Thursday, February 18, 2010

A BABY Named: Stefan!!?? woot!

Who fished Stacey out of that lake? David Hayward or Franco? Zombie Stacey PeePee!! :) I hope she comes back someday. OLTL was all sorts of wonderful today. Did you know Snoop Dogg was going to be on again next week? I think it's awesome he loves the show. Adrianna--all tied up. David "It's kinda hot"!  David can show her a better knot to tie with! LOL.. Kelly smashes in the guy's head. heh. Cramer girls RULE!! I guess the French guy is  not a Mitch henchman. Poor Gigi..wah. Her hair looks better. I don't think Vicky is going to forgive Charlie this time.

ON with GH! I missed Dishing yesterday...I so hope our house recovers soon. It sucks when everyone is sick. Is anyone mad that the Valentin storyline is being sacked again? I am... Cassadines shoved to the back. I am happy Skye is coming on, although wonder what happened to ol' Laura-- couldn't have Luke with THREE ladies, now could we?

Morgan called Jason to tell him Dante should work for Sonny and not be a cop. LOL oy. Morgan wants to go to the Yankees with Dante and Sonny!! awww.
LOVE the monkey on Luke's Desk. Reminds me of the kangaroo that Robert used to have on his. Loved when Luke said "aren't you tired of raising other men's children" to Lucky.
HELENA!! woot! Tells Liz she's got a mean heart of a Cassadine and wants to be friends. :) Oh, Lizzy! "Pass that cruel dark streak onto your child"... and Hells is going to have her medicated! :twirling: OH CONNIE, we've missed you!! Loved the catatonic chair scene ala Laura with Lucky/Nik/Jason. AND in her dream the new baby is named STEFAN? lol!! wahaha! Patrick goes to visit her--I like they are friends. I really like when GH honors friends. (they don't do enough of it)
Nik and Lucky. Nik wants to marry Lizzie! HA! Oh, Hells is gonna wub that.
Alexis goes to Wyndemere for the first time in a long time. Glad that boat can cut through ICE. It's my personal bug-a-boo, has been for years. THE LAKE HAS ICE ALL OVER IT! ugh
Sick of Olivia/Sonny already.  This is going to go on forever.
Carly is being civil to Sam. And JaSam are cute, I'm sorry, they are writing them very fun lately.

THOUGHT: All those women in Shadybrook (Laura, Liz, Tracy,Robin, Carly) going all guilty over something. Today it's Liz with her sexual past. How about getting SONNY in there being all guilty over HIS? hahhahha. right. Such blatant sexism. The whole Madonna/Whore thing Guza has goin' on.

I have to go...sorry, doggie has to get out in this snow and try to GO himself. It's snowed a lot again and he's just not into it.  Heh. LOOK at the blog below for some fun stuff/youtube and spoiler link.


  1. They're pulling out all the stops to get us to jump on the Sonny pity party bandwagon, aren't they?
    Hope the Wubqueen's Castle is germ free soon. I hate the way viruses sweep through the house and take everyone out.

  2. No sympathy for Sonny here. Just ain't happenin. I am no where near a Jasam fan but I do agree the writing for them has been lighthearted and fun. Only problem I have with it is they are still criminals. All the main characters on this show are criminals or carly the hypocrite. Poor Morgan!

  3. I hate Sonny. Hate. Hate Hate. Kill him off already.

    I hate Nikolas also. Used to love him. So over him. Kill him off too. Bring Laura back for funeral and then to stay.

    So excited about Skye coming back. Still loving Dante. Morgan.

    Starting to like Liz again. Patrick visiting her was a nice touch. Good for her to see that she has people that care about her.

  4. OLTL was fantastic Kimmys anguish over Stacy was great acting.I know they could have looked a little longer for her.Hope Fish is the daddy and he gets to raise the baby.GH today was tolerable.Morgan is a better actor than Sonny.Loved Diane need to see her more.

  5. We live in Austin and half of GH was preempted since some idiot decided to drive their plane into an IRS occupied building after he set his house on fire. Guess I'll be taping it on soapnet!

  6. hasn't there been a LOT Of small plane crashes/weird landings lately?
    I just saw a Zebra on the loose in Atlanta on the weather channel! LOL

  7. On OLTL, Cassie is the one in danger - there is something in that tea she was drinking. OLTL was really good today - Mitch is just so evil and messed up. I am looking forward to Gigi finding out the baby is not Rex's.
    GH - I wasn't sure if Helena was really there or not - til Lucky pulled the gun on her at the end. He has been gun happy lately!! It was nice to see Patrick with Liz - as much as I am not a Liz fan. Diane and her shoe budget - lmao! Morgan is just adorable - what a little actor he is - they hit pay dirt with him.

  8. Hi all. Did anyone else notice that Morgan looked really ghostly white today? And that isnt a knock against the actor. It kinda looked like one of the vampire movies or true blood series. Like his makeup was really... white? And the eyes were sunked in through the use of makeup?

