Saturday, February 28, 2015

Port Charles Cribs

I'm trying to make a list of Port Charles living spaces. Let's see how I do. I will need help, so get your thinking caps on! 

Monica, Tracy, Ned,  Monica, Alice, Michael: Q Mansion

Carly, Lucas, Bobbie, Morgan, Joss:  Grey House (Carly's)

Sonny, Avery: Sonny's House

Sam, Alexis, Molly, Danny: Jason's old PH (which is huge btw)

Mac and Flea: ? 

Lucy: Metro or old Lighthouse?

Scotty: Metro

Jake: Metro

Luke/Fluke: Metro and Qs sometimes, Jail 

Anna: Metro? 

Duke: Metro? (not with Anna tho)

Julian, Ava (sometimes): Julian's apt

Patrick, Emma: Scrubs House

Liz, Ric ? Cam, (invisible Aiden): Liz House 

Jordan: Motel 6

Shawn, TJ: Kelly's 

Nate: Kelly's 

Maxie: Apt... 

Dante/Lulu:  Apt/Loft

Franco/Nina: Shadybrook

Nikolas, Spencer sometimes Hells: Wyndemere (1/2 burned now)

Brad: Apt. 

Sabrina; Apt with Felix 

Silas, Kiki:  Silas' 

Olivia: ?? her apt? haven't seen it in ages

Dr. O?? No idea

Epiphany: Nurses' Station 

GH needs that Brownstone! The Metro really has no central meeting up place besides the lobby. And GET SOME KITCHENS in there!! Soaps need kitchens!! 

Yes, I'm bored! Not feeling great so...YOU WIN by me GOOGLING this ! LOL.. sad for a Saturday. But it is 12 degrees so... 


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  2. I actually have had this conversation with my mom. If the Q's live in a mansion that study is tiny. So small compared to say Carly's livingroom. Alexis's livingroom is even bigger.

  3. Jordan at Motel6?! BWAHAHAHAHAHA, Karen!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!
    Poor Piffy! How cool would 2 Brownstones next to one another be?! Piffy could be like the Den Mom in one!

  4. Epiphany running the brownstone is genius. She quits because of Dr. O. The Q's mansion IS weird..I never know if they are in the library or livingroom anymore.

    Alexis' house burned down. So many fires in PC

  5. LOVE the photo of Wyndemere. Agree that we need the Brownstone. Think of the interactions for the folks who would live there but rarely interact normally.

  6. Didn't Mac's house burn down also? And I recall Lucy saying she lives in the lighthouse.

  7. Remember when Luke and Laura each had apartments in a run-down brownstone on Elm St? Luke lived one floor above Laura. They were on the outs, but he would pause outside her door when he came in and he monitored all her visitors. Finally he was going to paint his place magenta, and Laura helped but didn't think much of the color. She had alreaded painted her place and her father had given her a coffee-tea maker.

    The nasty landlady was always cautioning them for noise--Luke liked loud music, Laura could never get her stuck door open. Because they had both been all over the newspapers front pages after returning from Beecher Corners and having Smith arrested, she was always sure they were up to hanky-panky. I remember Luke telling her, 'I will hanky-panky whenever and wherever I please!'

    Luke's rooms were always cluttered and messy and Laura's were little better. Their drawers always looked like there was actually something in them, whereas most apartment set-ups looked just set up, like the dressers were empty and kitchens unused. It is apparently difficult to have running water in sinks on the set, but they managed it with Luke's bathroom and Laura's kitchen. And Lesley's kitchen.

    I remember asking Tony if he went on set and just scattered a few things in his apartment, and he said he did, but he also said the set decorators understood Luke enough to do some of it. 'But I would just toss around a few items of my own,' he said. 'Sox on the floor, shirts over chairs, etc.'

  8. I thought Morgan lived in the Brownstone?

  9. You're right Karen. They need that brownstone, but the big 80's version with the huge foyer, not this half-webber house redux set.


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