Saturday, February 28, 2015

Port Charles Cribs

I'm trying to make a list of Port Charles living spaces. Let's see how I do. I will need help, so get your thinking caps on! 

Monica, Tracy, Ned,  Monica, Alice, Michael: Q Mansion

Carly, Lucas, Bobbie, Morgan, Joss:  Grey House (Carly's)

Sonny, Avery: Sonny's House

Sam, Alexis, Molly, Danny: Jason's old PH (which is huge btw)

Mac and Flea: ? 

Lucy: Metro or old Lighthouse?

Scotty: Metro

Jake: Metro

Luke/Fluke: Metro and Qs sometimes, Jail 

Anna: Metro? 

Duke: Metro? (not with Anna tho)

Julian, Ava (sometimes): Julian's apt

Patrick, Emma: Scrubs House

Liz, Ric ? Cam, (invisible Aiden): Liz House 

Jordan: Motel 6

Shawn, TJ: Kelly's 

Nate: Kelly's 

Maxie: Apt... 

Dante/Lulu:  Apt/Loft

Franco/Nina: Shadybrook

Nikolas, Spencer sometimes Hells: Wyndemere (1/2 burned now)

Brad: Apt. 

Sabrina; Apt with Felix 

Silas, Kiki:  Silas' 

Olivia: ?? her apt? haven't seen it in ages

Dr. O?? No idea

Epiphany: Nurses' Station 

GH needs that Brownstone! The Metro really has no central meeting up place besides the lobby. And GET SOME KITCHENS in there!! Soaps need kitchens!! 

Yes, I'm bored! Not feeling great so...YOU WIN by me GOOGLING this ! LOL.. sad for a Saturday. But it is 12 degrees so... 

Friday, February 27, 2015

When Luke was Birdman

I finally figured it out. See, The Fluke/Luke thing is BIRDMAN. Because Tony is being followed by BIRDMAN (aka LUKE). His persona, life and art taken over by something he made iconic and now is eating his identity. 
Got it.
Just thought I'd share. 

I'm Faking

Olivia sees Franco and they talk LSD.  He thinks she's Celeste from the frozen food aisle and Papa John is her baby daddy. LOL Olivia tells him about Julian being the father of her baby because she thinks he's crazy. 
Franco says Goodbye Olivia at the end, so you know he KNOWS. 

Silas is going to let Kiki go through with a memorial service for her mother? WHY?  And Ava said  she went into the water, crawled out and WENT TO A GAS STATION to call Silas.
WITHOUT Freezing to death. All that glorious stuff yesterday negated by this STUPID Ava stuff. Not only did she get OUT of the river and call, she looks PERFECT. Why not TRY to make her look like a gunshot almost drowned victim? WHY? 
He tells her Sonny's pardoned and Michael is suing for custody.

Jake and "girl of the day" (Liz) are gabbing about nothing. 

Spencer gets taken to "Shriners" ...with Fez hats. Doctor talks about scarring. Nik is there all alone! 

Michael brings up Sonny's bipolar at the custody hearing! BURNNNNNNNN!!

Nina faked being nutty to get back into Shadybrook. Franco says he's faking too. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Come Back

Could they have gotten a MORE vanilla lookin' KIKI!???????? She's LULU! Then I find out she PLAYED THE ROLE that Emme took over for on YR???

AHAHAHHHAHAHAA. With all the actresses IN ALL OF THE go with someone that looks like EVERYONE ELSE? 
Sorry, Kirsten was not your typical blonde CALI girl and I liked that.
WHY WHY WHY??????/ You all know I have horrible trouble with recasts. Takes me forever to warm up. 
Kiki is doing a memorial for her Mother...whom we know isn't dead.  The actress is ok so far but...*sigh
Morgan punches Michael. 

OMG Tyler was SO GOOD TODAY AGAIN!!!! WOW..He and Liz all the feels. He tells Dr. O he knows that Nate isn't Victor's son. Anyway, Dr. O says Spence should be sent to  Shriner's hospital. Which is a nice plug for the charity. They do great stuff for burn patients.
Nikolas has to go in and tell Spencer he's being moved. "I'm so scared" Says Spence. Aww

Michael got that court case pushed up. GEEESH, takes forever to do anything in family court and he already has a court date. Carly tells Sonny about Spencer. Sonny of COURSE feels guilt over the boxing robe. Cause it has to be about Sonny. 
Ric is taking over Sonny's custody case for Diane.

NINA'S CHARGES ARE DROPPED!!!!! WOW!!! Shocker. Good God, first the whole town is in jail, now they are all out. 
NOT. Franco called Nina "Phyllis" today. 
Nina can't see Franco anymore when she's released. She asks him what the plan is because she doesn't know what to do. 
So, when she sees Avery (at the court house) she says; THAT'S MY BABY!! so she can get back into Shadybrook.

THE END OF THE SHOW has Silas going to see Ava in some hospital somewhere. She looks perfect. Like Beauty School perfect.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Burned Out

Fluke is at the PCPD. His voice is even lower. He calls Rocco a snot factory ahahhahaa. Dante tries to beat him up but is held back. YEAH! Diane is there, she's his rep. Fluke threatens her though and she sees that he's nuts. 

Duke and Anna at Kelly's..blah blah..Duke then goes to see Julian. Tells him he'll be in the clear if he gives up his territory. 

