Sunday, February 12, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Days of Whine and Roses


 That's how many Sunday Surgeries I've done. Ok, I missed a few here and there so let's say 700. That's either amazing or idiotic--- not sure which!! Some weeks are good, some weeks are bad and some weeks are just ... meh. You decide where this week falls. 

I guess I'm having some rehearsal dinner food. What would The Savoy serve? Mini Pizzas and Crab Cakes? Not sure. I know I'll be having expresso. 

Let's go!

THE MONDAY OF THE WEEK:  Monday frustrated me to no end because it set the tone for the week. CHOPPY.  Trina talked to TJ...Mason and Austin did this little stupid dance, Laura and Spencer had a convo and it was just very jumbled. We hadn't seen Willow in a few days so that was set aside to do other things. There was a tiny, brief VAnna and Felicia scene about Victor but again, didn't amount to much of anything. Spencer spent days in the chapel and the rehearsal dinner was gearing up. I had to reset my timeframe about 10x to know what was going on. If you're reading confused to the summaries, I apologize. It was like Chex-Mix! 

YES PLEASE OF THE WEEK: So, Tuesday rolls around and we are getting the rehearsal dinner.  Who does Curtis invite? Um, two of the finest men I've seen in awhile!! It's Zeke and Sterling. Portia's brother and father. I really liked them and had no idea that Gavin Houston who plays Zeke had been on soaps before. You can tell he's a seasoned actor. Anyway, I was so happy to see some of Portia's family. Her mother is too debilitated and couldn't make it but who needs mom when you have these two??!  

WEIRD ILLNESS OF THE WEEK:  After Stella figures out the whole truth about Trina being Curtis' bio-daughter she... disappears? She stays HOME? She is too "sick" to officiate? What the what?!! If Vernee could only come back for X amount of time, why waste it with the dress scene when she could have been at the wedding? I don't get it. We never even got to see her fight with her conscience about attending or pretending to be ill.  Missed beat for sure. 

MOLLY INSERTION OF EVERY OTHER MONTH: Just thought I'd mention the fact that it's laughable to see Molly once in a blue moon on this show. TJ and Molly should be showcased. We never see them at home (they don't even have a set) and they are just referred to as 'domestic partners' now and then. I still hate that term btw. Just say partner. "His partner, Molly". Thanks. 

MAMA DAUGHTER TIME OF THE WEEK:  Aw, Trina and Mom talking about how much they love each other. We all know the truth but for now, this was a great scene. Loved the dresses and the flowers. Very pretty Valentine's Day theme. 

IT COUPLE OF THE WEEK:  Portia told Trina to invite Spencer to the wedding. Is this their first "REAL" date? At any rate, a young, hot couple exactly what this show needs. It's approved. 

VILLAIN OF THE WEEK: Welp! Here I thought it was going to be Stella who stopped things but it's...Jordan. She's coming off as such a shrew. I GET she knows the "truth" but damn. Didn't she hide some paternity news herself?? It's really none of her business. I understand she is saying she's looking out for Curtis but come on. Either play her as a jealous wench or stop it. Problem is: Jordan is just bland and blah about the entire thing. We haven't seen any green-eyed monster scenes or revenge; just monotone lectures. NOT the payoff I really want. PS. JORDAN--go find the hooker, will ya? We are losing interest. 

KNOCK OUT OF THE WEEK: Over on the other side of GH, we have Ava and Nikolas arguing over Avery. Why? Nikolas thought it was a good idea to threaten Ava with kidnapping her. (Um?? You're obviously not thinking straight!!) This escalate and Ava beans him on the head with a statue. I thought this was going to be the beginning of a great story. It was just rushed; Austin sees Ava hiding a "dead" Nikolas in the barn shed and then they have people parade in and out of Wyndemere looking for him. Ava has to cover. We don't see Austin check Nikolas to see if he is indeed dead and we don't see the body for days. They then decide to go to Portia and Curtis' wedding. If this isn't Peter The Freezer Boy all over again, I don't know what is. Yes, I get the Austin-Ava chem test and since he was acting like "Todd-Franco" the whole time, of course it worked. It was just another example of choppy chopped chop scenes. 

