I could really go on and on. DigitalDaytime??! Is it better? In some ways yes, but I do long for the days when I could love a couple and not have to defend them to a host of others.

SO! On this Valentine's Day, remember your fave couple moments: Anna/Robert's tie up-- Lucy and Alan's mad wedding, Laura and Luke and the blanket, Karen and Larry after the trial, Tom finding Erica's pills, Tara and Phil in the church saying their vows... and know that romance is alive and well in Daytime. Only now, with way more bullets to dodge and breakups to endure.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

WubQueen/DConfidential ABC Soaps PODCAST up!

I was invited to Daytime Confidential's PODCAST again last Monday to dish about the ABC soaps with Luke and Regan. We had a blast. It's so fun to actually TALK about the soaps and not just write about them!! We discuss AMC's HD conversion (and Susan Lucci's face), OLTL's evil Mitch Story and of course, all the GH mayhem!

Hey, just found out that Stephen Martines aka  Coltin Scott aka Nik Cassadine is going to be on the "Vampire Diaries"! I know a lot of you are fans, so look for the x-GHer!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

ABC Daytime: Greenlee, Kelly, Bitchy Bangs....Ratings

Greenlee's reveal was fabu!!! I like her and David together. Gawd, but Crystal's dress was HORRIFIC. Battlestar Galactica-Metallica?

Kelly's back on OLTL!!! woot! Adriana!! Can't wait to see she and Blair together?! I so wish Dorian would have dropped Mitch with a shot between the eyeballs! That baby Stacey gave birth too certainly LOOKS dang healthy...geesh. LOL. They never talk about delivering the afterbirth either. Just sayin' ewww. GREAT show today. As usual.

Ratings: GH is UP people! I guess soap watchers loves them a good ol' mob story/daddy reveal and shooting!! Wowza. Interesting isn't it?

Ratings for the week February 1-5, 2010  From SON
(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)
Total Viewers

1. Y&R 5,268,000 (+31,000/-87,000)

2. B&B 3,388,000 (-50,000/-300,000)

3. DAYS 3,123,000 (+14,000/+146,000)

4. GH 3,051,000 (+240,000/+198,000)

5. AMC 2,720,000 (-127,000/+147,000)

6. ATWT 2,484,000 (-147,000/-395,000)

7. OLTL 2,468,000 (-38,000/-8,000)

1. Y&R 3.8/12 (same/-.1)

2. B&B 2.4/8 (-.1/-.3)

3. DAYS 2.2/7 (same/+.1)
3. GH 2.2/6 (+.2/+.1)

5. AMC 2.0/6 (-.1/same)

6. OLTL 1.8/6 (-.1/-.1)

6. ATWT 1.8/6 (-.1/-.3)
I guess we'll get more of the Sonny angst in the weeks to come. Since Hells hasn't mentioned VALENTIN, I wonder if he'll EVER be on. Guess the Cassadine's don't rate. I'm not complaining-I've liked the shows lately. Just get rid of Lisa. I'm also hoping the new Wards work you think the Q's will be on more? Hmmmm.

Luky and Liz flash-a-backs. They look almost the same! I so remember that time.  
Lante is soooo cute. Geesh. They are a perfect soap couple. 
Perfect soap kids: Morgan/Molly...and MOLLY is about perfect in her comments. LMAO.
Carly and Sonny double-teaming Sonny. And her Jury and Dimples comment. heh. 

Mac is looking SO SPIFFY!! And THANK YOU to TPTB for putting him on more. Usually when characters go into the storage closet, they GO in the CLOSET NEVER to come out. 
OMG, Helena "Spencer was acceptable when I kidnapped him..." I thought she said FETA complete! lol...instead of Fate...Oh Connie, we've missed you. !!!!!!!!!

Morgan and Molly--raiding Orange Soda and BBQ chips from Spin! hee hee. LOVED it. 


I had to go out during GH. My son had to 'run' to JoAnne Fabric for green material for him to use for his videos. "Running to JoAnne Fabrics" is like "running" to the Dept of Motor Vehicles. IMPOSSIBLE. A 10 min thing turned into 50--I swear,  I haven't been in that dang store in 2 years and it will be another two million before I go again.