Tracy, Bobbie and Lulu at Lulu's house. Talking about Pat. Bobbie can't find her. She has no idea why she didn't move to Florida when she and Luke did. Ruby always changed the subject and Luke told her to forget Pat "existed". 
They end up hiring Spin who shows up after Maxie kicks him out of her place. 

20150225 0800(36)

Spencer: WOW.Tyler Christopher KILLED it today WOW... and NLG and he? Great scenes.
Lucas is working on Spencer? Isn't he just a resident? Get a specialist! Anna comes in to help with Emma.

So many feels today.
Spencer has severe burns..and has bandages on and they said he's in danger of an infection. Nikolas sits and talks to Spencer at his bedside. 

A Few New Spoilers and Rumors

No, I don't know if Spencer Dies. Didn't hear a THING about it if he does. I can't believe they'd kill off such a popular guy--- but they faked us out with that DRAMA of a preview for tomorrow, right?! I know Nicolas B has been getting a lot of other gigs so who knows? 

Rumors that are coming:  Casting for Pat Spencer. Also rumors that flashbacks of Luke's childhood--meaning a whole bunch of people for those. 
Stefan Cassadine? Yep, saw that rumor over on GHH2 as well.  Could be?! I'd love it. Shirley also is saying maybe a Sept wedding for CarSon? Hmmmmm, what's that married 8x to each other? 

Kim McCollough may be tapped to direct an episode of GH during the Nurses' Ball, but I can't confirm that. 
Now that Michael Easton has signed, will he be paired with Maura West (Ava)? Sure looks that way. 

Dr. O has been off because Kathleen G has gotten some outside gigs and will also be on the new net series Winterthorn. 

If Michael gets custody of Avery and Ava is still alive..what then? She still has her charges to contend with. But we all know how that goes in Port Chuck. 

Ok, I'm not sure I'll be here today with my crazy work. So recap here. See ya! 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


UGH Jake...Carly, Sam and Liz like him--JUST LIKE ..Jason! WOW..there's a story! Ric is like: Liz, are you into Jake? Liz doesn't answer.  Cameron comes home. They eat his swag bag. Cameron misses Emma. "Relationships are hard" .

Nikolas and Patrick just sit there and drink. The fire rages on. 

20150224 0724(37)

Emma and Spencer stand there and look at the fire. Then get out. Then Spencer goes back for his robe. Then gets trapped. Emma runs up stairs and gets Daddy and Nik. Nik goes down stairs and Spencer is on the floor.  Patrick brings in the fire extinguisher and Nik gets Spence out.  Not responsive. Tomorrow's previews show Nik and Emma crying in the hospital.

Olivia/Ned and Julian/Alexis blabbed over the WHO'S THE DADDY crap for way too long. Did you realize that BOTH of Dante's parents are having kids after he had a baby. What is Rocco to those two? 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Burnin' Down the House

Jake doesn't remember who he is...shocker.
I guess Carly and Sam just have ALL THE TIME on earth to sit and discuss Jake in the GH Lounge. Geesh. Jobs? Kids? what? 

Sonny and Spencer. SO fun. He gave him something to wear to the party..awww..

Nikolas controls the PCPD! Nice. OH BY THE WAY, he totally talked to himself on the parapet. Totally thought that he was having a hysterical moment. Lord NO MORE DID! LOL 

Anna goes and finds Jordan. They chat about her being on the FBI squad now. Ballot Box. Ballot Box. Ballot Box. 

Maxie, Spin and Nate. Nate was a bit wooden talking about Spinelli loving Maxie, geesh!! Nate thinks Maxie still loves Spinelli. 

So, Sonny gave Spence a boxing robe which he wore out to his party. His dance party. I called the candy bar didn't I? LOL. Cameron might start a fire, watch out!! HE DID! hahaha, he knocked over a swag bag into the candle. Emma and Spencer are dancing and the fire breaks out.  It gets bigger....and no smoke alarm goes off. No one smells it. 
BTW, did you hear the kids from the party were going out 'to the launch" Good Gravy, it's like 4 degrees here. The Lake is 85% frozen. UGHHHHH

Oscar Thoughts

Although I liked Neil Patrick, I am more of the wacky Ellen variety for the show. I found it a bit boring.

Thoughts: (Yes, and MO
ST ARE go judge me lol) 

John Travolta: First he tries to maul Scarlett on the red carpet, then he strokes Idina's face. WTH is up with him? CREEPY von CREEPER STEIN 

Best Dressed: I loved Lupita. 6,000 pearls! I want to see it in real life. Did they eat all the oysters when they made it? LOL... I wonder if her butt hurt sitting on it that long tho. Ouch.
I also loved Robin Roberts. 

Common and John Legend 2015 Oscars


Gaga. So happy she got some resurgence from Tony Bennett. Remember Howard Stern loving her live performance on his show? She's got pipes. Wow.  She also had those pre show Lobster Gloves on so... yeah!

Patty Arquette. Since Actresses are paid way less than actors, I get it. That I still have to hear it NOW when it was all over the 1970s is sad. (PS. She's always such a mess. I mean, ALWAYS. No one bothers to tell her anything about her hair?)

Eddie Murphy. COME ON....Just COME ON! He was so adorable and FUN back in the day. Would it have killed him to do his laugh? Crack a smile? Be cute? He should have stayed home. SNL was bad but to follow up with ...this "nothing"? Bye. 

