Friday, February 12, 2010

ABC Daytime: Greenlee, Kelly, Bitchy Bangs....Ratings

Greenlee's reveal was fabu!!! I like her and David together. Gawd, but Crystal's dress was HORRIFIC. Battlestar Galactica-Metallica?

Kelly's back on OLTL!!! woot! Adriana!! Can't wait to see she and Blair together?! I so wish Dorian would have dropped Mitch with a shot between the eyeballs! That baby Stacey gave birth too certainly LOOKS dang healthy...geesh. LOL. They never talk about delivering the afterbirth either. Just sayin' ewww. GREAT show today. As usual.

Ratings: GH is UP people! I guess soap watchers loves them a good ol' mob story/daddy reveal and shooting!! Wowza. Interesting isn't it?

Ratings for the week February 1-5, 2010  From SON
(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)
Total Viewers

1. Y&R 5,268,000 (+31,000/-87,000)

2. B&B 3,388,000 (-50,000/-300,000)

3. DAYS 3,123,000 (+14,000/+146,000)

4. GH 3,051,000 (+240,000/+198,000)

5. AMC 2,720,000 (-127,000/+147,000)

6. ATWT 2,484,000 (-147,000/-395,000)

7. OLTL 2,468,000 (-38,000/-8,000)

1. Y&R 3.8/12 (same/-.1)

2. B&B 2.4/8 (-.1/-.3)

3. DAYS 2.2/7 (same/+.1)
3. GH 2.2/6 (+.2/+.1)

5. AMC 2.0/6 (-.1/same)

6. OLTL 1.8/6 (-.1/-.1)

6. ATWT 1.8/6 (-.1/-.3)
I guess we'll get more of the Sonny angst in the weeks to come. Since Hells hasn't mentioned VALENTIN, I wonder if he'll EVER be on. Guess the Cassadine's don't rate. I'm not complaining-I've liked the shows lately. Just get rid of Lisa. I'm also hoping the new Wards work you think the Q's will be on more? Hmmmm.

Luky and Liz flash-a-backs. They look almost the same! I so remember that time.  
Lante is soooo cute. Geesh. They are a perfect soap couple. 
Perfect soap kids: Morgan/Molly...and MOLLY is about perfect in her comments. LMAO.
Carly and Sonny double-teaming Sonny. And her Jury and Dimples comment. heh. 

Mac is looking SO SPIFFY!! And THANK YOU to TPTB for putting him on more. Usually when characters go into the storage closet, they GO in the CLOSET NEVER to come out. 
OMG, Helena "Spencer was acceptable when I kidnapped him..." I thought she said FETA complete! lol...instead of Fate...Oh Connie, we've missed you. !!!!!!!!!

Morgan and Molly--raiding Orange Soda and BBQ chips from Spin! hee hee. LOVED it. 


I had to go out during GH. My son had to 'run' to JoAnne Fabric for green material for him to use for his videos. "Running to JoAnne Fabrics" is like "running" to the Dept of Motor Vehicles. IMPOSSIBLE. A 10 min thing turned into 50--I swear,  I haven't been in that dang store in 2 years and it will be another two million before I go again.

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That's one of many great soap opera trading cards that are on sale now! Jim Warren took the pics. They are fabu. Look at that Franco FACE!! 

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  1. I thnk the ratings increase had little to do with the mob but with
    1) Lucky
    2) Sonny - Dante father/son reveal (it just happened to be wrapped in a mob storyline)

    Michael confessing to Claudia's murder. I really wish the Q's would find out about this and get involved.

    Anyone think they were re-chem testing Carly and Sonny today?

    When Alexis finds out Molly knows about Micheal killing Claudia she is gonna need a lot of paper bags!

    I think JJ has his patchy excuse for a beard to try and make him look older then the flashbacks. Regardless, the beard thing bad.

    I constantly rant about Bobbie not being included in scenes effecting her family. I wonder if we will see Gram (Audrey) during Liz's breakdown?

  2. I watched AMC today for the first time. I saw the promos all week and figured, why not. Looked like it would be fun. And it was. I liked the church scene.

    I went online trying to find out the backstory, but I couldnt find anything. I know this is off-topic, but can someone give me a really quick crash course on the wedding people?

    Just from watching one episode, here is what I gathered on my own. Not sure if I am right or not:

    Greenlee and Ryan were an item. Greenlee was presumed dead and Ryan waited about 5 minutes before jumping on Erica (who hasnt, right?) Well, David nursed her back to health and told her about Ryan forgetting about her and moving on to Erica. And now, she is getting married either as revenge on Ryan, or because she really fell for David. Or both.

    Is this close?

    PS. Is Erica related to Greenlee? (mom?)

  3. Ratings spike last week: I think it's a combo of the good storyline and HEAVY promotion including showing that pivotal last scene, much to the chagrin of many us.

    Karen, IF ONLY you had a blindfold on that lobster with a chalk outline around it! Too funny.