MUSICAL INTERLUDE OF THE WEEK: So...this happened. Just as Chase is getting his police board meeting back and Brook signs the NDA to get rid of Linc, it's just all thrown to hell. Why? Chase decides to 'save' Blaze from mean ol' Linc and play up their singing duo. I think I even heard "album" mentioned. Linc isn't played evil enough for me to care. Blaze isn't on enough for me to care. I just.. really.. don't care. 

INSERT 'HAUNTING' OF THE WEEK:  To make matters even more muddled, there's a 'subplot' happening with Victor, Laura, Irene (her deputy mayor) , VAnna and Valentin. Again, this is not on enough on a consistent basis to really kick in. The meeting Laura had with Irene at Kelly's was just plopped in there. Irene goes to Victor and all of a sudden is upset people died in the mission. Huh? Um, okay. Then, she goes to her car and hears a message that Anna recorded. Just bizarre. It could have been a good sequence but it really was just inserted in such a weird way then dropped.

WHAT THE FKITY-FK OF THE WEEK:  My favorite part of this whole mess with Elizabeth is that she called Scotty. That was it. I think Scott is still in his clothes from Britt's memorial but who's counting? Anyway for some unknown reason, Liz is on this holy-quest to turn herself in to the PCPD regarding the entire Esme Tower.  She's also back to talking to Finn and asking for his advice. Good Gravy, GIVE IT A REST!! I did appreciate Finn asking Liz why she would do this, especially if Nikolas is "out of town" and she can't even cut a deal to testify against him. This  drama is not necessary. I mean, unless Becky is leaving for awhile and will 'go away' or Liz is in Spa Jail with Esme and her crazy parents, I don't see ANY reason to have this happen. None. Oh and by the way, I liked Dark Elizabeth. She was interesting and bad ass. This? Meh.. just BLAH. 

BONE MARROW BABY NEWS:  Welp...that healthy giant baby isn't a match for Mama's marrow type. Everyone is devastated. The only person that seems to figure out there are more people to test is Liesl. OH! Yes, the baby has a name now!! Amelia Grace. Cute name. I do want to again mention that the absence of Monica is baffling. I understand LC may not be up to playing her but the character either needs to retire to Hawaii, leave us or be recast. 

WILLOW'S WILL OF THE WEEK:  Willow talks to a hesitant Michael about her impending "death". She knows it's not looking good and that he might have to go on without her. She asks him to marry her. So, I guess a bedside wedding will happen soon? Bed pans as vases!! whoo hoo!

MEAN GIRL OF THE WEEK: Even if you're a Nina hater, this was pretty cold. Mama gives you a necklace she's had since her mother ripped her twins away from her when she was in a coma and you--turn away? My goodness.  It's not like she kept the truth about who your bio mother was from you or kept the truth about your mother's daughters from her for eons. Nope, THAT lady you're all happy with and love SO much. I guess the cult messed with your brain more than I thought. 

HEAD SCRATCHERS OF THE WEEK:  I will list them for you. When did Ava clean the carpet up? Why didn't Austin check Nikolas' body. I mean, he's a doctor, he'd want to do that first thing, right? Stella's sudden illness. No food at the rehearsal dinner. None of the medical staff realizing they could test a hella lot more people than they have. Donna's visit. Cute...but??  Liz not mentioning what will happen to the boys if she goes to jail. Um, she thinking 100 year old Audrey going to do it? Nikolas becoming some weird kidnapper of kids in the blink of an eye. Ok, Esme? We get it? Jump to Avery? Doesn't compute. Writers acting like Spoon Island doesn't have a launch where people see others coming and going. Mason. Just Mason. 


N'neka got a line! 

