Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Some Points To Ponder....


I won't be here today for the show. Sorry but I have an appointment then a student so YET AGAIN real life interferes with my GH life!! 

Things to think about and I'd love to hear your opinions: 

What about the Gladys story? I actually think this could be a goodie. I would really like Cam to develop a gambling problem (a lot of youngin's play the cards/slots etc) but Gladys was a decent choice. My problem with it is you know Sonny will bail her right out along with Sasha. I still see SUCH potential with Selina Wu, Brad and some other Wus that could be brought in! 

Are you sick of Curtis? I mean, I like the man but damn... days on end of the same ol. He is missing something and I'm not sure what it is. More of an edge? All I know is that Taggert really surprised me and made me like that character even more. 

I think we all want the Willow Marrow-Misery to end. It seems to be crawling along. Who do you think will be a match? Most put their money on Liesl. 

It's been a nice few days/weeks of very little Carly/Drew/Nina/Sonny on and I really noticed a difference. Letting the stories unfold about Esme and Trina without them is so nice. 

Jake and Rocco should be SORA'd to 16. Just do it. Not having any of the kids on is so weird. 

And...that's about it!! Also: What do you think will happen with all of the Victor "Save the World" stuff? I think it will come out around the 60th because of the Ice Princess connection. Again, it's been WAY LONG in the making. phew. 

HAVE  GREAT DAY! I hope the show is a good one and they finally open that shed. I'd le for there to be a note saying "Look Behind You" LOL  OH! When will the pool set reopen!!? 

Monday, February 27, 2023

Emmy Reel Day


Spencer can't understand why his father isn't at GH but thinks he drove him away. HOLY crap!! watch his scenes with Laura today--HE YELLS SO LOUD 'OF COURSE IT'S MY FAULT"!!!!!!!! I jumped. Genie jumped! LOL Then he gets really emotional about how he was manipulated . WATCH THIS because his upset/crying is amazing.  Laura tells him to learn and grow from this and to start thinking about his baby brother. They both have to help him. 

Esme wants to talk to Heather.  Heather asks if it's a girl or boy. Then she says "oh a boy, just like my Steven Lars". She just wants everyone happy and healthy. She gives Esme advice. Awww.. Heather. She says that Esme will be back in Springridge and she can take the baby for up to 18 months in NYS.  They can bond there because she knows how to work the system and she'll be with them! Esme says NOPE, this is the last time you'll ever see me or the baby. Heather cries. Esme says her father is dead and as far as she's concerned, so is her mother. 

Ava finally gets in to see Austin. She goes though exactly what Ryan did to her. She says she must be like Ryan because he could manipulate her from so far away. Austin says she has to move the body. 

Liz is waiting for the ADA ... she says she's afraid they'll revoke immunity once they find out just what she did. Molly is the ADA. Liz signs the papers-- then she tells Dante and Molly that Nikolas imprisoned Esme. They are like WHAAAAAAT. Liz tells them about what happened on the pier and how she found Esme in Wyndemere and she and Nik thought Esme was the hooker. He was afraid for his child. She also tells them Victor cleaned up the Wyndemere scene. They tell her she can go. 

Joss and Trina in the dorm room. Joss runs in to tell Trina about Esme's parents but Trina already knows and doesn't care. She's upset about her Father (s). She tells Joss what happened at the wedding. Joss is sad she wasn't there when she found out from Stella. Trina says Spencer was there and she's so grateful. Then she says they kissed. SQUEE ...both Joss and Trina are all giddy. 

Curtis goes in to see Jordan. He tells her the honeymoon was cancelled. He says that Trina saw Aunt Stella and came back to the wedding. Jordan says she stayed out of it. Curtis is like: Um, you talked to Portia and Stella but NOT ME! Jordan says she's busy now, SO much police work LOL She says she knew since the gas leak 2 years ago and then overheard Portia talk about the DNA testing. Stella figured it out on her own. No one set out to hurt Curtis. Curtis talks about Trina.Jordan says Um, get a DNA Test. 

Molly and Dante talk to Jordan about Liz' statement. They say that Nikolas committed really bad crimes and they need to find him. "he could be anywhere" 


Heather screams at Laura that they could have been "Grammies' together and SHE RUINED IT! She yells that she'll be back and Laura had better watch out

Spencer lets Esme know that he and Laura are going to take care of Ace while she's in Jail. She said she thought she could take him with her (Heather just told her). He says it's all set up. No expense spared.

Ava runs into Austin's room and tells him to unhook himself because the police are going to search Spoon Island and they have to get Nikolas out of there! 

Molly recuses herself from the case since Nikolas committed severe crimes. (they are cousins) She'll tell Robert. 

Curtis shows up at Trina's doom room. 

ALLEY MILLS and Nicholas Chavez BOTH DESERVE EMMYS from Today's show! WOW 

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Two Truths and a Die


PHEW!! If I smoked, I would have had a cigarette or two after Monday-Wednesday's shows! Holy heck!! All Hell broke loose. Then we had a strangely inserted Thursday show and it came full circle on Friday. 

When GH does endings, they are slam-dunk shanga a banga (I just made that up lol). Weeks, months, years finally give you a damn fine pay off. :clapping: 

Not sure what you're drinking but grab it if you got it and let's go-go! 

Friday, February 24, 2023

Late But I'm Here!


Giant Baby 2 

I got here late. 
Ava tells Spencer that Ryan played them all and Esme was sent to his school to seduce him and get him back to PC to break up Nik and her. Spencer gets all upset and realizes they manipulated him to send Nikolas away. 

