Monday, September 28, 2020

Drink it UP

 HELLO! GH is only on Monday and Friday today!! Because... BASEBALL!! Because ... BASEBALL. UGH  So, I'm not a baseball fan. I was a stats girl in HS but.. come on, it's boring. 

SO, apparently A LOT happened off camera over the weekend!

Tad Martin Gray was mugged, goes into GH . He said he was attacked from behind and his briefcase was stolen (Had Nelle's letter in it about Julian). Didn't see anything but tells Chase that Julian was just asking about Nelle's stuff then he got attacked. 

Julian is shown with the envelope from Nelle and Cyrus comes up. He wants to Buy the bar. Jules says no thanks.  Chase comes in to task him about Martins' mugging. You know anything? The, Cyrus gives Julian an alibi saying he was at the bar at the time of the mugging. Oooo!!!! 

Joss is getting ready for Homecoming at Jax with he and Nina. CarSon comes over. They tell Jax and Nina Nelle's body was found ON THE PENNSYLVANIA SIDE OF THE RIVER ahahahaha. OMG. Nina goes to help Joss with her hair.  Jax is like, ok, Sonny are you going to lay into me about the secret? NO! Sonny thanks him! 

Dante is given 'new orders' when he goes back to Port Charles. YES! It's to get Peter August! He's triggered by a clicking pen, btw. The doctor did it and Dante said "complete the mission". 

Olivia is busy setting up a room for Robert at the Metro to go home right away (same dress on)


Val and Ned fight, Chase breaks it up. Val leaves with Chase to see Martin at GH and Ned goes to the bar.  Ned and Alexis talk about their woes. Alexis "I went to bed with Mr. Right, woke up with Mr. Dead" LOL  She wonders what happened to them "We weren't smoldering and tormented like SOnny and Brenda or Fabulous like Jax and Brenda but we were smart and whitty and the people  loved us" !! OMG Ned "we were the gatekeepers, a power COUPLE" OMG You have no idea how this makes me feel. I LOVED Them. So they are going to take a car home. Ned doesn't see Alexis drinking her vodka because it's on the rocks in a water glass. She chugs it. He says "hey, let's go somewhere else"! 

Lulu talks to Peter. She hasn't found a reporter yet.  Lulu talks to Olivia. She tells her she went to Switzerland to see Dante. Lulu asks how he was.. she says she didn't see him. She begged yada yada but he wouldn't let her in. 


Dante leaves Switzerland... the doctor goes in to talk to someone IT'S DR. OBRECT! SHE'S SENDING DANTE OUT TO GET PETER! WHAT?? OMG! !ahhahahahaha!!! YES!!! 

AND..Nelle didn't leave the envelope with said "I knew you'd do this Julian..I gave it to someone else" and she sent it to RYAN CHAMBERLAIN!! omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, September 27, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Kiss and Tell

There were a LOT of characters on this week. COVID? What COVID? lol..which is great for us and I'm glad they've figured out how to do the show that appears almost seamless. They didn't even use rubber dolls! LOL 

Oh, Pennsylvania played heavily into this week's show so I'm going to go get some Amish donuts for us all. You'll thank me later. 

Friday, September 25, 2020



SASHA orderin' them drugs!! Chase comes up to her..Hey. Tells her about Nelle. She gets all frantic (drug like) and almost passes out. Says 'it's all over' . Then  Chase thinks they should tell them but Sasha thinks they are falling in love. 

Brook Lynn and Ned kinda make up. She tells him not to worry about Olivia. 

Neil's Memorial: Valentin goes with her. Neil's brother is there. They talk and then he tells Alexis that he wished Neil had never met him and she ruined his life. She's the reason he OD'd. He throws her out of the funeral. Val takes her to The Rib. Then Ned shows up!! Drinks. I think he might hit on Alexis. 

Cam and Joss out for coffee. But they have water and iced tea. Nope they should have some fancy coffee drinks. It's 2020. Cam's getting a part time job to help out at home. Joss finds out Nelle is dead and found: ON THE PENNSYLVANIA SIDE OF THE RIVER! ahahha wah? Why do they KEEP saying this?? 

