Friday, February 10, 2023

Church Bells


Portia is thinking about her talks with Jordan. 
Joss and Trina are all gussied up. Portia tells Trina she can bring a friend to the wedding if she wants (referring to Spencer) . Trina says she'll think about it. Terry looks gorgeous and Portia comes out in her beautiful gown. 

Curtis, Marshall and Drew are ready. Curtis says he has no jitters. Curtis goes to get scotch and Marshall tells Drew if he starts acting weird, to get him out of the wedding asap. Drew says ok. I guess Marshall is still waiting for test results. 

Laura and Taggert talk in the chapel. He's checking security, she's officiating. 

TJ is at GH finishing up. He sees his mom. He says he thinks Stella isn't going to the wedding because 'something is going on" Jordan tells him it's probably just her health. 

Willow wants to talk to Michael in case she dies. He refuses to give up. She says they have to. She cries, he cries...they all cry. Michael leaves. Nina comes in and gives the necklace to Willow. "Twin necklaces" . Willow turns away from her and won't answer. Nina cries and leaves it on the bedside table. 

Liz and Finn talk about Nikolas being missing. She says she's still going to turn herself in.  Long conversation. She says she doesn't want to be like her parents. She also tells Finn he was trying to be her hero but she can take care of herself and don't fight her on this. He says they should go to the wedding together. 

Ava calls Franco to move Nik's body. He says WHY? It's fine out there for now. She says if Liz turns herself in the cops will be out to search the place. Then Spencer bursts in.. I still have a key!! He wants to know what happened between her and his father last night.  He wonders if he'll block custody of the baby and she says it won't be a problem any longer.  Spencer is like "he didn't even say goodbye".. then Trina calls and he tells Ava Good riddance. Leaves

Austin tells Ava she's a good liar. She says it's time to move the body. He says: Um...can't do that now.  It's the middle of the day and AVA'S supposed to be at Curtis' wedding and he says she should go to not get people suspicious. 


Willow asks Michael to marry her

Curtis and Taggert shake hands. 

Spencer comes to the wedding. 

Ava and Austin go to the wedding together 

JORDAN SHOWS UP AT PORTIA'S DOOR at the last minute! 


  1. ----Portia is beyond gorgeous......but now Jordan shows up and ruins it - it shoulda been STELLA------Jordan is so spiteful---go solve the hook or something LOL
    ----If I bet in Las Vegas I STILL say when they return from the wedding that never happens, the body is gonna be gone and I still think MASON has Nik......Ava's purple was pretty too------and Austin is TOTALLY Franco today....
    ----"Not everything is about you Nina" ------ true dat! If Willow was dying then the whole scene with Michael would have meant more.....and I guess Liesel has been tested and all the doctors went to the wedding that never happens?? I get that they wouldn't tell Willow and I knew she was gonna ask Michael to marry her.....
    ----I need Laura to have something dressier on -----she is so pretty....
    -----in the previews Dex is with Sonny---hello, Joss..........
    -----Don't care about Liz now but I think one of the boys says something to her and she changes her mind.....did she break up with Finn again???

    1. "Mufasa says, did she break up with Finn again???"

      Hahahahaha. They didn't get back together. :)

  2. I FF through Michael and Weeping Willow. Just can't anymore. And with the necklace please on her deathbed she's acting like that

  3. this willow michael story is too dragged out. let it end. willow prefers harmony for her mother let her go and be with harmony and her ex shiloh

  4. All of the ladies looked so pretty! Trina's dress and Portia too.

    Underwhelmed by Feb sweeps thus far.

  5. Wyndemere:

    Ava and Spencer:

    Spencer: Without even saying goodbye?

    OH! You see? He still wuvs his dad!!! :D

    Spencer: Good riddance.

    You don't mean that Spencer! The mask slipped off and you told the truth!! Without even saying goodbye? Busted! :)

    Jolt: Pawtucket Holtster wins the line of the day.

    Pawtucket Holtster: You're really good.

    BAHAHAHAHA! Yes! That's why she is the queen! :)

    Ava: We are bonded.

    Yes you two are now.. Soooooo, time to kiss!!! :) Oh Ava forget Nik's body! I highly doubt he is still there!! Whoa! Ava's dress! Is she going on the star trek ship? :) And yes good question! How does Pawtucket Holtster know how to move a body and when? :) He is right though. They should wait until dark. And yes he did act like BobTodd today. :)

    Ava: I said this binds us together Doc, I didn't say I trust you.

    Oh you will after he helps you. :)

    Liz's home:

    Liz and Finchy: Well, I'm glad they are friends and she can trust him.. She needs all the friends she can get. She listens to him so that's good. But that's all that I want between them.

    Purtis home:

    Mr. Hat man, Curtis, and Drew: Oh Curtis you are not too old for a bachelor party! What are you? 80? :)

    Mr. Hat man and Drew: Awwww great scene!!! Damn I wonder when Mr. Hat man will get the results!

    The chapel Portia's room:

    Portia, Joss, and Trina: Portia's wedding dress, meh I have seen better ones. It looks like it has shoulder pads. I'm used to Portia's hair now. :) Is Dex going to be at the wedding or going to see Joss later? Cus once he sees her in that dress, he will get turned on. ;) Trina giving her mom the something blue, awwwww. :) Hmm the brooch was borrowed? I thought she was supposed to keep it..

    Portia and Trina: Did you see that big ol smile on Trina's face when she was talking to Spencer on the phone? :) Portia noticed. :) Awwww he is invited awwwww. :) Trina is her best friend? Awwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Portia and Jordan: Oh no! Not this again! To me it looked like Portia was thinking about it all on her own!

    The chapel: WOW! Purtis are going to get married in a chapel?!?! Not in the small hospital chapel? :O

    Taggart and Curtis: Great scene!!! :) New besties? :)

    Joss and Trina: OH! Did you see the big ol smile on Trina's face when she saw Spencer? HA! :D

    The hospital:

    Mildew: Michael crying! He don't want to be with anybody else! Oh come on!!!!!!!! Don't make me cry!!! I'm sure the Tribbles don't want Willow to die and will have to say goodbye! Michael don't worry If Willow dies, there will be someone else for you!

    Nina and Willow: Nina hesitant to go in the room! Hahahahahaha! That was funny. :) Ooooooo the half heart necklaces isn't for mother and daughter. It's for twin sisters!!! I love that!!! :)

    Nison: Oh look! Sonny said he got a dress for Nina! BAHAHAHAHA! Will he take her on the island too? :)

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to see Brenda, Julia, Jenny, Katherine, and Lois* I'm watching all of them slap! :)

  6. This is no February sweeps. Where are the reveals, mysteries, cliffhangers, murder, mayhem, gun fights, explosions etc of old?

  7. Is there even a "February sweeps" anymore? Friday cliffhangers are mostly a thing of the past.
    Loving this Ava/Austin beginning. But we all know that body will be gone. I thought that would be the ending of today's show. Haha.

  8. The ladies looked beautiful and so did the gents! Spencer sure cleaned up fast. Sick of Finn counseling Liz. That relationship is over thank goodness. That body has got to be gone. Austin is kind of creepy but he and Ava play well of each other. Donna actress so well cast - she looks like she could be Maurice’s daughter. So cute and professional. I wish Willow would be gone but we know that won’t happen.


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