Mac comes in to question Esme. OMG She names her baby ACE!! Meaning her memory will be coming back bit by bit! She says "I don't know, it's just coming out..Ace....just seems right".  Oh this will be good. 

Heather tries to get Dante and Jordan to believe that Ryan did everything and she was afraid and innocent. They tell her he's dead. 


Spencer says he's messed up because Nikolas is gone. Laura says they'll find him

Heather comes in to see Esme

Elizabeth goes to the PCPD to turn herself in

Thursday, February 23, 2023



Aw, Maura and Jon were exchanging tweets about working together now that "Ryan" is "dead".. too cute isn't it?? I do think he's dead-- but you know, GH..??? 

Michael and Willow are home at the gatehouse. Carly is holding giantbabyAmelia and Wiley is there too. Michael and Wiley go to the kitchen at the Qs to make dough. (Right where Sonny is) 

Nina is told by Drew at GH that Willow went home. She thinks that's crazy. She has to fight and find a donor. 

Sonny is at the Qs trying to get Brook to help him see his granddaughter. Tedious. Michael walks in. Tedious. They talk about Nina. Amelia. 

Carly and Willow are crying about Willow having to tell Wiley about her illness. 

Sam and Dante are home. Zzzzzzzzzzz. Looks like no kids have ever lived there. LOL . They make out on the couch. Cripes, you'd think he'd have work to do. They sit and talk about the whole damn Spoon Island story in case you didn't hear it. Oh now they are going to shower. 

Cody is at the PCPD paying a parking fine and sees Heather Webber being taken to the cells. Then Sasha comes in and wants to see her. She and Heather go into the room to talk. Heather is confused. She's not sure she hired Sasha. She "forgets things all the time" 

Cody runs to Sante's place. Tells Dante that Sasha needs help. He asks him to go to the station to help Sasha with Heather but not tell anyone that Sasha isn't a lawyer. 

Heather is telling Sasha that Ryan hypnotized her and dragged she and her daughter out of Springridge. Dante comes in and Sasha says that Heather was just explaining that she was going to try to plead insanity. 

Dex and Joss are in bed. Dex goes out and gets donuts. He's on the phone with mob when he gets back and talks about the shipment headed to 55 . He's so FKING STUPID. He says that he won't be arrested, Sonny will be. I think he's a fed. Nope ..well he tells Joss he isn't. Says he got hired by a private security firm then had a 'client' hire him to do this job. (Michael) Joss asks who the employer is. Dex won't tell her. 

Dex says he'll quit his job if she asks him to

Heather tells Dante she's ready to confess

TOMORROW: Robert is on... Heather makes it into Esme's hospital room 

Wednesday, February 22, 2023


 So Ava's out of bullets when she goes to shoot Ryan! Ryan is like, see, we are destined to be together... and he walks towards her. She pushes him away. He growls and runs back to her and MAC SHOOTS HIM IN THE CHEST!!!!!!!!  Jordan comes out of the forest. She says he's dead. Mac gives Ava his coat. Says not to worry anymore, Ryan can't hurt anyone. Ryan gets zipped in a body bag. 

Esme's screaming in labor. Kevin and Laura are tending her.  She can't make it to GH, she's having the baby now!! OMG It comes out that Heather is her MOTHER! Esme has a fit LOL ...Asks Laura if it's true. Laura's like: Um, seems that way. Heather screams to stay with Esme "You're my baby"!! Cop drags her out. 
Esme starts pushing. Laura is behind her and Kevin is delivering the baby.  Spencer comes in and sees them. Laura says "you have a brother". 

Taggert goes to Portia's hotel room. Taggert is very calm. Upset about the truth but still loves Trina like his daughter. Portia says she couldn't tell them over the years because they were so close. He says no matter what he's Trina's father..period. 

Spencer, Alexis and Trina talk on the dock. Spencer is sure that Esme didn't know who her mother was. They figure out Ryan manipulated Esme. 

Ava arrives on the dock. Trina goes with her to GH . Spencer stays with Alexis. Alexis finally leaves. Heather gets off the launch to go to jail. Screaming "That's my daughter and she's in labor"!!! Spencer is like: UM, Esme's in labor!? Heather looks at him and says "you were next". He tells Jordan he needs to get to the island. 

Finn takes Liz home. Thank GOODNESS Scotty comes to the door. Finn leaves for the hospital to take care of the latest hook patient. Scotty talks to Liz about what she did to Esme. Says she's crazy to admit to all this. 

Felicia is in GH with Austin. They just talk. She says that he and Ava have gotten close.. Austin realizes that cops will be crawling all over Spoon Island and Nik is there LOL (or is he? ) 

Ava and Trina make it to the hospital. Felicia finds out Ryan is dead. She hugs Ava. Trina helps Ava fill out her paperwork. They talk about Ryan's death. Trina says she'll help Ava find Nikolas. LOL BLOOP!! 

Kevin looks at Ryan's dead body. Felicia looks too and cries. "It's the end of the a long nightmare for you" 

Spencer sees his little brother. Esme says she knows he's Nikolas' son. Spencer says he looks like a Cassadine. 

Austin and Ava can't talk yet; the nurse throws her out. They are both worried about Nikolas' body LOL 

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Running on Empty


Esme IS HAVING the baby! Ryan tells her he's a doctor so don't worry. LOL. He wants her to go to the house with him. She says no. 

