Friday, September 4, 2020


 Bobbie and Monica..FIRED? what? Oh Cyrus you must die a cruel and unusual death now!! 


PS. I do like Anna and Valentin teaming up.. not sure why but I do. 


LOVE Finn and Alexis together and their AA connection. She tells him what happened with Neil. He has a 'emergency' meeting just for her. NLG is great. She thinks she 'killed' Neil. Finn's like nahhh. Jordan wants to talk to Alexis about Neil's death.

Molly and TJ talk about getting take out. TJ wants to go to batting practice with Brando..Molly is like WHAT? TJ "I think we can be friends". LOL..flashback to Molly and shirtless Brando. TJ gets into an argument with Cyrus over Monica and Bobbie being fired. Cyrus warns him. 

Brando beat up. Jason, Sam and Spin find him take him to GH. Then Paxie walk in and he wants to "talk to him. Spinelli double backed to get the bug out of the garage.  Maxie leaves and Spin tells Peter he knows about he and Shiloh's connection in the past. 

Peter, Maxie and Anna having dinner. Valentin comes in, mentions Anna's sister. Paxie leave. Anna asks for Valentine's help in going after her sister. She needs his logistics and expertise. Alex wants to meet her. 

Curtis cooks dinner for Jordan at her office. Or brings it in. He has on a chef's hat. It's cute. He bought her Sweet Tea from Baltimore. They talk about Trina still being mad at him about Taggert. Of course she's guilty and thinks about not telling him when she should have. 


SPinelli catches Peter on tape asking Valentin about Nelle Benson and that she could ruin his life. 


  1. Replies
    1. Whew! Alexis didn’t screw him to death

    2. "Ruthie says, Whew! Alexis didn’t screw him to death"


  2. An overdose? These story lines get more stupid by the day.

  3. I have not been watching the show since the "break" but come here for the daily synopsis.

    My take on the Neil overdose is that they may be tying a few stories together. Maybe the Sasha drug story and Neil dying will collide with Cyrus (who I hate as a recycled recycled recycled recycled one-note bad guy) as the BIG BAD who is pumping PC with drugs. Of course, Sonny will HERO the town and take the evil drug-lord Cyrus down.

    On one hand, I like tying dispersive characters together. That is always fun. I just don't want Mob-Sonny to be the "hero" again.

  4. They also seem to be chem testing all over the place, which is a good thing.

    1. "30 Something Gal says, They also seem to be chem testing all over the place, which is a good thing."

      I love when they chem test!!! Then we can see who looks good together, and who has chemistry and who doesn't. :)

  5. Metrocourt restaurant:

    V.C. and Anna: Oh my! Love this!!! :) So glad he is going to help her! Love their friendship! :) They have more chemistry together than she has with Finchy!

    Maxie, Hiney, and Anna: Baby sonogram! UGH!

    Jordan's office:

    Jurtis: Chef Curtis!!!! :) Chef Curtis is sexy. :) Oh look! Jordan is relaxed and smiling!!! Showing her teeth! See? She can relax her face if she wants to!!!! They didn't even eat their food though!


    Jasam, Spinny, and Brando: Jason and Spinny dragging Brando out hahahaha. That was funny. :) Oh Spinny get the bug!!! Oh crap too late.

    Spinny, Maxie, and Hiney:

    Spinny: Maximista and companion.

    Hahaha. Spinny would have won the line of the day, but Alexis wins it.

    Spinny and Hiney: Oh Spinny!!! Be careful! Hiney bites!! He could have rabies!!

    The hospital:

    Private room:

    Finchy and Alexis: I know Alexis isn't having a dream, but in the back of my mind it still feels like it's a dream! The whole scene of Neil dying was strange!!! Especially with Sam being there and acting strange. I love that Finchy and Alexis are good friends! :)

    Nurses station:

    TJ and Molly: Man TJ is in love with Brando! Just like Sonny is! Molly just cool it! Stop acting strange. I'm surprised TJ isn't saying anything about how strange Molly is acting.

    TJ, Molly, and King Cyrus: Oh TJ! Be careful.. King Cyrus bites!!!!!

    Curtis and King Cyrus:

    King Cyrus: Sooner or later, everyone does.

    HOT DAMN! That was so hot!!! Very sexy!!!! Holy crap!!!

    Curtis, TJ, and Molly: Wow!!! Molly is rubbing off on TJ! TJ sounds just like Molly! Careful TJ. King Cyrus has people who can beat the hell out of you and kill you!!!

    Portia and Alexis:

    Alexis: We went upstairs, we made love.

    Uh Alexis you could have just said we were intimate. You don't have to say you made love. That is none of Portia's business. Alexis wins the line of the day.

    Alexis: It wasn't like he was hopping and skipping.

    ROFL! WAIT! Drug overdose?!?!?!! King Cyrus killed him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jasam: Oh Sam shut up! You are all wrong about Brando!!!! Jason is right! Listen to him!!

    Brando's private room:

    Jasam: Gee nobody is calling Sonny? Sonny might want to know that his honey bear is in the hospital!

    Garage part 2:

    Ohhhhh! I'm glad Spinny didn't get the bug out! Now this can be proof that Hiney is a bad guy!!! :)

    The park:

    Spinny: Gotcha.

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I was so happy! I was clapping!! :) Go Spinny! You brilliant brilliant man!!! :)

    Flashback Friday: *Hops into my time machine to go to November 1992* Cheryl is dead and she left Lucas to Bobbie in her video will.

  6. I think Zak is correct above. Cyrus is using Deception product to smuggle opiods into the U.S. Somehow, Alexis got ahold of one of those jars and accidentally caused Neil to OD by getting kinky and rubbing his feet with lotion.

  7. I feel so bad for Alexis. NLG is doing a great job. KM not so much

  8. Oh boy. Olivia and Robert do have chemistry. She is also great with Ned. AND, I still believe that Robert is in love with Anna and he won't admit it. I want Robert and Anna as end game and I never get my wish.

  9. Anna and Valentine have chem. jason and sam truly looked like the walking dead all in black and her eye makeup so dark. it matches their acting.

  10. Yes, Anna and Valentine do have chemistry too. I agree.

  11. They should put Anna with Valentin and Alexis with Finn. Lots of character-driven drama there. Alexis already has a "best boyfriend" and that is Jax (even though the writers ignore this relationship). That would leave Nina free in the clear with Jax, too.

    1. "Zak says, They should put Anna with Valentin and Alexis with Finn."

      Hmmm maybe. Or Anna with Robert, and Alexis with Captain Dr. Kirk! :) Dante's doctor! :) See if Alexis and Captain Kirk have chemistry. :)

  12. Most of GH is about Cyrus Renault right now. He is the happiest character on the show. And it's only the beginning. He does have great hair.
    Anna and Finn have zip chemistry. Nada.
    NLG is doing a great job. But Neil overdosing?

  13. did anyone else notice the scene with Anna and Finn where she says she has decided not to go after Alex she just recruited Valentin to go ...i say Anna right then is ALEX in that scene with Finn, Alex wants Anna to go to Berlin to meet her so why not have Alex lure Anna out of Port Charles Alex wants something from Finn i think still trying to come up with what and why


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