 GO TO Soap Opera Source for the SOSPULSE poll! Fanbases, get your fingers moving and VOTE for your faves!!

That's one of many great soap opera trading cards that are on sale now! Jim Warren took the pics. They are fabu. Look at that Franco FACE!! 

See you tomorrow with some good stuff. Promise. HEY, remember: The WUBSNET is totally MOBILE friendly. No need for a dang app...;) It fits fine. Blackberry, iPhone, Droid. 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Casting at General Hosptial

Lisa Waltz, who I've seen on numerous TV shows (including the X-files)...she's was also on Y&R--is reported by SON as playing Keifer's Mama. Guess the boy's gettin a whole family! (see below for his daddy). His last name is Bauer. I hear shades o' "24" !! 

 Also, Annie Ilonzeh has been cast as Maya Ward. She'll be an intern at GH.  Read all about it on TV Guide Mag.  

OLTL: I so wish I didn't hear that Stacey was leaving. I love her...she's just a perfect ditzy character. To her baby: "We'll be best friends, just don't tell Kimmy"... She's just a delight.
Uh..oh, Carlie and Dorian in big SHEEZE for shooting Jessica! whoops! TODD called Tea Sweetheart!! Stacey named her baby Ciera Rose after dolls she and Gigi had as kids.

GH: It's been hard to blog the last few days...I've been busy, busy! Trying to sit here and do it real time is just madness. I do like the Tweet when I can, especially since all the people read from work or when they are snowed in.
The DEKE story AGAIN. AGAIN! Ok....I'm just tired of  it. I know it's a big deal, but it's been on forever....

Lucky-- gettin all over Liason!! hee hee. JJ is killin' it again today! Lucky mentions Head Trauma to Jason!! He's getting all cyborg on him...saying he wants to have an accident not to "feel anything anymore".  Short Liason thing--and big JASAM thing. Just an observation. I am rooting for neither, really.
DIANE! hello!!!! She so totally needs to be related to Helena! Not the Cassadine side, but the HELENA McCrackin' side (I made that up for her).  Helena goes to Liz' house! brahahaha. She says HI to Cam. Nice. Then she tries to mess with her meds! yepper! Anyone notice Hells isn't all banshee anymore over Valentin? I mean..uh..whattheguza!
Molly and Morgan drinking malts trying to get info on the whole court thing. LOL. So cute. GH is dark again next week, BTW. Saving money by not taping. We supposedly won't notice but they do an awful lot of block taping around it.
Michael confesses and we JUST KNOW Mac won't believe him..sigh.

RIP Alexander MCQueen...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Newbies To GH-- New Opening, What Next? Sam's Daddy?

Geesh, since hell HAS frozen over and we are getting a new opening on the 23rd-- could the long awaited rumor of Sam's Daddy be happening? I played a fun twitter game today, asking who her father could be. I went with: David Soul, Bobbie Ewing, Danny DeVito, Harry Hamlin THE DONALD?...for the fun factor. People mentioned: Drake Hogestyn, Ron Raines, Justin Deas-- I'd love it if Trevor from AMC would come back. Not sure the actor's name  (too lazy to google it)! John Burke is a big rumor out there too. One fan would love Peter Gallager!

NEW CAST PHOTOS up on FACEBOOK: Many are missing-JJ, RH and  No Molly or Morgan though. Lisa's in there...hmmmm. These are on the ABC cast page.

Thinking about the Sonny/Dante thing, I am obviously really bothered by him blaming others and not freeking out enough about shooting Dante. I was thinking about poor Claudia and how Sonny dug into her about ordering the hit and then Michael getting shot. She didn't even pull the trigger and she got it with both fists!! Carly was comforting him and yet she was the one that totally took away his parental rights after Michael was shot because of his "lifestyle". Whatever. WHATEVERRRRRRR. (can you hear me!? LOL). See, I would have had Olivia rush in while Sonny was pointing the gun, she screams he's your son--he reacts in shock, drops the gun and shoots HER instead.  Ergo, he can forgive her (since he shot her), he and Dante could bond over her recovery, etc. JUST SAYIN'! Hire me!! 

