Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Sad OLTL News!! Twitter Fun...and GH stuff


OMG-- Daytime Confidential has up that Amanda Setton is leaving OLTL. She's my UBER KIMMY! She's also the most soapy soap character to hit the streets in a long time. Damn. Click on the link to see why she's leaving. SMART Cookie, ya know?? Boo hiss. I told Jamey Giddons of DC I want Lindsay Lohan in the role. LOL. Jamey gets all the casting scoop lately and I bet boots he didn't want to break this story! We all loves her!!
Snoop Dogg is back on his fave soap--OLTL  is so lucky to have him! Remember his banter with Bo last time?? hee hee here's a peek at his performance on the show Wed:

Twitter was a blast yesterday. Mr.  Brandon Barash was in Amsterdammmmmmm with Tony Geary having a blast. His tweets were fun. Nancy Lee Grahn weighed in as well. I asked him to twitpic some photos but he said  he doesn't know HOW! ;/ someone teach that boy a thing or two! We KNOW TG can't help him. God knows, he can barely use his Blackberry for calls!! Megan Ward was on and some great fan  has a LIFESIZE cut out of her and is taking it all over ala "Flat Stanley". I shall watch for her adventures. What a COOL idea. Kinda like Alberta the Wubs Lobster. Who, btw, is on her way to NYC to go to Steve Burton's next gig.
Carolyn Hennesy saw "Shutter Island"...she said greatly acted but left her unsatisfied.

and this from Scott Clifton: My cats have been just STARING at me for the last half hour... I think they're planning to kill me. If I don't tweet in 24 hours, send help

So, GH this week. Ugh...sorry, another week of trying to explain why Sonny was OK to be shooting a cop. Now, I LOVE SONNY...and MB is doing a fab job, it's the writers I'm mad at. (imagine that!? ) I think ol' Sonny should have suffered a bit more, and at least give us the ILLUSION he may pay for his crimes. LOL. And if they don't mention AJ soon, I'm throwing a fit. Carly and Sonny  all high and mighty about DANTE and Olivia's to Jason. ;P
I am excited that Guza did say he wanted to 'write for the Q's again'...gee thanks after killing them off or driving them to OTHER SOAPS!! grrr. Dillon, Ned...Alan...all whoopin' it up other places. At least 2 newbies are coming...Maya and Zoe. GH has it's best bet laying in with the tween/teen crowd, imo.

Mea Culpa: I finally thought I had a great 'exclusive' when I told you Genie Francis would be announcing her GH comeback within 2 weeks (about 4 weeks ago). Well, hasn't happened. I'm blaming the whole Valentin story being killed for that. With JJ returning, it was almost a given she'd at least make a cameo (I'm holding out hope) but now that the Cassadine's aren't going in that direction and Robin Christopher coming back--it doesn't look good. See, there's a triangle brewing with Skye, Tracy and Luke...would they DARE throw Laura in that mix?? Nah.

Spinj's Journal has a great clip of Bradford singing on You Tube. He sings a song called "Perfect Girl for Me" . His leg is behind's still in that giant cast.

Lastly, a nice THANK YOU to all the wubbers out there...the last few weeks have been tough for me and it's always wonderful to see your fun tweets, comments and emails. I so appreciate everything. The flu ripped through our house, the snow is depressing and I have just had it! LOL. So, it's good to know you are all here to dish with when I need it.


  1. I am so depressed that Kimmy is leaving OLTL!!! I'll be breaking out my black bedazzled armband to wear the rest of the day (same one I had on when Peeps fell in the lake)I don't know how they will find an actress to replace her who will have the same chemistry with Clint & can step seamlessly into the story.

    So can we pardon Lindsay Rappaport and bring her back to stir up a big batch bad girl soup for the people of Llanview? Dorian is the mayor after all; she's firing people and having charges dropped right left and sideways. Having Lindsay pardoned should be a piece of cake.

    Wub Queen I'd invite you down to Florida for some sunshine but not until you have been sanitized of all those nasty flu germs :P lol

  2. This story would have been so much better if Sonny had not actually shot Dante. There would have been just as much drama and angst if the confrontation had been written the same, up to the point of Sonny shooting. He could have aimed, Olivia rushes in, pushes the gun aside, and yells "You can't shoot your own son Sonny!". Cut to Sonny and Dante staring at her in shock.

    All of the fallout would be the same, Dante could still have the conflicted feelings, etc, BUT we would not have the farce of Sonny shooting a cop point blank and getting away with it. He would still be in jeopardy for Claudia's murder.(which we all know he will get out of since he did not do it) A simple change, but so much less disturbing. The only difference is Dante wouldn't be stuck in one place for everyone to find so easily, LOL!

  3. Well, dang! I hate to see Kimmy leave, too. I liked her with Clint. This must mean the Viki/Clint reunion is definitely ahead. Ugh. I hate to see couples go back and forth like that and I liked poor Charlie. I thought Kimmy and Clint were fun.
    I hope you and your family are feeling lots better, Karen. I'm so tired of the winter. We're getting freezing rain and snow mixed right now and it's foggy, to boot.

  4. Bring Lidsey back crap bring Georgie back,AJ Alan Justis anybody but Sonny

  5. Maybe they don't wanna bring Genie back because a triangle between Luke, Laura and Tracy wouldn't honestly work because her and Geary's chemistry still blows everyone else off the screen.

    Last time she was on, they might have been saying the unrealistic dialogue from Guza's poison pen, but their chemistry was saying something else.

    It is just unbelievable to think that Laura is awake and healthy in Paris and Luke doesn't act like he cares all that much.. let alone doing everything he could to be there with her. It just does make sense. Damn Guza.

    I like Tracy and Jane Elliot and I think she deserves more than to be Luke's lapdog. The old Tracy Q wouldn't have chased after Luke like this.

  6. I think it would be more realistic for Luke to go visit Laura when he takes off for his adventures, at least just to check in with her. And for Laura to call him and check on their kids. For them to have no contact with the history they had is insane. Guza thinks by rewriting history and having Ethan be Luke's son with Holly will erase our memories of the L&L love story. It didn't work for me, I still remember.

  7. I for one am going to be so upset if they off Johnny & Ethan for going up against Jason. I have come to LOVE Johnny with Olivia and Ethan really grew on me (thought it was impossible but now I like the little greasy boy). I really would rather see Carly outta here unless they bring Bobbie back and give her something juicy. hate the rumors about Liz possibly marrying Nik after Helena changes the Paternity test to say the baby is a cassadine. I love L&L and this would make us remember the awful affair over and over. Not sure how I feel about Alexis defending Sonny, either. WTH is everyone making Sonny the vistim? olivia is the villan oh and of course, Jax.

  8. I don't know why Helena would change the paternity test. Wouldn't she only want a true Cassadine??
    Does she forget about Spencer?

  9. Why wouldn't Helena forget about Spencer- Nik certainly has! Seriously, didn't Helena say somethng about Spencer only being "adequate" or something like that? Sorry, since I ff through most of her stuff, I don't know the whole conversation. I agree though, it would make no sense for Helena to change the paternity test. And by the way, it is bad enough we have another WTD storyline, please God,not another paterntiy switch storyline!

  10. ugh. The only thing I can think of with Helena changing the paternity is that it would be more evil doing against a Spencer. But I can't imagine that Helena would the next Cassadine prince to have Spencer blood and not Cassadine blood. Makes no sense to me.


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