Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger's MOM: would she make a great soap villainess or WHAT?

Oooooo, watching her stare was worth the price of squeemish admission to today's press conference. Now, call me silly but I did watch, I did tweet during it and I'm chalking it up to just another pop culture phenom I got to participate in! Do I REALLY care about TIGER Woods? No...I don't play golf or buy Buicks. The story that has unfolded has been soap-worthy though, hasn't it?
His speech today was uncomfortable in parts, and really made me giggle in others. Who thought it was a good idea to talk about 'performance enhancements" during an apology for adultery? And did Tiger really think we were all "blaming Elin" for anything?? No...most of us were a-ok with her chasing you with a golf club. Not that I advocate domestic violence but a bit of a scare never hurt any player.
Liked that Elin wasn't there--wondered why the hell her mother was?? Uhhhhh, and him hugging the whole front row like he was at a funeral? (maybe he was?) That was, imo.
The whole Buddhist thing--*sigh* whatever. At least he didn't say he was born-again.
I am sadly cynical about his mea culpa-- and see it as 90% money/endorsement/golfplay related. I think it's quite the commentary that all stations broke away to cover it.
AND WHO THE HECK picked out that horrible Blue Velveteen material that was draping the entire room? OY! The background can be SO important----just sayin'
So, I leave you with this: tweeting during this whole thing was another first. Kinda like the Ustream live tweet and doing the Kirstie A charity. Plus, I ONLY watched because I love a good daytime drama. Yeah, that's it.

Ok, The  WUBQUEEN'S "Things Tiger Should Have Said to make People Forget What He Was Really  There For":

"Jon Gosselin and I are designing Tshirts along with Ed Hardy for Hooters"

"I am now dating Ocotomom"

"I, Tiger Woods, am a Gay American"


  1. Just another over-paid athlete who thinks they are above it all.

    I'm not judging its the lifestyle they lead. They get everything handed to them and think they deserve it all and get caught up in the limelight.

    If your going to do sh*t like that don't get caught. I thought highly of Tiger because he is not just an athlete he marketed himself as a Sport as a Brand. But I'm over it about 2 seconds after it hit the media.

    He will be back and people will pay their hard earned $$$ to see him play. It is what it is......

  2. WWTD = Who Would Tiger Do

  3. What goes on in Tiger Woods' home belongs there and its nobody's business but his and his family; leave the guy alone to fix his problems so he can return to what he does best, playing golf. I don't care what happened in his personal life; there are much more important issues in the world than this. The media needs to find someone else's life to ruin. Tiger, great speech today!! Thank you and good luck.


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