Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Titles today and Livvie Walton comes to GH!

Michael Learned aka Olivia Walton is coming to GH to play an arc about a cancer patient with Scrubbies!! Night John-Boy!! (poor lady probably HATES that..heh) Dang, I loved that show. At least she's not Franco's mother! LOL. What made me say that??!

OLTL today: Farah (Gigi) was all off her game today....didn't convince me she was upset at all. I had no idea she and Rex were going out in real life but now that I do, I can so see why she's playing it like this. Which is not very professional, btw.  I think you could tell both she and he weren't happy in the last few months.  I felt so badly for Scott Clifton!  He is so GOOD!  Kimmy and Nigel were so fun and then Clint yelling at her. Wowza. Todd and Blair--I guess the Tea thing is just movin' along. And a little tweenielust with Matt and Dani? Good gravy, she moves fast! 

12,000th show a GO-GO! 

GH: The NEW OPENING can be seen in the post below this one. What do you think? I like Luke walking away...Wyndemere looks hysterical to me for some reason. The shot of the roof is also fun. See the doctor up there? (nod to SCRUBS?) Some of those things were taken from Night Shift. Which, considering it took like 2 years to make, is kind of a cop-out.
Hey, I think Sonny SMUGGLES JEWELS! Hence the necklace Johnny gave Jolivia. NICE..ok, I can get behind that. GEMS! I love it actually. Olivia looked like she had on a snuggie. LOL.
The hair styling department sucked. Maxie's mane was fugly-- hated Lulu's limp locks. Tracey looked like she was out of the '80's. 
Did LOVE Alexis in her yoga stuff...:) DIANE always brightens the day. Move those ladies in together!!  Move in together. Alexis said for the 12,000th time I won't join your law firm.

Spin looked nice in his vest. Better than his velour shirts. LOL. 
Lante were so cute.  I just really love them and DZ and JMB play them so well!!

THIS is supposed to be an exciting eppy? Geesh..maybe it will be next 30min...when  I go walk the dog. NOPE.
GUZA said it would be full of 12,000 references. I HEARD ONE...anyone hear any more? Anyone? Buller? Buller? BIG GALA Episode...lol.

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  1. Kimmie was in rare form today .Glad its not Rex's kid but bet its Fish's.I hated to watch Tracy be so caring made me want to throw up and I hate to see Luke in love with the woman there is no bantering only Tracy whining.Give it a rest Please.....Maxie's hair does look funky.I didn't catch the opening cause I don't care...

  2. I hate to see Kimmie go all the more after seeing her and Clint together. I would have loved to see them really fall for each other.
    The only reference I can remember on GH was Maxie talking about her mother but I don't think anyone even said the name felicia. So that's not much of a reference. And Maxie's hair is all kinds of horrible. She must have ticked off hair and make-up somehow.
    Gigi and Rex clearly have the same "acting" style. Weird pauses, gasping, face contortions.

  3. Back in the 70s, Michael Learned was one of the highest respected actresses on tv. I'm really excited about this. I hope this story line is done right.

  4. The last role I saw Mama Walton on was Scrubs (the sitcom, not the couple). A few years ago she was in several episodes playing a dying patient who everybody got to know and like. I wonder if this role is going to be like that one?

  5. skeebob..yep, that's why I mentioned SCRUBS. It wouldn't be TOTALLY an original idea

  6. Mamaspat, Stacey never slept with Schuyler- he only thinks they did the deed, so the baby is definitely Fish's...unless her "miscarriage" was not in fact a "miscarriage" since she never saw a doctor and did get pg again about ten seconds later...

    The only good part of today's show was Dante and Lulu. The rest sucked. So much for the big
    12000th episode...

  7. 12000 episode of General HOSPITAL and not a single hospital scene other then Dante lying in bed. Oh, and no Q's either.

    Guza should of went the whole 9 yards and changed the opening to General Mobster. Even the Luke/Ethan scene's were mob themed. The Jolivia love int he afternoon...oops, there's the mob. Lucky the cop working with the mob. Alexis and Diane talking about the mob. ENOUGH ALREADY, drop the mob shit for even one episode!!!