Austin wakes up a bit...then Heather tells Ava that Ryan got in with her family and destroyed things from the inside.  Anyway, Heather gives Ava the gun and Ava heads out to find Ryan. 

Ava comes out of the woods pointing the gun at Ryan "get away from her"! Ryan says she can't have his grandchild out there. Ava can't believe that Ryan is her father. He says yep! I planned it all..how do you think she got into that fancy school in France and met Spencer?? He says he got Esme to sleep with Nikolas too. Ava is stunned. They look back and Esme is gone! 

Mac and Jordan come into Wyndemere... Heather tells them all that Esme is Ryan's daughter. She gets arrested. Austin should be ok because there's no venom on the hook. 

Alexis tells Kevin and Laura the hook is Heather. She called the prison and the typewriter there has the same wonky keys. Kevin tells Alexis Heather is Esme's mother. Laura and Kevin go over on the launch. Alexis calls in the story to the paper. 

Laura and Kevin get to Wyndemere. Kevin tells everyone that Heather is Esme's mother. "Can't you tell? WE have the same smile" says Heather.

Sprina make out--a lot. Trina goes for Spencer's shirt and he says no..wait, he cares too much for her. He doesn't want to take advantage of her when she's hurting. Aww. He says he can take her somewhere she can be alone and sleep. 

N'neka sees Curtis drinking at the Savoy and calls Marshall. Curtis is just slamming shots. Marshal wants to talk. Curtis doesn't. Marshall says too bad. Curtis tells him Trina could be his daughter. 

Spencer and Trina make it to the pier. Alexis fills them in on the situation. She also tells them that Heather and Ryan are Esme's parents. 


Esme makes it back to Wyndemere and falls into Laura's arms..>Heather watches and is pissed LOL 

Ava has a GREAT scene with Ryan, you HAVE to see it..she pulls the trigger at the very end of the show. 

Monday, February 20, 2023

TOO much happening!!


Should be an EXCITING DAY!! Here's hoping.  (note YES IT WAS!!!!!!)

Curtis tells Portia he can't live with her lie. She ruined their happy life. They go back and forth. Back and forth. Portia finally tells him Jordan knew/figured it out and told Stella. Curtis leaves, isn't sure if he's coming back.

Trina and Spencer go to the Art Gallery. She feels safe there. She tells Spencer that her bio dad might not be Taggert.  She's mad at her mom. Spencer says "she's going through hell" Trina says she doesn't care. Spencer says "well, at least she's not Nikolas Cassadine" AHHAHA. Spencer lists all of the things he likes about Trina and tells her that won't change even if her bio-dad does. Spencer and Trina kiss. Twitter goes insane.  

Greg brings in a bottle of champagne to Alexis at her office. He says the university wont' let him be on the board of the Invader because of a conflict of interest. Alexis gets a text from Smaltz saying that the police are all down at the pier. She and Greg try to figure out why the 3 of them would escape together. She's going to call Sam and Dante to find out what they know about Maggie the Nanny. Greg leaves. ALexis leaves a message for Sam. Then she calls the warden at SpringRidge. 

Laura, Mac and Jordan figure out Ryan et al are on Spoon Island, they take off for there. On the pier, Laura and Jordan caution Mac not to rush into things. Kevin comes down and he and Laura hug.  They figure out that Esme knew about Ryan before her memory loss. Kevin thinks that Esme is genuine with the memory thing. Laura figures out they can use the tunnels to get to Wyndemere from the mainland. The PCPD has some digital maps of it and Laura figures out the best way out/in.  Mac and Jordan go into the tunnels. Alexis runs in and says she knows who the hook is.

Ava taunts Ryan. He says only one of them is going on the boat with him. 

Austin gets hooked by Heather. She says "Wrong Place, wrong time, Doc" ..Esme screams her face off.  Austin comes into the room. He falls on the floor. Heather half-carries Esme and Esme faints. Ava's like OH. MY. GOD. Ryan yells at Heather: I thought I told you to stay on the pier!! Ryan says Esme is ok. Heather cops to being the hooker. Felicia is like: WHY? Heather says "why is your husband a cop"?? LOL  Ryan is going to shoot Felicia but Heather says they have to go right now. The cops probably already know they are all on the island. 

Esme tries to run. Ryan puts the gun on her "you belong to me" .. Felicia hits him on the head! He goes down! Esme runs out the back doors!! Ava's yelling that Austin is losing too much blood. Ryan pops up and tells Ava he'll knee-cap her and shoot Felicia if she tries anything. He says he's going after Esme. He leaves Heather with the gun. Heather tells Felicia and Ava they can go "use the tunnels, Ava, you know about those".  Heather says she's sick of Ryan's games. Then she says that she can tell Ava all about Ryan's plan and how far he'd go to get her back. Ava is intrigued. 


Ryan finds Esme in the woods. Her water broke 

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Honey, I'm HOME!


WELP! This week certainly ended with a FRIDAY Cliffhanger!! WOOSH!! I'm still thinking about it. Pretty darn good.  I found this photo to be so funny. Ava's like: Oh, you're here. Felicia is losing her mind. LOL!!! So true to characters. 

Wedding cake anyone? 

Let's go go!!

Friday, February 17, 2023


 NOTE: today's show was SUPER FAST moving and had a ton of dialog. YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT BECAUSE I couldn't keep up LOL 

VAnna's on doing FA at the cabin. This is boring. Valentin says that all Martin and Lucy do is have sex in the other room LOL. I guess there has to be on boring thing on per show. 