The briefcase gag? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz TOO MUCH, TOO LONG. 

I was surprised Boyhood didn't win but all the movies were great. I am glad Budapest Hotel got was a magical little show. 

Neil Patrick Harris

Opening Number: Great. My fave part was of course, Jack Black. He's just too fun. I bet Franco wished his and Anne's number turned out as well. 

Twitter was a hoot last night and most times, better than the show! People were saying how awkward and strange Dakota and Mel were on the Red Carpet. Do you know Dakota is going to host SNL Saturday? WHAT THE WHAT? She's so dead-pan and flat I can't imagine it.  There was a fun photos of Jared Leto looking like Jesus behind Patty Arquette. John Travolta looking lustfully at Benerdack Comberpatch. (Yep. I make up his name every time!)  Graham Moore's speech trended too. "Stay Weird". 

SO, did you watch? What did you think? I should have gone to bed around 10. I'm tired. REALLY tired. And 4 year olds are unforgiving!! 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Payday

20150218 0732(3)

Well, we got our answer this week in spades. Tony Geary acted up a storm and the final clues to the Fluke/Luke mystery tumble out. Not so much the "why" just yet but it's coming. Fine scenes all around for all. 

Whether you love it or roll your eyes at it, General Hospital certainly makes you take notice. I found myself going back and back again to the time when "Fluke" first appeared.  Trying to see if the DID ("split-personality") thing fit.
I've given up. I'm done asking questions and trying to fill the holes. I surrender.

Belly up and get some bacon, a maple donut and...oh dang it's not Fat Tuesday right? I'll have a nice egg-white omelet and a sip of cherry juice and if I smoked probably a drag on something.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Habitat For Humanity General Hospital Fan Build

Displaying 13093096563_6f0f7bdc9b_o.jpg

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY!  The General Hospital Fan Build-A-Thon is a yearly tradition with the Cast, Crew and Fans of GH! 
This year, Dom and Lisa (Dante and Olivia)  are hosting the event in LA on April 18th. Dominic's birthday is April 21st and , Lisa and his wife are expecting babies in May !  How better to help them celebrate than having surprise donation from fans. Many of us can't make the build but someone that's going, Terry from Canada no less, is raising funds for H4H in their names. 100% of your donation goes to the organization. Please consider making one today! 


Displaying 13093170574_e50b22a3c3_o.jpg

AND YES...Alberta has gone to TWO Habitat Builds in her Lobster Life Time!! 

EXCLUSIVE: Spencer's Excellent Birthday Party

CAKE...BY Duff! 

Oh, do you throw a birthday party for an 11 year old Cassadine Prince?? WUBS NET was let in on the preparations and here they are!! Don't get jealous. 

Friday's Show: A Little Slice of Heaven

Well! What a good show on Friday! Drama mixed with lighthearted fun. Why can't everyday be like that?

First off, Lulu and Maxie were ADORBS with their babies. Too cute. Their talk was genuine and 'real'. The loft even looked like a kid-friendly zone.

Spinelli and Nate? Ahahhaa. "How can I compete with that"?? And Nathan saying he couldn't have hot chocolate because he'd have to run it off. Heh.

Really liked the Alexis/Ned confrontation. SO GLAD they mentioned her past with Ned and the baby-daddy deception!! 
"She pumped me all right..all night long"...Julian to "Ted" LOL Love him calling Ned Ted :) 
Alexis knows something is up. 

Luke and Tracy. Be still my heart. Geary can sell it. Man o' Man. Our Luke is back--with tears in his eyes, looking for answers. Then he switches back. Tracy says she's going to find Pat. Can't wait to see who is going to be cast as Pat! I would love Erika Slezak but many say Kim Zimmer.  

My only disappointment was that stupid Nikolas. First off, he didn't tell Liz about St.Jaysus.  JUST when Hells was getting to be a bit 'normal' and could have stayed and been the maven of Wyndemere. More scenes with Spencer. BUT NOPE! She's back to Greece. Oh poo. For some reason, I could see Dr. O moving in there too. Too bad Britt left. Wah. And why have her leave right before Spencer's Bday party? She could have given him a mini-Hummer car for his big day!! 
First Helena is manhandled by Lulu and then by her OWN GOONS and banished to Greece? UnACCEPTABLE!! 

Even the white tulips on Kelly's table cheered me up. Maybe watching on a Saturday morning in my PJs, being able to FF when I want made everything feel much nicer. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Untangling Fluke/Luke

Ok, a lot of you are still saying "what the"?? with this story even though it's pretty well known he does have DID ("Split-Personality). I had 3 people message me on Facebook to ask how this could be based on what we've seen since May.

I will do MY BEST to help unravel all of this.

Ron (Head Writer of GH) asked the question "When have you seen anyone with Fluke/Luke at the same time"?? You know me, I've gone back and it's true--there has never been another person with the 2 of them at once. 
We HAVE seen Dante in the basement, but he saw the orange jumpsuit, then was knocked out. He never "saw" Luke while he was down there. When he came to, he saw Bill's bones.

