Thursday, February 4, 2010

Both Becky and Bradford's "conditions" written into GH script!

According to SID, Becky will be Pregnant on camera for GH-- and Bradford's recent accident on the Soap Cruise will be written in (off camera).  He'll be on crutches (basketball injury).

OLTL today: wwwwooo! Loved it. It's so fun. Are we sure Mitch isn't a secret Cassadine!? LOL.  Doesn't that nasty nurse look like she could be Marcy's big sister? I think so!
I'm still spoiler free on this soap! I will be doing a podcast this sunday with the gang from Daytime Confidential, meaning they will spoil stuff for me. But! I can take it heh.

GH:  Lulu needs a sweater. Hospitals are always cold. Ditto Olivia. Lucky and Mac-Daddy! Loved the whole Mac talk. Forgot Fe ran off with Luke...LOL!

Carly and Sonny use the PCPD room as their little chit-chat place. LOL. That cracks me up. was a nice talk.  Kate/Connie mention!
Do Steve B's arms look even MORE huge today? I say yes! YOU TELL them Ronnie....but come on, THAT was a search? Okay. They didn't even open a drawer. pfft.

LOVE the Corinthos bros/sis together. I keep forgetting Molly is really Ric's! Kristina looked gorge today. Alexis: "It's ok to love Sonny even if you don't like what he does".
SID:  Told you! LIZ IS PREGNANT--who's the DADDY? It's out there, in black and white! Had it up Monday. They are going there again. Wonder how RH feels about that?!  THIRD time!! It's will TEAR PORT CHARLES APART! brahahaahahaha. Those ads kill me.

Diane tells Sonny to basically jump bail.

Fun Superbowl spot with Senta Moses (winnie)  and Don Rickles!  YouTube Teleflora. You'll see more of her in the actual commerical that airs.
EEK! Jax comes clean to Carly---oy!!! Carly: D'OH! Here mouth   just hung open. LOL.
What's Dante going to do? Tell on Daddy? Is Sonny going to get on the plane? Is Olivia going to lie? eeeeeeeee!


  1. so, that is all Liz is good for. A who's the daddy story? Geez. I can't believe they are doing that AGAIN with her. I really hope it is Lucky's. Please!! Nik doesn't even remember his own kid and looks almost uncomfortable when Spencer is around.
    As long as Jason doesn't "help" Liz in anyway with this kid. I am over him as a good bad guy with angst. Him and Sam can have each other. Throw Sonny in and they can all fall off a cliff together!

  2. Jason amazed me today telling Sonny to run.Afraid he would lose his apartment aaahhhhh Sam could go hooking for him and rent the apartment.Sad that Dante is so mad at his mom.hope Lulu helps him thru it.I think Sonny and Carly will get back togethor.

  3. I REALLY HATE JASON!! I wish they would FIRE Steve Burton and REALLY KILL Jason off the show for good!
    Maybe we will get lucky and Ronnie will kill him in self defense! OR maybe when Franco comes back he could kill Jason!
    I love Dante and think
    Dominic Zamprogna SHOULD be the STAR of the show!!!

  4. It isn't Steve Burton's fault that he doesn't have a better role. Of course, If I were him, I would have quit a long time ago. I wouldn't want to play a role where my only expression is an eye blink and hardly anything else.
    I, too, do not like the character of Jason and it is getting worse. I used to just FF Jason/Sam scenes, but now it is Jason scenes by themself.

  5. OK calm down
    DZ is good but not that good as Steve..
    And Dante is a boring character...

    Jason was amazing today and Ronnie should be beat down he let Franco lose and Franco kills innocent woman for no cause..
    Jason was today helping his best friend
    JaSam are the best couple on GH today they were funny and so cute and very sexy
    Lante are boring boring

    And if people hate GH and Hate that Jason is the main guy than stop watch GH because he has lots of fans that love him ..

    Steve is probably working out for a shirtless scenes on V day episode ...

  6. Over the past 2 days of watching the kids in the living room, I kept waiting for Scooby Doo to run in and say "ok, gang, lets all jump in the mystery van and solve a crime!"

