Monday, September 7, 2020

Vernee Watson


Aunt Stella is back September 14th for a visit to PC! I wonder if Mike finally passes away?? She comes back for the funeral?  Britt is back Sept. 11th. 

NO NEW GH today due to Labor Day. April 14th rerun. It's Violet's birthday party. Not a lot happens. 

Enjoy your day! It's cool and windy and rainy here. Hope it's nice where you are. 


  1. I do like seeing Aunt Stella. I really like her character. Great actress

  2. Glad she is coming back along with Ethan. I don't mind Britt coming back if she brings Dr. O with her.

  3. Aunt Stella is back September 14th for a visit to PC!

    She is?!!??! YAY! :)

    Okay this is what I said on April 14th.. To refresh everyone and me. :)

    "The hospital:

    Willow and kid: At first I'm thinking is this kid going to little V's party?

    Willow and kid's mother: Awww little kid is going to hospice! :( Hmmm this lady looks like Willow's mother. :)

    Chillow: Awww poor Willow is sad. I'm glad Chase is there for her.

    Sasha and Michael: Boy! Sasha has no problem with Michael and Willow getting married. Trying to push them together are we Sasha? Sasha tells him to let Willow have a choice. HUH?! You already gave her a choice at the Q home you idiot!!!

    Willow and Michael: Oh come on! Stop talking about the same damn thing and just get married already.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Chase and Sasha:

    Chase: What do you feel about this?

    Sasha: Well I mean. Not awesome. I love Michael.

    Chase: I can tell.

    You can tell what? That she isn't happy about it? Cus I don't see that. She doesn't look that bothered by Michael having to marry Willow. Awwww Chase said a month and a half in his relationship with Willow he was thinking forever with her awwwwwwww! :)

    Chase: Willow is the love of my life. When I am with Willow, I'm home.

    GAH! Go to Willow and tell her all that!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want Chillow to be married and have a Chillow baby! :(

    Lulu on the phone: I thought she was talking to Rocco at first! :) Nope it was Charlie!

    Lulu and Maxie: Great scene!!!

    Lulu: Yay Valentin.

    ROFL! Lulu would have won the line of the day, but Maxie wins it instead.

    Maxie: She was drunk as a skunk.


    Maxie: I think sooooooooooo much of this is in your head. Don't give him more power by letting him come between us.

    THANK YOU MAXIE!!!!!! You are making so much sense! Listen to her Lulu!!!

    V.C. and Nelle: Awww come on V.C.! Don't reject her again! I do want them together, but then I'm thinking that he is Nina's ex and Nelle is her daughter, so ewwww, but like someone told me on twitter, that it's soapy! So yeah that's true. So I want Nellatin!! I'm a mess! ROFL!

    Chandler mansion: Party time!!!! Hmmm where are the 30 kids? Oh party hasn't started yet. The pony sneezed on Robert! HAHAHAHAHA!

    Robert and Anna-bot: Oh shut up Anna-bot!!!

    Robert and Peter: Robert is SO playing him!!! :)

    Hiney on his phone: Oh hell no! You are NOT going to kill my Robert!!!!!!! GRRRRRR! Man why couldn't someone just bust him on the phone!

    Anna-Bot and Hiney:

    Anna-Bot: You haven't done anything wrong.


    "Karen says Oh Charlotte has something to 'take to the party" I hope it's BEES! OR A RAT! OR..SPIDERS LOL"

    I found out what she has!!! Oops didn't mean to do that.. Anyway my lips are sealed! :)

    Maxie and Hiney's home:

    Maxie and Hiney: No don't drink that!!! He could have poisoned it!"

    Today's comments: GAH! I miss my Chillow so much! :( I need a hug. :(

  4. Vernee Watson should be on full time. As should a few other fine actors that come and go. Then there are the ones who are always on and shouldn't be.
    Dr. O probably won't be back until Hiney is exposed for framing her into a prison cell.
    Any of you in CO? Hot today...snowstorm tomorrow. Crazy.

    1. I think "GH" would love to have Vernee full-time, but she now has a role on the CBS sitcom, "Bob Hearts Abishola." That show is by powerhouse producer Chuck Lorre and was renewed for a second season.

    2. I tried to watch that show last year because of her. It didn't appeal to me. Her role seemed minor.

  5. Kim Delaney going to GH, too! I remember her from NYPD Blue and she probably worked with Michael Knight on AMC?

    1. She played Jenny. Tad's sister. My guess is she'll play Lois.


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