Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Surgery: The Subpranos, Guza Weighs In and more GH News

It's Sunday again! How is everyone? All giddy still from being blessed with a new opening??! Considering much of the background was imported from Night Shift, I'm still wondering why it took an age to get where it is..but hey.
Spoilers are up, I did them around midnight. Seems Michael is going to the "island"...ooooooo! The ISLAND! Where Sonny usually takes his dates and buys them dresses. Heh. Michael's not too happy with it though, you know, because he's missing school and all. There will be three Port Charles members on Sonny's jury. I'd say for angst wise it could be Patrick, Lisa and maybe Steve. Although I think they are all exempt because they are doctors. Maybe Matt is on it-- give that man airtime!! We should know soon enough who the lucky ones are. Can't be Epiphany or Eddie Q cause they sat when Sonny shot Carly. Or one of his other millions of trials.

In the recent issue of SID, Guza had a whole lot to say about the state of soaps and how he's "may be the last dinosaur standing...but still confident that we can provide quality entertainment and there's an audience out there who wants to see it." He says hiring Franco was a way to shake things up. We need to "hold them to task and make them earn it"... Ok, that's fine but you need to get your story arcs more cohesive, not screw around with block taping (as we saw the effects of that in the horribly inserted "Johnny/Max/Milo ambush crap) and tell something from start to finish.  Sick of the recycled WTD stories. Tired of the trials of Sonny Corinthos. "THIS will change everything"....didn't we hear that when he shot his wife in the head? Yes, "Events" are great but it's the day to to day telling of a story that really matters. Just sayin'

OH! I keep meaning to blog this, but the judge?? That's Head Master Charleston from Gilmore Girls!! I still miss that dang show.

Just because I know my Wubbers are curious like I am, take a gander at the Olympic flowers. I was watching the bobsled team's win and wondered what the heck they wree. I could tell the green mums...but eesh, they sure don't show up on film well. Here's an explaination about them from Karen's Flowers.  There are all sorts of restrictions that are given by the Olympic committee about making them and being "native" to the area. Interesting stuff.

I hardly ever do blind items, but this is too delish to pass up. Which GH Actor/Actress is so pissed about an upcoming storyarc they are :thisready: to walk? Last time I had one of these, we saw Rick Hearst go-go. Hmmmmmmmm. Put on your thinking caps!

Have you watched the Subpranos yet? It's Chrissie Fit's (Mercedes) fun webseries. Follow two New YAWKers on their journey in LA. Watch Eppy Three!!

The Q mansion is going to be rockin' soon. Even Big Alice will be around more as two girlies move in AND Skye comes through the door! I couldn't be more happy. I'm NOT happy that the Cassadine story seems to be dead in the water. ;/ I know Helena's around, trying to change DNA tests (which makes no sense, seems she'd ONLY want a 'REAL' Cassadine genes and all) but the real meaty story about evil Valentin isn't coming anytime soon.

Nancy Lee Grahn tweeted that she, Carolyn and Maurice were all drawing dirty ditties on their legal pads during the courtroom scenes this week. How fun is that? That's why twitter is so FUN! Want to know who's on twitter? go to GH TWEETS.

IT's Maurice Benard's Birthday March 1st.  Want to leave him a message? Go to Maurice Benards FanZine on Facebook!

Well, have a good one. BTW, seems SoapNet is in real trouble of going under or re-branding itself. Interesting, eh? Wasn't too long ago I was sure there'd be no soaps on network TV anymore and they'd ALL be on soapnet.


  1. The actor playing the judge was also Doug Heffernan's father on "King of Queens"...

  2. Frank, he was? I never saw those eppys. I loved King of Queens

  3. Maybe becky was PO'D about her storyline? maybe she's been PO'D the past 6 months being stuck with the Niz crap? Or maybe Laura Wright is stomping her gorgeous foot. She doesn't seem divaish to me unlike her character. kelly monaco can't complain unless she's finally tired of being a lap dog.

  4. I think it probably RH ..
    They really ruined Liz character this past year and now having her again Preg and not knowing who the father is , it is like the same story from 06 ..

  5. I said this to WubQueen privately, but... the actor playing the judge looks and sounds like he could be Larry the Cable Guy's Father! Just saying...

    "Island Living is the place to be" in the scoops. Did anyone else start singing the Green Acres song?

    My thought was Becky about walking as well. Then wondered about possibly Ingo since his storyline is in flux and there is no real definition of where it is headed. Maybe they are reverting back to the non-family corporate raider jax and he didnt want that.

    I thought the term "go-go" could have been a clue. So, I thought about the old strip club Sonny owned, and was wondering if Sam every had a part in that? Maybe Kelly is going to head off to parts unknown? Hmmmm....

    Happy Sunday everyone!

  6. I love Kelly Monaco but hate they they have her back with Jason under these terms. Jasam are fine but the way they have her just begging for attention by following him at serving his every whim versus haing her own life when she was with Lucky disgusts me.