20150219 0652(19)

In Mischavage, I thought for sure I'd catch something but it actually was all an editing trick. Fluke was talking to "Luke" ...when he was seen (by us) out and about in Port Charles. Luke was talking to "Fluke" when we saw Luke in the padded room. Ergo, BOTH were imagining the other, just at different times.  Since Fluke imagined Bill's bones being Luke, I can only surmise he's got some psychosis going on as well.  (didn't I sound smart there? LOL) 

So, for example when we saw Luke spit out the pills, it was Luke...Fluke hadn't been switched yet and wasn't at the Q house. Helena came in and as she explained, she saw that "Luke" had tried to escape (which wasn't in their plan) and she pulled a knife on him to "get the other one back". It worked. She walked out and when Alexis walked in, "Luke" had switched to Fluke. 

20150219 0652(14)

I hope this helps. I have no idea how long Fluke has been around, but I'm imagining for awhile. We'll delve into his childhood soon and get some answers. We personally haven't seen Luke lose track of time on screen.  He hasn't been all "What the hell" that we've SEEN ever before.

So, yes even the DID will have some holes but I can't find any thing to dispute the fact that Luke has been "Split" for the past year. 

I do wish that they would have gone with an diagnosed Schizophrenia. It would have been way more interesting and not been done before (that I know of) on soaps. 

I'm having some trouble with all of this (as you know) because of the tone TG sets with the dual Luke's. I do feel at times, he's expressing his disdain for the years he spent with the character and the fan hooplah over Luke. But, maybe that's just me reading into things too much Who knows. You'll hear more for Sunday Surgery! 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

BLT Theft!

Jake remembers who he is then goes under. HE is seen flatlining..but we know he doesn't die so...

Nik realizes Jake is Jason. Helena won't let him tell Sam. She'd tell about his vote tampering PLUS if he told, he'd lose the ELQ shares.

Ned/Olivia and Jules and Alexis run into each other in the hall at GH/ Jules is free. Olivia dumps Ned. Nicely, but she still dumps him. Then it comes out that Olivia is PG (Nurse says she can't see OBGYN now) ..and Julian and Ned fight! FIGHT! FIGHT! Ned then says the baby is his. 

Sabrina seems to be taking Rosie's airtime? I mean, Mike was with Rosalie a lot, now Sabrina is around. And is his office the Q Library lately?

Duke brings Sonny a gift of a mobile for Avery. I think it's kilts and scotch bottles LOL! GET IT? Duke wants Sonny to take back the biz. Sonny says no, especially because of the custody suit. 

Sonny's beard is magically ALL BLACK now!! LOL 

Sam and Carly are all buddy buddy drinking soda waiting for Jake to get out of surgery.
I think Jake needs to have ALL the girls..Carly, Sam and Liz as his 'wives" we can be the first in daytime history to have plural marriage.

ANNA'S BACK! She steals Sloane's BLT and tells him she's going to investigate him. She got his old job. Duke and Anna meet up at Kelly's. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Two People

Helena explains she went to Amsterdam after the clinic blew up. Luke was there too..they were staying at Jerry Jacks. He asked her to join forces because he wanted to "destroy Sonny Corinthos and Port Charles".  Helena also says when she went into Mischavage to "restate Luke into Port Charles" he was acting weird so she pulled a knife on him. Then he switched back to the newer Luke.
And Lulu says:
"Sounds like you are talking about two different people" --and there it is! Coupled with Bobbie's big speech about Childhood, we'll get flashbacks and all that jazz. 

Helena says she thinks Luke's deranged and found him talking to Bill's Bones. She called him on it and he said their partnership was null and void. So she didn't mention it again. 

Bobbie goes in on Luke. Wants to know why he wanted to kill everyone she loved, including Lucas back last spring.  She confronts him about childhood.  WHERE IS MY BROTHER LUKE!?????? Reach out to ME!!
Flukes' face then goes slack and he transforms into the Luke we all know...he screams Where am I?? What's happening?? what? WHO?? And is "Luke" again. Bobbie says she's done and leaves.  The guard comes in, he's Fluke. He tells Luke to calm down. Later-- the guard's FLuke face changes into the real guard and Luke freaks out. 

Jake wonders if he should get the chip out of his head. Liz says she cares about him. Sam and Pat talk. Patrick says that Jake faced a similar choice with his dashboard head. Yep.  Sam realizes that Jake said just what Jason did when he got his dashboard out. 
Anyway, when Jake goes under he remembers Helena telling him he's Jason. 

Olivia tries to tell Ned she's not PG. Doesn't work, he knows she is.

Juliexis doing the dance in the hospital room *sigh* same dialog as in forever. 


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Needing Help for the Fluke Weary

I actually have evaluations this afternoon so I will be off working in my REAL job... So enjoy the show and I'll watch later.

I DO need some help. Last week on twitter, the HW of GH said "Have you ever seen Luke and Fluke Separately?"... I swear we have. I swear we've seen Fluke out in the Q mansion, and then Luke in the cell talking to himself. Spitting out pills and such. I think what they are going for is that it was Fluke the entire time in Mischavage when we saw him.  We saw them separate every time Luke was in there, talking and then Fluke walked in.  There were guards holding down Luke too right before Fluke came in.  And "Fluke" was out there in PC-- so it's not like HE was IN Mischavage-- and hallucinating himself.

We saw Helena put a knife to Luke's neck, right? When he was "Luke". If they are going through with the DID we have to believe that Luke was "Luke" some of the time, and imagining Fluke-- and then Fluke was Fluke some of the time, imagining Luke. 

