Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Needing Help for the Fluke Weary

I actually have evaluations this afternoon so I will be off working in my REAL job... So enjoy the show and I'll watch later.

I DO need some help. Last week on twitter, the HW of GH said "Have you ever seen Luke and Fluke Separately?"... I swear we have. I swear we've seen Fluke out in the Q mansion, and then Luke in the cell talking to himself. Spitting out pills and such. I think what they are going for is that it was Fluke the entire time in Mischavage when we saw him.  We saw them separate every time Luke was in there, talking and then Fluke walked in.  There were guards holding down Luke too right before Fluke came in.  And "Fluke" was out there in PC-- so it's not like HE was IN Mischavage-- and hallucinating himself.

We saw Helena put a knife to Luke's neck, right? When he was "Luke". If they are going through with the DID we have to believe that Luke was "Luke" some of the time, and imagining Fluke-- and then Fluke was Fluke some of the time, imagining Luke. 

I did that huge blog on facts and watching You Tube. I may have to go back to the BEGINNING and watch more. 
Yes, because I'm that much of a stickler. LOL The figuring out of this writing process is way more fun than the actual story!!! (for me anyway) 

I watched this about 5x. The ending is interesting. It also really REALLY focus' on Sonny. We also see Fluke leave and Luke looking out the door.  This is probably the best acting ever-- very very good. This was in May right before TG left for his surgery.  He must have done the bald Luke 2nd... shaved his head, then left (love thinking about that stuff!!). 

Seriously, stories like this have to be flawless to work (think 6th Sense or Fight Club). I have a feeling it's going to be EVEN MORE time before we get to the end of the whole Fluke A Palooza.

Lord help us!! 

HAPPY FAT TUESDAY! :) Almost forgot! 


  1. Can't they take the hint and end this? Now it will drag on to May sweeps so that they can go back over the story and figure out who Fluke is? Maybe they should just ask you to write the end of the story!!

    We have snow AGAIN in Brooklyn, and all of my patients canceled, so I am not going into the clinic today, so I will try to comment on the show.

  2. We've been snowed in so long here on the east coast of Canada that it's getting ridiculous.

    And I've lost interest in this story.

  3. It's ZERO HERE LOL..thanks Joan for recapping a bit. Sonya will too I hope. Yesterday was pretty dull, imo. I have a feeling it's going to be filler for a bit.

  4. Snow is Cincy too my friends. As stated previously - I'm giving up GH (watching)for Lent or until the Fluke mess is over. Sounds like Lent will end first...
    I'll check in here every now and then. I cannot handle it they way you to Karen. No room in my brain for this nonsense.

    Happy Mardi Gras!

  5. I think this story line is just going to have gaps in it. If I had to choose between having the holes filled and having this story end, I'd go with the later. Right now I just want GH to move on so we can all forget this ever happened...

  6. Didn't I read somewhere that Geary wants out? If so, hold the door open for the man and put us all out of our collective misery!

  7. At least Fluke finally addressed the initial meeting between him and Julian. I now believe he is really Luke and due to his past, has had this personality change. The kids were cute! Did they dye Josslyn's hair brown? I thought it was blonde before.

  8. Sonny's home: Maurice Bernard and the baby awwwww! :)Awww Morgan. You are the golden child now! Be happy about that! Don't be mad and don't confront Michael!

    Avery Lavery: What?!! Michael is going to take me away from you daddy?! son of a bitch!

    *A.L. throws baby stuff across the room.*

    Q home: Sounds like Chad Duell has a cold. Oh Michael great job! Yeah you tell your mother!!! I love everything he said to her! Oh shut up Carly! Stop sticking up for Sonny and his wuv! No Michael! Don't give in to your mother! Whew. :) Michael wins the line of the day!

    Michael: Sonny took AJ away from me, now I'm going to take his child away from him.