  8. I was watching the show today like I have since Carter was in office. The shows title is General Hospital, not the mafia, I carry a gun, smuggle anything that is illegal. So I was all excited for the new opening, waiting, waiting, waiting, and guess who is the first one to be on, a gangster. Do you not think that someone from the hospital should have been first. Dr. Monica, Dr. Patrick, or even Dr. Robin should have been upfront, not put in the back.
    Don't get me wrong, love Sonny, Jason, Carly, and them. But please lets remember it is called General Hospital.

  9. i loved it because it was mostly about Lulu & Dante! AND NO SONNY,Carly & Jax!!!

  10. Kimmie has YET to shed ONE SINGLE TEAR in all this, and while I love the tenderness between her and Clint...an actress she ain't. I understand her wanting to see what pilot time will bring for her, but I hope she hasn't made a huge mistake. As for Rex and Gigi, ever since Farah showed up and hooked up with JP, his acting skills have been more and more like hers...not necessarily a good thing. She pulls more faces and pouts more than a 6 year old (we won't even get into the hair constantly in her eyes, yay for this rubber band they found when her hair was wet)

    mosbp may have something in the notion that maybe this baby will be Rex's after all. PP didn't ever see a doctor, so maybe the miscarriage was a scare and it will all come out down the road. gotta love it. At least we know Sky isn't the daddy. Won't this surgery require blood matching???

    Diane and Alexis? PERFECTION!

  11. I cannot get behine and Clint and Kimmy pairing. It looked like a Grandfather trying to console his granddaughter (who looked as if she were trying to muster up some tears.) I thought Gigi's acting was terribe, ditto Rex. I really liked Scott Clifton's acting! I rarely get to see OLTL, and I must say I was disappointed after reading such good things about the show.

  12. I loved the Dante and Lulu stuff! Very cute! Everything mob and mob related, yawn. Found Johnny creepy today.

    Regarding the opening, Epiphany and Matt?! You've got to be kidding me! I don't care for Piff and have never seen Matt act! Wasn't he a "gem" from another show? I wish GH would let him shine. Scott Reeves...they could have put in his picture if they wanted to.

  13. They had Michael in the credits and also kristy but no Morgan

  14. OLTL: Tuesdays show was not so good for me. Gigi bkamed Sky for her sister being dead because he should have came out as the dad so that Mitch wouldn't have kipnapped her. Um, Stacey is an adult and certainly could have made that clear herself. If she were alive I'm sure Gigi would be just as mad at her for the lie. And Rex, are you kidding me? Gigi dropped you like a hot potato and here you are to pick up the pieces for her.
    Mrs. Goosw

  15. Back in the old credits day, if they had kids (Lucky/Emily) They would pair them together in the openening sequence. They tried to put too many people on and the names and faces were going to fast.
    Lucky and Jason teaming up is laughable now. As much as I want Jason to quit the mob, him and Lucky have too much history together.
    Lulu and Dante were alright yesterday.
    I think a Johnny/Ethan pairing would be fun to watch.
    Why would Olivia let Jason just walk into the apartment threatening Johnny. I don't remember her welcoming him in...

  16. Andrea, what you have to remember is that all the animosity between Jason and Lucky was with GV portraying Lucky. JJ's Luck and Jason were actually friends long ago. So, Guza is just asking us to completely ignore that GV ever had any part of Lucky and to just believe that this "friendship" has continued throughout the years...

  17. Andrea, I thought it was so weird when Olivia goes to the door, wearing nothing but a blanket, doesn't ask who it is and then Ta Da! Jason just walks right in and confronts Johnny in front of her.

  18. Another reference to the number 12000 was the bottle of wine they shot a closeup of when fading into the first scene with Johnny and Olivia. The wine was called DOUZE MILLE (Twelve Thousand in french...)

  19. What a great resource!



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