I did that huge blog on facts and watching You Tube. I may have to go back to the BEGINNING and watch more. 
Yes, because I'm that much of a stickler. LOL The figuring out of this writing process is way more fun than the actual story!!! (for me anyway) 

I watched this about 5x. The ending is interesting. It also really REALLY focus' on Sonny. We also see Fluke leave and Luke looking out the door.  This is probably the best acting ever-- very very good. This was in May right before TG left for his surgery.  He must have done the bald Luke 2nd... shaved his head, then left (love thinking about that stuff!!). 

Seriously, stories like this have to be flawless to work (think 6th Sense or Fight Club). I have a feeling it's going to be EVEN MORE time before we get to the end of the whole Fluke A Palooza.

Lord help us!! 

HAPPY FAT TUESDAY! :) Almost forgot! 

Monday, February 16, 2015

"You are my little girl"

Kiki goes to see Franco. One of KA's last scenes. Glad it was with Roger. I love them. I still have no idea why she's leaving. I know she said it was her "choice" yada yada. But she came over with RH and ME, both are staying AND Chad is there. They live together now.

OMG, they totally had TODD telling STARR about her childhood and how much he loved her and "her mother" (Blair).  WOW..LOVED THIS. thank you!! 

Spin tells Maxie that Ellie thinks he loves Maxie. HE said he IS in love with her. 

Julexis is making out in the hospital bed. 

Carly and Sonny are going to do it in front of the fire on a shag rug. UCK BUT! Baby Cutie Pants is up..and being adorable.  Carly's staying at Sonny's... um, hope JOSSLYN is ok. GEESH!! 

Olivia is shell shocked. Ned tells her Alexis left him for Julian.  Ned is telling Olivia she is perfect for him now.  So... looks like they'll get together? She tells him THAT SHE'S PG with Julian's kid! 

Dante and Nate: Nate tells Dante that it was Maxie that let Johnny have the car. 

OK, the shocker today is that MICHAEL is suing Sonny for Avery, NOT Kiki. can Michael sue for custody OF AVERY?????/ HUH? 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Put My Tender Heart in a Blender

20150214 0903(48)
Well, I've started this blog over about 4x so far. Trying to find the words --or any words so I don't sound redundant. Not sure it's possible. The entire Fluke story had me arguing on twitter, being nasty in the blog and being sad about the show. Valentine's Day was entertaining but in a strange disconnected way with cameos from other ABC actors. The rest of the week was pretty dull. So, all in all...normal week. 

Ok..I have a few left over chocolates from Vtines Day that I'm going to eat. All the caramels are gone, so I have to go for the maple creams :shudder: 

**Song in title: Eve 6's Inside Out. Describes what happened to me listening to the dialog on Monday. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Port Charles Valentine's Day Exchange

Here are some valentines I envision the residents of PC sending to each other tomorrow... I hope you all have a great day! We are going to freeze here, deal with more snow, then freeze worse on Sunday. UGH. Hope it's warm where you are.  Hope you love them; after the jump! 

Miss Harper Barash is ON!

Wow, frisco, you stopped watching GH? So it's NOT just me??? Yesterday I totally fell ASLEEP right in the middle. I was just dying with brain-freeze and had to sleep. LOL

CAMEO DAY ...bunch of people on

That is Harper (Kirsten's real life daughter) playing Baby Georgie. Aww, she's ADORBS.  The canvas is exploding and full but damn, I did miss Bradford and am glad Spin is back. 
Harper is a scene stealer! LOL so cute! 
Spinelli admitted he and Ellie broke up.

Ned and Alexis. He's getting the hint she likes Jules, I think. She leaves and goes to see Julian and says she wants to be with him instead of Ned. 

Brad sees a giant naked guy in the locker room. He's from that Baby Daddy show.
Felix is on today! And Brad talks to Felix about his Lucas woes.
Lucas comes out and stands on the nurses' desk and declares his love. 

Olivia sees Barbara Jean from Reba. From Bensonhurst. They dish about the old days. She's going on vacation to Niagara Falls and thought she'd stop and see Olivia. Later she goes to the Q's because her son is being a chef there (don't ask) and tells Ned that Olivia likes him and he should go after her. 

Nate tells the Assistant DA, Cristella that Johnny stopped at Maxie's before he left. BUT! That Johnny must have broken in.

END: Olivia finds out she's pregnant just as Ned walks into the Metro. 

Michael Easton Staying at General Hospital

yeah, I stole this LOL...SOD Site, check it out. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

"Father Son Tag Team"

Demi Moore in new Harper's Bazaar.. just thought you'd like to see it..

Lulu visits Fluke...and tells him Sonny was pardoned. He looks ill. Tells Lulu to beat it. Turns his back on her. 

Carly and Sonny. UGH..shut up!!!! They are all googly. Gag

Maxie and Nate are fighting over the Johnny stuff. 

Helena and Nik...she seems to like the attention.  He wants her to say she Mind Melded Fluke. She says Not until I get immunity. Scotty comes in and Nik tells him to sign the immunity-- or he'll get him out of office.

Kiki calls Alexis. She takes photos of baby Adorbs to send to Kristina. Who you ask? Oh that's Alexis daughter and Avery's 1/2 sister.

Alexis says she could have a case against Sonny because he's such a mobster. Then CarSon show up to take the baby.