LINDZE Letherman is coming back to GH (see below) to play "Maxie's Conscience"...guess she traded places with ol' Alan Q in that department. Stupid GH, never should have killed her off! And for what? DIEGO is the killer? OY! 
Bradley Cole will play Keifer's fun would it be if HE were Sam's daddy too? heh. I guess he was on GL with Laura Wright. I never watched that so I can't comment. 
How great that OLTL is having a blizzard and it's for REALZ right now? usually the weather is so screwy wrong! LOL.  Brody finds the Electroshock machine! Destiny finds out that Dani's back in town for good. Then they bond to become BFFs?!  Poor Sky is going to be in trouble for stealing the meds for Sky tells Rex that Rex's baby was miscarried and Stacey goes into labor for REALZ! I keep thinking that sign says "Gynecological Observatory" heh. 
Brody lets MITCH STAND UP? Huh? He's a trained Seal or whatever....come on. YEAH! Charlie's on! Someone needs to just shoot him in both knee caps. There. See? I know how to do it up. Charlie is all weirded out about Jessica trying to save Mitch. Gigi gets on a goofy face thinking she might have to deliver Stacey's baby. And Dorian makes Charlie shoot wild, ergo is it Jessica that gets shot?

Dominic, Lisa and Ronnie 

Look at the new pics up on Lisa good stuff, there are daily galleries and new photos you'll only find on that site! Take a gander!

 SO, Hells is on GH today. Got it one day wrong-o. Oh well, slap me silly. What can I say? Dates and I just don't mix. 
I HATE the Potty Dance commercial. What if FRANCO did it just to HAUNT me more!? hahahha. Someone, save me. And,  I also think that Zombie Claudia should be FROZEN for the big "Franco" Gallery show in May! Can you see it?! I sure can 
LUKE IS AT WYNDEMERE! woo! Love him diggin' into Nikolas. And he's calling him out on being a Cassadine. And he sits in Stefan's chair and I'm getting Bat flashbacks! STAVVY and Stefan mentions!
Spinxie: Spin won't move in with Maxie,  he likes his pink room! 
Jason and Johnny: Interesting. Johnny can LIVE because he protected Michael but is OUT! OUT! of the organization! Turn in your bathroom key and leave. I am so looking forward to Johnny Z getting some revenge. 
Liz has Valentines Day Flashbacks. Tells Ethan she "ruined she and Lucky's past"--that's a good way to put it! And whoa, but JJ looks EXACTLY the same in those flashbacks as now.  Liz is being a weenie to Sam at Kelly's and Sam is just sitting there. Liz "Sam, I am in awe of all the terrible things you've done"!! Liason Fans have to love the calling out of the gunman thing. That was a BRILLIANT scene, and was totally TOTALLY a fan based scene, I swear. 
JASON AND KRISTINA:!! Jason "Sonny doesn't live by your code or your Mom's"...Kristina "it's a lot worse than that"--"he has a bunch of kids...he shoots a cop"!! Kristina you go girl. She's the audience in this talk. I know my writing 101. 
Krissy looks so nice, natural. Love her make up work.

HELENA and ANTHONY Z in the same day! :thud:  GOOD DAY on GH!

OMG, a wubber just told me that an ad on my WubsNet took them to the JAMES FRANCO site! Oh, the irony!! whahahahhaha! Thanks for clicking on those, they help me stay in "biz" and help the hubby deal with my computer time!! heheheh.

MODERN Family and The Middle look hysterical tonight! They make me smile! :)

Georgie Hits GENERAL HOSPITAL again!

