Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Surgery at the WUB TUB --Soap Super Bowl!

BIG NEWS: GH's MAURICE BENARD to APPEAR on BUZZWORTHY RADIO!" Monday, February 8 from 10:30 pm to 10:45 pm. How awesome is that!? Click on link for details.

I myself will be doing a PodCast with Daytime Confidential Monday! It won't be up until later in the week. Thank goodness they are catching me two days after my bitch-fest over Dante's big "I shot myself". I was thrilled with the soapy-goodness of Friday's show (I even got over the shooting) I just REALLY hated the writing regarding how they were getting Sonny out of all this. I don't know of a Mom in America that wouldn't have been screaming bloody murder at ANYONE that did that. Even dimple-boy.

HELENA'S COMING this week! MY FAVE FETA-FILLED Grandma is floating back into town and I can't wait. There's a great medianet of her with Nikolas on the WubsNet front page. She's not only going to take advantage of Nik's current situation, but she's also going to poke Liz a  bit too. ahhhhhhhhhhhh. 

SUPERBOWL NEWS: A former GHer, Senta Moses (Winnie) will be on a fun Teleflora Commercial during the game!! Don Rickles stars as the "talking flowers".  Hit the link for a great behind the scenes look at the making of.

Daytime Confidential's Jamey Giddons is reporting on the next Daytime Emmy telecast. Remember last year's fiasco? Well, producer Jim R is on it to make this year a great one!

I hope you had a good week in Soaps. I personally was bored with AMC, shocked by OLTL and both excited and saddened by GH.  In other words, not much has changed!!

Take a gander at the spoilers that are up.  One note: I really wish they would have developed Keifer a bit more-- I feel like he's one-dimensional and disposable. Unlike a lot of real-life abusers he really has no redeeming qualities. (ergo NO sympathy what so ever)--hard to understand why Kristina even bothers with the boy.

SNOW! We only have our usual Lake-effect...can't believe it's not US getting it all! Wowza. Will you ever dig out!?


  1. Keifer will be killed off, cause they are bashing men. Look what happened to Logan,Cooper, and Jessie.I love GH don't get me wrong, and i love this site. I just know Keifer will be killed off c ause he is a man that they are bashing. But the jerk sonny never gets his.

  2. Karen you may want to take that comment down "many real life abusers have redeeming qualities". Really? Tell that to a victim. I myself think Keifers portrayer is a good actor and can turn on the charm in a heartbeat. But Guza wanted us to hate him from the start egging on Michael and such.
    Not sure if Google will let me post, but this is Ang.

  3. Karen, I have to agree with Ang- there is no redeeming quality to anyone that abuses another. The abused will stay for many reasons, but not for any "redeeming qualities".

  4. As someone who has witnessed abuse at the hands of a loved one - there are MANY redeeming qualities to an abuser - even in they eyes of the victim. Often the abuser was once the victim. And while it is definitely not an excuse, they often repeat what they learned when dealing with stress, anger, alcohol, etc. It doesn't mean they aren't fantastic parents, uncles, brothers, members of society.

    Is it right? Of course not. But to say they have no redeeming qualities just isn't true in my opinion. Whether the abuser is related to the victim or a boyfriend/girlfriend - there is almost always love.

    I wish they had developed Keifer's personality as well. We have this charmer with the adults and this abuser, but we never see the side that Kristina must have fallen for in the first place. He's a jerk to Michael, pulls his weight around the club and abuses Kristina. We haven't seen anything redeeming.

  5. Real life abusers have NO redeeming qualities. When they are charming it is only to get what they want or to convince neighbors and friends that their spouse is the 'crazy one'. They lie, cheat, steal, and back stab the people they work with. If they're a hard worker it is strictly for financial gain because they have no loyally to their employer and will leave in a heartbeat for a better offer. If they abuse their spouse but not their children, the kids live in horror of witnessing the beatings. If they only beat the family pet the children are actually physically ill because they are unable to protect them. If the fear of legal action finally stops the hitting they resort to verbal abuse. They destroy their families, their marriages, and in one case with a neighbor of mine, his own wife, as she finally committed suicide. The sad fact is because they feel the world is against them and everything that's negative in their life is someone else's fault, therapy often doesn't work for them. I have known more than my share of these people, and the only thing I have seen that works is fear - fear of the law, of jail, of the loss of a spouse or children, their home....FEAR

  6. Wow, this Keifer discussion is intense.

    I always felt that his portrayal was realistic, and I can see how Kristina could fall for him. He is very handsome, and, as she always says, "He's a senior," and you can see how much this means to her, that he pays attention to her. He realistically portrays how he uses charm and sympathy to draw her in, then turns on a dime the minute he feels rejected and becomes violent, thereby confusing her, which also is realistic.

    As a psychotherapist, I have treated many so-called "battered women." Some of their partners may have some redeeming qualities, but I try to teach them that ABUSE IS NEVER OK, even if the guy has a "good side" (which may or may not be in their eyes only).

    Abusers have what's called a personality disorder, and use denial and projection to justify, in their own minds, what they do, by claiming to be a "victim" and therefore "entitled" to act as they please.

    I refuse to treat the abusers, as they are evil, and therapy cannot treat this.

  7. OLTL: Roxy was going to spill something big to Kyle about Mitch and what she did right before he told her Stacy's baby wasn't her grandchild. Okay what was it? Karen if you get any scoop on this at DC please tell.

    Mrs. Goose

  8. Anyone that thinks abusers have many redeeming qualities haven't ever been through abuse of a loved one. See how you feel if it's your child that is abused. Sorry there would be no redemption if you hurt one of my kids! Of course we would all feel differently if one of our children became the abuser. That's just honesty as we want to see the best in those we love. The only way I could accept a character is with what shirleedee said (lots of therapy!)

    On anotehr note I hope Jax slams carly and takes baby Josselyn. I mean seriously, tell the judge she ran to a killers house when she left him. she is an idiot.

  9. I don't think that Karen meant that there are good things about abusers, which seems to be a bone of contention among the other commentators. The way I read it was that Kiefer is not charming in the way that many abusers seem to be. The only people that see him as such (at least the only people that we know of) are Kristina, Alexis, and Molly. Everyone else sees him for what he is: an abusive asshole. From what I have seen most of the time abusers are able to keep others from seeing that side of them no matter what. It is like someone else said, they operate out of fear, and so they cannot risk letting anyone (let alone the extended family) know their true nature.

    I for one can see what Kristina sees in him. She sees this somewhat handsome older boy, who seems to really love her. However, Kristina has never really known healthy love. Look at the examples she has been given: Alexis and Ric, Sonny and Carly, Alexis and Jerry. Sadly, the healthiest relationship was Sonny and Carly. It is also part of the modern teen experience. Twilight romanticized the abusive stalker relationship, and told teenage girls that the only real relationship is this all-consuming type of love in which the "hero" takes over the limp, wishy-washy "heroine's" whole world.

    Yes, Alexis loves her and wants the best for her, and in his way so does Sonny. But Kristina feels like she is a "throw-away" child in Sonny's world. I don't think that is the case, but from Kristina's POV it is. She sees him with Michael and Morgan, who grew up with him, and she sees a difference in the way he interacts with her. I think that this difference is only that he does not know what to do with her. She does not seem to need him as much as Michael does, so he cannot try to save her. In essence that is what the Kiefer story is doing. It will allow Sonny to realize that she needs him just as much as Michael does and provide him with a way to save her. No doubt it will save their relationship, and create another Sonny-ite.


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