Thursday, February 2, 2023

One Spoon


Heather takes Nik's contract from Esme. She gives her advice that Nikolas won't give the baby back. ALso says never ever trust any man and Ryan is behind her. Heather moves them so they are behind Ryan. Esme thinks it's Kevin, Heather explains who Ryan is.. 

Liz confronts Nikolas about her mother being in town. She tells him she's glad that her mother said no. 

Nina and Sonny admire giant baby. Then they see Trina in the hall. Curtis can't go to the memorial after all because he has an 'emergency at the Savoy". 

Terry says the stem cells are being tested now to see if they'll help Willow.

Sante, Maxie, Sasha, Cody are at Kelly's waiting to go to Britt's memorial . That whole scene had to be cut because they are all of a sudden in the chapel .

Scotty and Dr O are in Britt's empty office, talking about her.  Brad comes in. Is angry she didn't tell him about the illness. Dr O explains that she just wanted to laugh with Brad and not be sad. Scott and Liesl leave. And then he leaves her ice cream on her desk. Takes a bite and talks to her about heaven "You're a hero"! He wants her to make a gif. 

Laura asks Finn if Violet can go ice skating with Aidan and Jake. Then they start talking about Liz and his failed relationship. 

THIS WHOLE SHOW WAS A JUMBLED, I'll start at the 2:30 mark 

Liz goes into the hall after telling Nikolas she's not going along with him anymore. Finn sees Nik grab her arm and yells "keep your hands off her"!! Laura looks concerned. Liz goes to talk to Finn. Laura says she doesn't know her own son anymore and walks off. 
Laura reads Nikolas and says she knows he's good but he's not acting like it

Liz tells Finn he deserves the truth. She says she was never pregnant with Nikolas' baby

Everyone is in the chapel. Nina gives the eulogy. Then Brad and Scotty talk. Those flowers shouldn't be white btw. Britt is colorful. Oh then Terry talks. Britt's photo is on the memorial wall. 

Heather tells Ryan that Nikolas is trying to steal their grandchild. She says they have to break out WITH Esme because Sam and Dante are off to find Esme's old Nanny. 

Spencer tells Nikolas he's going to make sure he doesn't ruin his brother or sisters' life like he did his. 


  1. ----Parry Shen is the reason to watch today's show....I cried and this morning I read Kelly T Instagram story about finding true love - she is SO happy but still Parry made me cry and she is ON THE WALL!
    -----I truly thought Esme said Maggie lived in NYC - NOT London ---- so confused...
    ----I don't think Nik is gonna be hooked since he is important to the storylines UNLESS he is hooked/in a coma where Lulu is???????LOL - I don't want Laura to lose a child...
    ----100 percent correct - the editing was weird today-------so Liz is finally gonna tell Finn the truth ----- so what happens to them now???? I dunno and do not care at this point.
    Parry Shen - perfection

  2. I agree about Parry Shen he was excellent today. CW was also good. this is how nina needs to be written. CW proved today she can act.

  3. That scene between Nik and laura is why I like this Nicholas so much. Did you notice those little boy sorry eyes when his mama was scolding him. So realistic. I loved it.

    I loved Parry's scenes today too, and mudder's. And I'm glad Britt's on the wall now.

    It definitely sounds like the hook may go after Nik but then again maybe they'll just go far away with Esme and the baby and they'll be back when the baby is at least ready for school. lol

  4. Spa jail:

    Heather and Vampira: #Team Heather!!! YEAHHHHHHHH! :D Oh hi Ryan! :) Vampira wins the line of the day.

    Vampira: Why is he staring?


    Heathan: Heather and Ryan should really go in a private room!

    The hospital:

    Britch's office:

    Balbrecht: So sad!!!!!! :(

    Balbrecht and Brad: Great scene!!

    Brad and the ice cream: Dammit! The scene broke my heart. Great scene!!!!

    Private room:

    Liz and Nik: Liz is NOT going to be taking anymore of your crap Nik!!!


    Liz, Nik, Laura, and Finchy: Will Finchy turn into Caleb and bite Nik?

    Nik and Laura: Geez is this foreshadowing? Will Nik die? :(

    Finchy's office:

    Liz and Finchy: WOW!!! I did not expect her to admit to him that she was never preggers!!! Are they going to get back together? Oy!