    Anyone else think Lulu's top/dress was Fuggly? Dang that thing looked like someone glued those studs on themselves ala walmart. Hated that they hadDante lie for Sonny. Come on! And I the were smart they would have had Dante ask Robin about her relationship w/ Sonny vs having her march in there inappropriately. Hate that they are threatening my scrubs. U scrubs fans waited way too long to see our couple happy. I would hate for becky to walk especially with JJ back. There chemistry cust me to the core (not to be too deep but it really has that star couple power) even without the sexual chemistry its just pure. I'm hoping they run with theKirstina Ethan friendship/relationship. On a side note I wish johnny's Brandon B was nominated I adore him!

  7. My vote for the "walking" character would be Ingo. He wasn't all that hot to resign last time, and they haven't done him any favors with this wimpy Jax we've seen lately. Carley just isn't all that and a bag of chips as far as I cam concerned. Personally I'd like to see him back as the tough corporate raider. He could out fox Sonny at the source, his business!

    OLTL thought: are we really supposed to care about the quartet of kids playing house? So Starr is jealous, so Langston is thinking about having an affair? The writers seem to have forgotten that these two young ladies are still in HIGH SCHOOL, for heaven's sake, and living like married really sends an unrealistic and misguided message I think. Advance their age, get them out of school and into college...and then we'll talk.

  8. For the first time in a long time I would be disappointed if Sam left. Only because of her ties and interaction to Alexis & the girls.
    If becky left it would surprise me. She isn't one to leave and come back the way others have over the years. then again she could just be fed up. She seems to appreciate her job and not feel the need to try (and usually they fail) at feature films. Then they come crawling back. there are obviously some big names out there that did of course make it.

  9. Yeah, my votes are either Ingo or Kelly M. I can't see Rebecca threatening to leave with her being pregnant, and she seems to take any story they give her and work with what she has. Ingo and Kelly, not so sure. But I don't know about any future stories for them, since this is the only spoiler site I read. Almost certainly isn't MB or SB or TG, since they seem to have the power to change whatever they don't like. Hey, maybe it's something for Jonathan Jackson that is offending his religious nature.

    I remember that actor from Gilmore Girls now, thanks for posting that! God, I miss Star's Hollow so much!

  10. I will suggest some names that have not been suggested yet:

    NLG (Alexis) has been outspoken/critical about aspects of the show. Rumors of a "whose Sam's Daddy" storyline. But they can't let her walk...

    I wonder if KMcC (Robin) would walk if they do some stupid Lisa/Patrick storyline? KMcC has always taken her characters HIV storyline seriously. If they make light of it, epecially if it is as rumored with Lisa playing with Robin's meds, might she walk?

    The other one that comes to mind in JE (Tracy) if she thinks she is going to get pushed aside with RC's (Skye) return.

    Finally, AG (Luke) seems like the biggest diva of the show. If he was pushing for GF's (Laura) return or a big Cassadine storyline and did not get his way I could see him walking.

    I'd rather lose AG (Luke) then any of the other three I mentioned...

  11. I think it is N.L.G. If you read her Twitter pg. you know she does not like the MOB CRAP.
    I read a interesting rumor about the real reason G.H broke up Johnny & Lulu and had her date a cop. It said that Guza LOVED Jolu BUT BRIAN FRONZ HATED them and did not want Lulu being a mob-mull so he made Guza end Jolu and wanted Lulu with a cop.

  12. Fronz hated Jason/Liz too and we see where that headed. I was all for a Lucky/Liz reunion, if it was done right. But they ruined it with Nik and her.
    I always knew that once Sam came back to Jason, she would be stuck in that penthouse just like before. Please, let her get more airtime with her family...her REAL family.
    I can see it either being Becky, Ingo or Nancy. All three, I would love to stay on GH and will be really upset if they left.

  13. Oh, and the three jury members...It has to be all Hospital people. Everyone else has too close ties to Sonny. I was thinking Maxie, but she will have to take the stand. I am thinking Matt and Lisa for sure. If Robin takes the stand, it can't be Patrick. Maybe Tracy? Or maybe it is the Q's maid? It is hard to think since everyone is involved with Sonny in some way.

  14. Funny how Lulu is with a cop STILL TIED TO THE MOB! Hate it. And still hate how Carly has not said anything to Lulu about her knowing Dante was an undercover cop. be a little realistic, carly would throw a fit about her not "having loyalty". And they wrote Lulu as such a hypocrite protecting Sonny in the beginning. Not to mention they haven't had Luke have a conversation with her abotu this very subject considering he;s "such good friends" with Sonny. I will be so disappointed if Alexis leaves the canvas. With great additions playing her daughters they're screwed without her. She's a fan fav with Diane too.

  15. Wouldn't anyone who knows Sonny personally be exempt from the jury? Isn't that one of the first questions they ask you? It would be completely unrealistic to have anyone who has ever had so much as a conversation with the man or knew Claudia to sit on the jury. If they knew Claudia at all the would be biased. I guess they really do expect us to suspend all reality to watch this show sometimes.


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