Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dominic Z on EXTRA yesterday--GH Wed

Hey! A quick thinking Wub Fan saw this on Extra yesterday. Nice little spot for some GH PR "ratings giant"! (okayyyyy) Thanks to Raben for tweeting the YouTube:
Also another one: Maurice and Dom on Good Morning LA today! It's a fun interview on the courtroom set.

Check out Lisa LoCicero's FanSpace! New Look! Great daily screen caps!

AMC is all moved to LA. Today it was broadcast in HD. Not that I'd know....I'm lame and don't have one. Oh well. The whole Greenlee is taking too long.

OLTL: I love that I'm spoiler free!! I was all a twitter when the Dorian/Nuse/Stacey thing happened eeeeee! The whole snow thing is reminding me of the Shining!! eeeeee! IT's good! And Ford and Langston are: FANG in soap couple smashups! hee hee.

GH: bajeebus! I almost wasn't here! In on fell swoop the cable and  internet went down! Do you KNOW what that does to me? LOL.  It was up in time for GH though
Love that Livvy and Carly are still pals.
Did you see Adam Wylie with KeMo? LOL! Loved Kelly...I really didn't know if it was her or Maxie or Lulu at first. Hahahaa. It's also a DIANE DAY! Everyday Diane is on is a good day!
Lulu and Luke...nice little bedside chat. And Lulu's right about SONNY...but of course Luke is going to defend him. He's LUKE!
WOW...Kristina looked like Sam a LOT to me today. Loved the whole Corinthos Clan getting together and blabbin' about Daddy. Those SORA's kids gave this show new life.

COLEMAN is on Modern Family tonight according to Megan Ward! Speaking of whom..Kate really REALLY needs to be ON during this storyline! I mean wouldn't she be AROUND? It's a huge hole and stupid. Stupid they ever had her go down to a contract role anyway. She's NEEDED. She runs "Crimson" (which could have a lot of stories) I did dig she and Jax together.  I mean, I love CarJax but at least she was a lady Jax would have been attracted to.  Get MEGAN Ward back! that's my new mantra.

Tomorrow is a big day---lots of meetings for me. I'm not sure if I'll be here to blog. I really hope I am because everything is getting so good!! Should be new spoilers up too really soon, I hope I get them in tonight


  1. message to sam mccall--you are not jason's lap dog. stop with all the tricks you are obsessed with least you are realizing sonny will always be number one in jason's heart, that is why you stole the gun. I am sure jason will give you a bone for the trick. you have sunk to a new low.why do the writers make the women so desperate on GH?

  2. Diane should be on GH Every. Single. Day!! Just love her.

    OLTL rocks period. Missed it this afternoon due to work, so I will be watching it on SoapNet. Not OLTL spoiler free, still love the storylines, it's all good!!

    Seriously, not liking Greens at all, she can come back and break up Ryan and Erica (most revolting couple ever) take Ryan away, far, far, away to the island Unwanted Soap Characters!!

  3. Amc was crappy as usual hate Erica and Ryan but I can't stand Ryan either.Oltl was so good except them going back and forth to Todd and his lady making love.Poor Rex if he only knew I think Fish is the father.Gh hmmm Lulu was very good Sonnys kids were good too hope its Michael going to jail and Sonny maybe they have adjoing cells and room service.

  4. I loved Sam on GH today she was hilarious
    KM was amazing ..
    and I loved that Look Jason gave and when Diane said that is not your type Jason said your wrong...
    JaSam were so amazing together

    And Sam was not the lap dog all she did was help in this really bad situation, Sonny is still the father of her sister and Michael , she just wanted to help...
    Go Sam
    Loved that Carly was there for Olivia and Lulu
    Even though Lulu needs to know that her father would have done the same

  5. I agree with Anonymous #1. Sam has always been Jason's sidekick and not in a good way. Case in point was today. Sam. Worry about your sisters and how Sonny could ruin them instead of how your boyfriend will cry every night for his one and only.
    I have wanted them to keep Sam away from Jason for awhile and have her focus more on family and finding her father maybe. Those would be good storylines. I loved when they had her brother, Danny, on because it showed a good side to Sam.
    Her, two steps behind Jason has never been good for her character. And now she is helping a criminal that shot a cop..

  6. SAM SUCKS!!!!So does Jason!!!!!
    I hope they both go to jail for their parts in Dante's shooting!!!!

  7. Imagine my surprise when I turned on the TV expecting to see GH and instead found an old episode of Dukes of Hazzard with Nincompoop Enos fawning over Daisy Duke as he was "trying" (and I stress that word) to be a police officer and do his job.