  7. Anonymous. maybe you should stop watching if you dont like Dante and Lulu, they have a strong following that love them too.
    See how I turned that around on you. Everyone has their opinions. Just because they aren't your opinions, we aren't going to stop watching. I haven't liked the path Jason has gone either, since the Jake/Sam BS, but I still love many other characters on the show and will keep watching for them.

  8. The problem is when someone said fire SBU and that he is bad ...
    If people hate him than don't watch him but don;t go around and say fire him because it also bad..

    I didn't say fire someone all I said is that Jason has many fans that love him

    I don't think Lante are that big deal but I am not saying fire the actors ,see ...

  9. I think the Luke and Felicia affair was the last time Mac actually had a story. Other than being Sheriff Roscoe to Jason & Sonny's Bo and Luke Duke. Mac Scorpio was such a good character ... remember him and Katherine, and how vital he was to the Stone/Robin story? Guza wasted him.

    Has Liz ever had a baby whose paternity wasn't clouded? You'd think a nurse would understand birth control a little better. More power to BH in real life, but on the show couldn't they have just bought a big purse for her and spared us?

  10. Are you kidding me, they are breaking out the old "whose your daddy" storyline again with Elizabeth? Boy, they've really turned the once golden girl who could do not wrong, into the town hussy. I agree with Anonymous, I hope they make it Lucky's baby this time. Speaking of Lucky, I just heard about a contest where the prize is a block party that ABC soap opera stars attend. I would love to show lucky my street, and hey, Elizabeth can come too. If any of you GH fans are interested, here is the link you can enter at >

  11. Here's what they need to wrap up the Mob crap- have Sonny go to jail, have him in jail for a year or two, then get freed on a technicality on appeal. In stir, we can have good prison stories ala the old Aussie soap Prisoner: Cell Block H.

    Then, they should kill Jason Morgan off and admit he never really was Jason Q. That Jason Q was really kidnapped by Faison with a Russian doppelganger put in his place to secretly serve Faison's needs. Then, with the doppelganger off, the real Jason Q can come back and claim his place as a doctor on staff.

    Good writers wd do some version of this, plus give Tony Geary some meat by having his long lost father, Tim Spencer show up in town.

  12. Personally if I was Steve Burton , I think I would've left GH along time ago. I feel that he's playing a one diminsonal character. That is boring. He is a good actor but too me he doesn't get to fully show all shades of who he is or what impact his character could really be. I really think his 'memory' of being a 'Q' needs to return if not fully than some of it so that we can 'see' his struggle with who/what he has become now to what at one time he was gonna be (a Dr)...I like Dante/Dom I think his character is interesting & there'll be alot of storylines there to explore...if of course Mr Guza doesn't totally mess that up but he probably will. Yeah, I loved it when Mac was really important to GH than some trophy they showcase when they need him to be there (I recall seeing him on Murder She Wrote in the late 80's before he was on funny/JJY that is--anyone else see that epi?)...Carly is such a hypocrite down to the core. I mean she will forgive everybody else but Jax the man that she supposedly 'loves' here?? Right until she runs to Sonny & jumps in his bed again to get back at Jax....she's got no room to 'talk' about Liz she's worse .....what a joke....anyway, thats me until this show becomes about more than Mob Hospital'll continue down the path it is....& we can all thank Mr Guza for that can't we.......

  13. When I was watching the kids today and Molly said "Uncle Sonny" I immediately thought- Uncle Sonny? Isnt he her dad? LMAO Very easy to forget she's Ric's! Those 4 are good together- I like the chemistry they have as family; they fit well together. I loved the scene when Alexis came in, sat on the couch and said "Sonny would risk his life for anyone in this room" Thumbs up on the writing of that scene for me.