  9. it's winter time the poor kid is pale loiek the rest of us!

    Anyone find it ridiculous that carly has said NOTHING to Lulu about her knowing Dante is a cop (you know the hwole song and dance she gave Jax for betrayal?) After all Lulu is family, too. I can't wiat to see olivia shove it in her face tomorrow when she finds her in there.

  10. Wow sorry for all the typos, I'm on my kids new laptop!

  11. OK as much as I loved all things Liz today - two things stuck with me

    1. Liz dream sequence when Lucky asks Jason is Jake safe and Jason says "yes he never goes out without a bodyguard and Liz was wrong" I am assuming he was referring to the danger-danger. Uhmm most safe people smart a$$ don't require bodyguards. And last time I checked you were ok with letting Jake being raised and harped on the danger-danger just as much as Liz.

    2. Morgan, while I think the actor is amazing. I was hoping he was the smart one, but to ask Dante to change his career for his Dad. Why can't Sonny change HIS career for HIS kids. I mean he boasts how much he loves his kids but he doesn't change his life EVER

  12. Whether you like the Liz/Nik/Lucky Storyline or not...I must say kudos to Rebecca Herbst for her portrayal this past week. I thought she was sensational today in that quiet scene with Patrick sitting under the window sill. I think she's a great actress and has often been under rated.
    Of course, jmo!

  13. Lucky pulling his gun so quickly so often I am sure is to show us he has a "rebel" side...that way Guza can turn him into more of a mob like character and less of a (gasp!) law abiding cop!
    As long as Lucky keeps that preteen scruf on his face I could never picture him as anything more then innocent preteen

  14. I agree becky did great this week portraying Liz. She can only do what she's given for us to lose respect for her character until now, so lets hope the writing continues to improve. I would like some additional scenes with t he kids (whether that's with Stephan or Lucky, the scenes are needed)

    Oh Frisco, I see so much more in JJ's Lucky than a preteen. Although he makes my knees weak like a teenager the way Luke used to. he just has "IT". Having said that I think he has given GH a nice healthy Jolt of life. Not to mention made us Liason fans forget about that special couple & realize L&L are the ones meant to be.

  15. I'm giddy with happiness at the thought of seeing Skye and Luke bantering words and seeing all their chemistry!! I've never cared for Tracy and Luke.

  16. Did Brenda go to Shadybrook too, when she had her Guza-mandated breakdown after Sonny stood her up at their wedding?

    Yes, if Guza hadn't killed off Justis and AJ and Alan and Emily within a span of three years, we'd still have a few more Q's knocking around the town, wouldn't we?

  17. I wish Dante would have told Jason to go to hell in front of Morgan.What a STUPID idea to have the kids come in to defend Sonny! Like they think it will make the audience like him or something. I hope the next time Dante tells Morgan to shove it. I would like Jasam a little if they were NOT involved in Dante's shooting but because of that they are BOTH DEAD TO ME!!

  18. And wasn't Lulu in Shadybrook too? I seem to remember Maxie and Spinelli coming to visit her and sneak her in goodies, lol. Love Helena better when she sneers and deals from afar,she's not the type to have a one on one confrontation. But ohhh it's good to have Connie back!

    OLTL has been fascinating. The unraveling of the baby plot line has begun and I can't wait to see it. I really enjoy Kimmy, but wish today she could have found a tear along with her angst. Make up! get the squirt bottle!

  19. I loved today's eppy. Becky H was amazing as Liz. Especially the scene under the windowsill. I was pleasantly surprised to have Patrick walk in and sit down beside her. Even more so with the conversation they had. Connie was great as evil Helena. I missed her.

    Nik was a little presumptuous (sp) with the whole "I'm going to marry her" speech he gave Lucky. At least he said he wasn't going to slink off into the darkness like Jason did. But still, the timing is completely off. Liz needs to heal herself with therapy and a lot of self-realization. I would love to see her come out of this as a strong woman dependent on no one. She talked a good talk when pregnant with Jake about going it alone, but then went right back to Lucky. So, this time I want to see her actually learn to live without the dependency.

    Carly. She needs to shut up. She is such a hypocrite. Sonny and his family have deluded themselves into thinking his way is the right way. Dante is a cop. He was undercover. He was supposed to lie. He was supposed to ingratiate himself with the boss to get close enough to get the evidence. It is their own damn fault they screwed up with Claudia's murder. The whole thing could have been dealt with before Thanksgiving, if they had only told the truth.

    Grrr. . . Sorry for the long ramble. Even with the ranting, I loved the eppy. The acting was great. I didn't feel like FF'ing a single scene and that hasn't happened in a long time.