Plane: Ethan, Robert and Olivia coming home. Ethan's like, um.... what's the deal with you and she? Robert is like: we are friends, she's married. Ethan: Has that ever stopped you?? LOL THey talk about Holly and her legacy. 

Franco, Liz and Scotty. Franco says how did it go with the 25,000? Scotty's " I asked for 125K--each"!! Liz freaks out..Franco's like: DUDE! YES! Liz is still horrified. Scott says they have 24 hours to pay up. 

END:  Valentin and Ned fight outside..Alexis orders a double vodka inside 

Cat's out of the bag: Kim Delaney is playing Jackie Templeton. Remember her??! 

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Weird Day IN Port Charles

HELLO! It's nice here today and although fall is in the air, it's warm. Bugs are out LOL 

So, Genie decided to stay home from the set while COVID is going on. Not the writers fault!! 

Liz is mad at Franco, not sure why. He has a plan to get money, she says NOPE. Maybe it's the Scotty scam? 

Scotty and Ava. He's blackmailing her for the photos! $135K! HE said he's mad she didn't call him back. She says he won't publish the photo because it will hurt Franco. Scotty says I don't think it would be that bad. 

Nikolas and Martin Gray...Nikolas is going over the prenup with him. The prenup could be in jeopardy if Nik was found "Emotionally attached" to someone else and someone had proof (like a photo) 

Ned and Brook Lynn. Ned gets a phone call. A hotel in Monaco asks about his credit card and says he's "on his honeymoon" LOL!!  Ned is going to call the credit card company. Brook tells him to wait a minute. She tells him she deleted Olivia's message. 

They "Found" Nelle's "Body" says Jason. Sonny's happy.."May she rot in hell"  Jason said she was found on the PA side of the river.. 

Carly tells Jason and Sonny what happened with Nelle. While she cries, Chase rings the doorbeell and wants to talk to them.

Julian finds out that Nelle is dead though Martin Gray. 

Hey if Nelle is dead do Michael and Willow need to stay married? 

Nikolas got blackmailed by Scotty on the docks too. 

OMG SO, Franco and Liz were PRETENDING TO FIGHT THE WHOLE TIME!! They go to see Scotty in the art room, they set it up to get money from Ava AND Nikolas!! ahahahaa!! 

Wednesday, September 23, 2020


 Breaking News cut into GH today. Not sure there's a show. I'm sure they'll talk about this for a long time. 

Oh 1/2 the show is on.

Molly, TJ and Stella. TJ takes a phone call. Stella realizes that Molly probably lost faith in TJ when he was kidnapped. 

Ava and Nina and Jax.  Ava's going to the pier. She runs into Nik. He wants to talk about what happened the other night. Bow chicka BOW BOW 

Jason knows Carly is lying to Sonny. She wonders if she should tell him. Jason's like YEP. Carly goes to tell them and Jason's phone rings. 

Lulu and Sonny talking about Mike's gambling addiction. 

Ned and Brook Lynn.. it seems so weird because she's so..old LOL . 

Bobbie and Scotty. "You're a lousy boyfriend" she says. 


PCPD found Nelle's body 

Tuesday, September 22, 2020



Not sure how log I'm lasting... I have a haircut. Dante needs one LOL 
Dante is starting to remember I guess. 

Sam, Maxie and Brando at the garage. 

Cam at GH looking for Liz. He sees Franco. They talk about girls. 

Liz and Lulu eating together. Trina comes in and says hi. 

TJ and Molly eating together. He imitates Sonny she laughs. Then she flashes back to kissing Brando. 

Nina and Ava eating together. Ava talks to Nina about Nikolas at the cabin. 

Valentine and Alexis at her house. She's upset.  

I have to go.. see ya. 

Monday, September 21, 2020

A Cast of Thousands


Molly sees Alexis' wrist with a bandage at GH. She's wondering what is wrong. The doctor calls Alexis and Molly goes too.  She has osteoporosis. Possibly due to post-menopause, hormones, Vit D and excessive alcohol consumption.

Peter and Maxie ..Peter wonders if it's a boy or girl. Maxie said they should wait and find out. She is glad Robert is away because he doesn't like Peter. They go to talk to Lulu and Sam. 