Victor talks to Deputy Mayor Eileen He tells her that she has to keep working for him and to apologize to Laura because she might be on to her. 

Laura and Jordan find Mac on the side of the road. He goes to GH. Laura is trying to figure out why Heather would leave with a 9 month pregnant lady. They don't know that Ryan is with them yet. 

Trina hugs Taggert. Curtis wants to know what's going on. "Why is our daughter bawling her eyes out" asks Taggert. "She says I might not be YOUR DAUGHTER" says Trina. Portia cries. Says she doesn't know which guy is the father. Trina leaves. Taggert leaves. 

Curtis and Portia argue. HE thinks she's trying to justify things and she's trying to explain. Curtis was gone and she wanted Trina to have a happy family/life. "without me" says Curtis. 

Taggert and Trina are outside. She says she feels like her life is over. Taggert says "you are my daughter, you are my baby girl". They hug. WAH! GREAT SCENE. 

Ryan holds Felicia and Ava at gunpoint. Ava's like SO you fakin' it, huh?!! You had to sit there and listen to me taunt you and you couldn't do anything!! Ryan tells Felicia that he attacked Mac and took his gun/car.  He asks where Nikolas is. LOL BLOOP!  He calls Mac (Jordan and Laura listen in) tells Mac he's leaving and he'll kill Felicia if he sends any cops. Ryan hangs up. Tells Ava and Fe they are leaving. OH! AUSTIN hears him through the door!!! SQUEE

Sante are still in England talking to Maggie. She told them that RYAN is Esme's father and they just sit there and not call anyone?????????????? She tells them how they found out about him being her dad. There was a brooch on her baby blanket that belonged to Ryan's first victim (Heather put it there) 

OK, Dante AND JORDAN finally talk. He tells Jordan about Esme thinking that Ryan is her father. Jordan says Esme has escaped from Jail. The Warden says Ryan killed a guard and put him in his cell. Laura finds out about Ryan being Esme's Dad. 

Eileen calls Victor and tells him that Esme has escaped. Victor tells Spencer! Spencer is afraid she's faking her amnesia and leaves. 

Eileen is on the phone and Anna interrupts to "Scare" her again with her voice. Eileen is creeped out. 


Laura thinks she knows where Ryan went 

Spencer takes Trina out of the metro

Ryan says there's not enough room on the boat for everyone so he has to kill either Ava or Felicia


Thursday, February 16, 2023

Editing Glitches


Boy I have to say Dante and Sam story is SO STALE. I mean, I've seen this a million times. Plus that pub is the Tan-O from before and it makes me giggle. He stops Maggie from leaving the bar and she says she'll talk to him over a pint. He sits and she pulls out a cricket bat. Dante stops her. Sam comes in, knows that the lady is Maggie. 

The reception: OH! It's OVER!! Did we JUST see Trina confront Portia yesterday? It's like.?? What the HELL is happening? People are in the Metro Court--Felicia and Mac having dinner. Terry and Yuri are talking to Drew. 

Back in the reception, Trina apparently has the bouquet and then tells Portia she wants her to tell her the secret. 

Brick calls Sonny

Ava tells Austin it's time to move the body. 

Ryan and Heather try to keep Esme quiet while she screams about the dead guard. 


After the balloon break: 

TRINA and Portia are in Portia's hotel room. Trina wants the truth. Portia goes through the whole thing and finally tells her that after her affair with Curtis, she went back to Taggert. A few weeks later she was pregnant. Trina "Curtis is my father"!!? They talk about it and the affair and that she had gotten back with Taggert and he was so happy. Portia says she doesn't know if Taggert or Curtis is the father. 

Curtis, Marshall and Taggert confront Spencer back in the wedding hall about where he and Trina were. Spencer finally says with Stella. 

Felicia goes to Wyndemere. Ava sends Austin to the shed and lets her in. Felicia wants to talk to Ava about going to Ryan to try to get him to talk about the hook. 

Mac is driving and sees 2 ladies in the road. He gets out of the car. It's Heather and Esme. Ryan smacks Mac on the back of the head. They take Mac's car. 


Ryan shows up on Spoon Island, has Felicia and Ava by gunpoint 

Maggie tells Dante and Sam that Esme's father is Ryan Chamberlain

Trina goes to leave the hotel room and Curtis and Taggert are at the door. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Jazzy Jazz


WEDNESDAY is here. Hey, anyone watching that show? I LOVE it. VERY Tim Burton. 

Portia and Curtis wonder where Trina might be. Elizabeth gives a toast (off camera)..people talk. Yada yada. Molly wants them to cut the cake. People talk. Marshall takes out his clarinet reed and looks at it.  He ends up playing a nice song. Curtis get teary eyed. Zeke and Sterling leave. 

Trina is at Stella's with Spencer. She wonders why she doesn't look sick. Stella says that Portia knows why. Trina says that Portia is worried about her.  Stella says she couldn't go in good conscience. Trina is like "are you upset that my mom had an affair with Curtis 20 years ago"? Stella says no but she kept the secret about Curtis' father from him and she's done with secrets. Stella tells Trina to go ask her mother. Then tells Spencer to look out for her. They leave. 

Ryan says if they are busting out of Shadybrook, he has to make a stop. Heather says "oh you want to see Avaaa". She calls him lazy and says she's done all the heavy work. Heather says Ryan isn't what he used to be. He rushes her and shows her he can overpower someone. She's happy and says they are ready to get going. She puts gum in his door lock so he can leave if he wants to. 

