Sunday, February 5, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Oh Baby

Oh Baby, it's cold outside!! They finally got the Port Charles weather correct!! Also: OH BABY we had a GIANT BABY for sure!! Goodness. 

Another Sunday in the books. If you can't understand my timeline in the summary, you're not the only one. GH was VERY much all over the place this week. Weird edits again and things felt unfinished in many ways. BUT! a lot of things happened for sure. Settle in with your lattes and let's go !! 

Photos thx to @Here4Sprina, I appreciate them!! 

HEAVENLY HARMONY OF THE WEEK:  Well, Willow got to visit the nether-world with Harmony as her personal guide. "Go toward the light" says Harmony. I  think she was probably dragging her down to Hell-O with her lol. There's no way she's in Heaven!! Then, Willow hears Michael's voice and makes it back to the land of the living. Well...sort of. She is on a ventilator and not awake yet. She'd better rest up to hold that baby of hers!! She'll need all her strength! 


GUINESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS PREEMIE BABY:  WELP!!  Here she is...laughing, cooing... probably walking around the set! LOL.. Willow's "Little" baby was sure gorgeous-- and giant. Laughably so. It actually was SO over the top I enjoyed just giggling at the situation. Wow. GINORMOUS. I have a few guesses for names but number one is  Grace Barbara or Grace Lilah... but I want Millie Bobbie! Heh. 

DNA MESS OF THE WEEK:  So Stella figures out that Curtis is Trina's baby Daddy. She is dying to tell Curtis but Jordan stops her. Then she's going to let Portia know but Portia springs some family heirloom on her and they are all in the family-feels so she wonders if she should. We've left it because as you and I know IT WILL COME out THE DAY OF THE WEDDING like on most soapies!! This was a really nice scene, btw and loved Stella's dress. 

SPOON ME OF THE WEEK:   Ah Brad... with the lonely ice cream toast to Britt. Parry Shen did such a great job with this. I'll miss those two together. I do HOPE they give Brad way more of a part now and get the Wu Clan going.  He's a character that could do a lot on the show for sure. 

MEMORIAL OF THE WEEK:  Britt's send off should have ended with her birthday party. They could have done the picture on the wall but the chapel? No.  This day was also a mash up of scenes and people and baffling cuts. The Kelly's shot with Sante, Maxie, Sonya and Cody seemed to pop up out of nowhere. The only thing we really learned there was that Sam and Dante are going to go look for Esme's nanny in London. Another note: Cody didn't say a word either at Kelly's or to anyone at the memorial.  (which I wasn't too upset about btw) 

BEST OSCAR WORTHY PERFORMANCE OF THE WEEK:  Well, I say OSCAR because it was Oscar worthy. Period. Nicholas Chavez was just amazing. AMAZING. I'm doubly happy they had Laura in that scene. Why? She herself sacrificed Nikolas to come back to Luke all those years ago. (yes, we remember). Using the dialog that Nikolas said himself in the taped confession was also a stroke of genius. His face when he realized what Nikolas was doing was just perfect. How are you liking Adam H in the role? I thought he did a good job. 

SPRINA OF THE WEEK: Just popping in to say it was a great week for Sprina fans because not only did they have a ton of scenes together, Spencer also told her the truth about Nik's confession video. They watched it together.  She talked him through the custody idea (or at least gave him some points to think about) and was there as almost part of the family. Trina Cassadine. I like it. 

MAMA ADVICE OF THE WEEK:  Nikolas tells Esme he's the father of her baby and encourages her to sign away her rights after Caroline refuses to wipe her memory.  Esme actually thinks about it until Heather finds out and tells her no way. Heather also informs Ryan she wants to bust out of the Spa Jail with their daughter. Hilarity. 

CONFESSION OF THE WEEK:  (I'm swearing right now, can you hear me??) So, after her mother came to her and told her that Nikolas wanted to erase Esme's memory, Elizabeth decides to tell Nik to go to hell. Ok, all fine and good. THEN SHE CHOOSES TO CONFESS TO FINN. I thought we were OVER THIS pairing!! Liz has been spectacular on her own and being all dark and strong. Are we really going to back to the guy that treats her like a daughter again? Damn it. I am not happy. LOL--and I really wish she just would have not felt guilty about the whole thing. 