Cyrus bugs Lulu. Sam butts in. "What do you want"? (At the Metro). OMG Sam ..looks ...weird. WHAT does she have on? LOL Anyway, Lulu wants to know why Cyrus is so interested in her mother.  Peter, Maxie and Lulu talk a bit. Maxie leaves. Lulu and Peter talk about finding dirt out on Cyrus. Lulu wants to let a "national press person" know. 

Brando is in the garage, Sonny's men cleaned it up for him. Jason wants to talk. He shows Brando the hidden camera. Says he passed the test. Jason has a plan for he and Brando. WE don't hear it. 

Then Dev comes in to see Brando, he wants advice about a girl. Damn it. I wanted him to be Asexual or Bi or Trans --ANYTHING!! HE LIKES JOSSLYN ugh. BORING.

Carson's house. Dev and Joss play checkers to remember Mike. Ava and Nikolas drop off Avery. Ava tells Sonny she didn't tell Avery that Mike died. Sonny is going to tell her but doesn't know how. 
He finally does and it's cute/sad. OH! She drops the 1/2 necklace, Sonny picks it up. 

Nina and Jax have breakfast he goes to see Joss.

Joss and Jax talk and hug. Then Jax goes to talk to Carly while Sonny tells Avery about Mike. Sad scene. 

Curtis and Jordan. He thinks that it was probably Cyrus that killed Neil given how he died. She's not so sure. (because she's stupid). STELLA comes in!! 

A TON OF PEOPLE ON, not a lot going ON.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Sunday Surgery: 'Liv and Let Die


If you get the reference above, bravo, I love you. If you don't,  I understand because you're probably younger and not into Bond the way I am!!   The title fits this week so well I need to pat myself on the back. 

Ok, so given the world today, let's just have a martini! Shaken not stirred...

Friday, September 18, 2020

Holly Jolly


Oh Diane and Alexis. "you haven't eaten all day"..that's a friend. 

Mike is going to go...The daydreams serve the purpose of showing the raves of this disease. Mike being "Mike" as opposed to having Alzheimers.  

Avery's all growed up!

ETHAN! :Fainting: 

Brook/Chase Chemical testing? 

NED and Akexis! OH! her wrist was Osteoporosis!!  NLG was on The View to talk about it. 

Brook moves in with Chase?!! WTF. Okay.. can't she live over Kelly's? 


Joss is sad. Sonny talks about Mike's passing.  Mike is just laying there. Must be hard to do. Joss calls her Dad. Brook and Chase come in. Willow finds out Brook is going to live with Chase. 

Mike ordered a bike for Sonny some time back and the staff give it to him. 

Molly sees TJ and Brando laughing it up. Then TJ tells Molly to set Brando up with one of her friends LOL Poor Molly. OMG Molly and Brando talk a bit and .. Molly totally is flirting with him! 

Alexis and Ned are at GH To check out her wrist. Portia talks to her and she needs an XRay. It's a fracture and it's more common in menopause.  She needs bone density testing. She's very upset and nervous. 

Ethan and Robert with the goons. Robert says: I KNEW Holly was alive!  OLIVIA saves them!! Oh good old timey GH scenes! WHOOT! and a ton of accents in that room! WSB guy comes in and takes the goones away. They say they found a shallow grave with a woman's body, burned. They give Robert a ring that matches Holly's wedding ring. Flashback of HOLLY and ROBERT!! GAH!! 
They will do a DNA TEST. They'd better!!

They show someone calling a guy that has Holly in a room watching her on a monitor. Which could have been filmed on ZOOM because of COVID. Nice touch. I wonder if it's Peter that has her? 

Carly calls Ava and they are civil to each other. OMG Avery is GONE? WTF. Come on. Oh she's just wandering being a kid. She found Nelle's necklace!! 

Thursday, September 17, 2020



Just needed a day and I know it's probably a good one but..that's the way it is... :) 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Very Difficult Show


Stella is explaining the end of life care including morphine. They must have consulted with an end of life care team for all of this. Well done.

Michael talks to Willow about being sad. More bonding time for the zzzzzzzzz yawners. Aw, she's part of the family now. 

Stella says that Mike's torn between staying and going. Gives a spiritual side and a scientific for what's happening. She thinks Mike wants Sonny to let him go. She shows him how to make him comfortable with soft light and jazz. How to make his lips moist. OMG, it's what we did for my Mimi. I'm just crying now. YEP.

