Friday, February 26, 2010

Daytime Emmy Pre-Nominations are out!!

GH People: Tony Geary, Maurice Benard, Laura Wright, Sarah Brown (for CLAUDIA!!), Carolyn Hennesy!!, Rebecca Herbst, Jonathan Jackson, Bradford Anderson and MANY MORE! Take a gander on Soaps 411 for complete Listing! No word on when they will air, btw. Producers are working hard at finding a venue/station. The final nominations will be given in April. 


  1. This is just wrong for GH...
    TG got Nom but not Steve Burton who was amazing this year with Mexico when Jerry shoot him with Michael stuff with franco What did TG did for his emmy nom?Nothing
    JJ is good but in 09 he didn't do anything that should have him nominated JT deserve it more than him with Robin's PPD
    the same goes with KM RH should not be there her amazing scenes was this year not in 09

    I am happy that LW SJV DG MB BA JS got it because they deserve it
    BUT JJ TG NP don not deserve to be on that list
    This is talent no popularity

  2. The Emmy Noms are Ridiculous for GH!

    How does Jonathan Jackson and Nathan Parsons get nominated over Dominic Zamprogna? Dominic is part of a major storyline and he is on the screen nearly every day. And he's really good!!!

    JJ has just hit his stride in the last month or so and has only been on a few months and Nathan doesn't do much to be interested in.

    Don't get me started about Tony Geary...really? He's good now that JJ's back but not on 6 months out of the year.

    Really? Who decides this stuff anyway?


  3. Don't their peers pre nom them Karen? Although I agree about TG, I personally think Steve burton did nothing to be nominated either. JJ rocks every scene but I haev to agree that he wasn't on long enough. The actor that portrays Michael is really good (Even though the character is annoying). I think Sarah brown is amazing and can cry at the drop of the hat and be tough in the next moment. But I disliked that character so much I would hate for Guza to get any credit in any way shape or form. There have been so many past performances that were passed up (Maxie when georgie died, mac when Georgie died, Alexis during her lung cancer).

  4. I hated the character of Claudia as well and thought even the fab Sarah Brown couldn't pull it off. I never felt sorry for her or bought her story. I do love the actress however. Tony Geary is almost always nominated, its just respecting someone that has been around this long. No one was really kicked to the curb instead of TG. Dominic was a really good newcomer. Emmy worthy? Not yet IMO. I do think Olivia should have been nominated. She has done a stellar job on several (emotional scene) occasions Just as good as Laura Wright. I don't know how I feel about Becky being nomonated since I hated what they made Liz into. Love JJ, and think he could be nominated for 1 shows work versus our previous Lucky. Nothing against Greg V, but JJ is always the best in every scene.

  5. I want SJB to win an Emmy this year and then thank her friends at B&B. Give Guza the fickle finger of fate ;) That's a bit mean, I know, but Guza wasted a really talented actress :D

  6. If I'm not mistaken the Emmy "qualifying" season runs from mid Feb-MidFeb, so those of you who say that JJ's scenes in 2010 don't count...they do and that's why. Honestly, and this is just my opinion, (but I'm sure others will agree) JJ solidified his Emmy the minute he did the confrontation scene with Elizabeth and Nikolas. As for RH, she's been very underrated over the past few years and whether you like the storyline or not...she as an actress is doing a damn good job with it.
    I do think that Steve Burton should have been nominated. I felt the same way about his scene with Michael (you know which one I'm talking about...) as I did with the JJ scene.
    You have to remember that the Emmys don't judge a whole years worth of's all about the one or two scenes that are submitted. The hotel scene for MB...that's his Emmy win.
    I do have to agree about TG...can't think of what his "Emmy" scene is.

  7. I did like Dante, not anymore, lying in court just because Sonny is his father. The writers are making him just like him and everyone else that covers up for poor woe is me sonny. Guess it's ok to shoot an unarmed cop in this world and get away with it. It's also ok for sonny to kidnap AJ and steal his baby and get away with it all these years.

  8. I talked with someone that works in the EMMY's and he told me that they can only submit scenes from January to december 09
    JJ can not submit the famous scenes from the NOz fall out the same goes with RH her amazing scenes with her break down was in this year not that year..
    That nom should have went to KM with Robin's PPD..
    NP should have not be there it should have went for the kids that plays Morgan ...
    Steve should have been there for the Mexico scenes and the Franco stuff and the Michael smack down..
    TG should have not submit himself..

  9. While I get there will always be people who feel this one of that one should have been nominated can anyone give me more.

    Dominic Zamprogna what scene did he rock in 2009. I find him an overall good actor but there was nothing that made me go awwww until his scenes after the reveal.