    Jason's character used to be so awesome and now its pretty much go away Jason- and I FF through every scene he's in- even the ones Sam isnt in lol

    As far as Becky's WTD storyline- it sucks. Can't the woman have ONE pregnancy without the child's paternity being questioned? I'm also hoping the kid is Lucky's bc.... well for a ton of reasons but most importantly- it CAN'T be Nic's! Congrats to Becky though :)

  14. URRR Had to watch Jaslut AGAIN. So done with them. Seriously! I agree that Steve Burton can act, but there is just hardly any remorse for breaking the law from Sam/Jason or Sonny. Not until Franco comes along to threaten Sam or Carly. Everyone slammed brenda but she was the only one the lifestyle bothered (and Liz). This baby HAS to be Lucky's it just has to. Unless of course they rewind and do a de ja vue of Liason and say it happened off camera. hee hee

    Ya know, anyone can have an opinion about Jasam vs/Liason. It just gets so cut throat we would rather not talk to poeple like anonymous. Use some better english why don't ya. Ok I guess I'm not being any more mature than you but everyone is just stating opinions.

    I am borderline hating Carly right now. And I think I agree that Spin has lost his appeal now that he is an official criminal. Who can blame Mac now? And speaking of him Mac was a hunk when he joined this show. Him & Felicia heated up the screen big time. Not to mention Him and any girl! Even boring Dominique had life around mac. Give us more Mcexis!

    I really like Lulu & Dante. I never liked Lulu but this actor makes me like her. He is a gem and along with Molly, Michael & Kristina's portrayers they have revived the show. We just need Kate back now.

  15. Quoting skeebob:
    You'd think a nurse would understand birth control a little better. More power to BH in real life, but on the show couldn't they have just bought a big purse for her and spared us?

    I totally agree!! I've ALWAYS been a Liz fan and "stuck" by the character in hopes that the writers give her good stuff to deal with and this hussy/who's my baby daddy stuff is really lame.

  16. Ahh, the wonders of being "Anonymous"! I HATE this character, fire that actor, so and so is awful, she's a witch, she's a bitch, he's 'sleepwalking', he's bored, bring back the vets, wow, does that vet look awful, I love the kids, I hate that snotty kid, on and on...If you want to, you can always tell us who you are.


  17. Not too many of us want actors fired, we just want the parts written better.

    Sometimes one fan base (particularily Liason vs. Jasam) takes every comment the wrong way. The writers have torn apart Sam and now Liz so this fuels the fire even more so. Bottom lineis we're all fans of this show yet become very frustrated with the mundane writing of characters such as Sonny & Jason. We're supposed to think they have compassion yet they raise their children with the opposite having no morals whatsoever. Look what poor Monica alone has missed out on (First Jason, then Michael and then Jake not to even mention having breast cancer & then losing AJ, Alan, & Emily).

  18. Well, I'll give my two cents and it won't be anonymously. I used to love Jason- not so much anymore and definitely not with Sam. I do not mind Sam on her own, or when she was with Lucky- just not with Jason. I LOVE Dante and Lulu- they are not boring at all. The Dante character has done more for this show than any new character has done in as long as I can remember. I also wish they would just hide RH's pg behind a purse. That's what they did with her first pg- and while she was on maternity leave she was supposedly on Sonny's island to hide from Helena. And this baby had better not be Nik's- he's barely shown as a father to Spenser- why would he need another child to ignore?

  19. I think part of the problem with S.B is he is bored with his character.
    Same thing with T.C.

  20. I never minded Jasam until the whole park incident and Sam hiring thugs. It would have never ever entered Jason's mind to rekindle that flame with Sam. Hello, he threatened to kill her! And they never had any dialogue about the whole incident or maybe I would feel differently. And I don't type this because I'm a Liason fan. I enjoyed their friendship years ago and I enjoyed their connection over the past decade but I don't want them together. Jason also doesn't deserve Jake at this point. But to show him being part of Carly's kids lives is absurd. And speaking of Carly, Liz has caught up to her having 3 kids with 3 different men But carly would never fess up to that.

  21. I always felt like GH blew it by not casting Roscoe Borne as either a Cassadine(Stavros?), Trevor Lansing or Carly's biological father.

    I think it's a little late to introduce Luke and Bobbie's father Tim Spencer? Who would be old enough to belieavably be Tony Geary and Jackie Zeman's dad.. Abe Vigoda? LOL.