Maurice Benard was spectacular. 

I liked the jigsaw puzzle on the table. They are usually in Comfort Houses. Good distraction.

Priest gives last rites. Realistic scene 
Great stuff today. GAH..cried badly. 

Wow, very difficult show to get through. Done so well..and I cried a lot. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

SO much happening!

 What's your fave part of GH right now? I'm liking the hospital stuff!! yeah!! 

Monte Carlo: Robert in a TUX! Olivia is thrilled to be on a "Spy Mission" lol She goes to order drinks while Robert walks around. A guy comes up to her, he's a part owner.. people were saying on  Twitter that he was on when Cassandra was. Olivia acts like it's her honeymoon with "Liam" and they could either get a new car or take a romantic trip. The owner seems to buy that story but not sure. 

Brook Lynn hides Ned's phone with the message from Olivia on it. Then she tells Ned to get out of the room when Portia wants to read her test results. 

Ned can't find his phone.  Brook erases the memo from Olivia. Chase comes in and asks about her voice. She says it's a 'process'. 

Dante's Doc has news for him. He tells him Mike is dying. Dante is sad, talks about Mike a bit.  I was hoping he'd fly home. He thinks about life if Mike had lived and they were together. Mike tells him "not to hide from his family" . 

Felix and Carly talk about Mike. Sonny tells Michael he can't take a break from Mike's bedside because they lost too much time before.  Felix comes in and tells Sonny he thinks Mike is comfortable. CarSon just sit with him. Mike's not moving much and you can hear that rattle breathing. 
Carly daydreams about Mike, Sonny and Dante coming home from a Yankees Game. Then she has a dream where he's just talking to her. OMG, made me tear up. Sniff. 

Ava calls Jules from the cabin. Says it's "glamping"... but creepy. Someone IS wandering around in the bushes. She's paranoid. The door opens and..she clunks NIKOLAS on the head lol. Nikolas says "I know Franco is here"! She laughs and says how dumb he is. THEY are SO SEXY! Ava says "I have more willpower in my little pinky that you do in your ENORMOUS..GIANT.. private plane"!! ahahaha OMG. They try to out seduce each other and they KISS !! well, COVID KISS !! hoorrayyy!! Sexy Scene !! they do have zex but off camera. 


Monday, September 14, 2020

Ryan's Bar

 Ok! MONDAY !! I was out to lunch and got here just in time to watch live. 

Boy, does it feel like fall or what? It does here. I'm hoping you're not in the fire-zone :( My cousin's land in Oregon is in danger. So scary. 

Nina and Jax in NYC ..they found the lady that bought the necklace. Someone Caufield. They are in Ryan's Bar! WILL DELIAH Be there?? Nina tells Jax about Silas and Ava. Her mom injecting her to have a miscarriage, that it didn't work and she was in a coma.

Robert and Olivia in Monte Carlo... have to take the honeymoon suite. LOL Ned is trying to call her, wonders where she is.  Robert knows Holly is alive. Olivia's not so sure. Olivia doesn't take Ned's call.  The call from Holly came from a casino in Monte Carlo..owned by Cassandra Pierce. They are going over there in a tux and gown! :)


Britt tells Felix, Franco and Kevin she's COS..ahahaha. They all can't believe it.  Franco tells her to leave Liz alone. Julian steps out of the elevator.  Then She tells Franco that the "art therapy thing" is disposable. Kevin figures out that Cyrus wants Britt around to get rid of people at GH that 'know how things work'. 

Jason is visiting Mike. He says he'll take care of his family, don't worry.  Brook Lyn says goodbye, so does Michael.  Michael has a 'what if" daydream about Mike, he and Wiley. 

Ava tells Sonny she can take Avery to help out at this time. HE's like: Um you trying to take advantage of the situation? He says she can take Avery on one condition. She has to take her to the CABIN?? Ava's like the one that Nelle Benson was at? Sonny says yes, she's not going to be there, she's long gone. I have no clue why Sonny wants her to go there. 