    KMc - I hated the PPD story and for me it showed during that time, and sorry but I would hate to be reminded of baby in a tree

    JT - Sorry he went around and whined to anyone who would listen

    I always thought that pre-noms were selected by the actors so if someone can correct that I would like to know

    I am happy for all the nominees but if GH wins for writing again I will kill someone

  10. good call Dana I agree with all you said. I only agree that steve should be nom for the Michael Smackdown and maybe the courtroom scene where he tells Liz (through tears) scene by scene what happened with Jake in the cabin. I am a fan of Becky's but it should only be scenes during the period and anything with Niz stunk IMO. The acting included since I never even bought that they had feelings for each other.

  11. JJ is talent, I'm so glad he's back. He makes every scene

  12. Dana, I believe that the actors can submit anything that was "filmed" between January and December. I believe JJ's confrontation scenes were filmed in December, so they are admissable. In any event, I'm hoping that Sarah Brown wins (but I thinnk Crystal Chappell has it in the bag) and that Kristen Storms gets her Emmy this year.

  13. What was so great about SB's scenes in Mexico that people think he deserves and emmy? I barely remember him being "in" Mexico, never mind anything specific about the scenes, except that he completely lost his mind and all of his character and started up with Sam again...

  14. I'm glad JJ was nominated and I hope he wins over blank stare jason

  15. People forget the dreaming episode after Jerry shoot him when he was dreaming of Michael Kris and Carly that scene alone was better than all TG scenes in the all year .. not to mention the scenes when he yells at Michael..
    The scenes that they can submit are the scenes that AIRED not Filmed ..
    JJ didn't do anything big in the two months he was in 09 . it is also a shame for JV that was not even offered with his abuse scenes in 06 ..
    The all system sucks ..
    LW SJB MB KS BA DG deserve to be there and I think Drew will win.. at least I hope
    but the rest not JMB did not do anything great so RH
    And NP is a big stupid joke

  16. Becky a big stupid joke? Dana you're making some really strong comments here (and yes we know it was you earlier as anonymous your grammar or lack there of can be spotted a mile away). Yes beckys storyline was a joke but hell half of the storylines are the same. And she did what she could with what they wrote. I honestly think JJ could win and beat Spin. I mean Spin now is borderline ridiculous and now they have him committing crimes as well. I agree that Ethan hasn't done anything to be nominated perhaps it s a way to try and get fans to take notice now that his character may be teamed with kristina ala a L&L story? I still do think TG is a fabulous actor and his cenes with Liz, Lucky, and tracy alone are emmy worthy and I'll take them any day over the mob stories. JMO.

  17. Patti I didn't like your comment about my post that was out of line .. So please stop it..
    This is TV not real life so maybe you forget it...
    TG is amazing actor but we are talking about 09 not their overall performance...
    IN 09 these actors did not do anything that amazing , BA was better than JJ and DZ with the Spixe scenes and more ..

  18. There is lots of chatter over who the 3 GH residents who will serve on Sonny's Jury will be. I've tried to narrow it down based on logic...which means I am probably way off base.

    Carly - ex wife
    Jax – stepfather to his kids
    Bobbie – former mother in law
    Mike - father
    Robin – acknowledged close friendship
    Patrick - ?
    Matt – ?
    Epiphany – already served on one mob jury
    Lisa – new to the City, probably a good choice
    Steve – new back to the City, probably a good choice but would the hospital’s Chief of staff not be considered an essential service and exempt from jury duty?
    Liz – in mental hospital
    Lucky - cop
    Nicholas – father to Sonny's nephew
    Helena – Lawyer's step mother
    Mac – police commissioner
    Maxie – dating an employee, probable witness
    Spin - employee
    Jason - employee
    Sam – dating employee
    Alexis – baby momma and lawyer
    Diane - lawyer
    Max - employee
    Milo – employee
    Edward - already served on one mob jury and great grandfather of sonny’s kid
    Monica – grandmother to sonny’s kid
    Tracy – great aunt to sonnys kid and former mob ties
    Luke – mob ties but then again also former mayor
    Ethan – why not
    Johnny – former employee, probable witness
    Dante – son, cop, witness
    Olivia – baby momma
    Kate – former fiancee
    Hotel Counter Guy - employeed/influenced by Carly
    Scruffy Priest Guy - has he heard Sonny's "confessions"?
    Big Alice - YEAH!!!

    I suspect it will end up being Patrick, Lisa and Steve. Could also be Matt or Ethan. What abut newcomer Keifer's father? Perhaps story's of Sonny being abused as a child would help arc those two storylines?

    Seriously though, I want No Holds Barred Big Alice on the Jury!!!!

  19. glad steve burton was not nominated. maybe once a year he has a moment to show talent but for 99% of the year he is blank stare. I do think he is drop dead gorgeous. emmys should be based on work throughout the whole year not just one scene.

  20. glad steve burton was not nominated. maybe once a year he has a moment to show talent but for 99% of the year he is blank stare. I do think he is drop dead gorgeous. emmys should be based on work throughout the whole year not just one scene.

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