Heather goes to find Esme. She tells her baby books are for morons. She says she could get them out of SpaJail. It's time to go back to their rooms and Heather has a 'short cut" . A guard stops them. 

ENGLAND:  Sante go back to the B&B. Barlady stuffs Esme's letters into her purse and wants to catch the train to London. Steals money. Sam tries to tell Dante to go back and talk to the lady. Dante wants nookie. They talk and talk. He finally goes over. Then a knock comes at the door. It's the owner of the BandB. Sam wants to ask her some questions. 


The barmaid goes to leave, Dante is there

Trina walks in and says she wants some answers

Ryan stabs a guard that's trying to stop Heather and Esme. "Road Trip" ?? says Ryan

People Magazine and General Hospital


People magazine did a cast photo shoot with everyone who's anyone on the show. Hit that link to view. While the photo itself is a marvel, the placement of people is very strange to say the least. I'm just wondering how William Lipton ended up wayyyy down on one end and not next to Becky? Weirdness. There's a huge gap on the right side as well--PUSH together people!! The video is fun to watch with everyone talking about the show and such. I like the toast they do. 

Note that Leslie Charleson (Monica)  is missing from the photo which tells me that she is indeed not able to tape shows. 

Information within the article includes the news that the "Epiphany" memorial episode will be March 29th and that kicks off "anniversary" week. April 1st is the official anniversary of the show first airing. There will be a Nurses Ball this year, not seen since 2020. 

If you go to Parry Shen's (Brad Cooper) Facebook Page, he has the best behind the scenes video about the entire day. 

People's Special Anniversary Issue is on sale on newstands now. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Bates Motel


It's Valentine's DAY !! Will there be a marriage!!??? I think I saw Curtis in some promo with a wedding ring on so I think so...

WEDDING: No Objections so... it's happening people! They say their vows.  Portia almost doesn't get through hers and then she finishes. They get married. Reception: First dance. Then Father/Daughter dance. Poritia and Sterling...Trina and Taggert (Portia looks a little sad) then Curtis steps in as her step-father. Yuri and Terry go to dance. Spencer and Trina dance. Trina is sad Stella isn't there. 

Stella is in her hotel room and Jordan comes over . Stella is second guessing herself about not going to the wedding. They talk about telling and not telling. Then they talk about Jordan's love life. This is all weird. 

Dante and Sam go to a PUB in England to find Maggie. They talk to the bartender. They mention that Maggie took care of a girl named Esme and she's in trouble. Bartender is like: Esme? Dante says that Maggie could really help her out. The bartender acts cagey. They leave. Sam thinks the bartender is lying through her teeth. 

Heather is with Ryan. She made him a valentine. She says they are all going to break out soon. He asks if Esme knows she's her mother. Heather says not yet. Then she says they are going to get an RV and ride out like a happy family. LOL Heather gives Ryan that shank knife. Tells him to just look "As vacant as the Bates Motel" when it's time LOL. 


OMG ... Bartender lady has a whole box of letters from ESME BEHIND THE BAR she gets out when Sam and Dante leave. AHAHHAHAA. 

Trina's missing  and she goes to Stella's hotel room with Spencer 

Monday, February 13, 2023


 So, I'm only here for about 40 min today. Have a meeting at 3 and I have to prep first so...sorry! 

Sante are in England. Devon to be exact. The are going to find Esme's Nanny. 

Willow wants to get married but not in the hospital. She wants to go home  and maybe die there. They talk about it. 

Dr O stops the elevator to yell at Carly. She says she understands not telling Nina about Nelle but she cost her way too much time with Willow. They talk about Britt saving Joss. Dr O wants help saving her niece. Damn it, I really wish she would have tased Carly. Carly says she won't build a bridge between Nina and Willow but she will try to between her and Dr. O. 

Everyone talking to everyone before the ceremony. Dex shows up because he came with Sonny. 

Nina and Sonny arrive.  They talk to Curtis. 

Laura and Ava talk about Nikolas. 

Spencer and Trina talk. Her uncle Zeke and Grandpa want to meet Spencer. They shake hands. 

Liz shows up at the wedding. Terry is happy. So is Finn. 
Molly comes... Sonny and Taggert shake hands. 

Dex and Spencer argue and Spencer doesn't like him. Sonny comes out and wonders what the trouble is. "Your nephew is an entitled ASS' says Joss LOL.. They all leave. Dex and Sonny hang back to talk about the shipment coming in. 

Jordan tells to tell Curtis the truth. Portia tells her to get out. Jordan says, welp..Stella knows your secret too! Jordan says she figured it out by the DNA site and Portia says it's all HER fault. Jordan says she cares about Curtis, wants this marriage to work out so Portia has to tell him the truth to have a fighting chance. She leaves.  
Curtis comes to the door. He tells her he's glad they found each other again and can be open and honest (ha ha)...he leaves before she can say anything. 

That's all I have for today!! 

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Days of Whine and Roses


 That's how many Sunday Surgeries I've done. Ok, I missed a few here and there so let's say 700. That's either amazing or idiotic--- not sure which!! Some weeks are good, some weeks are bad and some weeks are just ... meh. You decide where this week falls. 

I guess I'm having some rehearsal dinner food. What would The Savoy serve? Mini Pizzas and Crab Cakes? Not sure. I know I'll be having expresso. 

Let's go!