Sasha is obviously hooked on COKE.. :eyeroll: She's late to a meeting with Lucy. Lucy tells her she'd better be on her best game for the big meeting tomorrow. Ned comes in and Lucy says she's so sorry about Brook, how can she help? Ned says "promise to VOTE FOR ME"!  Sasha tells him to leave Lucy alone. Ned apologizes. Sasha and Ned talk (get him away from her). 

Ava calls to tell Nik she's not going to be home tonight.  

Brook listens to Olivia's message for Ned. 

Nik sends Franco a text about a 'commissioned' painting. Franco thinks it real but doesn't know who sent it. 

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Bang a Gong

 WAIT... are those supposed to be BANGS ??? 

Well, Friday's show was MY kinda soap!! I loved it. Loved Britt being back and the hospital in total shock!! It was just glorious. Believable in real life? Hell no...but fun for a soap? Damn straight! 

I'm so happy I'm going to eat cake!! 

Friday, September 11, 2020



Adorable photo that Eden put on twitter today. It's Laura's birthday and she wished her the best. Think about how long she's been on GH. I'm sure they are like sisters! 


Mike' s on his way out I believe. Josslyn visits him and says he's the only grandpa she's ever known even tho they really aren't related. She flashes back to him giving her a corsage for homecoming last year. Then she daydreams he'll be there when she graduates from HS. Then she daydreams about talking to Mike after she gets married. 

Ava and Franco?? Kiss?? 

Liz and Nikolas kiss?? I guess I did miss something yesterday? JEEPERS! Are they still playing Nik and Ava? If so..why kiss them?  Someone is back there taking photos. It seems like Ava is admitting that she has feelings for Nikolas.  Then she tells Franco she does have some feelings for Nikolas. He tells her to fall in love with Nikolas and make him love her. 

Liz yells at Nikolas about the whole arrangement.. says it's stupid. I don't like her hair today lol. Just a side note. Nikolas thinks about what she said. 

DEV IS BACK ON? Damn, I thought he was gone gone. Oh, Cam calls him Asexual. Hmmm, is he Ace?? That would be a first for soaps I think. Dev gets mad at Cam for saying that. Takes off. 

Porita and Trina talk. zzzzzzzz. Trina tells Epiphany, Finn and her mom that Mike is dying (she gets a text from Joss).  Oh wow... BRITT IS GONNA BE CHIEF OF STAFF!! ahahaha and she has Bitchy Bangs!!  She tells everyone she's changing things. Liz comes along and is stunned. Epiphany is like WTF. Then Britt says there's a new head nurse!! hahaahaa. Cyrus bumped down Liz to part time and Epiphany is on admin duty, no patients. 




Wednesday, September 9, 2020



Image we are!! I'm sick of almost everything right now so an hour with you all is going to do me good. 

Alexis and Julian. They are waiting for the police to turn over the needle. She's like "You FOUND it" interesting. She said that Neil must have been lying to her while they were together. He leaves, calls Sam and tells her to get over there. 

Jordan and Cyrus. She wants to know why he killed Neil. He's like NO I didn't..Neil WHO?? Then he says he's not into drugs..ugh. 

Kids at Charlie's. Joss tells Cam she knows he and Trina kissed. Cam's like, great. thanks. 

Trina talks to Ava. I love them together. Portia comes in. Portia tells Ava Trina can work at the Gallery but she's going to watch her closely. 

JaSam. Sam's figuring out she was an idiot to trust Valentin with her shares of ELQ and that Cyrus fired Bobbie and Monica. It was a dumb scene, imo. They go to see Alexis. 

Metro Court with Carly and Bobbie. Bobbie's mad she got fired. 

Valentin and Martin Gray talk.  Then Bobbie goes over to yell at him.  Martin Gray tells them to leave him alone. BRICK walks in. Bobbie leaves to go out to dinner with Scott.  

Jasam gets to Alexis' house. I think she wants to be alone. I'm wondering where Danny and Scout are. 

Julian breaks into Martin's office. Ava keeps watch. He is looking for the letter Nelle left incriminating him.  Martin and Val come around the corner, Ava's texts don't go through. She pulls the fire alarm. 

Martin has Nelle's letter in his briefcase, btw

Cyrus calls his man "Walker" and asks him to find out where "Neil Burns got the drugs to OD on" so..he didn't do it?? hmmm...

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Today is The First Day....