CHEM TEST OF THE WEEK:  I think we all know whatever Austin might have been has fizzled so I guess sticking him with Ava is a good idea. Roger and Maura are both fantastic so I'm not mad. I also think Olivia Jerome is coming back as his 'boss"--so they'll have another connection.  Twitter named them: JOLT for Jerome/Holt. 

SOLO OF THE WEEK:   Aw, Ava.. Queen of Wyndemere but all alone.(I think "Only The Lonely"  by the Motels should have been playing.)  Nikolas showed up at the last minute on Friday with daggers in his eyes. Hmmm...maybe Ava kills him? Interesting. 

I DON'T CARE OF THE WEEK:   So.. is Chase going to punch Linc again ? Is he going to stay with the "duo" to nail him to the wall? Do I GAF? Nope. 

SCREEN CAP OF THE WEEK:  Is this the BEST picture of Trina or what!!? WOW I love it. 


Laura watches Nik and Spencer implode when Spencer makes the ultimate blackmail move

Nik visits Ava at Wyndemere

After Nikolas tells Esme's he's the father, Heather tells Esme not to sign anything he gives her

People say a heartfelt goodbye to Britt; her photo is up on the memory wall 

Austin and Ava have dinner and a chem test

Willow survives her C-section but it's touch and go and she's still not awake

Bobbie arrives and dubs the Spencer Girls: Spencer Beta Phi ! Four gens in one room! 

Baby Millow is eating solid foods

Stella figures out that Curtis is Trina's father; doesn't say anything ...yet. 

Elizabeth tells Finn the entire Esme truth and says she's going to turn herself in... 

Mason is creeping around Ava 

Chase wants to be a policeman in the worst way but can he let Linc take advantage of two women he cares about?? 

Anna, Valentin and Felicia continue to plot against Victor

Nina sees Drew and Carly hug; gets suspicious 

And that's a wrap!! Here's hoping that darling baby is on a lot because I want Wiley to try to pick her up!! LOL.. Are you enjoying the NuNik?? I thought he was great on Friday. GH is really a good show but again, just too much going on. It leads to things like me not caring about Brook and Chase. I also forget things like: OH YEAH! The HOOK is still out there!! 


  1. ----reliable spoilers seem to indicate Nik DOES die - and Ava tries to cover it up - I just can't believe they would kill Laura's son.......maybe HE falls OR he pretends to die to have Ava arrested ----- this week is his last-----I just thought he was boing to tell Ava he would be back one day and make her pay and go away-------for sure someone is dying at Wyndemere-------ooooo Caroline maybe?
    ----trying to go back and find where and when Esme told Spence that Maggie was in NYC - not London - I KNOW she said that....
    ----Finn gonna tell Liz not to turn herself in is funny to me after she confessed
    -----IF Olivia is the boss that WOULD be great but a year later and I don't really care about Mason so SPEED THIS UP writers
    -----Nicholas Shavez hands down is the best young actor ever to be on GH - he WILL be a huge movie star....
    ------and apparently Willow STILL needs bone marrow so yep, it must be Leisel and she will only do it 'if you allow Nina in your life'..

    1. "mufasa says, reliable spoilers seem to indicate Nik DOES die - and Ava tries to cover it up"

      Yeah I read that on soap central site!! NOOOOOOOOOO! :(

    2. Strange. I only found that Marcus was out and Adam Huss was taking over the role. This is all I can find "It's unclear exactly how long Huss will be sticking around. GH has been tightlipped about its future plans for Nikolas, which has led to wild speculation among fans on social media. That speculation has included everything from Nikolas being killed off to the role being recast."

  2. forgot - I think Liesel AND Selina are gonna be MAD that Britt left everything to him.

  3. "I think she was probably dragging her down to Hell-O with her lol."

    Hahaha yes!!!

    "There's no way she's in Heaven!!"

    I agree! No way! She was also wearing black!!