  20. I was laughing when Nik said the baby's name was Stefan. *lmao* That was the highlight of the entire show.

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  22. No one noticed Sonny said "no name guido" in the begining to Olivia...hee hee.
    He is hip to the language, that is what the Jersey Shore people call themselved "guido's and guidette's"..They MUST be coming, or GH could be trying to keep their young audience interested..

    Lulu was in Shadybrook after she killed Logan.

  23. stephanie...i noticed the guido comment. i was surprised no one else noticed. i'm sure it was a little nod to the jersey shore rumors.

    can someone please knock carly off her high horse? i'm starting to fast forward every scene she's well as sonny scenes.

  24. Karen I agree 100% with your comment about Guza having all the women on this show going to Shadybrook. In his world, women are too weak to deal with their problems. Never mind in many cases it is the men in their lives who have the problems.

    How many female characters on this show have not had breakdowns? Off hand, the only ones I can think of are Diane, Maxie, Tracy and Sam. Alexis, Carly, Lulu, Robin, Laura, Elizabeth, even Helena have ended up there.

    Also wanted to say it is refreshing to read others are not on the Sonny bandwagon. I have been astounded by numerous commenters in other places who think Sonny was totally justified. Even if you like the character, what he did was wrong.

  25. Didn't they put Tracey in Shadybrook, too, when she was talking to ghost Alan?
    No woman is safe from cracking up in Guzaland, and always because of some man. Sigh.

  26. I agree, great appy yesterday. Becky blew me away and I liked Patrick's tenderness. Loved Lucky saving the day (gun included this time!) Someone needs to replay allt he scenes where Jason told Liz a play by play in the cabin where Jake was being held so she owuld know their life could never be as one. Someone they now make it sound like it was all liz. ok whatever. I say make jake Lucky's after all this time. jason doesn't deserve him. he's too busy being around Carly's kids which yay makes tons of sense Guza. As for Maurice, I will always be a fan but the character of Sonny cannot be redeemed at this point. Morgan should be angry with Sonny and clinging to Dante and jax as the only role models in his life. Stupid Carly has ruined her children.

  27. Carly always taking Sonny's side is getting a little old too. I am not a fan of what Sonny is getting away with, even if this is just a show. He is not doing any of his kids a favor by getting away with murder.
    FF Jason/Sam scenes.
    Loving Liz scenes right now. Becky is doing a great job! She looked like such a porcelain doll when she was sitting in that chair.
    Loved that Lucky walked in when Helena was there so Liz knows she isn't hallucinating her.
    Good to see that Nik is still a (rhymes with his first name)
    I know that it was just a dream(nightmare), but anytime I think Sam could help raise Jake, I get sick.

  28. Gotta love Hellzy Bellzy! It sucks that the Valentin story was sacked because that gave Connie more material than just having Hellz torment yet ANOTHER one of Nik's paramours. Love seeing Connie and Hellz, but that story is getting a bit played out, ya know?

  29. Guza is a douche.

    Also I think Skye should be with anyone but Luke. Jax is prefered but Steven Lars might work.

  30. If we can't have LIASON then LL2 will have to do please no Niz. Why doesn't Guze write with what people say and what makes the rating go up... Sad part is people DVR GH but FF thru the stuff that sucks... Can't Believe Carly.. being nice to Sam? Telling Dante what to do and bring up Lulu.. Putting Sonny before all else and sonny telling morgan that he and dante believe differently on whats right?? So this is a good MOB? Jason shooting people, the fact that Sonny shot Dante no matter what the reason, they hid the truth about Claudias death come on... And jason was the one who pushed Liz and Jake out of his life.. remember they were going to get married then Michael got shot and he ended it... He was willing to raise Sonny kid Lila as his own in the Mob, and Michael...

    And hold on before anyone smashes Liz.. Sam has slept with all carly's men Jax, Sonny, Jason not to mention Liz's Lucky, Ric, and Jason... Hasn't she ruined 3 marriages Ric and Alexis (her MOm) Liz and Lucky, Sonny and Carly... and she condones Jasons work.... PLEASE DON't EVER let her or Jason raise anymore children...

  31. Stacie. As much as I don't like Sam, she didn't ruin Liz and Lucky's marriage. They did that all on their own. Same with Carly and Sonny. But I do think it is funny that she has slept with both her sisters fathers and her cousin's brother. Only on soaps! If all those men weren't so darn good looking!

  32. Yeah. Alexis better keep her eye on Mac when he is around a vulnerable Sam...

  33. I'm kinda glad the Valentin story got axed. That silly name or the actor just didn't feel up to the standards of a Cassadine story.

    I wish it'd been Stefan who kidnapped Luke and Helena. He'd be the one with the most motive.

  34. If anyone was the cause of Liz & Lucky's marriage breaking up, it was Maxie. Liz caught them in bed not once but twice. The 2nd time is when she ran to Jason and conceived Jake. Now Sam raising Jake is just revolting to me. Anyone see the irony in this after what she pulled 2 years ago with Jake? Give her another kid if you want, but not Jake.



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