 Of my back to work! I did not pass out entirely and can make it to blog today lol. The kids were fun. 

NEWS! Kim Delaney who played one of Wub's fave characters on AMC is coming to GH! As who you ask? Hmmm, not sure but I'm guessing Finn's step mama! I loved her as Jenny--which is why I chose that photo for her. 



WSB FACILITY !! The guard asks Olivia and Robert to check in. She's like 'DON'T YOU KNOW WHO THIS IS"?? Robert says the guy is too young to know him lol .. Dr. Kirk comes out and says they can't see Dante. Then he says they can but only if Dante says ok. Dante says no. Olivia cries and beats on the door. Calls him by his first, middle and last name. Yells. Then cries. Then pleads but he still won't open the door. 

Kevin is on! Lulu brings him lunch because Laura is worried he is working too hard. Kevin wonders when she's going to be coming home from DC. Cyrus slides up and says he wonders too. Lulu finds out he fired Bobbie and Monica. She's not happy. 

JaSam are still talking to Brando. Yada yada, Cyrus...yada. Sam goes back later and apologizes to him for thinking he sabotaged the bike. 

Jordan tells Alexis that Opioids were found in Neil's blood. Alexis is like NOPE The medical examiner was wrong. Then the examiner comes out and said that Neil was injected. But.. there was no needle found at Alexis house, right? Stupid Jordan should have known that. 

Someone on twitter said that Laura asked Neil to do some opioid clinic through the hospital and help addicts .Maybe that's why Cyrus killed him? 

Julian sits with Valentin. Wants to find Martin Gray to get a divorce from Nelle. Peter looks on because 'NELLE' was mentioned.  Then Jules leaves and Peter comes over. Peter tells him that Nelle could "Ruin him". Asks Valentin to help him. Valentin says yes. 

At the Penthouse, Spin tells Jason he has proof against Peter. Shows him the computer vid. 


Olivia and Robert are stopping at Holly's memorial on the way home. 

Alexis and Julian cleaning up the bedroom at her house. He finds the needle under the bed. Says "I'm sorry" to Alexis.

Jordan shows up at Cyrus and says "Why did you murder Neil Burns"?? She knew!! Bloop! 

Monday, September 7, 2020

Vernee Watson


Aunt Stella is back September 14th for a visit to PC! I wonder if Mike finally passes away?? She comes back for the funeral?  Britt is back Sept. 11th. 

NO NEW GH today due to Labor Day. April 14th rerun. It's Violet's birthday party. Not a lot happens. 

Enjoy your day! It's cool and windy and rainy here. Hope it's nice where you are. 

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Stiff As a Board


Oh it was a wild week again!! I am someone that enjoys a great UNSPOILED surprise and here it was! Kudos to whomever did Neil's make up. Very genuine looking. 

Good news for ratings. They were up for the whole Nelle story and I'm glad. I hope people keep watching and enjoying! 

Grab a bagel and settle in! 

Friday, September 4, 2020


 Bobbie and Monica..FIRED? what? Oh Cyrus you must die a cruel and unusual death now!! 


PS. I do like Anna and Valentin teaming up.. not sure why but I do. 


LOVE Finn and Alexis together and their AA connection. She tells him what happened with Neil. He has a 'emergency' meeting just for her. NLG is great. She thinks she 'killed' Neil. Finn's like nahhh. Jordan wants to talk to Alexis about Neil's death.

Molly and TJ talk about getting take out. TJ wants to go to batting practice with Brando..Molly is like WHAT? TJ "I think we can be friends". LOL..flashback to Molly and shirtless Brando. TJ gets into an argument with Cyrus over Monica and Bobbie being fired. Cyrus warns him. 

Brando beat up. Jason, Sam and Spin find him take him to GH. Then Paxie walk in and he wants to "talk to him. Spinelli double backed to get the bug out of the garage.  Maxie leaves and Spin tells Peter he knows about he and Shiloh's connection in the past. 

Peter, Maxie and Anna having dinner. Valentin comes in, mentions Anna's sister. Paxie leave. Anna asks for Valentine's help in going after her sister. She needs his logistics and expertise. Alex wants to meet her. 

