Monday, September 21, 2020

A Cast of Thousands


Molly sees Alexis' wrist with a bandage at GH. She's wondering what is wrong. The doctor calls Alexis and Molly goes too.  She has osteoporosis. Possibly due to post-menopause, hormones, Vit D and excessive alcohol consumption.

Peter and Maxie ..Peter wonders if it's a boy or girl. Maxie said they should wait and find out. She is glad Robert is away because he doesn't like Peter. They go to talk to Lulu and Sam. 

Cyrus bugs Lulu. Sam butts in. "What do you want"? (At the Metro). OMG Sam ..looks ...weird. WHAT does she have on? LOL Anyway, Lulu wants to know why Cyrus is so interested in her mother.  Peter, Maxie and Lulu talk a bit. Maxie leaves. Lulu and Peter talk about finding dirt out on Cyrus. Lulu wants to let a "national press person" know. 

Brando is in the garage, Sonny's men cleaned it up for him. Jason wants to talk. He shows Brando the hidden camera. Says he passed the test. Jason has a plan for he and Brando. WE don't hear it. 

Then Dev comes in to see Brando, he wants advice about a girl. Damn it. I wanted him to be Asexual or Bi or Trans --ANYTHING!! HE LIKES JOSSLYN ugh. BORING.

Carson's house. Dev and Joss play checkers to remember Mike. Ava and Nikolas drop off Avery. Ava tells Sonny she didn't tell Avery that Mike died. Sonny is going to tell her but doesn't know how. 
He finally does and it's cute/sad. OH! She drops the 1/2 necklace, Sonny picks it up. 

Nina and Jax have breakfast he goes to see Joss.

Joss and Jax talk and hug. Then Jax goes to talk to Carly while Sonny tells Avery about Mike. Sad scene. 

Curtis and Jordan. He thinks that it was probably Cyrus that killed Neil given how he died. She's not so sure. (because she's stupid). STELLA comes in!! 

A TON OF PEOPLE ON, not a lot going ON.


  1. Last week was such a great week it makes sense that today would be more quiet. There were a lot of cast members today.
    Carly's hair....gone or tucked? Either way it looks nice. She has amazing hair.
    I too would have like something different for Dev, probably because I think Cam and Joss should be a couple.
    Starting to love Ava and Nik. They both look like they are 'falling'.

    1. "Zazu says, I think Cam and Joss should be a couple."

      YES! So do I! Love them together!!

  2. Metrocourt restaurant:

    Hiney and Maxie: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Cyrus and Lulu: They were doing fine on their own, until Sam had to butt in to something that is none of her business! Cyrus wins the line of the day.

    Cyrus: I don't deal with surrogates.


    Nax: Nothing new there. Just sittin down and chit chatting. Come on Nina and Jax! Kiss or something! Have an argument! Eat something!

    Carson home:

    Carson: Oh! Carly got a haircut. I love it! It's adorable! :)

    Carson and Jax: Sonny always jelly of Jax. :)

    CarJax: Awwww! My CarJax. :)

    Joss and Dev: Awwww! Checkers! I have that game. :)

    Joss and Jax: Awwww a hug. :) Now use hand sanitizer!

    Ava and Sonny: Love the scene!!!! I love when they get along and Sonny doesn't threaten her.

    Ava and Nik: Oh my my my! Eye sex!!! :) ;)

    Sonny and Avery: Awwwww! :( So sad. Oh but then Avery is hungry! ROFL!


    Brando and Jason: Hand shaking! Use hand sanitizer now!!!

    Brando and Dev: Oh please!!!! Dev is in denial! A crush on Joss? Yeah right. All of a sudden he is interested in Joss? I don't think so! I think he is in denial and is really interested in Cam!

    Jordan's office:

    Jurtis: They haven't seen each other in a million years. ROFL! They can't stop talking about Cyrus! Cyrus this, Cyrus that. :) Maybe they should write a song about Cyrus! :)

    Stella and Jurtis:

    Curtis: What are you doing here?

    Stella: Is that any way to say hello?

    Uh well you did surprise them. They didn't expect to see you! Sooooo yeah that is an appropriate reaction.

    The hospital:

    Molly, Alexis and Portia: Osteoporosis!!! Yes and to avoid getting it, you should be taking vitamin D!!! I have been taking vitamin D! :) And my nails have been growing really long hahahaha. I love how worried Molly is. :) I bet Molly is going to blab to her sisters about what mom has! Oy! :)

  3. From she knows website,

    "General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday September 29:

    The show will be pre-empted due to MLB coverage. However, some markets may view an encore of General Hospital’s February 3, 2015 episode.

    Dante and Nathan survive the explosion.

    Jake’s flashes of memories lead him to remember there’s a bomb on the Haunted Star.

    After Carlos shoots Ava, she stumbles over a bridge and Sonny tries to save her to no avail.

    And Franco does the unthinkable to stay close to Nina.

    General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday September 30:

    The show will be pre-empted due to MLB coverage. However, some markets may view an encore of General Hospital’s February 4, 2015 episode.

    Tick, tick… BOOM, a bomb goes off at Haunted Star and an unlikely hero emerges.

    General Hospital spoilers for Thursday October 1:

    The show will be pre-empted due to MLB coverage. However, some markets may view an encore of General Hospital’s February 5, 2015 episode.

    Alexis is worried about Julian.

    Sabrina arrives home to a surprise.

    General Hospital spoilers for Friday October 2:

    (Please note: Though a new episode is planned, with teasers below, there could be another pre-emption due to MLB.)"

    Caaaaaaaaaaaarlos!!! :)

    1. "lindie says, I am lost; what is MLB?"

      I had to look it up, it's major league baseball. :)

  4. I kinda like Dev liking Joss - if they will make his character interesting - like sabotage something/something or be evil-------he serves no purpose, so at least this way he/Cam/Trina/Joss will continue to interact.....
    I have osteo and it's not a crying/emotional story - you just learn to take Vitamin D and live with it...…...which again they dropped Bobbie having diabetes, remember?

    1. I thought the Bobbie/diabetes thing was a just a PSA? I wish they would give JZ a storyline. I do wonder how much we will hear about Alexis's osteo after a week or two.

    2. Did Bobbie have diabetes too? I know that Lucas is supposed to be diabetic

    3. yep, remember she fainted sometime and she had diabetes and Ephinany told her SHE had it and Bobbie was all dramatic and cried on Scott's shoulder.....

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  6. Good show yesterday and quieter. I think Molly went a little over board and I agree with Mufasa that osteoporosis is not the be all end all of diseases and is very manageable, my mom has had it for years. Speaking of which, I've been visiting my mother, so I just got caught up. Sunday Surgery was fantastic, as was all of GH last week. I want Ethan back on the show (yeah, I know, I'm dreaming) and Ava and Nik were hot! It was very nice to NOT have Sonny call Ava a bitch or faithless whore, lol!

    1. "Julie H says, It was very nice to NOT have Sonny call Ava a bitch or faithless whore, lol!"

      ROFL! I'm waiting for him to say that to Carly when he finds out she has been keeping a secret from him with Jax! Hahahahahaha!

  7. Love Laura W.'s new haircut! She had too much hair before. Sam was dressed for New Year's eve. What is with all the winter clothes? Maybe they can't get new wardrobe materials. Avery is so cute!


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