    Who was supposed to be playing the role of the hooker? Brittany Spears or Jessica Simpson?

    On a serious note (actually, this was serious as serious as I get). I know that Italians and New Jerseyans are giving Jersey Shore hell for their portrayal of Italians and NJ residents. Shouldnt police officers nationwide give Disney a spanking for their portrayal of cops?

    PS. I have heard this over and over the past few days and I will reiterate it again and again. WHERE THE HELL IS KATE?

  8. Sam is such a bad role model for her sisters. Why can't she be allowed to grow as a person and be a strong, independent woman? Oh, yeah, I forgot. This is a show written by Bob Guza.
    I liked that Ethan wanted to help Lulu, but where is Lucky? Hungover? I hope not.

  9. I was also wondering where Lucky is in this all. It would have been great if Nikolas had called him as well as Luke (at least he did that much).

    I was thinking earlier that if Sam does go looking for her father that it would be funny if it came out that while Alexis was in boarding school that she hooked up with a young Kevin Collins--the father of KeMo's character on Port Charles. She would be her own sister! lol...sounds like fanfiction. so it could happen.

  10. kdmask...i totally agree. it's pathetic. all the hate, not to mention jealousy, over sam. why are the women so desperate on this board?

  11. Aw, I like Sam, she's sassy.
    She's not supposed to be a good role model, she's a bad girl.
    I don't think she is desperate to please Jason, I think she just likes a good excuse to break the rules. She's a rebel! :)
    I guess it's all in the interpretation.... I just love GH, even with the bad stories and stupid Sonny.
    But I don't like that Lisa, my optimism only goes so far!

  12. Daisy Duke from Dukes of Hazard!!! LMFAO!!! That was great!!!!

  13. Personally, I FF through Sam's scenes and went straight for Diane and Jason's reactions to what she was doing.

    I loved the episode. I loved how Carly was there for both Olivia and Lulu. She could've yelled at Olivia and stand up for Sonny, but she took the high ground and admitted she had done the same thing for her own kid (lying about paternity).

    I love seeing this grown up version of Lulu. She's matured a lot since being with Dante. She didn't fall instantly in love with him and defend him to every person in town. She resisted him. She befriended him. She slowly fell in love with him. And I love that she not only took her anger out on the people who deserved it, but she also stayed by Dante's side.

    I couldn't stand her with Dillon, ignored the 3 Stooges, tolerated her with Logan and FF her with Johnny, but with Dante . . . I love it. Finally a couple I can get behind and enjoy the ride . . . for however long it is.

  14. Sam rolls..
    All she did was helping a friend and her sisters and Michael and Morgan , Sonny can go to life ...

    She was amazing and Jason was so hilarious
    Lante are Boring
    JaSam are amazing funny and just amazing
    The best GH couple

  15. Awesome for Dominic Z. getting press for GH. Its nice to see another actor get recognition on GH other then MB and SB.

    I have to say,Dominic Z. is the best thing that has happened to GH in a long time,they haven't had anyone as hot as him since Chad Brannon,IMHO!
    Now if they can keep him the same moral character he has been and not cowtow to Sonny like everyone else does.

    Sam,Jason,Robin,probably Carly all going to protect Sonny! WHATEVER!

    I loved that Carly was so kind to Olivia,she is going to need friends.
    The fact that Carly can put herself in Olivias shoes is good,she can't judge.

    Luke was great to Lulu,but he is wrong about Dante being a cop thing. Ethan,I am really digging. He was so sweet to Lulu.

    Loved the last scene with Lulu and Dante! Sweet! I am loving GH right now!

  16. That guy who played a cop yesterday...he was BRAD on Gilmore Girls! He was terrified of Paris! And Coleman played a construction worker on Modern Family last night! Awesome!

  17. Hahaha QueenPeng - Island of Unwanted Soap Characters - Ryad AND Erica can go there. Can't stand Ryan.
    OLTL rocks every single day - I don't get how AMC ratings are better than OLTL. The show integrates every single character, they always use their history in every single storyline, and the stories move right along.
    I am loving Lulu this week on GH. JMB has sunk her teeth into this, and it is showing - she has been tremendous. I was happy to see Carly and Olivia interacting - i only hope that Carly is there for Olivia when the hammer comes down and no one wants anything to do with her because of her lies. Perhaps the 2 of them can console each other when Carly walks out on Jax.

  18. Oh yeah - and Sam - I love Sam. Why is everyone bashing her? I wasn't sure if that was Maxie or Sam at first when I watched the episode. The look on Jason's face was hysterical.
    And - I also forgot to mention that it was nice seeing Jason and Sonny dressed in light colored shirts and not all black.