  4. I like OLTL but rarely get to see it. Saw it today and loved it. But c'mon, wasn't Gigi just a couple of steps away from the back side of the frozen lake? I understand space limitations on sets, but couldn't they have placed her more in the center of the ice?

    I like how Stacy's friend and Marty got along. Small stuff like that just sets OLTL apart, I think.

    On GH, all I could think during the flashback where Lucky told Liz that his Aunt Bobbie was head surgical nurse was, does anyone who just started watching the show over the past few years have any idea who she is?

    Liked the scenes with the kids, liked Jason chewing out Michael, liked Dante and Lulu. Was the magazine Lulu was looking at named Smarm?

  5. do you think Guza and Fronz realize that Jason and Sam are not rating getters? I love the fact that Molly, Kris,Dante, Olivia, and LuLu are finally saying what so many of us are thinking. Maybe thats why people are watching I know I enjoy the idea that Sonny will finally be seen as a criminal. I wish Carly would finally see that Sonny is Bad for her......

  6. The only fun thing with Helena returning is her reminding us that Spencer is Sonny's nephew. *lol*

    Hey Jax! Remember that? Remember when Sonny was your BROTHER-IN-LAW?! Remember that you named your fraking hotel after Sonny's sister?!

  7. Strange... for some reason my name is showing up as W....

  8. Loved OLTL today. There were were so many great scenes and as usual, the story gets pushed right along. However, did anyone notice when GiGi was carrying that cute as all anything baby out in the storm that her newborn skin was completely exposed under that coat and GiGi kept lifting her away to look at her?? Also, when she realized she was on ice she continued to walk across it rather than than go 10 feet back to the shore? great suspense though!

  9. Loved Lucky and Ethan at Jake's, they really seemed to have a good rapport. Maybe we will get some good brother stuff from them.

    Helena said "fait accompli", which is French for "fact accomplished".

    I am so 'over' Sonny right now. Why, oh why are TIIC trashing their leading man? Do they not realize this s/l is way over the top?

  10. OMG! Those old L&L scenes were so incredible. Lucky winking at her had me melting like a carmel. JJ is arguably the best actor on GH right now.

  11. What in the world was Sam doing to get Michael out? As if she has any rapport with him? Stuff down my throat some more Guza, Sam is not a tasty treat. Shoulda been Carly, jason, or Diane, even Alexis OVER SAM!

    I agree about JJ. Wow loved those old scenes too

  12. What's great about having the original actors both there is that we get some great flashback scenes. I loved that wink too. He reminded me of Luke in that split

    I wish they'd cool the Jasam stuff too. I hate them together. I still ff through it.

    Loved seeing more of Mac. And I'm happy that Dante will go to the PCPD. Maybe we'll actually see some competent police scenes where the cops solve crimes, not the GOOD mobster and his hit man ( and his skank.) We need this, esp since they now seem to want to turn Lucky into a drunk.

    Send Sonny to prison. Let the law win for once!

    I do love the fact that at least the younger generation is being written with a sense of right and wrong.

  13. AMC crash course:

    Greenlee went off a cliff on her motorcycle last year. Ryan and KENDALL slept together right afterward. Ryan didn't sleep with Erica until like last month. Greenlee begged David to keep her accident a secret because she couldn't walk or something stupid. David and she are marrying to stick it to the town. There were a lot of new faces at the wedding. The girl with JR is Babe's twin, Marissa (whom I hate). there's a new Colby around town.

  14. The JaSam comment? Are you kidding me? They are totally going to think they are working.

  15. the ratings are up because of JJ and DZ, they are the best GH has to offer. I would love for them to team up and go against jasonny.I skip anything that has to do with jaspam.

  16. OLTL was fabulous, as usual! Loved seeing Dorian's "girls" in Paris. Mitch seems to have quite a following for a total skeez. Does he have a website? lol!
    I hope they aren't testing Carly/Sonny yet again, but wouldn't be surprised at this point. Loved Ethan and Lucky at the bar. I didn't care for Ethan much when he first came on but he is so good with Lucky; I really like the kid now. It's going to be interesting to see Kristina throw him under the bus for Keifer.
    Helena made me laugh a lot. I loved her comment to Liz about helping her get low cost meds. Connie looks so gorgeous. Any idea if we'll see her more than once or twice this time? I love her.

  17. The flashbacks were awesome - nothing like a little history to really grab the viewers. They were both so adorable and still are. Molly and Morgan are getting really good, intelligent writing for kids. Very realistic. Diane is a joy, as are Lulu and Dante. JJ and Ethan's newfound relationship is good - Ethan is now really likable since Rebecca is gone. And I am so thrilled Helena is back and looking as gorgeous as ever. Wouldn'tmind if Valentin never shows up - the actor is really creepy to me anyway.

  18. I really liked the JaSam scenes with the kids I thought it was cute...
    And Sam went there because it was the faster way to help Michael , I liked that she keeps the parking tickets so she can have an excuse to be at the PCPD LOL
    I also find it cute that morgan is calling Jason uncle Jason and Molly calls Sonny uncle Sonny VERY CUTE

    I love how Molly asked the question the viewers are asking who the cover up Jason didn't have an answer because he knows he made mistake..