Snooze meter today: 2 Warm Milks ...I couldn't finish. Seriously, I have to go take a nap. Good lord.

If anything happens, I'll write later. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Liz and Nik talking about dead people coming back. She was talking about Ric coming back being like a 'dream'. Lucky came back too. Nikolas knows about that, his entire family has come back about 6x each,

Ric goes to Jake's jail cell...snooze. He wants to rep Jake. And have Jake plead guilty.  Because? I guess she's working with Hells like everyone else is. Liz comes in last minute though and tells Jake there's hope that Helena will confess to the mind-melding. (Um, in what universe?)

20150210 1454(13)

Sonny is going to take baby Avery. Carly comes over to give him a giraffe nightlight that Michael had (ahahah GET IT? AFRICA?!). That kid needs a decent place to live, not a nightlight, btw. 
Oh! Sonny and Carly decide to talk about their relationship. AGAIN. AND AGAIN..ANNNN..zzzzzzzzz. They kiss..prolly gonna have sex.

By the way, Avery's DNA was never matched to Sonny's. Just NOT matched to Morgan's. 

Lulu goes in to try to get Scotty to give Hells immunity so Luke can be "deprogrammed" he doesn't listen to her.  He yells at her, tells her Luke is nasty. Brings up Laura's rape and Jake's death. She gets mad. He tells her to get lost. 
She then goes to Nikolas. Liz already filled him in on Helena's "mind control" so he already knows. 

Maxie and Nate. Maxie doesn't have a car. Nate wants to borrow it.   She actually tells him the truth--that she gave it to Johnny. Will Nate arrest her? That's aiding and abedding right? 

EVERY TIME I hear "Jake" I hear: "Jake, Jake from State Farm" LOL 
Every dang time!! 


STOP THIS CRAZY TALK!! Colbert goes first, now this?? How are we going to get thru the 2016 Elections???
And as for anyone taking his place? Um...not sure that's gonna happen. John Oliver is at HBO. 


GH: A Cast...of Thousands

I've done this once before but last night I found myself counting up the GH cast and shaking my head. Players like Leslie C (Monica) get airtime maybe once every quarter and when we get the newbies, they are on 24/7 (Michelle S-Nina).

Here are JUST the ladies we have on GH; in no particular order:

Finola Hughes --Anna
Nancy Lee Grahn--Alexis
Maura West--Ava
Laura Wright--Carly
Jane Elliot--Tracy
Michelle Stafford--Nina
Kelly Monico--Sam
Lisa LoCicero --Olivia
Emme Rylan--Lulu
Rebecca Herbst--Liz
Vinessa Antoine --Jordan
Kirsten Storms--Maxie
Constance Towers--Helena
Kathleen Gati --Dr. Obrect
Donna Mills--Donna Mills
Linda Tovar--Rosalie
Newbie Kiki'--forget the name, sorry
Teresa Castillo--Sabrina
Lynn Herring--Lucy
Jackie Zeman-Bobbie
Robin Mattson -Heather
Leslie Charleson -Monica
Kristina Wagner -Felicia
Sonya Eddy (?)--Epiphany
Carolyn Hennessy (?)--Diane
Haley Pullos (I think she's still on the show but who knows?)--Molly
Ivy? Is she staying? 

**PS Yes, I KNOW these are't all contract players. I get that. That's not my point, btw.

Now  Rebecca is coming . Look, I love her as an actress. Liked Greenlee on AMC. If it's true she's a whole new character (and not say, Sarah Webber) what the??? Seriously? What happens with that amount of characters on the canvas is that we have the revolving stories that have giant holes and people disappearing for eons.  Like Monica not being around for the Jake story (I'm sure they'll insert her for a day or two at the reveal) or Bobbie, flitting in and out of the Fluke business. Where the heck has Lucy been? She sure did have a big thing with Luke back in the day--they were BFFs!  I'd rather have someone like Delia come on for a real role. Or give more airtime to people already on canvas. 
I know a lot of people are upset that Genie still isn't on the show. Something's going on there; meaning..either she REALLY doesn't want to come back or they REALLY don't want her. She's still a big fan fave and come on--totally relevant to this story but..nope. Note that Finola has been gone during this too.  
We never got to see anymore with Milo and Epiphany. I hear we'll get more mayor stuff but by that time?  Don't care. I think Nikolas is wooing Brooklyn off camera. 

Which brings me to Rosalie. Great actress. Seemed to be great new character with a secret. Good GOD--but it's taking an age! She hasn't been on in weeks! People like her, then? Um? What? WHAT? Why don't you finish stuff in a TIMELY MANNER? Or at least keep her semi in the loop? I'm sure she'll pop up again as Michael's assistant..there will be a build up to her secret then.

Jordan? Another awesome character but never enough airtime. The whole "TJ" story was dropped, then reclaimed, now seemingly dropped again. *sigh* 
Anyone else miss Carolyn Hennessy? She does a great color character. Gone.

Frustrating. They also announced Rebecca's role as "killer"... I'm hoping that's a play on words and she's a serial killer?  The cast is way way too big. And it's not like they run these like Tela Novas ..there are so many loose ends it's maddening.  Maybe it's my age showing but soaps like Ryan's Hope had a tight cast and was character developed. Loved it.