Friday, February 10, 2023

Church Bells


Portia is thinking about her talks with Jordan. 
Joss and Trina are all gussied up. Portia tells Trina she can bring a friend to the wedding if she wants (referring to Spencer) . Trina says she'll think about it. Terry looks gorgeous and Portia comes out in her beautiful gown. 

Curtis, Marshall and Drew are ready. Curtis says he has no jitters. Curtis goes to get scotch and Marshall tells Drew if he starts acting weird, to get him out of the wedding asap. Drew says ok. I guess Marshall is still waiting for test results. 

Laura and Taggert talk in the chapel. He's checking security, she's officiating. 

TJ is at GH finishing up. He sees his mom. He says he thinks Stella isn't going to the wedding because 'something is going on" Jordan tells him it's probably just her health. 

Willow wants to talk to Michael in case she dies. He refuses to give up. She says they have to. She cries, he cries...they all cry. Michael leaves. Nina comes in and gives the necklace to Willow. "Twin necklaces" . Willow turns away from her and won't answer. Nina cries and leaves it on the bedside table. 

Liz and Finn talk about Nikolas being missing. She says she's still going to turn herself in.  Long conversation. She says she doesn't want to be like her parents. She also tells Finn he was trying to be her hero but she can take care of herself and don't fight her on this. He says they should go to the wedding together. 

Ava calls Franco to move Nik's body. He says WHY? It's fine out there for now. She says if Liz turns herself in the cops will be out to search the place. Then Spencer bursts in.. I still have a key!! He wants to know what happened between her and his father last night.  He wonders if he'll block custody of the baby and she says it won't be a problem any longer.  Spencer is like "he didn't even say goodbye".. then Trina calls and he tells Ava Good riddance. Leaves

Austin tells Ava she's a good liar. She says it's time to move the body. He says: Um...can't do that now.  It's the middle of the day and AVA'S supposed to be at Curtis' wedding and he says she should go to not get people suspicious. 


Willow asks Michael to marry her

Curtis and Taggert shake hands. 

Spencer comes to the wedding. 

Ava and Austin go to the wedding together 

JORDAN SHOWS UP AT PORTIA'S DOOR at the last minute! 

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Oreo Break

 Just a bunch of hoo-ha going on here!! SO I'm sorry to say I'm taking the day off!! Please put your comments below and let me know if that giant Amelia Grace is driving a car yet! LOL 

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

It's a Giant BABY Day

WELP! It's HUMP DAY!!!! And wow... it's BEEN A WEEK ALREADY! lordy!! LOL - I'm tired. 

I LOVED Zeke and Sterling! So glad Portia has a fine family LOL. Maybe one or both will move to PC?? 

Willow wakes up wants to see the baby. Carly and Michael are there. Carly tells Sonny that Willow woke up. Carly and Sonny talk about the baby having life saving bone marrow. They talk about Donna then mention Nelle and...things just deteriorate. 

Liesl and Nina looking at the baby. Scotty comes along. They get the news Willow woke up. 

Willow and Michael hold Baby. That baby is basically talking LOL! REALLY LOUD babbling and smiling all over LMAO. IT's adorable but SO ..so SO not just born LOL. 

Laura goes to Liz' house and asks if she's heard from Nikolas. Is worried about Liz. Also tells Liz that Spencer is going to sue for custody of Baby Cassadine. They have a talk about Nikolas and how worried Laura is about him. 

Ava has two nightmares about Nikolas. One with him telling her he's dead and she killed him and another with blood all over the bed.  Then Austin comes in. She yells at him to leave. He asks what she is going to do about Nikolas when people ask. She says she'll tell them they argued and he left and she hasn't seen him. Austin tells her Mason is after her too. Oh I wonder if they are going to tie this into Olivia Jerome. I bet boots Nikolas' body will be gone. They talk about the next steps. Doorbell rings. It's Laura. Austin sneaks out. Laura talks to Ava about Nikolas and Ava says he was there last night and they fought and he's gone. 

It's Laura. Ava tells her Nikolas was there but they fought. 

Finn goes to talk to Alexis about a "hypothetical" case and someone being an accessory to a felony. She says it depends on the crime. She also says that it would be good if the friend testified against the person that did the crime in the first place. She suggests he tell the friend to call Martin or Diane. Finn runs out. Greg comes in! They talk about him being a professor again. :eyeroll: 


Baby's name is Amelia Grace. 

Elizabeth calls Scotty !! yeah!! says she's in trouble. 

Austin goes in to tell everyone about the stem cells but the show ends lol 

Alexis offers Greg a job. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Dance Dance Dance


SAVOY: Portia and Curtis' rehearsal dinner. He flew in her father and brother "Zeke" Both FINE looking men. Sterling is her Dad's name. We also find out her mom needs a caretaker. Zeke gives her a brooch from her mother. She's sad she can't be there. 

Trina talks to Marshall..he says Epiphany is on the West Coast looking at medical schools. (sniff)

Molly!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She and TJ look good together. Trina wants to know when Esme will be arrested or face charges. Molly said she might plead out or not even be charged. 

Brad comes by and tries to give Curtis a giant envelope of money from Aunt Selena.  Curtis says thank you and invites Brad to the party. Brad says he's too sad. 

Liz goes to walk into the dinner but runs into Drew. 

Laura says she'll officiate the wedding. 

Laura and Liz talk at the bar. Laura wants to know why she and Nikolas were arguing at the hospital. 

KELLYS: Laura is talking to Deputy Mayor and tells her Valentin and Anna died and she's upset (Laura is setting her up). She says whoever is responsible killed a lot of people. She mentions how upset Charlotte is. Irene gets really shook about it and says she's sick and has to leave. 