Lindze Letherman will be coming to GH for a few shows to act as her big sis' conscience says Entertainment Weekly! Could this be as close as we get to them saying KILLING GEORGIE OFF (and then getting rid of Dillon !) was a MISTAKE?!! Cause It was, Blanche, it Was!! You know, if I were writing GH I totally would have had a pic of Georgie in the Snow in Franco's studio to add MORE of a creep factor. That's just my wicked imagination though...heh.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bradley Cole To GH to play Keifer's Daddy on General Hospital

Bradley Cole (of GL)  is coming to GH according to Laura Wright's tweet and Soaps In Depth!  He's playing Keifer's Dad..but come on, we hope he gets more airtime than that!!
Bradford Anderson twitpiced a photo of his's giant! He hurt it playing b-ball. ;(

Get this: FRANCO is going to be in a movie with Amber Tamblyn (Emily Q)!! Read about "127 Hours" on Soap Opera Network.  (He's following me).

OLTL was hot again today! Loved it. Gigi to Stacey: "If it weren't for me, you'd be a MOMCICLE by now"! HEH 

GH CELEBRATING IT'S 12,000th eppy on Feb. 23rd

See Connie Towers in that photo!!? 

Liz today was a harlot and Luke was a pilgrim judge. Ha pretty funny. 
I thought that Luke was in his old office at his CLUB today--dang, I miss that set. It was too fun. He had more crap in there than I can even remember.  Liz was pathetic...and Luke trying to talk Lucky into pulling an international scam with a fake passport. Ahahahahaha. 

SoapNet is saying that GH's opening will be ALL NEW on Feb. 23rd. Hmmmmmm. Whatever. It's beyond stupid now. I think they shot the new one with the "Fruit of the Loom" guys. heh.
Sonny is actually talking to Carly and saying the SAME things he said the other day! Exactly! He said that about Olivia-- about Dante being such a great cop, he almost gave him "da biz".  How sad...And Carly? I just don't get why she helps Sonny through something like this. I know, they have a bond.
Morgan was priceless again today-- And Jax does have a POINT. He can be a prick, yes--but come on. :throws up hands: If Carly wasn't so wishy washy on the whole thing, didn't she forbid Sonny to see the kids for awhile? you get it? Do you GET WHAT IS COMING PEOPLE? See, Dante has hated Sonny on the basis he had Pauletti killed. ERGO, when it comes out SONNY DIDN'T DO IT...well, there ya go. That's why Ronnie mentioned it AGAIN today. Just sayin. Who really had him shot? Ronnie? Could be!

Dante..he needs no police guard outside his door-- he's got LULU! 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hangover in Soap Land? "Situation" on General Hospital?

So, exciting or WHAT yesterday? Congrats to New Orleans...what a fun win.

OLTL is my new "Dark Shadows"-- eeeee! Couldn't WAIT to see it today. It's creepy campy GOOD! The Mitch stuff is so wrong, it's awesome!! ALL SORTS OF AWESOME and really gross. heh At least Jessica will be knocked out for the 'deed'.  YEAH for BRODY! PHEW! I was actually putting my hand over my eyes! LOL  Of course Natalie is saved--I like Dead Jarod walking around.  I really wish I could invent real looking fake snow. Stacey in that drift? Pleaze.

BOTH AMC and OLTL did promos with TOO MUCH INFORMATION for me! I love being spoiler free and they just spilled major stuff. wahhhhhhhh.

GENERAL Hospital: NEW SCOOPS are up! Take a look. PLEASE hit an ad for me-- still collecting for Haiti! Wait until you see what Nikolas is going to tell ol' Lucky about Liz.  AND lookie this:

SPRUMOR: Will "The Situation" be coming to GH for a little cameo? I hear Guza is eyeballing some of the Jersey Shore cast for a little mobular action at Sonny's restaurant. Will they just be guests or will they cause some trouble? JUST came in the ol' WUBemail! woot. I think this could be a riot! LOL I think The Situation should be a pal of Dante's. heh. Bet they'd bring in more ratings than Franco did!
Feb 23rd is the 12,000th episode, and GH promises big stuff. Could this be part of it? Wonder if they'll finally get their sheet out and GIVE US THE NEW OPENING!