    "WELP!! Here she is...laughing, cooing... probably walking around the set! LOL.."

    ROFL! And teething. :)

    "I have a few guesses for names but number one is Grace Barbara or Grace Lilah... but I want Millie Bobbie! Heh."

    I don't care what they call her, I will forever call her Ahsoka Walnut! :)

    "I think we all know whatever Austin might have been has fizzled"

    Yeah at first, it looked like they were going to have him have autism, then he doesn't. Then he had him talk to trees, and his cousin Mason Jar was a tree then turned into a human. I'm not sure what is going on with their storyline.

    "so I guess sticking him with Ava is a good idea."

    VERY good idea!!! :)

    "I also think Olivia Jerome is coming back as his 'boss"--so they'll have another connection."

    Sounds great to me!!! :)

    "Twitter named them: JOLT for Jerome/Holt."

    I'm on team #JOLT!

  4. Didn't Britt inherit a ton of money from Faison? Am I remembering that correct?

    1. YES - millions so that is why I think Liesel and Selina are gonna be mad!

  5. Man, that baby is bigger than Violet.

  6. Thanks Karen, Nicholas Chavez was the best thing that happened for the week. And, the NuNik did better than old Nik in that scene for sure.

    1. Yes. And I was happy they had Adam for those scenes too.

  7. Liesl is supposed to tell off Carly this week and I can't wait.

  8. Thanks again, Karen. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't want Liz with Finn. I was so happy when I thought they were over that pairing. She was never "with" the old man. He was the stay over on the couch guy, not her boyfriend or partner. Have her stay friends if you want, writers, but have him sleep at his own place and leave Liz on her own for now. She needs to get her mojo back and be the forceful, confident single lady she once was. She doesn't need to drag an old guy around with her so that she doesn't look llike she's alone.

    I want Mama and Papa to escape with Esme and go after Nicholas for trying to take their grandchild. If they walk in on Nicholas and Ava all hell will definitely break loose. I'm also hoping that Mason has been following Ava and ends up on the wrong side of that mess too. It might end that ridiculous nonstoryline with him and the great unknown boss.

    1. Ooooohhh, I like the idea of Ryan and Heather surprising Nicholas and Ava. Windemere explosions.

    2. Ava and Heather scenes, yes please

  9. Ryan and Heather kidnapping Esme might be fun. Funny

  10. Another great SS! Thank you.
    Not that I'm that fond of Nikolas but I do doubt that they would kill him off unless they "kill" him until they have decided what to do. They just should have left MC alone and fixed the darn character, IMO.
    Gigantic baby. SORAS coming soon.

    1. "Zazu says, Gigantic baby. SORAS coming soon."

      Yeah she will be 18 in a year. :)

  11. They need to pick a baby girls name that means "quick", like quick growing.

  12. I think that roaring fire at Wyndemire is a sign. Nicholas is going to get burnt and sent away to a burn clinic. When he returns it will be Tyler Christopher. A girl can dream!

  13. Great blog Wubs, as usual! You hit the nail on the head about so many things perfectly! Spencer and the NuNik shared amazing scenes. AH delivered!! Top notch acting. It would have rang hollow with MC. He was never the right fit for a Cassadine character. Great seeing Laura there as well! If Nikolas does "die" I'm sure the character will be back because that legacy character is strongly needed.

    So disappointed with the direction of Liz with Finn. Finn is not necessary in her life at all. Move on.

    I give zeroFKs about anything Millow and the gigantic baby. FF worthy just like the FakeDrewHallmark guy and Cujo. Same with Chase being a singer. So ridiculous and super cringe!!

    Did I miss when Joss went to Britt's (very unnecessary) memorial?? **although Brad's scene with the ice cream in her office was absolute PERFECTION** Looking forward to her downfall from all her bad choices.....but sometimes we can't have nice things. LOL!

    1. she didn't go - she told Dex she 'meant to' but 'so much was going on in her family

  14. I am SO sad that they ruined Brooklyn and Chase. They were so good during the Bailey story.

  15. I agree. The writers are not a fan of them together and that's a shame.


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