Curtis and Portia had their rehearsal dinner; Portia's dad and brother showed up

Marshall is concerned he may  have an episode at the wedding

Stella is "ill" and won't officiate at the wedding; They ask Mayor Laura who says yes

Jordan shows up to "talk" to Portia before she takes her vows

Valentin, Anna and Felicia plan on haunting Irene to get a confession about Victor 

Irene hears Anna's voice on her radio

Brook Lynn signs her NDA just as Chase decides to nail Linc by staying with the singing duo

Liz decides to turn herself in; Finn tries to stop her. They are going to the wedding together. 

Finn asks for Alexis' legal advice, Elizabeth asks Scott for his. 

Alexis offers Greg a job (insert scene) 

Ava and Nikolas have an argument. Ava smacks him in the head with a statue

Ava drags Nik to a barn shed and Austin sees: says he will help her

Baby Amelia is not a match for Willow's bone marrow transplant

Willow prepares Michael for the worst 

Liesl thinks she could be a match 

Nina tries to give Willow her necklace; Willow doesn't want it

THINGS WUBSY LIKED OF THE WEEK:  Yes! There were some touches I loved! Laura is in the Spencer/Victor and Portia story. She was moving around town all week. Portia's Dad and brother. More please. The wedding dress and decor is gorgeous.  Naming the baby is always a fun thing.  Spencer watching Trina have fun at the rehearsal dinner and choosing not to interrupt. 

Grab your issue of PEOPLE with GH's 69th anniversary on the cover!! Great stuff on the inside and plenty of photos to enjoy. 

RUMOR OF THE WEEK: With all the UFO sightings this year will Bradley Lockerman be back for the 60th Reunion??  He played Casey The Alien appeared on GH after the movie Starman became popular. Casey was looking for a crystal that was on Spoon Island. Watch out Ava!! 

And that's a wrap!! Again, it's just been all over the place and unless you watched in real-time, it's very difficult to put into any order for you. Next week we pick up with Sam and Dante in London. Last time they were on was 6 soap days ago. See what I mean about time? Esme/Ryan and Heather weren't shown either. We have Portia and Curtis' two day affairs stretched to at least a week or more. Not even sure how long the Victor Saga will go on. The stories are THERE---they are just too mixed up and on this giant wheel that makes little sense. When 2 days and a night last 10 days TV time it's just a recipe for disaster. If it was a consistent showing of a story (like one hour equals one hour) and the story flowed, I'd get it. But even Baby Bone Marrow was stretched over 9 days. Baffling. 

See ya next week. Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel! 


  1. There was some enjoyable viewing here and there this week and I love Maura and Roger getting to play together, but you mentioned my two big pet peeves of the week. 1) Is Nik alive? That's kind of an important detail, and they're being unnecessarily cagey about it. 2) If Stella was going to be on a couple of episodes, make it the damn wedding! Shoot the ep out of order, if needed, to accommodate Vernee's schedule.

    I think they should cut Drew, Jordan, Gladys and Sasha from the cast, and add Zeke.

    1. I agree, The actress playing Stella (maybe she will still show) is reason enough to watch.

    2. I'm thinking they had to shoot all the scenes with Zeke and Sterling together anyway!

  2. Whine says it all. Two biggest whiners Willow and Portia!

  3. Yes, Domestic partner sounds like she's his "house slave" or something bizarre. Everyone uses the term partner or significant other these days.

  4. Everything is too jumbled and SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW like a sloth. I love Charles S. as Victor but dear Lord just bust the man already, or shoot him and be done with it. This hook storyline lasting 2 years of whatever. IDK. At least back in the day they dragged stuff out, BUT they showed about 2 or 3 stories and showed it EVERY DAY. When you show someone like Molly every 3 months who cares. Trim the stinking cast for February sweeps and not just Britt and Nik. Have a nice explosing or bus crash or something. I don't care about 99% of it anymore which makes me very sad.

    Thank you Karen for all your hard work though. 700 SS's holy cow !!!!!!!!