    I wish there will be JaSam about them and not all the mess, JaSam are the best couple , I know it can't because this is affect them this is their family but more JaSam romance and less family talk .
    the all LnL2 flashbacks is Boring, I FF most of the scenes ..

    I also think Lucky and Jason are becoming to be more friends than ever JJ is saying that and even Steve ... I like Jucky

  19. Dana you don't know what you're missing. Put your feelings about Liz aside and realize what a poignant relationship she had with Lucky as a kid. They were magic and I was glued to the screen yesterday the way I was 10-15 years ago. JJ was born to play luke's son. liz was so fragile and he just lifted her up. Jason did the same for her when she thought Lucky was dead but no one can bring her alive like Lucky. Expect some good scenes next week!

    Jasam best couple? Not for me. But everyone's entitled to their opinion. They are not the heart of Gh but they have a fan base that's for sure. Just can't get past Sam's crimes of late. Love Dante with lulu, Scrubs, Jolivia, Carjax, and Macaxesis!

  20. I saw the old Lnl2 and they were magic.
    but right now doing this with what happened between them makes it boring not to say that we already had flashbacks few months ago ....

    Lnate are cute even though Lulu sometimes gets on nerves but for me they are not that great .
    I love scrubs and I love Spixie and I also want Carson back together..
    I still think JaSam are the best couple BUT I have more couples I like

  21. On OLTL, I know it is the original actor playing Kelly now, but I did not watch when she was on the show before. I found her to be very annoying. I hope it gets better. Anyway, that show rocks. The entire week was great. Since Bree Williamson is pg in real life and must be pretty far along at this point, I am thinking they are going to need to send Jessica away for "treatment"- just long enough for maternity leave I bet! AS far as GH, I have to say that I ff through all the Helena scenes- she has always just bothered the heck out of me. I know she is supposed to be evil- I just find her to be pretty pathetic. And I know- I am in the minority here. I also ff through anything that is Jasam, or Sonny and Carly, so I got through Friday's show pretty quickly. I know it is a soap and we have to suspend belief a lot, and I certainly have preached to others about this at times, but my husband is a cop and I can tell you that there is no way the NYPD would leave Dante's fate up to the FBI- (Raynor) and since the PCPD and the NYPD are in the same state, there is no way that the PCPD could hire anybody that had been fired by the NYPD. That aside, I am happy that Dante will now be a cop in the PCPD, although who didn't see that coming?

  22. mosbp2003, did you ever see the scenes with Helena and Steffan when she was poisoning him? Wowsers. They were fantastic together and Connie just rocked all those episodes. She came off as very malicious and cold, exactly like a good Cassadine should. Connie also has had great scenes with Tony Geary and Nancy Lee Grahn, too. When they have brought back recently she's just not on enough to get a real idea of how great Connie is. I'm hoping that we see enough of her in the future so you can see why so many of us here at the wubs "wub" her.

  23. cyndib, I did watch back then and I do remember those times. And I did have a bit more appreciation for her then. I just don't have it now, probably for the same reasons I no longer have any appreciation for Luke. And you did hit on it- it is hard to appreciate her when she comes on for an episode or two and then leaves again for God only knows how long. Why bother investing anything in it. And because she is on so seldom, that is why I find her pathetic. I also find it disruptive, just as I find all of TG's vacations disruptive. As I said, I realize that I am clearly in the minority and it is just my opinion. I can appreciate her past, I just get nothing out of her being here in the present...and I don't care enough to invest and watch her scenes.

  24. Loved it when Molly said to Jason..."Isn't it easier to live by the law then break it? Out of the mouths of babes!

    Hated when Jason involved the kids in the Claudia cover-up and said its what Sonny expects.

    Jason/Sam just a snozefest.

    Totally loving LuLu and Dante!
    JMB and DZ are fabulous together!

    Totally loving the use of Mac...want to see him with Alexis.

    JJ's Lucky is really least he is not whispering anymore. Something happened with Ethan...I was like this guy is the next to leave the canvas.....but ever since the scene with Tracy were he said he knows Luke is wrapped up with Lucky's problems...Ethan is totally likeable to me now and he's doing great with JJ.

    Diane is priceless! Need more of her and Max and need an Alexis partnership.

    A lot of Ric mention this week...would like to hear Molly mention him. Miss Rick H.

    The banter between Helena and Nikolas was enjoyable as well...and I haven't been a Nikolas fan these days.


  25. how does Alexis all of a sudden allow her kids to hang out with Sonny so much? Especially now!
    I ff Sonny/Carly. Been there, done that. No Jason/Sam for me either. Absolutely loved the Lucky/Liz flashback scenes and then Lucky finding her at the church. I just wish the writers didn't ruin their happiness with such a mess that Nik/Liz was. Sigh.
    Please let them find each other or at least have this baby that Liz is carrying, be Lucky's!


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