    A storyline involving their father should have been done in the early 80's when Luke was floundering after Laura disappeared or in the early 90's when the Spencer family returned.

  22. I have always loved Jason/SB. While I am not enjoying him at all right now, I still love to just look at him. Yes, I am that shallow! :) He gets paid a very nice salary to show up and blink a little. Heck, I'd do it too--especially in this economy. I think he is being written out of character now and I don't enjoy him this time around with Sam. I also remember SB has tried out several times for non-soap tv work and it hasn't panned out for him.

    Regarding being "Anonymous,"
    not everyone wants to identify themselves online. No crime, or it wouldn't be an option. I enjoy reading other people's opinions even if I don't agree. Variety is the spice of life!

  23. I wish Jason would get in an accident and his brain injury could be reversed, then he would go back to being Jason Q. It could happen, this is a soap! Many more ridiculous things have been written.

  24. Steve Burton plays well Jason Morgan
    JM and JaSam have lots of fans that love him
    I don't see anything wrong for what he did he just wanted to help his best friend and Michael ...
    People hate him because Liason and this is stupid Liason was never meant to be...

    JM is the best character on the show , I love that we see him in his mobster mode and sometimes we see him confused of what is going on....

    Again Steve Burton is amazing actor look at the Michael smack down or the franco scenes and that was amazing show of talent ...

    I don't think that Lante and Dante are that amazing couple but I am not going and saying fire them

  25. My, my, some of us were a little testy this time around! Let's play nice, folks!

    Does anyone know what happened to Bradford (his accident)? I hope he's OK.

    I met Steve Burton, twice, and he is gorgeous, awesome, warm, and a gentleman. He is a wonderful actor, it's the writing that usually sucks on the show. I like him with Sam, but I am a Liason fan all the way.

    I also hope Liz has Lucky's child, if she can't be with Jason then Lucky is second choice, not Nik (ewwww, gross, hopefully they'll "forget" this ever happened, like Sonny and Emily).

  26. Dana I do agree that Jasam has a large fpollowing of fans and I don;t argue that. I simnply know the history if Jason and he would never forgive a woman for threatening his child (and would never sleep with her again after threatening to kill her). The writers built jason to have a different Moral code aside from Carly/Sonny type characters. His reconciliation w/ Sam shows us the writers know nothing about the real Jason. I also agree that Liason is not meant to be. However, they have a history that cannot be ignored. Fan or not they are part of each others past and share a connection. I would say pretty close to Liz & Lucky but the rape story trumps Liason. However any Liason fan hopes in their hearts that Jason will be the one to save Liz from herself and her suicide attempt(s). And I don't mean to be a couple again, just a savior. After all, that's the Jason I grew to love.

  27. On the commercials, one for Soaps in Depth, it said something about Jason and Liz. I assume he will do something to help her. Why wouldn't he? He still loves her. But, I am over Liason, I am over JaSam. Writing a great love story is not GH strong point. I am holding my breath with the Lulu/Dante store.
    So, I loved that they had Mac talk about the past, but when he said that Lucky was his best detective? Wow, no wonder the PCPD is going in the toilet. I have not once seen a scene that showed Lucky as a great detective. Maybe they will do that more since JJ is in the picture, but all I can remember is the times that Lucky looked like a fool...
    I still think that there has to be cameras setup in the PCPD, so they can catch Sam stealing evidence.
    More Diane!!

  28. Cat I am not against that Jason will help Liz I think he should and I don't him to be all judgmental over her I don't think he will ...
    Liason are part of each other and I know that , I do hope Jake with be with Jason some time..
    I do want JaSam baby , but I am not taking Jake form Jason ..
    More than all I am Jason fan first I love JaSam and I do think the are the best GH couple , but if he back with Liz I am not going to hate that , LOL

    And Steve is really nice man you should see his tweeter page when he tries to answer everyone ...