OK.. the show. My dog is on my lap and it's very hard to type.  He's warm though.
Sonny is insane: "Let's build on being father and son"....Dante tells him to shove it. Thank you. Like, hello....YOU STILL SHOT A COP point blank. Just doin' your job but DANTE happens to respect da law! "I bought into all your crap about HONOR and then YOU SHOT ME"!! Sonny's whole dialog was sheeze today. "Even in the end, you weren't afraid"....He should have said "Even before I plugged you in the chest, you had courage"...WTF? OMG.
Carly, you OWN a hotel. GO THERE!!? And I still think it's wrong that Jax is so villified by Carly but Sonny is ok for shooting a cop. Uh, it's "his job"!! Jax isn't my fave but I'm so tired of him coming off looking like sheeze while Sonny's all shiny.

YOU TELL 'EM LULU! Sonny, let your SON REST! She's saying everything those of us that want him to pay would say. Maxie was a hoot...she added some fun.

SO, Lucky makes it clear he and Liz slept together ONCE!! there you go:  WTD all tied up in a bow for you!! can't really think that Lucky's going to listen to you? She uses Cam and Jake again. I think Coleman should come out as a country western crooner. ;)

"PCPD Raise a GLASS and KISS my ASS" Johnny says to Lucky! Pffffffft.
Funny things on twitter today: @jessiebrewer was saying that Krissy/Molly need to get t-shrits saying "Sam slep with our daddy and all we got were these lousy t-shirts"! barahahaha
@wannabewhat  said that Sonny should have told GOD that he should have let AJ get to know HIS son too!

REMEMBER Maurice Benard is on Buzzworthy Radio tonight!! See blog below for link!

Gotta run....going to dinner tonight and a Podcast--I have to check out this whole Jersey Shore thing more. Maybe Max/Milo will be in the restaurant too!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Surgery at the WUB TUB --Soap Super Bowl!

BIG NEWS: GH's MAURICE BENARD to APPEAR on BUZZWORTHY RADIO!" Monday, February 8 from 10:30 pm to 10:45 pm. How awesome is that!? Click on link for details.

I myself will be doing a PodCast with Daytime Confidential Monday! It won't be up until later in the week. Thank goodness they are catching me two days after my bitch-fest over Dante's big "I shot myself". I was thrilled with the soapy-goodness of Friday's show (I even got over the shooting) I just REALLY hated the writing regarding how they were getting Sonny out of all this. I don't know of a Mom in America that wouldn't have been screaming bloody murder at ANYONE that did that. Even dimple-boy.

HELENA'S COMING this week! MY FAVE FETA-FILLED Grandma is floating back into town and I can't wait. There's a great medianet of her with Nikolas on the WubsNet front page. She's not only going to take advantage of Nik's current situation, but she's also going to poke Liz a  bit too. ahhhhhhhhhhhh. 

SUPERBOWL NEWS: A former GHer, Senta Moses (Winnie) will be on a fun Teleflora Commercial during the game!! Don Rickles stars as the "talking flowers".  Hit the link for a great behind the scenes look at the making of.

Daytime Confidential's Jamey Giddons is reporting on the next Daytime Emmy telecast. Remember last year's fiasco? Well, producer Jim R is on it to make this year a great one!

I hope you had a good week in Soaps. I personally was bored with AMC, shocked by OLTL and both excited and saddened by GH.  In other words, not much has changed!!

Take a gander at the spoilers that are up.  One note: I really wish they would have developed Keifer a bit more-- I feel like he's one-dimensional and disposable. Unlike a lot of real-life abusers he really has no redeeming qualities. (ergo NO sympathy what so ever)--hard to understand why Kristina even bothers with the boy.

SNOW! We only have our usual Lake-effect...can't believe it's not US getting it all! Wowza. Will you ever dig out!?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Soap Opera Ratings: General Hosptial Finally hits 2.0

In the wake of the HEAVILY promoted Dante/Sonny showdown, GH finally hits a 2.0. It's been awhile people: SEE ALL at TVbytheNumbers AMC is still ahead! OLTL must be getting no Wub because although it kicks ass storywise, it's at the bottom of the pack--start watching!!