Hey, I didn't even list the male roles on the show. You know there are a ton of them too. I think at last count I had 54 'active' characters on GH.  Now it's probably in the 60s 

Enough!!  I realize getting powerhouses is good for a soap but you either have to make some difficult cuts or swell the stories to a size that doesn't make sense. And don't tell me seeing people "Sometimes" is better than not at all. The problem is they don't have the others on enough--they are in blocks/chunks ..then gone. Not like say, Jesse was on almost all the time but in a background role. 

What do you think? And did I forget any people on my list? I kept going back and adding ones I forgot. I even forgot Finola, Emme and Lisa for a minute there. LOL..that happens. So many to keep track of! Seriously, not an easy task!! 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I Cut My Arm Off!


AHAHAHA.>Franco wakes up and thinks he CUT HIS ARM OFF after 127 HOURS .GET IT? Best joke ever. Nina is by his bedside. 
He thinks she's...ANNE HATHAWAY from the OSCARS next!! OMG. This is killing me it's so funny. LOL!!!  "You Rock, Anne" ahahhaa.
I hope they mention Kim Jung Un. 

VERY Funny scenes. 

Sonny is wanting to see Avery..GET HER AWAY FROM HIM KIKI! UGH That baby loves Maurice tho!  He says he's taking her TOMORROW. Geesh, nice to do to Kiki. 

Alexis is going to  Rep Julian. Michael wants Alexis to do something about Sonny's pardon. She says he could file a civil suit. Julian calls Michael an SOB lol. Okay then! Julian goes off on him. Michael storms off. But mentions Tony Jones dying. Weird.

Nate captures Carrrrrrrrrlos  and Johnny somehow runs to Maxie's place. Maxie gives her car to him so he can leave. 

GH Casting News: Rebecca Buding Coming

That's may know her as Greenlee from AMC, but she's on her way to GH. She will begin taping at the end of Feb! She is playing a new, (to date) un-named character.


Monday, February 9, 2015

More of a Mess

So, Fluke declares he's  LUCAS LORENZO SPENCER--aka the Tony Show. Whatever.
I'm sure they'll just change it. Oh, and Luke is now going on and on about how stupid the town is and how bad it was to think he was a hero..yada yada.
Helena says that Fluke Dug Up Bill...ergo, Fluke knew it was a corpse he was talking to-- which was BILL but he saw him as Luke. 

We got a bit of mocking there. No, a LOT of mocking. Luke is saying how stupid we all are for liking Luke.  I know you all don't like him. I didn't like him much in the past few years. Back in the day I loved him and I loved the whole Rape story aftermath. Sue. Me. I guess in 79 we were just stupid
Now they mention it may be "mindcontrol"... But how could Helena do that if she was killed by Luke, then on ice for like a year? Has he been mind controlled since meeting Julian? WTF.

Tracy goes to the jail. Says to Helena to "STOP mind controlling Luke" . Helena wants Full Immunity to "give Luke back".  
HELENA can NOT HAVE mind controlled FLUKE for 10 years!!! IF it happened it happened last year, meaning the entire 6 months prior was BULLSHIT! 

Whatever. This is getting intolerable. 

Nik tells Spencer that Great-Grandmother is in jail.  Spencer says she scares him but he likes her too. 

Sonny gets off.. I'm sure he'll get a puppy next. 

Liz yells at Jake. Will she remember that Lucky was mind controlled.
Kiki hugs Morgan. Boo hoo.

Patrick and Sam are in bed. Having coffee.


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Surgery: A Long Strange Trip

20150205 0729(10)
We all had this face.. ALL OF US. 

Forever and a Day. That's what it feels like! Hope you took a gander below at my Fluke Timeline. Saw some of the videos. Saw my absolute confusion. I think you share it as well. Surgery today is going to be a trip. Just like Franco took. Wild and unpredictable.

20150206 0818(9)
This is ME..all damn week, watching this show. 

You know I'm drinking, right?  Give me strength because I really don't want to go through all of this again.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fluke: A Look Back

Ok, know me, I HAD to go back and search old Fluke/Luke scenes.  VERY Interesting. And VERY VERY inconsistent.  I'm starting to think if it is DID or mindmeld this whole thing would fall apart in a nano-second. The only OTHER thing that could work would be a clone. One made in the Cassadine lab. HOWEVER, Clones must be born when the host is born to BE THE SAME AGE..
so, there's that. 
Identical twins we didn't know about? Sorry..different fingerprints. Did they switch fingerprints in the base FBI thing? Could be--but then it will take until MAY sweeps to explain what's happening. Is that really Bill Eckert in there and Helena made him THINK he really IS Luke?  (which would mean Luke is still alive somewhere). That was suggested awhile ago by me and brought up again yesterday by Patrix in the comments.  If Fluke is convinced he's indeed Luke, it still doesn't explain ANYTHING in the beginning of even middle of this. Or how he's been doing it for eons. or why. or anything. 

added: From an interview with Michael Logan in June of 2014:

TV Guide Magazine: You're clearly having a ball with this story and your work — especially in the scenes where Fluke met Luke — has been spectacular. I haven't seen you this turned on by the writing in years!Geary: Thank you very much. That's wonderful to hear. Doing Fluke has been a real cleansing after all my years of complaining and wondering what happened to Luke's black hat. To be able to take something this far and this dark has been a real joy after 36 years. Of course, we had to do it with a different character, since Luke is not a sociopath.

