Monday, February 16, 2015

"You are my little girl"

Kiki goes to see Franco. One of KA's last scenes. Glad it was with Roger. I love them. I still have no idea why she's leaving. I know she said it was her "choice" yada yada. But she came over with RH and ME, both are staying AND Chad is there. They live together now.

OMG, they totally had TODD telling STARR about her childhood and how much he loved her and "her mother" (Blair).  WOW..LOVED THIS. thank you!! 

Spin tells Maxie that Ellie thinks he loves Maxie. HE said he IS in love with her. 

Julexis is making out in the hospital bed. 

Carly and Sonny are going to do it in front of the fire on a shag rug. UCK BUT! Baby Cutie Pants is up..and being adorable.  Carly's staying at Sonny's... um, hope JOSSLYN is ok. GEESH!! 

Olivia is shell shocked. Ned tells her Alexis left him for Julian.  Ned is telling Olivia she is perfect for him now.  So... looks like they'll get together? She tells him THAT SHE'S PG with Julian's kid! 

Dante and Nate: Nate tells Dante that it was Maxie that let Johnny have the car. 

OK, the shocker today is that MICHAEL is suing Sonny for Avery, NOT Kiki. can Michael sue for custody OF AVERY?????/ HUH? 


  1. LOVED LOVED that RH got to say goodbye to "Star" That is the way it should be. I cried at the end because his tears were real. They have been together for so long. Not much of a fan of the way GH has been going but this was perfect.

  2. You can certainly tell this is a soap. A case of someone suing for custody of a chid that isn't a relation wouldn't make it into court. The natural Father would have priority. How stupid do these writers think we are?

  3. JOE! I asked the same thing on twitter. Can ANYONE just sue for custody of ANYONE'S KID?
    NO! Michael isn't even related! Kiki would have some claim as her sister and Ava left her with her in her care.

    THIS IS STUPID. Why not a wrongful death suit ?

  4. Micheal IS Avery sister. Avery and Micheal are both Sonny's children. Maxie lost custody. Now, that was stupid.

  5. Goose is right, Avery is Michael's sister. Plus we still don't know that Sonny is actually the father.

    What I'm afraid of? Don't give me a hope of Spixie, and then take it away again. It sucked to see it end the first time!

  6. Mrs. Goose, if Michael had not renounced all things Corinthos, including his mother, he could say Avery is his sister. But how can he have it both ways??
    There is just something about the way that Chad is playing Michael that makes him seem just like a whiny little kid, and not like a man acting decisively. He irritates me as much as Sonny.
    Does anyone else think that Roger may not have been acting when he was there with tears in his eyes? I loved Todd and Starr. Too bad they are gone forever.

  7. Julian's hospital room: Julian wins the line of the day!

    Julian: This bed seems small but we can make it work. Handcuffs might be in the way, but I think we could work around those. Now grab that chair, put it in the door and wedge it. Close the blinds.

    ROFL! He wants to break Alexis's back again. :)I'm glad they are back together. I'm glad Alexis realized Ned was right and that she wants to be with Julian.

    Q home: Oh man Michael wants revenge!!!!! GO FOR IT MICHAEL! Take everything from Sonny!!!:) Sabrina is trying to convince Michael not to do it. HUSH Sabrina! :)

    Sonny's home:

    Carly: Well we still got it.

    I thought she was talking about sex at first. Awwww A.L Is wakey wakey! :) Now that is an interesting twist!!! Instead of Starki wanting custody of A.L., it's Michael!!!!! :) GO MICHAEL! HA! It's just like Sonny taking Michael away from AJ!

    Maxie's home: Awwww Spinny still in wuv with Maxie!!! Love Spixey! :) Ellie is a very smart lady!

    Nathan and Dante: Awwww Bromance bonding! :)

    BobTodd and Starki: Starki is so dumb! Wanting advice or just someone to talk to, with someone who is high on LSD? Really?! GET THE HELL OUT STARKI! UGH! BobTodd though was great! I thought he was going to call her Starr! I guess he wouldn't be allowed to do that huh? Well the way he was talking, it's a Todd and Starr moment! Yes Karen love it it too!!! Thank you writers!

    Olivia and Ned: Oh are they going to be together?! YAY! Awww why did Olivia have to tell Ned first about being pregnant?! She should have told Julian first!

  8. I thought Kiki would have enough trouble suing for custody as she has no means of support, no skills, and no job. Maybe she's hoping to get custody so Sonny can pay her child support. lol

    That being said what possible grounds could Michael have for getting custody?

    I also love Spixey!

    Kiki wants advice so she goes to visit someone who's incarcerated in a mental institution. Yep. That makes lots of sense.

    I also like Olivia and Ned together. I love their scenes.

  9. Oh the tears! The Todd and Starr scenes just made me cry my eyes out. And yes, GHers, that was totally 100% a OLTL Todd/Starr scene, no question. And as a OLTL fan from before RH was ever even on that show I am 100% grateful to the writers for giving me those few moments. Despite their current characters (whom I don't care much for) I always did and always will love Todd and Starr as father and daughter. And knowing this was the last I'd see of them on screen together (at least for now) was heart breaking. I'm still crying. Guess I'm still not over the cancellation of my first true love, OLTL....I may have to go online and watch some old episodes. ;-(

  10. Mrs. Goose. Michael is not Sonny's son and Avery is not his sister. Michael's Father was AJ. Sonny forced AJ to sign away all parental rights when he hung him on a meat hook. Also if Sonny is Michael's Father why is Michael so willing to make Sonny pay for killing his "Father" AJ?

  11. Sonny, legally adopted Micheal. No matter how Michael feels about it now, Avery is still his sister.

  12. I went on youtube to watch this scene. It was played out so well. I love those two together. You can see the love and admiration they have for each other. I wish they could have kept them Starr and Todd.

  13. It was nice that the writers gave the OLTL fans their goodbye. It's too bad they weren't as considerate of the GH fans who have had many of their long term characters just drop through a hole in the floor. No good byes there.


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