 Taggert and Jordan are talking about their Ex's getting married. They both say they let the other go. OH !! Laura tells Jordan that Stella is too sick to do the ceremony?????? Yep. Stella is out. I guess due to the secret. 

CHAPEL  Poor Spencer is still there!! LOL! Victor comes in to talk about Liesl and losing children. He tells him Valentin is dead and he died trying to help others. "You should only trust Cassadines". Spencer tells him about going after custody. Victor says it's a great idea because if Nikolas loses everything, he will 'come back to the fold".  Tells Spencer he's a true Cassadine. 

WYNDEMERE: Ava beans Nikolas. She says she didn't mean it. Wants him to wake up... Austin is at the door. He comes in and Ava sends him out to find the "sitting room" on his own while she's in the other room with Nikolas LOL.
OMG Ava drags Nikolas all the way to the stables!! Locks him in the shed. Austin is standing behind her of course. Ava's scared that Victor will go after her when he finds out. She's talking like Nikolas is dead. 

SAFE HOUSE;  Felicia talks about when she was "dead" and haunted Ryan and they should do it to Victor now. Technology is GREAT. 


Irene tries to leave Victor's employ he says no way!! And Felicia says they are going to "haunt" Irene. Irene goes to her car and on the radio is Anna says "you're next Irene, you're next"

Austin says he's going to help Ava with the Nikolas situation

Spencer shows up at the party and sees Trina dancing/ 

Monday, February 6, 2023

Cassadine DOWN


Savoy: Linc tells Brook to sign a contract. Blaze tells Chase if he doesn't sing, she'll be all alone with Linc. He wants her to sign an NDA to keep quiet and she'll get her songs back. She ends up signing it. Chase is not happy.  Chase sees Linc playing with Blaze's hair.. He decides to sing a bit longer to help her. 

Trina is in GH..runs into TJ.  She's back to check on Spencer. She went home and changed for the rehearsal dinner.  Weird timeline. The dinner is TONIGHT? The wedding is Feb 14th. Gonna be a LONG time until the wedding for sure.  Anyway, Trina and TJ talk a bit about Spencer and then she leaves. 

Laura asks Spencer what he's doing with Nikolas. He won't tell her. She figures out it's illegal. She's upset that Spencer hates his father so much. She thinks it's crazy for Spencer to think he can raise a baby. 

Nikolas sees Ava at Wyndemere. Prances around..yells. Tells her it was a lie he slept with Elizabeth. He then lets Ava know that Esme was in the North Tower. He tells her about Elizabeth and his plan to take Esme to Greece and then get back together. Now he's furious she gave Spencer the video confession. He says "an eye for an eye" and something about taking a child. :eyeroll: I don't get it. Oh he's going to get Victor help him kidnap Avery. GEESH DERP, why would you tell Ava? LOL 

Liz tells Finn she's going to turn herself in. He says don't do it. She says she has to. He tells her he'll help her. He tells her not to go because what would happen to the boys? Would Cam have to take care of them?? Liz says she's still telling. He finally says to sleep on it and OH! Isn't she going to the rehearsal dinner tonight? LOL! What? 

Franco tells Mason to keep away from Ava. They argue like they've argued for eons. UGH. 


Chase tells Blaze and Linc he wants to make an album with her

Ava hits Nikolas with a statue. He goes down

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Oh Baby

Oh Baby, it's cold outside!! They finally got the Port Charles weather correct!! Also: OH BABY we had a GIANT BABY for sure!! Goodness. 

Another Sunday in the books. If you can't understand my timeline in the summary, you're not the only one. GH was VERY much all over the place this week. Weird edits again and things felt unfinished in many ways. BUT! a lot of things happened for sure. Settle in with your lattes and let's go !! 

Photos thx to @Here4Sprina, I appreciate them!! 

Friday, February 3, 2023

60th Anniversary Cameos


NOTE: I'm out today ...so please use this page as your comments of the day blog!! Let me know if GH is watch-worthy!! 

It has been rumored that there will be cameos for the Anniversary.
Everything is hush hush right now but we decided to throw in our two cents for the ones
we would like to see. Feel free to mention who you would like to see pop in for the show. 

Karen's Picks: 

 3.  Demi Moore: (Jackie Templeton) Come on, it would be epic. And I know her character was recast but I don't care. Have her show up and talk to Greg about the summer house in Montreal or something

2.  Marisa Ramirez (Gia Campbell): Oh I'd love this. She is Taggert's little sis, she was involved with Nikolas and could even come back with a son for the 20 something set. He could go to PCU. I'd give double if he was Nikolas' son. 

1. Constance Towers (Helena Cassadine) Was there any doubt I'd choose her as my number one??! I'd love for her just to show up in the background of different event, lurking. Then Victor giving her a rose saying "It's all going according to plan". She smiles. Camera fades. 

Dave's Picks:

Jonathan Jackson. It can be the tail end of a show. He can be entering Lulu's hospital room and we can have him hold her hand and talk to her and tell her what's been going on, etc. JJ does emotion so well, they can just point the camera at him and say "go" and he will melt our heart. When he leaves, we see her fingers move. Setting up her eventual return to Port Charles in the fall (after Dante and Sam are married, of course)

John Stamos. I remember about 10 years ago Rick Springfield appeared at the Nurses Ball and sang Jessie's Girl. Or, something like that. I vaguely remember it but it happened. This time I want another actor to come back and sing on stage. And I am picking John Stamos as Blackie Parrish. Unfortunately he wouldn't have any family left in Port Charles, but there has to be someone who remembers him. Would be iconic if he threw in a "Have Mercy" in one of his scenes.