    1. PS. Portia is sure surrounded with some good looking guys. Yowza

    2. How about the hook strikes and takes out 1/2 the wedding reception. I vote for Hallmark Hank as the first victim

  5. Sounds good DeeDee. Take out half the reception. Of course, it would need to be the characters no one likes. lol. Then they catch the hook. The End.

  6. I’ve enjoyed all 700 and look forward to at least 700 more Karen! Agree about all the choppiness and fractured storylines. I hope that if Nik is alive, the knock on the head makes him our real prince again and TC is him. No way could he have taken Avery, Sonny’s daughter, anyway.

  7. It is a fun pleasure to read your SS's each week...thank you!
    Story I'd most like to see up front right now is Esme/Heather/Ryan.
    There is something so boring about the 'Ashford' family. Marshall not wanting to perform in case he has an 'episode' is so totally ridiculous. He is a good actor but they are writing him like an ass.
    Ava and BobTodd.....YES!
    GH needs an editing coordinator. It is a mishmosh.
    Karen...I say this a lot: FKITY-FK. LOL.
    Great reading this Sunday morning as I am in my third week of sciatica. Ouch.
    Enjoy the game tonight and/or the Puppy Bowl this afternoon.

  8. Thank you for your Sunday Surgeries! Love them!
    I agree...this week was stinko! Slow! And I agree with the other commentators...too many characters who pop up and then disappear. And Aunt Stella should be the person who outs Portia.
    Cannot stand Drew and Carly.
    Too many stories that I just do not care about.

  9. Cannot stand Drew and Carly or Sonny and Nina.

  10. Love the mean girl of the week and agree with every single word.

  11. Karen, thank you for all of your hard work and dedication! I look forward to reading your blog daily :-)

    1. thanks paul!! :) thanks for always taking the time to comment

  12. Yes, thank you Karen for all you do. I read every day but don’t post that much.

  13. Thanks Karen-----
    ----COMPLETELY had blocked out Brook Lynn, Chase, etc. storyline!!!!
    ----It's how I feel - I felt Nina giving the necklace was pathetic.....I have read lots of comments on several blogs --- cause this sudden LOVE for Willow with whom she hated is beyond me---------------yep, Sonny did that with Dante---forgot it and maybe it IS because Nina is starving for love, but I just can't with her---------------same with Willow------
    -----should have not mentioned the bone marrow from the new baby and gone straight to NINA'S family being tested - that was several days wasted
    -------I think too that Stella DOES show up at the wedding-at the vows-----Jordan doing it is just ugh...
    ------the hook storyline began July 4th for those keeping score at home!!! Finish it already and YES do something with Victor-------I thought Scott was supposed to see Lucy this past week???
    -----worst Feb sweeps that I can remember------because everything is so slow.....
    Maura West made it a great week for me - and Franco (cause it ain't Austin)

    1. I remembered Brook/Chase when I went hunting for the photos this week LOL. Geesh. AND I don't care about the length of the hook story it's more that it's just languished. If it was exciting or we saw some more from the "hooks" perspective then it would be ok. Going weeks with nothing? BOO

  14. Thank you for the first 728 Karen, keep them coming!! Grateful for you.

  15. I wish Heather had a partner who was the second hook. This person should be a cast member we would never suspect. If not this hook story is a real bore.

  16. What a milestone, 700+ Sunday Surgeries! I've probably read them all so thank you, thank you!
    Couldn't agree more about the choppiness, and story lines that have dragged on forever. And your best comment was monotone lecturer Jordan. I groaned out loud when she showed up knocking for Portia. $20 say's we get the same lecture again today. Go away Jordan, I want to see the men in Portia's family :)
    Once again I'm the only one who wasn't peeved with Willow, lol! I wouldn't want Nina in my room if I was dying either. And to bring up Nell? Good lord, do we really think Willow wants to be reminded that she's related to that nut job?
    Thanks again for all of your hard work and love for GH!


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