Take a look..I've found what I think are the telling videos. Until about December, we get no mention of Spencer history, btw.  I am convinced that until about Novemberish that Fluke was Bill Eckert. You'll see why: 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Dem Bones

Sonny's gonna BE OK!! WOW, who saw that coming? He Speaks! WOW!  Morgan is all mad that Michael isn't seeing Sonny.  Then he shows him a pic of Avery. 
at the end? 
WELL...guess what? He's PARDONED by the Governor. Right in GH hallway. YEP. St. Sonny is..... out.

Embedded image permalink

Olivia uses the wheelchair for Dante to cover her baby belly.  :) So funny.  Dante then goes to Tracy's to tell her there were bones in that cellar.  Tracy runs off. 

Nathan sees charred bones in the morgue. Dr. O tells him he should be a farmer instead of a policeman because of the danger.  Tracy comes in later.  They are going to test the bones. 

Hells IS IN JAIL in her silk suit, opposite Fluke. This is unacceptable.  Sloane walks in and Helena is like: LET US OUT.  He says he can't because they'd all be exposed then. Fluke is like "Run my fingerprints" (Sorry I missed some, I was napping) . Luke says it's "all going to come out anyway and to buckle up". 

Silas and Kiki hug over Ava.

Ivy went to Wyndemere to bitch at Nikolas. Then, Lulu goes to bitch at Nikolas too. "What did you know, when did you know it". Thank GOD they were on today It's awesome. 

AND..anyway..the end of the show, the bones are decades old, Fluke says they are indeed Bill Eckart's and the fingerprints MATCH for Luke Spencer.
So, Luke is Luke. WHY THE FLUKE RUSE THEN? Why even pretend to switch Fluke/Luke? WTF.

Even if it's a mental issue or DID or Fight Club sheeze it makes NO sense. 


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sonny, Disney Princess WUB

Setting: Docks at night... 10 degrees F... windchill 2. 
Carly: OMG...Michael there you are..
Michael: Yeah, I'm here
Carly: What? Who? What happened?
Michael: Well, there was a bomb...I was carrying it and..and..
Carly: And? Did you just HAND IT OFF to the father you hate? To blow up?
Michael:, took it out of my hands..
Carly: Then what!? He threw it right?
Michael: took about 5 steps and jumped.
Carly: Wait. (Hand up) He jumped WITH THE BOMB. Even though it was the water..  where he could THROW It?
Michael:  You don't understand, he flew..flew like a great seahawk over the lake and....oh, my God. The last thing he said to me was "I love you"
Carly: Did he say he loved ME?
Michael: (Stare, blink).. um... you? 
Carly: He didn't mention that skank Brenda did he? 
Michael: just me. Oh..(crying) I mean, here I hated him and he's a hero and now he's dead!
Carly: (slaps him) Shut up! He's not dead, Michael! I saw him sign his contract...he's not.
Michael: Oh my God..
Rescuer 1: (straining noises) hmmff...uh..who knew fully clothed bodies left in a freezing lake could be so heavy?
Rescuer 2: Got a pulse?
Resuer: Dunno.. I mean his eyes are shut... so...
Rescuer 1: Welp. That's that. Sorry lady, he's dead...
Recuer 2:  Coffee?
Rescuer   1: I'm buyin...come on.. someone will pick this stiff up later..

Carly: OMG!! Sonny! (kneels down) SONNY! Oh.oh...
Michael: DAD! I mean...ok, whatever..DAD!
Carly: Come, 2.... pump.. 3...4... breathe
Michael: Mom, they said he's dead..
Carly: NO! I'm telling you, he's not dead...
Michael: Ok, ok... pump...beat chest..pump..
Carly: Oh Sonny..pleaaaaaaseeeeeeeee. Pleassssssssse...
:Docks get eerily quiet...a tiny light glows above Sonny's head...." 
Michael: Tink? Is that you? 
Tink: Sprinkles dust
Carly: Kisses Sonny...
Michael: Mom I think I saw..
Carly:  SHUT IT! Wake up my prince..
:dramatic pause on Sonny's face"
Sonny: :cough...cough...:  :seaweed out of mouth:
Carly: You are alive!  Praise Neptune! 
Michael: Tink did it Mom..
Sonny: Carly? Michael ? is that yous? I everyone safe? Did I save the boat from Captain Hook's evil bomb?
Carly: :sobbing: Yes, Yes YES... you did! MY HERO!!! 
Sonny: Aw, sucks wasn't anything. Blushes beneath the blue from frost bite

paying TRIBUTE! 

Later that week: The village comes out to pay tribute to Sonny. "ALL HAIL SONNY"!! hats in the air...

Mayor: I declare today, Sonny Corinthos day and forever forward, Pier 52 will be named Corinthos Walk to honor our exceptional citizen! And, by the way? that peskie murder charge? Pfft. Gov. Cuomo called and is totally on board to drop that sheeze. 
Valentini: Wait! Wait! I have another announcement to make... we are naming the SHOW after our Dimpled Don... henceforth to be known as "Corinthos MobularHospital"!! 
Crowd cheers. 
Sonny flashes dimples. Close-up


**Note: except for a few tweaks, this is just how it happened today. 

Finally: Tracey

  Portia and Elizabeth at GH. Portia heard about Gregory.  Liz says the family is taking it hard. Portia asks what is wrong but Liz says she...