Total Viewers

1. Y&R 5,237,000 (+86,000/-427,000)

2. B&B 3,438,000 (+126,000/-543,000)

3. DAYS 3,109,000 (-84,000/+58,000)

4. AMC 2,847,000 (+39,000/+96,000)

5. GH 2,811,000 (+216,000/-189,000)

6. ATWT 2,631,000 (+114,000/-392,000)

7. OLTL 2,506,000 (+35,000/-77,000)


1. Y&R 3.8/12 (+.1/-.2)

2. B&B 2.5/8 (+.1/-.3)

3. DAYS 2.2/7 (-.1/same)

4. AMC 2.1/7 (same/same)

5. GH 2.0/6 (+.1/-.3)

6. OLTL 1.9/6 (+.1/-.1)

6. ATWT 1.9/6 (same/-.2)

MADE a List up of verified GH actors that are on Twitter as of today.  SPOILERS and a speical HELENA photo up on the site!
See you later!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Oh. MY GOD!!
Please keep it civil in the dang comment section, ok? PLEASE?????? I don't want to have to monitor every freekin' comment that comes in. Whether you love or hate a character/couple, please keep it civil. Geesh

OLTL today: yeah!! eeee! Hey, when Mitch Lawrence calls you evil, you be in trouble!! Poor Stacey. heh. Ditching her out in the snow!? brilliant. PLUS they got route 217 correct. It is a bad road down there. How neat that it lined up with a REAL snowstorm hitting PA this weekend! It was SO GOOD TODAY! I am going to watch it again on SoapNet.  HOLY SHEEZE! Is Mitch REALLY REALLY GOING TO GO there with Jessica?!!!!!!!!! Wow! They sure make it seem like it! And Stacey's labor, Roxy found out about the baby---!! eeeee! I can't WAIT until next week. I didn't think I could be shocked anymore. wowza. SOAPTACULAR!!

GH:  Scott Reeves (Steven Lars) just went on contract. I'm hoping he and Dr. Matt hook up so that boy gets some AIRTIME!
Stuart Damon is going to Days on CBS. Read all about it on Daytime Confidential.
CarJax implosion Here goes Carly walks out AGAIN. I like CarJax but I'm tired of the back and forth. Get Kate back for Jax. POOR MORGAN.
DANTE LIES FOR SONNY Wow...there's a  and you know Livvy isn't saying anything.
Loved Liz' mini-breakdown at the hospital heh...a  bit off self-guilt
NEW Sonny angst Mantra? "I SHOT MY SON"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wahhhhhhhhh!

I don't know what to do about this lying for SONNY SHEEZE. I really REALLY think it sucks. I'm so tired of it. SO tired of it.
You know what? I've lost what little respect I've had for GH and Guza. I knew it was coming he was going to lie..but he SHOT himself? GOD FORBID you take a chance and actually WRITE a story that would put Sonny square in the hot-seat. And the Claudia murder thing? LIKE YAH...he'll REALLY go to jail for that. yep. hahahahhahhaaa. Dante decides Sonny should go to jail for Claudia's murder-- NOT shooting him. Because mobulars always get convicted. :throws up hands:
LAZY LAZY writing. Just like the stupid Franco crap.
AT LEAST LukeSon's on. Love those two together, you know that. Now they both have coppers for kids. heheheee I'm so glad they are friends again.
Jason: "This whole thing is one big headache" GOT it bucko!
Keifer going in for a booty-call with Krissy. heh. Lexi did a fabu job today! that was a big smack!

WOW! did NOT see that Michael punches JAX coming! woo....
I'm liking Lulu's sanity.

Geesh, I'm  supposed to do a podcast with DC this weekend. I hope I calm down. I'll be such a bitch when it comes to GH! LOL This could have been a whole turning point for the show but it's same ol' same ol....right down to Sonny getting off and Liz having a WTD storyline. It's just a giant circle.
WHATEVER. New Spoilers are up. A few anyway. Guza was spouting off some stuff in SID about JaSam getting married. He said "what would MAKE them get married"--which to me, means either she gets PG or it's a Marriage of Convenice.


  Felicia and Mac are making out on Maxie's couch. Everyone is out and Bailey Lu is sleeping. He talks about seeing Frisco!! That's ...