Anthony Geary. Ok, hear me out on this one. He is at the Haunted Star and Laura goes there to check on things and sees him and says "What are you doing here? Victor could see you". And Luke says "I have to see Tracy. Can you bring her to the ship?" Laura gets frustrated and yells at him and heads to the Q mansion to get Tracy. After seeing Tracy, Luke leaves town. Again. (If Karen can bring back the dead, so can I.)

There is one more "Mystery Cameo" that Karen and Dave are both hoping for...(IN A BIG WAY!) 

Hm..... wonder who!! 

and finally........

SPRUMOR CAMEO/RECAST??? Rumors abound that MC is being recast with Tyler Christopher...could it happen for the anniversary? 

What about YOUR Picks!!? I've seen Joe Kelly, Robin, Emma and Noah (little Noah) being wished for on twitter!! 

Thursday, February 2, 2023

One Spoon


Heather takes Nik's contract from Esme. She gives her advice that Nikolas won't give the baby back. ALso says never ever trust any man and Ryan is behind her. Heather moves them so they are behind Ryan. Esme thinks it's Kevin, Heather explains who Ryan is.. 

Liz confronts Nikolas about her mother being in town. She tells him she's glad that her mother said no. 

Nina and Sonny admire giant baby. Then they see Trina in the hall. Curtis can't go to the memorial after all because he has an 'emergency at the Savoy". 

Terry says the stem cells are being tested now to see if they'll help Willow.

Sante, Maxie, Sasha, Cody are at Kelly's waiting to go to Britt's memorial . That whole scene had to be cut because they are all of a sudden in the chapel .

Scotty and Dr O are in Britt's empty office, talking about her.  Brad comes in. Is angry she didn't tell him about the illness. Dr O explains that she just wanted to laugh with Brad and not be sad. Scott and Liesl leave. And then he leaves her ice cream on her desk. Takes a bite and talks to her about heaven "You're a hero"! He wants her to make a gif. 

Laura asks Finn if Violet can go ice skating with Aidan and Jake. Then they start talking about Liz and his failed relationship. 

THIS WHOLE SHOW WAS A JUMBLED MESS....so, I'll start at the 2:30 mark 

Liz goes into the hall after telling Nikolas she's not going along with him anymore. Finn sees Nik grab her arm and yells "keep your hands off her"!! Laura looks concerned. Liz goes to talk to Finn. Laura says she doesn't know her own son anymore and walks off. 
Laura reads Nikolas and says she knows he's good but he's not acting like it

Liz tells Finn he deserves the truth. She says she was never pregnant with Nikolas' baby

Everyone is in the chapel. Nina gives the eulogy. Then Brad and Scotty talk. Those flowers shouldn't be white btw. Britt is colorful. Oh then Terry talks. Britt's photo is on the memorial wall. 

Heather tells Ryan that Nikolas is trying to steal their grandchild. She says they have to break out WITH Esme because Sam and Dante are off to find Esme's old Nanny. 

Spencer tells Nikolas he's going to make sure he doesn't ruin his brother or sisters' life like he did his. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

SIgma Spencer Pi


Carly rushes in to see the Giant Baby. She's being played by TWIN BOYS!! Awwww. Anyway, Michael says that Wiley wants to name the baby Ashoka. BOBBIE COMES OUT! She's going in with Michael while he holds her. 

Willow goes to "heaven" and sees Harmony "Come to Mama" she says. She says Nina's not 'really' her mother, she is. Also calls her Kali. Inga looks GORGEOUS. Harmony keeps trying to get her to go to the light. Willow finally takes her hand. They walk. 

Michael finds out she's in the OR. He's nervous. 

Joss, Carly and Bobbie go in to hold the baby.

Portia walks in on Stella and Jordan talking! DOH!! Stella doesn't say anything yet. They go to pick up her wedding dress. Portia gives Stella a family bracelet to wear at the wedding. Stella says she can't accept it. She says that Trina should have it for her wedding someday. Portia says that Stella can pay it forward ...Stella talks about keeping the secret from Curtis and Tommy about their father. Portia asks if she'd do it again. 

Curtis sees Nina at GH. Says he knows about Willow and he's  happy. He'll see Nina in the memorial. 

Caroline is telling Liz the ENTIRE STORY THAT NIKOLAS hired her to take care of Esme's memory. Liz is like WOW what? Caroline says he's up to no good. Then says she's sorry and calls Liz "Elizabeth" awww. 

Spencer and Trina keep looking at Nikolas' confession video. She says it would destroy Nikolas' life to use that video. He's like: SO WHAT? She says that there's a reason Ava is doing this and it can't be good. He says he won't go to the police but will just use it against his father. Trina says he still loves his father. 

Nikolas tells Esme she can trust him. He tells her they had 'something' together and that's why they slept together. OH he wants her to sign a paper to give him the baby until she's out of prison. Esme keeps the paper overnight to make up her mind. 

Willow hears Michael calling her to "come home" ...and Austin comes out and tells Michael Willow is going to be ok. She's on a respirator and Michael tells her to wake up. 


  I have a meeting at 3:15 so I will be on here as long as possible. I have to get ready and such so..?? We shall see.  Lois and Maxie are d...