Curtis cooks dinner for Jordan at her office. Or brings it in. He has on a chef's hat. It's cute. He bought her Sweet Tea from Baltimore. They talk about Trina still being mad at him about Taggert. Of course she's guilty and thinks about not telling him when she should have. 


SPinelli catches Peter on tape asking Valentin about Nelle Benson and that she could ruin his life. 

Thursday, September 3, 2020



Busy Busy Day....just came here to say, can't watch live! Drop comments and such!! 

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Selfish NEDLY


Sasha and Chase. He wants to tell Willow the truth. She doesn't think that's a good idea.  He says the Nelle thing is over. Sasha says it's not going to make a difference and to leave them alone. Chase says he can't. Leaves. 

Willow and Michael..take Wiley and THE NANNY to the park. Because the park is hard. LMAO Michael wants Willow to adopt Wiley.  She's like, hmmm, I don't know. Then she says YES of course!! 

Lulu and Dustin visit Brook Lynn. She hates them. Lulu says "Hey I was stabbed once too"! We got that in common. 

Sonny and Carly take Mike to the horse stalls to see horses. Felix is there too. Sonny feels like this is near the end.  Carly's proud of him. Mike hugs the horse. Says Thank you to Sonny and kisses him.  Sonny asks how much he should bet. Mike says "Shoot the Moon, son"... aww they cry. 


Ned doesn't want Olivia to leave.  He wants her to stay and help with Brook Lynn. Olivia's ike I have to go see Dante. Ned is like NO. You have to stay here, help me, me me!! I think he's jelly of Robert! 

Anna is talking to Paxie about a dinner party celebrating the baby. They say sure! Thanks! Robert tells her he's leaving with Olivia to see Dante. They fight about Peter. She thinks maybe she missed some signs but Maxie's pregnant now so...Robert should back off. 

Later: Sasha goes to see Brook Lynn. She gives her Deception's new moisturizer and says Chase isn't a dirt bag. It's a VERY strange scene.  Then Chase comes in and says thank you for helping with Wiley. 
IT's so weird. I guess they are setting up Brook and Chase? 

Chase hear Michael and Willow talk about their kiss. Neither regrets it. 

My net went down right at the end of GH Today -___- 

ALEX IS BACK!! OMG... just saw that on Twitter!!! 

Nathan Parsons


Guess what? Ethan is back for a bit on GH! Probably for the Holly story with Robert. How awesome!! I do like him a lot. He's made it good outside the show as well. Doesn't happen that often. Read all about it on TV Source Magazine 

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Electronic Speech

 WELL the end of the show yesterday was blast-tastic!! LOL THIS is exactly what a soap should be. Shocking. :) YEP Loved it. 

Carly has a nightmare where Nelle is all bloody. The MOSS is huge today LOL Jax comes over. They talk about the fact she did't tell Sonny. Carly is afraid Nelle isn't dead.  She tells Jax about the nightmare she had. He said it's just a dream. He asks if she'll tell Sonny. She says not now because of Mike. 

Jason is at the Q Mansion. Willow and Michael (Mildew) are talking. They skirt around the kiss. Michael then talks to Jason about his feelings. About Nelle yada yada. Then he tells him he kissed Willow. Jason isn't surprised. 

Sonny and Felix look in on Mike. Sonny doesn't want Mike to be alone.  Sonny reads him the racing form. Mike says "ponies".. Sonny wants to take Mike to the track one last time. Aww, he shaves Mike. 

Alexis and dead Neil....(great make up on him btw)... Sam is home, Alexis yells for her to come upstairs. Alexis then calls 911. Neil's body gets taken away and Valerie questions Alexis.  Alexis says he had no heart trouble that she knows of... Alexis cries and talks to Sam about how great Neil was yada yada. SAM IS ACTING LIKE A ROBOT?? This is so strange. She has NO emotion. 


Brook Lynn is still mad at Ned. He wants her to come back home. She's like SHUT UP NO! Olivia tells her to forgive Ned. Brook says Nope. Ned begs her to come home but she doesn't want to. Olivia tells Ned she's going to go see Dante. 


Mike is going to the track with Sonny and Carly..Felix arranged it. 

Sunday Surgery: Optics

  I'm honestly lighting a candle before diving into this blog today. I was riding a bit high on the soapy Willow/Drew mess and Mac scene...