  19. OMG - Alice Horton.
    she and Lila Q were the two grand dames of daytime.

  20. I don't bash Sam. I just don't like her character being all about Jason. And I don't like the way cops are portrayed on this soap. First we see one shot 'point blank' and Sonny will probably get off scott free, and now we see one a bumbling deputy doofus. (Why was that evidence just sitting on the desk anyway)?
    Not to mention everytime a cop messes up and Jason fixes it...
    Aren't there security cameras in the police station, so they can watch at least 'a not very well dressed woman' stealing the evidence? And her fingerprints are all over the bag too, not to mention her thigh sweat..
    I'm glad that Carly and Olivia bonded. Just wish she would remember that when she is bashing Liz for keeping Jake away from Jason.
    Love Lulu and Dante and glad Ethan was there for her. At least he wasn't feeding her the Sonny BS that Luke was.

  21. I wish Johnny was on more though. At least someone that is not up Sonny's arse.

  22. Frisco-Thank you for putting that up. I had no idea that Francis Reid had passed. What a great woman of daytime. As an avid DOOL fan too, I grew up with Grandma Alice and have missed her being on the show. I hope that the show does a wonderful tribute to her. Maybe they can get pointers from GH, who did a great job when Lila died...

  23. I thought Luke was amazing about him defending Sonny if he didn't he would be a big hypocrite. Luke was in the mob and he would have done the same thing ....
    I think Lulu should know that

  24. I am so sick of Sam, now stealing evidence to free Sonny? Come on writers! I thought you were redeeming her? Seriously Sam just wanted to "help"? You mean committing a major felony? Bashing aside, We cannot at all relate to why she would have done such a thing, and it is not helping her sister OR Morgan. They should all see consequencces for actions idiot! and the same with Spinelli. I dislike him now, and its a shame. I HATE Sam which I never ever did before.

    And I agree with whomever said they should have left Lucky with Sam. (on anotherpost) And Yes JJ looks younger but this guy is most likely the best actor on Gh. Watch and learn folks..

    This is my prediction for the Liz pregnancy: Jason will rescue Liz after leaving the Mob and will pose as her baby daddy on baby#3.

    I agree about Kate, she is sorely missed.

  25. I too love Diane! what a great great character. Wish they would give her a full on side story. I would be glued to the tv.

    Who is grandma alica ladies?

  26. Grandma Alice is Alice Horton from Days of our Lives. She has been on the show since I think the 50's..One of that shows original characters. her character, like the character of Lila Quartermaine, was a class act. her real name is Francis Reid.

  27. I can't stand Sam either. I used to be a fan especially when they had her going to law school and really making something of herself. Adored her with GV's Lucky as well. Hated what she did after the Jasam Fall out but they redeemed her a bit by counseling Kristina and showing her soft side with Alexis & Mac. Now here she is again breaking the law for criminals. Not a good role model for anyone, nor is she helping
    to show her sisters anything positive. Love the actress, but the character needs to clean up her act or go for good.

  28. Alice Horton (Francis Reid) and her husband, Tom, were the parents in core family of Days of Our Lives way back when. They had 5 grown children, and from these children sprang the stories we watched and loved for years. Core family...are you listening GH? The Q's were killed off down to nothing, and the Corinthos are certainly not a group to make us worry, and cry, and cheer for, and care about anything they do. While I have loved the last couple of weeks' writing...change is needed in order to keep their "core" group of viewers watching.

  29. I'm sorry but I'm one of the people who has never liked Sam with Jason. I don't like her and I find the chemistry forced.

    I certainly hope that this 3rd kid of liz's is Lucky's. It's about time he got to be a father to his own child.

  30. Loved the tableau of the kids sitting together when Alexis came in. Kristina was sitting tall in the back.

  31. You know everyone kept saying last weeks eppy's were awful. I'm here to say I really disagree. Things could have been better, yes. But I liked the interaction bw characters in several scenes. Johny/Ethan, Johnny/Olivia, Jax/Carly, Robin/Sonny, Jason/Lucky, Robin/Liz, Kristina/Sonny/Keifer I thought Sonny intimidating him at Kellys was actually funny! Loved Alexis & Diane as usual. Not to mention the staff at GH telling Liz their rooting for her was a plus. Can't wait to see NLG rock her scenes with maurice re Kristina! I hope Ethan doesn't get blamed for long and the truth comes out allowing them to at the very least be friends again. After all Kristina made me start to like Ethan. So all in all not a bad week. Friday didn't blow me away but I liked the other 4 days. On a sidenote, I wish they would have Jason at least go and see Liz in shadybrook.



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