    The chapel:

    Jordan and Spencer: Spencer wuvs his daddy!!! That bus is not going to be hitting Nik today! :)

    Britch's funeral: Why did they have the funeral at the tiny chapel at the hospital? So odd. Usually they have funerals at the big church chapel. Brad's speech was sad. :( I remember Areal the doll! Hahahaha. Too bad there were no flashbacks. :)

    Huge baby room:

    Maxie, Sasha, and Nison: Awwww visiting Osaka Walnut Corinthos! OWC! :) Or if you really want a nickname we can call her Ow! :) Baby Ow! :) Thanks for Di for that nickname hahahahaha!

    The wall: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :( Beautiful wall!

    The Chapel:

    Spencer, Nik, and Laura: Oh boy! What will Spencer do?

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to September 1st, 2000! Liz vs Carly!

    1. That baby gets cuter every episode!
      I really wish Finn would go away. I don't want him involved with Liz in any way, shape or form.
      Brad had me all sniffley. He was so good!
      And I agree with everyone about the Laura/Nik scenes. Fantastic!
      I so remember Britch burning Emma's doll on the grill. Hilarious then, hilarious now. Should have had a flashback, lol!

    2. "Julie H says, That baby gets cuter every episode!"

      YES!!! :D

      "I really wish Finn would go away. I don't want him involved with Liz in any way, shape or form."

      I like them as friends. Finchy needs a new love interest.

      "I so remember Britch burning Emma's doll on the grill. Hilarious then, hilarious now."

      That was a shocking twist that I did not see coming back then! Hahahaha!

      "Should have had a flashback, lol!"

      Yes it should have!!!

  5. I enjoyed today's "jumbled mess". Maybe I'm getting used to the surrealistic editing.
    Yes. Parry Shen is perfect. Had me in tears too.
    More honesty from Elizabeth. Finally.
    The nuNik just looks so dirty to me. I hope he is temp.
    Ryan, Heather, Esme and of the year. Looking forward to their adventures.

    1. "Maybe I'm getting used to the surrealistic editing." Ha! That is a good way to describe it.

  6. What do you mean he looks dirty. You mean like he's a "dirty boy"lol or he needs a good wash. lol

    1. Could be either but I meant "a good wash".

    2. lol ok. I was giggling so much when you said that. He looks fairly sanitary to me. lol maybe we can offer him a bath. hahahaha

    3. OMG, I thought the same thing. Gimme a razor and a loofah and I'll take care of it! :)

    4. LMAO I was expecting this from Sonya, not you. Too funny. Line forms to the right ladies...errr..girls. hahahahaha

    5. "Di says, LMAO I was expecting this from Sonya, not you."

      Hahahaha. I'm a good influence! ROFL!

      "Too funny. Line forms to the right ladies...errr..girls. hahahahaha"


    6. I'd offer to share, but then we'd REALLY get talked about! HAHAHAHAHaH!

  7. Its always hard during an important story to switch actors. Temp or not, we may not get the normal closure of a story. Laura was great, Liz was great, Brad was great, Mudder was great.

    1. I think new Nik was great too. He didn't seem like a temp and since we've had him before my brain didn't have to switch gears to imagine him as Nik. And I agree that the others were great too.All in all i enjoyed the whole episode. can't want to see what that trio at Sping Ridge will get up to tomorrow.

  8. Heather seemed to foreshadow what made her who she is today when talked about men lying to her and never being able to trust them. Can't remember if we ever got the backstory about her father. When she was introduced in the '70s, she was a late teenager with her mother Alice Grant. My impression was always that Heather lost her way the moment she gave up her son in a black market adoption and spent a lifetime trying to recover from that and spiraling downward ever since.
    Adding Britt to the memorial wall was moving. Wasn't expecting that. But that sure does make it final. And you know there will not be a dry eye in the house when Epiphany is added next month. I wondered if the sadness that permeated that room and scenes today was more about the cast feeling the pain of the loss of Sonya Eddy (if the scenes had been taped right around the time right after her death).
    I loved Nicholas Chavez today. It seemed so real that he knew Britt as a child even though it's obviously a different actor - longtime viewers remember their scenes with the first actor who played Spencer as a child.

    1. I didn't think about adding Epiphany to the wall...I'll be a sobbing mess. And so agree about NC, he was great today!

    2. "Diana Taylor says, And you know there will not be a dry eye in the house when Epiphany is added next month."

      Wait what?! Do you know something we don't? Is Piffy going to die? :( I don't want her to die!! :(

    3. Well they have to have something so maybe they'll show clips at the Nurse's ball and talk about her studying to be a doctor in another city now. I don't want her to die either.


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