  29. that last comment was Dana LOL

  30. They will probably make Liz have a still born or think? 3 kids under 5 is alot!

  31. oh, I hope not another baby issue to go along with baby daddy. She has had 2 miscarriages also. I would be heartbroken if it is stillborn and Lucky's. If it is Nik's, I will be fine with it only because Nik+baby=horrible storyline. I can see it being Nik's and Helena stealing it or something. ugh. I hope not. Love a good Cassadine story, but that doesn't sound good at all.

  32. Well, I think Dante and LuLu are just great together. They are very cute and we are finally seeing two people get to know eachother and fall in love.

    Dom Z. is the best thing to hit GH in a long time. I really like his character. He's a good man and this doesn't have to make him boring. I think he should join the PCPD as Lucky's partner and maybe we can get some good story there...instead of Keystone cops. Doesn't always have to be about "The Mob...Sonny and or Jason."

    Someone said T.C. - Tyler Christopher is bored with his character...yes I agree with this. I always liked Nikolas but lately he's just annoying me and I think this is exactly why. I'm bored with his story. Maybe the coming Cassadine story will challenge him.

    Can't believe Sonny doesn't get the fact that its you shot a cop or a person. We know Sonny would never intentionally hurt one of his kids....but he would hurt anyone in his way. Sonny, Jason, Spinelli and even Sam should pay a price. Stealing the gun was so ridiculous.....just goes to how Sonny will get off. Ric never won against Sonny and I don't think Sonny should be redeemed for shooting a person, cop, his own son....or at least it should take awhile and we should get a good story out of it. I have a feeling Dante will lie to protect Morgan.

    Absolutely love Diane...put her with Alexis as legal partners...priceless!

    I am looking forward to Dante interacting with Michael, Morgan, Kristina and Molly.

    SB and MB are good actors but the writing and reasoning is always based on justifying their characters.....and the flaws are always visible to the fans. I can say so much more but I am liking the show so much now.......

    This Anonymous is Lisa

  33. Cat Jason is the hero or was at least so I could buy the story of him "SAVING" Elizabeth. Just so it isn't Nik. Stephan can also make a big difference.

  34. 'I think it's a little late to introduce Luke and Bobbie's father Tim Spencer? Who would be old enough to belieavably be Tony Geary and Jackie Zeman's dad.. Abe Vigoda? LOL.'

    Nonsense. John Ingle is pushing 90, and Luke's father only need to be 12-15 years older in real life- mid 70s to pull it off.

    I'm tired of seeing young mannekins hired on while actors of depth with real chops, but aged, are shunted.

    Luke has always had an obsession with controlling situations, and to see him be the unsure son wd be good. One cd have Tim introduce Luke's 1/2 brother or something. Also, Jackie Z cd get back to work.

    I agree that Burton's character is one dimensional- that's why they need to pull a Grant Putnam, and reveal he was NEVER the real Jason Q, just an imposter. Make the real Jason Q embittered over 15+ years kidnapped, and make him the one, perhaps, who finally takes down Morgan. It wd be a great classic soap twist.

  35. Regarding being Anonymous, whether I have a screen name or am anonymous, it doesn't change how I feel about GH.

    The person who thinks SB should be fired is probably some bored teenage boy who is trying to get a stir--and boy it worked.

  36. 1. The kid needs to be Lucky's..this time.

    2. Tony Geary is the best actor on the show, and Luke is the best character when he actually has a story.

    3. Luke and Bobbie's father is for a sibling, they have a sister named Patricia who has never been was mentioned in a piece on the Spencer's in S.O.D. I read in the late 80's or early 90's...thought it was odd since I'd never heard the sister mentioned, but, it may have been brought up in the 70's...most likely in a conversation with Aunt Ruby...I miss Ruby, what a great character on the show.

  37. 'Luke and Bobbie's father is for a sibling, they have a sister named Patricia who has never been on-screen'

    Not as far as I know, Chris. He was alive as of the mid-1990s, and I've never heard any other mention, and I read an interview w Geary 3-4 years ago where he said he's wanted to do some story like that.

    Where do you get the info for Tim Spencer's being dead? Never heard of a sibling, and mags are not as good as the actual soaps for details.


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