    Revenge is a dish best served cold. :)

    The hospital:

    Patrick's office: Is it Patrick's office? Does he HAVE an office? Hmmm well, Jake Doe has a chip in his brain!!!!!! :) Awww Patrick can't take it out. :( Fluke/Luke whoever the hell he is, doesn't have a chip?! OH DAMN IT!

    Fluke/Luke and Jake Doe jail cell: Oh I'm still so confused! Make this stop!!!!! Fluke, Luke, Bill Ekeart, BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH STOP! Tony Geary's hand is still shaking. :(

    Wyndemere: Spencer and Helena, waltzing! LOVE IT! :) And love her white outfit. Oh it's Spencer's birthday! Happy birthday Spencer!!! :) How old is he? 8? 9? Oh Spencer your father would never forget when you were born. :( Lulu grabs Helena! Hahaha. She is a Spencer alright. :)

    Kelly's: Bruce Willis!!! :) He is Chandler, but he will always be Bruce Willis to me. :)Okay this is a strange scene! It's like they are teenagers. The truth is out!!! Cameron is upset because Emma didn't tell him that Joss is in love with him? Gee Cameron do you have feelings for Joss?

  9. My happy thought today was Luke can be the new Helena, bring folks back from the dead, introduce new bad guys, come back to occasionally hassle his family/grandkids. It was that scene in the jail when he asked her How do you stand this town? And Helena said That's why I don't spend much time here. I don't want to see Helena go ever, they could be a dynamic duo for the next 20 years just popping in to make mayhem when it helps the story. Stay warm out there, we hit 20 today, spring has sprung!

  10. "kdmask said...It's ZERO HERE LOL.."

    Hell yeah!!!!!!! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

    "thanks Joan for recapping a bit. Sonya will too I hope."

    Yup!!!! :)

  11. sonya said..." Lulu grabs Helena! Hahaha"

    I actually cringed when she did that. Poor Constance is in her eighties and even though she's a spry old girl I'm sure she'll have some mega bruises.

    And we all know Patrick will do the surgery...lol unless they're planning to bring in even more characters.

    I also admit to laughing when Michael was yelling that Sonny is a murderer. Didn't he kill someone? Bashed her head in, I believe.

    I guess we'll have Spencer's birthday tomorrow. That should be fun. I wonder if Helena gets him a sword or a dagger? lol

  12. So sorry I couldn't do the recap, am going through some family issues/drama, was stuck on phone most of the day. Then, when I finally watched GH, they interrupted like half of it for a STUPID local news story!! I am so (expletive) angry, I really was enjoying GH drama after a day of too much of my own family drama, then they ruined it! I got some from Sonya's recap, I wonder what else I missed? . . .

  13. "Di says I actually cringed when she did that. Poor Constance is in her eighties and even though she's a spry old girl I'm sure she'll have some mega bruises."

    Oh! I didn't even think about that. Now I hope she is okay.

  14. First of all 80 yr old woman or not she needs to be taken down a notch or two or five!!! If I was Lulu I would've smacked the crap out of her, she has gone way too far for too long and not once punished, come on man!! She needs to be kidnapped and terrorized herself! Also, If Fluke is Luke, how and when did he get a hold of Barrett Enterprises??? He went through all that money then needed ELQ for more, please explain how Luke Spencer was able to get that???

  15. JaSam Fan, I agree that the CHARACTER needs to be taken down a peg or two. I'd actually like to see her taken down period! I was talking about the actress. A good smack-down would be good but something like that would have to be very carefully choreographed when you're dealing with an actress in her eighties. But we all know TPTB probably wouldn't be spending time and money on that.

  16. So seriously in real life and yes I know this is a soap opera, people don't get away with everything always... look at Sonny they finally got him, but then omg! parden him because he took the bomb. He should have blown up with it. There is another site that I read and this one blogger is so Pro Sonny and Anti Michael it bugs the hell out of me lol. And Helena needs to be taken down for sure.


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